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Best Long term Altcoin & Crypto Investment in 2020? Power Ledger is the Sleeping GIANT of crypto!

1 115 views | 13 Sep. 2020

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So where do we store power for use at night if we go full solar ?

Jayson Cloud

Gonna buy POWR and EWT. Can't lose when you have both :P


When will you talk about $shroom ? shroom.finance will be huge with gaming growing at an explosive rate and in game item asset owning grows fast and crypto going mainstream with the 2021 bullrun coming.


Finally found someone which is open about this project. Holding 1k and will keep buying in the dip. I give it 5-10 years max to explode

Aria Greg

Say no to fake comments and illegal reviews here contact the main programmer for the best softwares and hacks
@HackerMilarn on TELEGRAM

Vantum Noir

Thank you for making this video. Everyone is ignoring this project and don't realize how integral it will be to the planet

Crazy prayingmantis

I suggest you look at EWT (energy Web token) then.

Aria Greg

Say no to fake comments and illegal reviews here contact the main programmer for the best softwares and hacks
@HackerMilarn on TELEGRAM

Julien Piron

Liked this one. Satoshi Aoki. Good piece of work.

Powr coin price

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Top Blockchain Energy Projects - POWR, ELEC, WPR, MWAT, SNC

5 785 views | 26 Apr. 2018

Let's examine the top

Let's examine the top energy projects in blockchain (Power Ledger - POWR, Electrify Asia -ELEC, WePower - WPR, Restart Energy - MWAT, and Sun Contract SNC) and see what makes them the top projects and see which ones are the best !

Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice - please do your own research before risking your own money!

Thanks for watching!

Please like, subscribe, and share if you found this useful!

Questions or comments please e-mail [email protected]

Sz27 Clz75m

also check out 1. VLUX (UK, yay! just completed a trial in Hackney, London) 2. LO3 Energy (these guys are actually doing it) 3. Irene Energy 4. Robotina

bit meets


Matt Hunt

Have been following SunContract since ICO and when it comes to dealing with government regulations they are breaking new ground!! Take a look at SNC a bit closer everyone :)

Erwin Rosales

Great Vid. What are your thoughts on Hade Platform and upcoming Hade Pay feature plus token burn? https://hadeplatform.com/hadetoken/

Venkat Kotti

SNC has a working product right now!!. Guys, if you are in SLOVENIA, then you can switch energy providers and get your electricity from
sun contract directly. Just buy SNC in Kucoin/OKEx/Houbi, send those tokens to your snc account, and contact SunContract support to write an agreement and get electricity to your house!
Soon ppl in Germany will be able to buy/sell electricity via suncontract.
After 3 months you can directly buy SNC from their website.

Jeffrey Lane

Your analysis of Restart Energy is unfortunately lacking a ton of info. First off it is an established energy provider in Romania, and is the fastest growing private energy company in the EU. As a company it has grown 1700% in the last two years, and is projected to go from a $20 million dollar company in 2017 to a $100 million dollar company in 2018. It has partnered with the largest energy producer in Romania (not Estonia). It is acquiring an energy company in Bulgaria, and in the process of doing the same in Hungary, Croatia. Slovenia and Austria. It is also on target to expand to Germany and Spain. These guys are on fire globally and delivering on their timeline ahead of schedule. The other benefit is that they work with existing regulations and infrastructure, so laws do not need to be changed, nor does the infrastructure itself. They are also not restricted to clean energy as other solutions are, though all the plants they are acquiring are clean energy. I have not seen a harder working team outside of VeChain when it comes to partnerships and acquisitions. The only thing holding this coin back right now is lack of exchanges (currently on Kucoin). I encourage you to read the full 96 page white paper and dive deeper into this project.

For the record, I like Powerledger and I invest in them, but the supply issues concern me. They hold a lot of the supply currently and that is a big red flag. We Power is in my opinion the weakest offering of the bunch. My top 3 are Power Ledger, Electrify Asia and Restart Energy (which is a huge sleeping giant).

Robert Charles Luerssen

We we power my friend... ???


Whats your though about all of these ones now ?

Ali Rab Ali

Good video except the ending with a shit '' long live blockchain '' lmao


Restart Energy is far and away my favorite.


this dude talking about crypto on the internet is awsome man!!! everytime i see a new video i get the chills wooohooo

Lets go crypto, on the way to adoption!

Nugget's News

That video tile is outrageously cool!

DazzFire - Rhiannon

Energy is a great utilization of blockchain tech. I went in on ELEC recently due to the low market cap and association with OMG. Great potential in an important space!

Patryk Karter

Get notification, like video, comment it and then watch it ?
Long live the blockchain ❤️


POWR has the most going on atm. Great buy at these levels!

Sha Mah

Good Video Thanks. Appreciate that. Whats your opinion about BABB?

bacon egg

Hey Lark, BIG FAN here. Not sure if you talked about them before, i think you might have......At 7:28 of this video you describe exactly what MYB is going to do. They're about to do a rebrand soon and launch alpha June 1st.


SNC aready with working platform, best token model, platform expanding across Europe in few months. CEO Gregor Novak is onboard SolarPower Europe, helping to shape solar energy regulations in Europe... This is only the beginning!


Yo CryptoLark! I'm doing an animation series based on Crypto, and turning influencers into animated characters. (Currently doing an episode with CryptoCandor). Let's collaborate. You got a good sense of humor, and I'd love to give you some input on an episode/turn you into a character. Let's chat on twitter @krypticrooks

Iknowcrypto One

ELEC is gonna be the next OMG...this company has huge potential, great team/advisors, huge energy deal with Tepco, and is already a working company in Singapore!! People will look back and wonder why they missed out...this crypto is the real deal!!!


SNC looks promising

YourBrainOnBlockchain YBOB

Thx, think will get adoption for my wepwr


You are great watch your videos every single dayyy

Antonio Moreno

New subscriber very cool man keep it up. Ever did a review on reddcoin or will you ? Thanks

Dennis S

Hey Lark, thanks again for another great vid. Have you reviewed Covesting yet?

Dennis S


B_ mused

Love unique content like this Lark! These types of comparison videos are invaluable! There is many arenas that are getting quite crowded, so if I were to any influence over seeing more of these, I’d suggest maybe A.I. and/or Stablecoins... Muchas gracias amigo!!!

Alcaff S

None compares to Power Ledger


Hey @thecryptolark, have you heard about the new energy tokenization company 4New (KWATT) FRNCoin? They already have two working plants and their model looks interesting. https://4new.io/

Filip Hammarlund

No thank you my dude. People like you are the real MVPs of crypto bringing information and awareness is the only way to growth.

Angelo Lagonia

IMO Restart Energy is the most impressive so far. Existing company with over 35,000 customers and over 20 mil. in revenue 2017. Strong move to purchase two hydro power plants in their region to provide base load and free up the renewable resources they have been storing for over a decade. Not to mention multiple strong partnerships and talks with the right people. They are very ambitious and should not be brushed to the side so quickly.

the land of PVZ

Thank you Mr Lark! Great Video as always.

77 k

SNC went mainstream! SNC is my bet

Cirkuit 365

Thanks for the info Lark! You should also check out MyBit(MYB), another solar powered blockchain project with a tiny tiny market cap/supply. Cheers bud!

Waldemar Deibel

just a little shoutout. thank you for your work dude. appreciate it a lot.

Michele Gullick

I was waiting for a comparison video on energy projects, thank you so much!!!

Steven Butler

Nice video Lark can you do more of these but for all the industries so people can understand the blockchain ecosystem buddy, do one for say comparing protocols etc I have always wanted someone to make an app or website that lists these projects in their respective catagories, so many coins that you get lost with whats going on and nobody does unless you know a place that catagorises projects to sectors like you have in this video.

Jake Awesome

ELEC is the project with largest potential, solid team, huge partnership, low cap, incredibly active and transparent team, CEO is a genius.


I would love an updated video on this Lark Q3 updates on your current opinion/non financial advice ;)


Always enjoy the comparisons of different tokens in the same field.

Chin Wang

No mention of 4new or kwatt token?


Nice one.

Sub Zero

That Raiden is awesome B)


Its unfortunate that you didnt mention more of Restart Energy's accomplishments.

Matthew Bishop



$MWAT by Restart Energy

existing company
$20 mil revenue 2017 (Product first, blockchain later approach)
Advisor from EU parliament
lots of partnerships
35,000+ customers
platform launch in August.
CEO with 10+ years experience in energy
already working on expanding to 10+ countries in 2018

Cedric J

Thanks Bro., your browser looks about like mine..lol? I believe I have about 20 more than you open!

Mono gram adikt

this mob will be giving away a 200 token airdrop to your apollo wallet if you grab their wallet and post the wallet adress on their telegram group page by 8pm australian time tonight, so better be quick http://www.apollochain.io/download.html

Crypto Yogi

Great video as always! Maybe it's worth mentioning that TEPCO is the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The same company responsible for the Fukushima nuclear plant, its accident resulted in the toxic contamination of land, air and sea...

Crypto Rama

Solid content. A day does not go by without listening to your thoughts. You are in a few that creates awareness and empower the block chain community. Long live the block chain.

Goran Salopek

10-100x potential:
Banyan Network BBN Big Data Network https://www.banyanbbt.org/
Moozicore MZI Music Streaming Service https://tokensale.moozicore.com//
SunContrac SNC Decentralized Energy Market https://suncontract.org/


Thanks man. Your videos rock. I am all in on Electrify Asia. Big news coming out soon. AMA live with Jun from Omisego tomorrow, talking about Elec.


Love it Lark! I am bullish on POWR & WPR and ELEC!


Absolutely brilliant video!!!


I would agree with SNC being the one with the most potential. Has it's own platform, has people using it already and members of the team are in constant communication with the investors.

Ken Anklovitch

Another human powered video Lark!


Could you review Neurochain?

InvisibleFriend / Kind Recordings

Much luv n respect my brother —- my gurl skylarscrypto n kindcrypto both send Best always. Enjoy your coverage

Robert Fox

I'm only buying SNC, because of best team and already working project.

Damian Wright

Thanks, great video. I think MWAT will be the most successful after researching further.


As in Fukushima tepco?

Joncrypto82 Singapore

Hi what is your opinion on circulating supply versus total supply?
If It’s huge is it a potential red flag as in price suppression please comment


Power nr.1? Haha thanks for meaking me laught. Suncontract is first in the world with working platform P2P from 14.04.2018. Competition is far away from that. So you don't need to think abouth where to invest....

Gemcom Cepon

Compare between hype, partnerships and working product. What do you think what would be better for project? HYPE and partnerships like POWER, ELEC vs product launch MWAT or SUNCONTRACT? Different approach same goal. I think that at the end working projects will WIN against HYPEd projects with nothing in hand.
Platform preview: https://youtu.be/fpf3RaBalHA
Event Bled 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb9OHW3-rUQ
Platform launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rebREx7XNwc


Ive researched all of these im in Restart & Electrify asia. Restart gonna change the game crazy passive income potential. The only one which u can start your own energy company


Ending up on anything but Mwat as the biggest potential and the best business model I will never understand.

The passive income of kwh from the loyalty programme will grow exponentially as roadmap unfolds.

100.000 MWAT (appx 6.000$market now) will give you about 17.000$ with conservative numbers over the next two years in passive earnings via kwh. They would still be worth x in sats value and could be sold whenever. Also from there the passive is expected to be far more due to China and other states of crazy population numbers will be entered.

This is a gem and a moneymachine and most are yet to realize it.

This will be way past 1$ before 2019.


Thanks for mentioning Suncontract!

Jack Good

I've put money into 4 of the 5 already, ain't selling any time soon.


mwat is the best


SNC is the best project and one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies.

Danny Kucharsky

POWR is the best


For anyone interested in a low cap green energy project, p2p energy trading with hardware and testing going on right now, PYLNT is well worth a look. Market cap around $3 million.

Monsur Ahmed

Love the theamed approach to reviews, very informative Lark!


I am Second Love Crypto Lark

Ishmeal Ibrahim

What about grid+ coin

Bjørn Andersen

Lovin the lark

Ster Ling

70K subs for Lark, yay! Ppl are finding your quality work. ELEC is an important project, I think. :)


You are really one of the best actors in crypto - wish most were like you mate!

Ed L

Suncontracts has really good growth potential

Žiga Jelovčan

SNC looks great to be honest, im surpr8sed that price is that low!


Glad you got into ELEC Lark ?

Goran Salopek

10-100x potential:
Banyan Network BBN Big Data Network https://www.banyanbbt.org/
Moozicore MZI Music Streaming Service https://tokensale.moozicore.com//
SunContrac SNC Decentralized Energy Market https://suncontract.org/

Cedric J

Guys and gals, you need to really check out this video of MWAT! It blew me away with the potential passive residual income you can make with MWAT, not just from the increase in the token value, but in lending out your tokens, franchising, etc. You have to own at least 10,000 (city franchising), 100,000(regional franchising), etc. I'm purchasing why it is still cheap to get in on these future passive income opportunities before the token gets too high in value. You can watch the video here where the CEO is interviewed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YrIHECIlq4. ELEC was my favorite but this MWAT is a very close second!!

Powr coin price

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Where has THE GOON been? (THE GOON IS BACK)

1 065 views | 7 May. 2018

Hello everyone,


Hello everyone,

A lot of you may have noticed I was MIA/ not around for a while.

There was actually a few reasons why and I am here to explain them as well as apologize. Great news though, I AM BACK!

Goonalerts on Social Medias will be better than ever and a lot more active, answering questions and making all the LIVE videos you guys have been expecting and waiting for.

Before any of that here is a quick intro explaining where I was and announcing that I AM BACK!


Join #GOONSQUAD and stay ahead of the game.


Head to "Get Started"








@carlosdvaladez @goonalerts


Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, This is for entertainment. Trade and invest on your own risk.


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morgs tebz

Great that you are back bro ?


nice! can't wait to see the finished product with color

MonkeyD Luffy

its about time. Ive been wanting to sign up but i got no replies

Rixster 222

The Goon IS back


Very scarface esque house , nice


Bro can we see your trading desk setup??


@Carlos Valadez Take a look @ seal .network still in pre ICO.would like to know what you think✌❤


Congrats, nice Job on the home....

Хитрый лис

ICO Metal Factory!

morgs tebz

Whatsup Carlos, been following you since last year. I got into trading and learning about crypto last year September. Learnt a lot from mistakes and the market of crypto. I’m 19 in college now In South Africa. Just want to ask how long it took you to really start gaining momentum and good profits in trading because I would really like to take trading full time next year and maybe drop out of college. If you have any thoughts or advice I would really appreciate it man. I see the potential to take advantage of this market and really make life changing income from it at a young age. There just really isn’t other people or help in South Africa to chat to people in person.

Z Cryptogains

Need more content like antshares video and less flash

michael nevarez

Nice shit bro your house looks fuckin bomb ! You still got the same number?

nora lhawat

congratulations, goon ma boi !

No Ah

You can't make money in a bear market? Lol

DaveDestroyer studmuffin

Badass bro. Congrats on the new place. Looking forward to your new content.


My boy ??????????