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LV Round Coin Purse Review - 2015

7 668 views | 29 Nov. 2015

Welcome back to my

Welcome back to my channel. This review video on the LV Round Coin Purse was requested by a dear fellow Youtuber, Evainthecity. I hope this video is helpful to other that are looking to purchase or have questions on this beautiful LV piece.

Youtuber Mentioned:

Link to Evainthecity : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy9V42tgmSXrNamdVNIOUCg

Item Reviewed:

Louis Vuitton Round Coin Purse - Monogram (Retails for $260.00 USD)

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I just arrived from the LV store in Dublin and I bought that round coin purse. It’s a lovely piece and the LV Christmas ribbon is beautifull :)

Elaine Howard

Thank you for your reply Nettie, I don't work so my husband gives me money each month to spend however I please, then I have my debit card for everything else. So I have cash all month in my purse. It may seem a strange way we handle the monthly income, but it's always worked for us. So that's the reason behind me asking about coins. I often have coins when paying with notes in stores... Thank you again Nettie, Hugz and love ??????xxxxx


Great video! I used to think putting cheap buds inside was silly but that's what I'm doing this time around lol. Enjoy your day Nettie! ?


I LOOOOVE my round coin purse. I use it for coins. Best & cutest one ever. ? Cindy


If you reed my story please enjoy your round pouch even more

Debra Summers

Loved your suggestion that you could use this as a bag charm. Excellent idea!


Story is true


I have a nylon canvas circle coin pouch from when i was a kid it not a l.v. but its a winnie da phoo pouch i used it for my cash and coins till the fith grade then i used as a change pouch along with my wallet and i have a diff wallet since then but the same coin pouch (°.°) thee coin pouche has been in the trash plenty of times no thank to my 1-2 grade bullies but a light water pat and boom it was good as new


I love mine as well! I use it daily and never thought I'd admire and use it as much as I do! :)


Would this coin purse hold a car key fob and key?


This was great thanks Nettie! I think I'm 90% there to buying it for Christmas lol, i agree coins are so dirty but i gotta put them somewhere ;) Amazing how you can open it wide, i think this will be a good option for me i just might need to really fold my cash or i could put that in a slot in my card holder... I was torn between this and a cles (which i don't own yet) but i like that this is a little different and its cute being round! Thanks again :) Have a great evening/day xxx


Have had mine for about 8 years, looks brand new. Use it mostly for other items than coins. Earbuds, my rosary, mints, hair accessories. When my husband gave it to me for Valentine's Day my first thought was to take it back because I didn't know what I would use that little pouch for but It has been put to many uses. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it you always do a great job.

Yezzylicious 002



I love my round coin purse and use it for storing my earbuds as well. It's such a cute little piece.

Mimi K

Great and thorough review ?❤️?

Ada Solly Styling

Love the round coin purse.

Cathy's Easy Beauty

Great review Nettie, thank you!

Leo Lion LV

Love my round coin too! I purchased mine at the NY maison store two years ago. It makes such a great gift. Thanks for sharing. Great video as always! xoxo


great review got the totem one love it, happy holidays, xoxo

Elaine Howard

Hi Nettie, a great review, I'd love to get the round coin purse, but wouldn't really think of using it for anything but coins, then you said "coins are dirty". Now I'm thinking, so what do all the LV YouTubers use to carry coins? You all have beautiful wallets and purses, but now I think about it, I can't remember ever seeing a YouTuber put coins in a wallet. Jog my memory please Nettie. Where do you all keep coins.? We don't have a one pound note in the UK, only coin, I always seem to have a lot of coins, where would I put them?... Much love and hugz ????????xxxxxxx

Round to it coin

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How to make a beaded bezel around a round gemstone coin

292 views | 19 Aug. 2020

Join me to learn how to

Join me to learn how to make a beaded bezel for a round coin gemstone - a cherry quartz bead.

Hello Beaders!

Welcome to a new beading tutorial.

today I show you how I bezel a round gemstone coin bead with holes.

I am using for this beaded bezel 11/0 cylinder seed beads and 15/0 seed beads.

I am using a combination of RAW (right angle weave) band and peyote stitch, and this is how to make a solid, secured bezel around the coin stone.

The chapters are as follows:

00:00 Intro

02:18 How to add the anchoring beads

04:37 How to make the RAW band around the gemstone

10:38 How to make the first row of 11/0 seed beads peyote stitch

14:36 How to step up at the end of the first peyote row

How to make the second peyote row with 11/0

18:38 Adding 2 rows of 15/0 seed beads

19:45 How to make the second half (side) of the beaded bezel

22:3 Adding the 15/0 rows on the second half of the bezel


If you want more exclusive beading patterns, please join my email list. Once a month I publish - -for what I call "The Beaders' Tribe" one exclusive tutorial here on youtube, accessed through a private link....link that you will get through the email.

Here you can subscribe: https://mailchi.mp/3d1b9f050deb/beaderstribesparklybicone2cols

I welcome your comments. Don't forget to subscribe and click the bell button, so future tutorials come to your inbox as soon as they are published.

You can also follow me :

On Facebook: @beadsnstonesjewellery

On Instagram:@beadsnstonesjewelry

My Shop: https://www.numonday.com/shop/beadsnstones-jewellery/

Tim Rose

Hey my friend :) I saw you in Brian's comments section and wanted to stop in and say hi! Hope you keep on building your channel and wishing you all the best! Blessings to you :)

Round to it coin

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Crochet || crochet coin purse tutorial || English subtitles

9 365 views | 11 Aug. 2019




polyester yarn many color

hook no 3

bag accessories


bag dimension 10x5 cm

lining link ?https://youtu.be/CxlncLVZwmc

need bag accessories?

contact me on? http://bit.ly/SulisSetiowati

ORDER only, chatting gak di balas ?


Khusbu Akter


Nurma Sita

Tanya dong itu beli asesoris handle tas dan asesoris resleting dimn ya ???

F**** Hewes


pro gaming skills


majo Diaz


Crochet Gonkui กอนกูย

Good​ work​??

Sri Umiyati

Alhamdulillah.....mba sulis....indahnya berbagi ilmu.?trimakasih....

Victory Grace

Tas ini bisa di buat lbh besar mbak? He...he...he....maklum sy org awam...???

Alicia Vazquez Surian

Muy bonito gracias lo hare

Muhammad Kevin

Maasya allah bunda ?, motif seperti ini bisa d bikin tas yang agak besar ga bunda?

Mujiharti Fauzi


Tri Wulandari Amiruddin

Q cb bikin pke benang polyindo kok hasilnya nggk rapet ky gini Bun. Ya q pke benang yg ready di rmh aja maksdnya. Ee...nggk bs imut ky bikinan Bunda. Hehehehe...

Anny Munandar

Hasil punya saya kok gk rata yaa bun,,, Pdhl total hitungan puff ny bener ..

nora arfah

Thank you sharing ?

Ema Rahayu

Mba sulis, punya saya kok sisi dompet gk bisa rata ya mba