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Silver Unboxing Kilo Coin!

1 796 views | 20 Feb. 2013

Hey guys, I finaly got

Hey guys, I finaly got this in the mail.

I really love it.

Thanks for watching! :)


Very nice. I need to get one too lol.


what's norway like?


I know!!! Thanks :)


It's high on the list.. Thanks again for sharing that hunk !


Thanks and yeah you should, is really nice :)


Yeah it's EPIC, just like you :) So when is your next unboxing vid?


Like a normal country just a little cold in the winter and expensive food and fuel. :) Well we also have a lot of mountains and nature :)


Thanks silverfish! I have been wanting to get this coin since your first video. I had to do a lot of work to be able to buy this but it was worth it :)

silverfish VT

Its too bad that I can only like this video once. I love it, great buy!!!! Oh, the dragon, very nice.




The Bomb !! I still need to get one of those.. Beautiful bro..

greg williams

:-o WOW!!! - that's a beauty mate. - Nice choice too. - and here's me excited about my 1/2oz dragon coming lol. Congrats!! :-)))))


That belongs on the fireplace mantel! So huge.


Yeah sure and thanks :)


Yeah the dragon is an amazing coin :) Subbed you too.

Motorcity Stacker

congrats, very nice coin.


Thanks you, Im so happy I got the dragon, it is starting to get pretty rare. The design is so nice! :)

aurum alchemist

I like the dragon and the the size of it, planning to get one. but I was afraid this big round will occupy too much space in the safe.


Love them kilo's


Wow, very exciting seeing that coin unboxed. Thanks for the vid!


Yeah, if we had one :)


Haha, yeah I know :)

Silver Vince

wow love the big bertha! haha subbed

Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah

Vet at mange misliker mynter med en høyere "premium" og at de begrunner det ut i fra at man får mindre sølv igjen for pengene, men hva de da ignorerer er at disse myntene har en større mengde dedikerte samlere som om noen år kan være villig til å hoste opp mye mere enn hva de kostet i utgangspunktet. Selv kjøpte jeg Lunar 1oz mynter for noen år siden og solgte de for 3 gangen og med de pengene så fikk jeg muligheten til å kjøpe mere sølv :)

Vincent Spinella



Yeah, now I have the dragen and the snake :) I want all the kilo coins!! haha

Angel Silver4Tseven

Nice!!! An amazing piece ....


Thanks. Peace :)


Wow that's huge!!!!!?!


Me too. Got the snake, dragon and a kookaburra :)


Ja, sant nok. Jeg håper at premiumet på kilo myntene kommer til å stige, nå har 1oz myntene det høyeste premiumet, men jeg ser at flere samlere prøver å skaffe seg hele settet av Lunar serien i alle størrelser . :)


Then you need to get a bigger safe ;) It dosen't take that much place in a safe, if you can get your hand in the safe you will be able to get that coin in too. But if your safe is almost full you need to get a bigger one :)


Thanks for commenting :)


Thanks mate :)


Haha thanks :)


Grats! Nice purchase.


Thanks man :)


Yeah, everybody need to get one so the silver price will increase :)


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Stacking and Collecting: 1 Kilo Coin and World Coin Silver

89 views | 18 Aug. 2020

I'm sharing my latest

I'm sharing my latest pick-ups, including some lovely world coin silver and a 1 kilo silver coin! With the prices and premiums so high at the moment it's difficult to find the deals, but I'm still finding some.

Contact me here: [email protected]

Please understand I'm not a financial advisor in any way, shape or form. I'm not making these videos to tell any one what to do, just for entertainment. You should make all financial decisions on your own. I'm just trying to share my experiences and information I've picked up along the way. But I could be wrong and have it all backwards! So do your own research, or seek financial advice if you'd feel better doing that.

Go to https://www.thesilverforum.com for great discussions on precious metal collecting and stacking.

#Stacker2020 #GoldStacking #SilverStacking

An example of topics covered by this channel:

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Austrian Stacker

Wow, nice collection my friend. I like the 1kg Kookaburra. ?? Stay safe and healthy. ?

daca decenu

Love the kilo kook, great buy Stacker 2020

Hobby net Hobby net

Frumoase monede

Pirate Stacker

Subscribed! Cool mix of coins, I love the historical stuff! Holy kilo coin that thing is incredible!!! I'm new to stacking & have a channel on here if you get bored, stop on by!


Great batch of Peace + 2 Morgan Dollars ! Nice Kilo Kookaburra buddy ? Congratulations on all the new Silver that's in storage !


The Italian Liras are BEAUTIFUL!!
As for the 1Kg coin is astonishing!!⭐⭐⭐
Thanks for sharing!

Cactus Jack SwAg

Love looking at those "foreign" silver coins - especially the Washington quarters (LOL). Italy, Austria, Prague etc. soooo classy!!! A coin celebrating philately? Is there a stamp celebrating the numismatic hobby? Even the dogs approve!

Silver Starz Adventures

Good show, thank you.

Silver Gopher

Nice pick ups. You got in some cool foreign silver.

4nines Fine silver

What a super foundation piece that kookaburra is well done???

Cash and Coins

Really love all of these!!! That Kilo is the next big purchase I want!!!! Inspirational


Some great coins you have ,love the kilo coin

Mancunian Stacker

Nice ?? They also come in handy for a door stop!! ? Subbed you mate ??

Dj Terbaru Fuckboy

Oke hello like


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Cryptocurrency KiloCoin $KLC Rose 45% Over the Past 24 Hours

14 views | 29 Apr. 2018

Crypto currency KiloCoin

Crypto currency KiloCoin surged 45% within the last day.

KiloCoin has been trading at 0.00000016 BTC or about 0.00478 ELLA.

KiloCoin is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency using the Scrypt algorithm. Kilocoin is ment to be a new measurement of value.

KiloCoin can be traded on the CCEX cryptocurrency market.

What are your thoughts about KiloCoin and its outlook for the future?

Please put your thoughts on KiloCoin (KLC) in the comments section for this video.