Nestle milk

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A Simple Creamy Salad My Own|Quick And Easy

459 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Hi Guys My New Video For

Hi Guys My New Video For Today

Is Fruit Salad/ Dont Forget To Subscribe,Like and Share Thank you For Watching..!?❤️

Music: Balloon

Musician: @iksonmusic

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Musician: @iksonmusic

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I'm excited to see another refreshing video. God bless.

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Nakaka tulo laway naman itong salad na ari ay.

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Yes fast and easy to prepare.. Thanks for sharing sissy

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Done dikit fulpak sa bahay mo

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Looking forward to watch your Premiere. TEAM AIMEEALAD

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Love to know this recipe #tssmain

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Looks yummy creamy salad. I’m sure easy Lang to sis, can’t wait for this. Tamslove sis, reminder on na at alarm na.

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Ang sarap nyan sis

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Looks so yummy

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paborito kong dessert always

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hagaoi kalami ba ani na side

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I love dessert. It's rainjel here.


yummylicious creamy salad.


Sarap nyan pahinge salad tss team

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Simple lifee With carina

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Excited and all set inday.

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Sarap Ng salad team tss

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Sarap ng salad mo na to sissy aya yay

Salad Recipe CH namotenashi

Creamy and yummy salad!


Sa side na host

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Pares tayo idol mahilig sa matamis.

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Ang yummy nitu

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Looks delicious, I want to try your recipe. Thanks Team aimeealad


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So yummy my favourite host salad.


Wow my favorite salad tum yum Sisi

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Delicious creamy salad

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Sending love and support team AIMEELAD

Brit-Fil Life

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Our fave food...thanks for sharing
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Nestle milk

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How Nespray is made

44 046 views | 13 Dec. 2018

At our fascinating

At our fascinating factory in Mossel Bay, it’s up to us to make sure that every spoonful of NESPRAY milk powder is packed full of the vitamins and minerals your kids need to develop into their full potential. This video shows you exactly what goes into the yellow can you see on your supermarket shelf.

lizzymalizzy johny

I've just prepared coffee added powder milk cremora then I was curious to know how it's made then as usual I came to YouTube nd I am not happy with the information. I have watched the program " how it's made" I feel like I was cheated with the information on how powder milk was made. I am not satisfied at all. Like when they make potato chips u will see potatoes cleaned cut dried dried flavoured nd packed. But here nothing. ???

Agente de Bienes Raíces Inversión segura

why in africa not all childrens can drink milk every day? this is why

Esi Dankwa



...the music is overpowering, I couldn't make it through the video.

Rashida Gh

Out of nowhere, my busy brain wants to know how milk powder is made at 12 A.M

Lord Aioz

Does it contain estrogen ?

Jacob Benson

wow I learn a lot

Kamal AL-Hinai

This is Nido

Nabil Ahmed

I just drank powered milk and searched for this to watch tht how it’s made

Got Nothing To Do So

Me watching this at 12 am after my brain asked how powdered milks are made while I'm trying to sleep:

Jesus songs


Rozi Rose

OK but why did this have to be a freaking ad ?

Driving Around

Powdered milk doesn't make any sense to me. What's the point of taking liquid milk, turn it into powdered milk, and then turn it into liquid milk again to drink? A waste of time and effort.


Music not loud enough. I can still here the guy

Boitumelo Gladys

How do we sign up to be distributors


Very informative.


Why does its name sound like a pesticide spray

Muhammad Ajmal

BGM is so irritating that is preventing me to continue further

ghady 14

Dairy is murder stop the abuse

Nestle milk

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Nestle Pakistan is Killer of My Daughter Claimed a Helpless Father | FIR Against Nestle Lactogen

30 844 views | 24 Jun. 2019

Farrukh Shahbaz Waraich

Farrukh Shahbaz Waraich has reported that a Lahore based consumer has filed FIR against a multinational company Nestle Pakistan. Usman Bhatti has wistfully claimed that his one month old daughter fallen sick and died on July 05,2018 due to poisonous formula milk i.e Nestle Lactogen manufactured and sold by Nestle Pakistan . Challenging the reputation of multinational company Nestle Pakistan was not a trouble free mission. Let's find out what difficulties did a father had to dare to perceive justice for her daughter. Usman Bhatti had claimed that the purpose behind FIR against NESTLE Pakistan is not only his suffered daughter but also numberless parents trusting NESTLE LACTOGEN for their infants. Let's check out more details in the video.

a s

Tigers naamki movie ayi he dekhlo jara pak valo issi story ke upar he ..

subori sheikh

Expire date dekh k pilana chahiay or sahi quantity me pilana chahiay...

Animals of an earth

Look at the work of Sitaraman R species Nestle is pakistan's biggest dairy product producer and in India by term Gwala who has been unclothing. Mr urdu bhai will you suit these species or i should do within less than a day after that these vital product price will touch sky which has cheapest ever price now.

sonia k sath lifestyle vlog

O yar Allah k name lo meri beti 3 mah ki hy yhi piti arhi hy JB sy paida hoi use to Kuch nhi hoa galat khabar Mt chalaya kren Kisi k khelaf u hi zindagi moat mere Allah k hath me hy

Mishi Asad

To kyu dete hen powder milk maa kyu feed nh krvati apna had hogai hai?

Hajra Imran

Kuch bachon ko mukhtalif ingredients se allergy hosakti hei .
Lectogen is good overall

entertainment and education news

Meri beti ki tbiyt bhi esy kharab hogai voh blkul nidhal hogai 11 din ki th mera operation hua th is ly yh dodh liya Allah Allah kr k mri beti thk hogai...mashaAllah .Or yh video daikh k mn bht zada dr gai

Ume Salik Malik

Me soch rhi thi apni beti ko ye milk deny ka bt ab ni .

Oppo New

Very disappointed nestle

Effat Mehmood

Lactogen sey meri baby hospitalised ho gai thi sab seney main jamm gaya .. merey paas pic hai jab uss ney vomitting ki uss main sey daliyan nikli...

Nainwa Batool

Food poisn hojta h inka milk pack p kr .


Allah Insaf krny wala

Rai Imran Kalyar

Dard us ko he hota ha jis ka koi apna geya ho.Nastla to isral ki company ha

Aysel Nur

Why is this underrated video?

Yumi Food

ban nestle in Pakistan

yogeshkumar kundam

i had the same experience with the Nan Excella pro which was expired before the expiry date

Rahila1994 Rahila. great s0ng and super drama

Asy Police walO ki Olad zarur mary taky tafleef ka andaza hO behis musalman hOgaye hein Ek bnda mushkil m aya such bta raha h mgr kOi gooro fikar nh mra kehna ye h ap dekh kr maa baap band krdo lectogen

soni soni

2 Sala tak ma ka dudh pilna chaye

Mohd Abdul Habeeb

My daily apni beti ko lactogen hi derahi hun aaj hi my apki news Delhi or mere hosh udd gaye

Suhaib Anees

Jub ayi hoto bahana ban he jata ha.. phr chyh doodh kitna b achi company ka ya costly he kyun na ho..

Zarjanan Wazir

belkul sahi bat he bai saheb ke sat mera sat estra waqha pesh huwa abi 10 den me nestle ki waja se

Mahmood Ahmad

سارےچوربیغرتملبیٹھے ھیںعثمانبھائی

Kainat Nasir

Meri beti b peti hy yah 5maheny hogai hy or yah pakeging dosri hy

Rabia basri Rabiabasri

Same mary bachy ky sath asa howa ta . Ya bhai thk keh rhy h

Gypsy Tv

Allah hi hafiz hy.., masoom si bachi chali gai bht dukh hua ye video dekh k

amir khan

Imran khan getting farig day by day even cant adress basic problem of the people which no need any money to adress that

irfan ali

Usman Patel sahab aag laga de Nestle company ko

Faisal Alam

ALLAH KA shukar ha mera beta pita ha ALAH shukar ha koe asi problem nh hwi

Aryaan Hassan

O jahil logo comments krny wlay bhi jahil itny bachy pety h hum pee kar bary hogy h yh sb bkwas h Allah pak sb k bacho ko apny hofzo eman me rkhy dodh ki vja Nahi ho skti yh

Rai Imran Kalyar

Ap both nakei ka Kam kr raha Hain Allah Pak ap ajar daey ga Bhai Jan a

nadeem prints

market may wholesale rate walay nestle ki kafi vareity 2 number hai behter hai pharmacy say purchase kiya jay. date ko dekha jay.

Nakash Tariq

As it is same with my daughter me bhi usay nestle nan 1 de rhi thi aise he vomiting or motion start hui lekin dosre din he churwa diya or company me ja k complain bhi ki koi action apni galti nahi mante ye log

Rai Imran Kalyar

Hum apna tor pr tahqeet Kare ga aj sa he

Rahila1994 Rahila. great s0ng and super drama

agar Lectogen thk tha unki brand thi nh tO itni rukawat q dali aam bndy k upar smjhdar k liye inka kehna hi kafi h

Swera AA

Yar itny bchy pity hn ye lactogen kuch b ni hota?

Mariyah Azmat Chohan

I just. Got something in my mouth with nestle milk and that brought me here .omg i felt like some broken wound kinda thing came into my mouth and it actualy was some burnt skim . m about to. Vomit . I strained it nothing came out but illl checked it from.tomorrow

Mrs Humaira

You are really Great. ALLAH pak Protect you & help you

Rai Imran Kalyar

Bhai hum sub ap ka sath hain

Nestle Ki Raasleela

Nestle has always been using its power and influence to shut the voices that come up against them.

This company does not even treat its employees well and ask them to do all sorts of illegal and unethical things. Its products are not at all safe.

Rft Ch

Brave man..
Koe b ye milk use na kry...haaye mein krti hon or baby 2 mnth ka b nae...ab nae kron g

Umar Ali

Fast time dabey Wala doodh doctor ki hedeyt ke mutabik dey nake apni Marzi se

zulfaqar ali

Oh my God Thanks God Mn ye milk baby k liy leny vali thi. Lannet ho esi chezain banany valu pe.

Jam's tube

still that kind of things are happening in Pakistan because there is no any health safety system check the products which are they selling in the market and the second reason is more than 60% people are uneducated so they can easily divert to use that kind of products if anyone knows about it they can't defeat him because they have limited sources which's never help him and that man just expose only baby milk but now in Pakistan there is a lots of products which is using on daily bases so there is no way to get out i am worried about next few years that percentage will reach to which number who knows?

ali ahmad

Kia yeah news sachi ha

Rai Imran Kalyar

Allah Pak ap ko salamat raka ye koi pesao ka liya nai ha .

Engineering Solutions

Good job

Nainwa Batool

Haram cheezy bnaty hn ye


Bekar company hai Nestle
Is milk se mere bachhe ko pet me problem se ho rhi hai constipation sa ho rha hai