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Nerf vs. X-Shot: Arsenal Comparison!

1 115 632 views | 20 Oct. 2018


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This Episode ► We do an arsenal comparison!


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At the end of the day, just choose which gun you like


Y'know, for being a lawyer, Jake has the worst calls in competitions.

He just knows how to talk and 'reason' his way out of them.

Jeon Junglecock

X-Shot is the you version of All Lives Matter

Azrael Tsubuzaki

Adventure Force shoot harder, faster, stronger ? no cap


x shot is off brand and im not buying it



but its like the oldest nerf guns there is like the first nerfgun is from idk 2014 or somthing

Marvin Yoani

X shot micro: im the best bitch

justin ilker

X-Shot is the besdt

Sam Personguy

While I’m unsure of the validity of these test I can say that your in the right for supporting x-shot, fuck nerf


40 rounds to 10 rounds for a line that's not even competative

I would suggest rampage instead
And I would recommend to watch out for the rival series

I know that x shot has it's own rival series bur half of them are defective

Fanny Hung

Well x shot is not good,my first gun is x shot,but within half a year,it broke and won’t shoot,but I never like smack it or harm it’s body or shooting system,but my first nerf gun which is bought two years ago still works like it’s new,so for now I only buy nerf guns and never buy x-shot anymore,nerf is rlly much better than x-shot for its duration,so nerf is definitely better


I’ll take nerf for tactics Rival for competitive X shot if I just want something cheaper


I'd never be caught dead using a cheapo off brand nerf wannabe ;et alone telling people about it, talk about embarrassing


No offense but it would be better is someone like Coop772 or LordDrac would do this as they would probably get better accuracy, distance and all the other readings better. Plus they would probs use newer and better nerf blasters.

Mátyás Dobszay

One thing you left out is that x shot looks and feels cheap as frick


3:09 did Niko just call a clip..


Insert Coop772 angery noises

misuta confusing

i hate the rotofury mine always jammed


8:21 "Say Your Prayers"


You’re using super old nerf darts vs brand new x shots. Clear bias. No winner

the organized soul

so this is why clint couldn't be the office Keanu Reeves


nerf better the only dart guns comparable to nerf is adventure force


Couldve at least used newer guns but good vid nonetheless

edit: ive used both types nerf and xshot and nerf makes sturdy guns nerf will last longer

Darren Voong

The new meta for competitive nerf is dart zone and adventure force.

The base commander

bro, the reflex is super old, so are all the other Nerf guns like the retaliator

Andrew Hunter

what the heck guys wrens right those arent the same

Jokorionluster Luster

Get Adventure Force vs x-shot vs Nerf


Thay campare the oldest nerf to the newest x shot unfair

Orca lee

1st test unfair, raider and mavrick is pre elite, they should compare to the rampage and strongarm

2nd test wrong, its all about the darts, and both xshot and elite suck. buy dartzone waffles

3rd test unfair. come on

this comment might be a little buyist, but this comment is just here to point out little things.

Chuti Colosal

This is unfair, they are using old and obsolete nerf blasters.

Brendan McElroy

What they're not showing you is that Nerf is generally best in class when it comes to build quality and ergonomics. That said, outside of the Rival line, Nerf has really been phoning it in the past year or so, and Dart Zone is making a move to take Nerf's crown.


surge fire shouldve gone against turbo advance/raider shouldve gone against the regenerator/ the jolt shouldve gone against the micro/strongarm shouldve gone against the reflex six

something from my absolutely normal life

Really fair comparing blasters from 2018 to blasters from 2009 (i think) isnt it?!?

Jayden Tran

Can x shot not make the same bullets

Jason Solis

I see yall with that MF Doom mask at 0:54

gamejotter 109

I have the max attack because hell yes


The maga darts are for fun the mega pine is not in any way competative


They nerfed nerf... ?

Blake At Sinister

I don’t know why but I laughed super hard when Clint and Sam were fighting with the bats?

TheMinds I

It’s Nerf or nothin.


4:08 nah I think it would be more equal in most cases (Mega would win for distance) if you used newer rifles.

Cian Cian

X-Shot may be better but something about nerf feels og like I cant get myself to buy a x-shot even if it looks sick. When I hear the word nerf, I think of Quality, Plastic, Long Range. I've had these feelings because all my old nerf guns still are. This may be biased but when i think of x-shot, no offense I see Knockoff, cheap, not worth it.

Troy Sievert

Nerf is still the best blaster company, they got the coolest and best blasters there r


why they using fucking n strike guns that are 13 years old bruh of course the x shot will be better cause they ancient


But x shot have no battery powered guns

Dude Vlogs

Totally not biased

100./. Percent biased

Rakesh Mhatre

This is fake

Linus D N

Imagine being this upset about a video concerning toys.

Geskawary234 •ω•

I prefer nerf

something from my absolutely normal life

The reflex is from 2005 sell out

chanthra laikhram

Where is the xshot gun omega at

Utku Han Degirmenci

Uhh why are you guys using like the oldest nerf guns on the market. Against the n-strike and pre elite things air warriors blasters would win too!


nerf fans hit the like button and reply to this comment


I love how they clearly had the Nerf Rival Artemis, Helios, and Zeus but completely avoided them because they knew that they would absolutely destroy the X-Shots in every way.

Suchit Gangishetty

the xshots could never beat the nerf rival line though...

no hate, you guys rock!

Diamond Jayden



Nerf or nothing

Ayden Hill

And so we are fortnight X Nerf why don’t we have cod X Nerf

Hunter Simmonds

The bug shot is not mag fed it is a clip

Rane A.

I love the Corridor videos they put, but this behind-the-scenes goofiness is what I'm really here for, lol.

Adam Heinesen Shahid

Corridor Crew: We wont be bias on this comparison.

Also Corridor Crew: Uses old nerf blasters to make the X Shot blasters look better


It’s scripted cause theirs a mat behind one of the chairs cause they knew he was gonna fall 10:17

Woun Wo Gameplay

bug shot


to be honest x shot maybe is better but I personally like nerf more because the guns have more weight

Go Ethan

I don’t care how good x-shot’s are, Nerf always wins for me


I got the x-shot MK3 to check how good is the quality, its a very good gun! I recommend to buy x-shot.

Alex Siemionko

The maverick bs the Swarm Seeker that is unfair they should use the disruptor next time

nazia afroze

X shot is better


Heard of the jolt


So you’re using a Raider from 2009 and a X Shot gun from 2017

Valorant playz

Do they use the op hawk eye ?

Troy The Tinkerer

You used Nerf Blasters that are almost 10 years old against 1-2 year old X-shots. It's also hard to compare a blaster with a Smart AR system, like the Roughcut, to anything that's single shot. Great video though.

Lincoln Billado

a lot of the nerf guns you used were old and might have been weakened by time, but good guns!

Alana Tran

I'm surprised not to see any fly wheel blaster


Clint gradually turning into Casey Neistat


stop useing old nerf guns dude

August Jacoby

The reason x shot is superior is because nerf has more safety for littler kids

Ana carolina García

Is better nerf

Jenifer Tuling

xshot won

Maron korp

И я такой последний русский в комментариях


Niko calls the clip a magazine
Me I’m outta here

fish man

They should do xshot or nerf against dartzone or boomcoh

Simong 24

nerf is better


They could have used some speed cola in the reload speed challenge

random stuff

in thumbnail he wearing the mf doom mask rip mf doom

Floppy Disk

who else clicked on this for the MF doom mask

Michael Shiffermiller

i liek it

B.Y Gaming

The Maverick is the classic nerf gun! Prove me wrong!

Bezalel Bernstein

Nerf is the best still

Fatma Filiz

6:25 x shot ı have the same gun

Owen Loves DoGs

There compare older nerf guns with newer shot blasters

Alex Siemionko

They should use newer blasters for nerf


Dud wtf all the nerf blaster the picked were soo old like I dont agree in this

Vegard Einbeck Rage

I like nerf beter


The nerf guns they’re testing are so old

Vivaan Gupta

I have the regenerator

Marijn -Dry-

This video said Xshot shoots as good as old nerf guns from 2007 to 2014

Jose Armienta

I got a 2 pack of the micros for 1 dollar

HubieGarnd 21

Everybody is saying that the nerf guns are older, but in the intro you can see an xcess in the nerf group


0:55 Oh boy, this did not age well!

Marco Hernandez

even idf x-shot has better stats they are still basing their weapons on nerf designs therefore they are a ripoff

V shot reviews

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX60-V Shooting Modes review / camera tutorial

134 845 views | 23 Apr. 2016

This very compact camera

This very compact camera provides a variety of shooting modes, which I gonna show in this video.

tony green

great video I've learnt a lot a question if you can help why do the colours in the view panel not match the object I'm trying to photograph some colours are worse than others, thanks in advance of any replies

brenda abong


Henri de Feraudy

9:20 : You were probably searching for the term "exposure" instead of "lighting". Very helpful video, thanks.

Thomas Jarman

can this camera be charged from a USB? such as an external powerbank


Angel Ihimbazwe

How do you put on the timer

Eduard Šajgalik

second video and still no video and photo demonstration. common man =D

Rinze van ROSSUM

Prima video, maar heb je ook een NL uitvoering? Het instellen van het MR geheugen gaat mij nog niet goed af. Op dit punt vind ik de video voor verbetering vatbaar. Niettemin: chapeau Timo!


thank you for sharing. I just bought this camera and your video helped me a lot. Your English is absolutely good enough!

Mohit Thapa

What's the flash sync speed of this camera?


What camera are you using to record this video?

Patrick Guerrisi

Canyon please tell me how to use the flash? Popping it out and doesn't work


having same one?

Mi Dean


Jen T

I have HX50V. How can’t I find the bar setting shows on the right bottom corner in your camera? Also in some of modes takes a few sec to process after press shot button. Any idea why is it slow?

ruben castillejo

Thanks for your effort mate. Cheers

WEM Marketing Digital

Photo raw?


2:00 really funny ;]! Thank you for your video!

Marine G.

Hello here! Thanks for the help provided in the video, I really appreciate it. I'm a beginner with this camera, I bought it mainly to bring it with me at live shows I go to and I was wondering which mode you'd advise me to use at a gig? I usually go to big arenas with big productions so lots of lights, stobbing effects, eventually some dance routines. I need something that won't make the artists look like ghosts (lights often tend to do that lol) or blurry because they run around the stage. Can you help me? Thanks in advance Xx

Minas Pol.

Where can I find the time-lapse someone help!

Sonia C K

Thank you so much for the explaining it clearly. Now I can play with the settings and take good photos. I have this camera for 6 years and never knew how to change settings and always used Intelligent auto for all photos.

Benedikt Auch

Hey ich hab ne Frage zu der Kamera : Kann sie auch RAW Bilder schießen? Bitte um eine schnelle Antwort. Danke.

Melanie Evans

Can you take screen shots from videos on this camera?

Douglas Draa

Thank you!!!!

I Racer

Great video! Danke schon!
I bought this camera a year ago and haven't known how to use it properly until now. I will be watching this video a few times. The movie mode on this little compact camera shoots great quality videos in full 1080p HD ?


I need a tutorial on how to shoot videos in low light with this camera but I guess there is no way to shoot manual with this camera model?

Ikarus ebike

Good Day,

I want to use the Sony DSC-HX60 Digital camera as document camera (Visualizer, Representer)

1- As I understood, the camera can be connected directly to TV or projector (1920*1080), right?
2- I want to stream A4 page using a projector. Could you tell me if small letters are clearly appeared?
3- Is it possible to hide all additional information items like battery status, time, some lines… ?
4- Can the camera work without a battery? Only with normal current from a plug? As the camera will be used for more than 3-4 hours to stream the books and other things
Thanks and regards,
Usama Imam

Marke Vayne

Thanks for your tutorial video I've just got this camera and I've learned loads from your video!

Ilie Pasat

The filter adapter goes to this unit too ? (rx100 filter adapter)

Tony green

Extremely helpful thank you so much



I have the same camera, the sony HX60V. I just have a question. When you use the Intelligent Auto mode (green) and you take a photo, does it appear in the display and then it changes contrast/brightness a little bit?

This happens every time I take a photo in this mode. As soon as you it appears in the screen, it quickly adjusts the photo and changes it a little bit. My camera might be broken.


I bought mine today (210 euro) in addition to my new Sony RX100V ...(most for the extra zoom)..

Juan Antonio Arcos Sánchez

Excellent camera review. Thank you very much for sharing. One question, Does that camera have Spanish language?

Mpire Outdoors

Your English is or at this time was very good for a person who lived in a German environment and also absolutely understandable without any disruptive mistakes - which is the main goal - and actually with basically no mistakes at all; in fact you are in this video easier to understand than the average British speaker or even worse an Irish speaker. A nice clear overview. Beleuchtung = lighting. Blitz = lightning.

Stanley James Adie

A good review of the dials. I will have to watch it a few times to take it all in. If English is not you first language you did very well as I understood what you were talking about. I think the word you were looking for is lighting as opposed to lightning. Well done, got what I required from your video.

Mychele Lamouille

est ce possible to have in french?

Stanley James Adie

Good instruction but may I add that it would be better if you did some instruction in the correct setting. For example go outside where there is trailing light and Darknes

Valerie Watson

Thank you, I will watch many times to familiarise myself with this new camera. Have only owned Canon so am finding this difficult. I have a question please - I was in the hallway to take a pic of my dog and it was not dark but not light either - I couldn't see the image on the camera so had to guess where my dog was - what can I do to change that? If it takes night scenes, how can you see what you want to capture? Would appreciate a speedy response since I'm going on a cruise soon and have a lot of homework to do to capture some amazing memories with my daughter.

blue brown

very  interesting  keep  it  up thanks


when I take a pic on my camera it save it as 3 pics. how can I change that?


Great tutorial. Thanks.

brickbybrick productions

Hello how do i change the language


Great review. One question when the camera is set in video mode are you able to adjust shutter speed/aperture and iso manually for video recording?


This video helped me a lot. I would like to know how to connect the camera to the phoone.

e v d m t

What's the frame rate

Ilie Pasat

some problems?
Does not seem to be the same quality as in the video.. :(


Great review! I got the same camera. But you didnt show us how to select different drive mode like AF-S.AF-C,AF-Semi manual and Manual mod. In this mode when I want to select the AF-C (continous )mode, its greyed-out so I cant select this option.I tried different shooting mode like P,A,S,M AND movie mode, sitll the same. Do you know how to select the AF-C mode? The selection is in the Drive Mode.


Just bought this camera, it was highly recommended, even after a couple years. Thanks for the good tutorial! Greetz from the Netherlands


most of my concertvideos are taken with this great camera. really recommended, esspecially good stereo mic as well

Steve Thompson

Excellent review ! Just bought the camera so this has been very helpful. English is great !

Juan Antonio Arcos Sánchez

Does this camera have macro mode? How does it work?

Tronald Dump

Bist du noch zufrieden mit der Kamera? Überlege mir die zu kaufen

kerbside motors

Disappointed with it, some settings improved pictures, but iPhone still more reliable.
I’ve have DSLR and wished I’d bought a Nikon bridge for every day


Thanks for the tutorial. it's very helpful...it will be more helpful if you do it in natural outdoor environment.


i dont know what is ni on top of it in center

V shot reviews

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The Top Golf Shot Tracker Technology In 2020 | Reviewing Golf Club Tracking & Golf Smart Sensor Tech

17 727 views | 4 Aug. 2020

In Today's video, we will

In Today's video, we will be reviewing our favorite picks for Golf shot tracking and golf smart sensor technology for 2020. If you want to track every golf shot and how far you actually hit each golf shot, then we have the perfect review today. Did you know that in a recent study of over 6,000,000 golf shots, that 40% fell short? That means golfers are overestimating how far they hit each golf club and could really use Golf Shot Tracking Technology to provide them real data.

Check out our Golf Weekly Store Here: https://bit.ly/GolfWeeklyMerchandise

Products Review in this video:

Arccos Smart Sensors Are Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods Linked Here: https://bit.ly/GWAccros

Shotscope V3: Currently on Pre-Order Until October: https://shotscope.com/us/products/gps/v3/

Garmin Approach CT10: https://bit.ly/GarminCT10GW

Blast Motion: http://bit.ly/BlastMotionGolf1

Game Golf Pro: https://amzn.to/3k9yqP6

SkyGolf GT2: http://bit.ly/SCGT2

If you love golf, please join our community here: https://bit.ly/SubscribeToGolfWeekly

Want to play more consistent golf? Learn More Here at the Stress-Free Golf Swing: https://bit.ly/GWStressFreeGolfSwing

**Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Please understand that I have experienced all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something through my links. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.








Bruce Leeroy

golfpad gps and fore golf app by foresight are both very good apps to track your rounds.

Golf Weekly

It would help us out greatly if you subscribed to our channel: https://bit.ly/SubscribeToGolfWeekly and don't forget about our Golf Weekly giveaway.
Entry is simple:
1. Subscribe to the channel.
2. Like this video.
3. Comment “giveaway" below.


Correct golf swings are about understanding how and why they are carried out and those things are evident in golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). I have read through the book twice and made 15 yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. Due to these improvements, I am more confident and I am having more excitement with playing golf.

Ricardo Hernandez

what do you think of zepp golf? compared to this trackers

Jeffrey Victor

So if I purchase the Arccos. I need to carry my phone or purchase another "Link" ($100.00) to record each shot and a $100.00/year subscription....NOT!!

Aaron Steele

These are good. Keeping track of data like this has helped me get into single digits finally. Nice channel!

Michael Perrett

Nice compilation of the current golf tracking technology. I'm always looking for a system that WORKS. I have had, or currently have, Game Golf, Garmin, the early Arccos and now have the Arccos w/ Link Connect. The one I liked the most was the original Game Golf - except the "tap" just didn't always work as well as my memory to actually tap each shot. I have a Garmin S60 and to make any use of the system in real time takes away from the game. Finally there is Arccos, the best system EXCEPT for the roughly 5 %- 10% of missed strikes (even more on putting). I ordered the Link when it was first announced and waited for around a year before getting mine a short time ago. The good news you don't need to carry a phone (unless you want the course info), the bad news is that it still does not pick up every shot.

My advice to manufacturers, have the sensor in the club which doesn't communicate with anything until downloaded - but has all the data. I know that means it will need GPS while recording the swing (hey we just picked up dust on the asteroid Bennu) or maybe a bluetooth receive in the club sensor to receive position info. I ramble.

Thanks for the great video.

Romeo Mike

I have a few concerns with the tracking of shots. I use a Garmin Approach S62 watch. I sometimes hit a half shot and it is then recorded as a full shot, I sometimes hit a tree in the fairway and the shot is measured as a full shot, I pitch with anything from 6 iron to lob wedge and these shots are also recorded as full shots. Weather conditions and slope also influence club distances. For me the only accurate data is direction, GIR, Putts and FIR, distances of clubs have no value with these devices unless you can indicate, trees hit, half shots, pitches, chips etc.

Marc Latini

Shot Scope V3 here. Works amazingly well and the app is fantastic.

Robert Sutton

I am looking at Gametracker with GT2 with Sky Golf 360. What makes it different from others and why is it so much less expensive. Is this a real gps tracking device in real time? Are your shots shown on the gps rangefinder app while playing? Using tags do you have to tap the synced clubs each time ? Is data captured and charts shown in your video showing shot dispersion in the basic purchased item? It also appears you don't need your phone at all during play except to start a round. If you get a phone call do you have to go back and resume the round?

Kamila B

Amazing channel! You have a new subscriber. Have you checked SMZeus”dot”com!!? You should use it to help get your videos seen!

Brent Murday

Give away entry

Betsy Bennis

Awesome, thank you. My current method wasn’t working for me. I like these options.

Warren Wright

What about the Golf Pad pro app and sensors?

Brett Brewster

I love how they’re bringing the social aspect into tracking. With that feature I could send my friends all my mega ?’s and do a little playful bragging ??️

Michael Perrett

I have used Game Golf (tap version) and the Arccos system (before the Connect Link and currently with the Connect Link). I read the reviews and am in amazement. I have had terrible results with both systems in capturing only around 90 percent of my strikes. What that means for me is that I will miss around ten strikes per round. Sometimes the Arccos will mistag the club but most often just doesn't record the shot. I recently bought the Connect Link hoping to improve those statistics but it actually misses more than when I used my Samsung S10+ to "hear" the club strike. There is absolutely no way I can play a round without keeping track of my score the old fashioned way.

In all cases I have been diligent in using all the advice provided by the manufacturer. Even with all the missed shots I still recommend either the Game Golf or Arccos system as a way to get good club data.

Kyle Moore

Giveaway looking into one of these systems for next golf season

Robert Sutton


Colleen Webbles

This was so helpful. Your comparison review was awesome and am going to consider one of these items as a Christmas gift for the golfers in my family. They will love it!!