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Sharpay Evans

603 301 views | 12 May. 2010

She so cool

She so cool

Brett Kimura

Girl, I’m literally watching this scene on Disney+ ?❤️?

Dennis Tay

But she had an orange outfit in the first movie!



Mr. Black

Maddie suddenly transformed and became London?

I miss the suite life so bad☹️


Am I the only one who was in love with Sharpay's locker?

JK Dudette

Tiara: You'd best keep your science and math books together, since those are your first two lessons of the day.

takes out English book


“Hey Troy! When’s the big game?”
“Uh, yesterday.”
“Oh well, good luck!”

Clearolie Johnson

I just want to be like you

NoeBecks TB

She was truly fabulous

Amaan Ali

Looks so different

k fan

She is sooooo Regina George ??

mkyvn gzls

I think people who watched HSM as kids wanted to be Sharpay Evans at some point of their lives. Imagine having the whole school population part themselves so you can walk through. That's like Moses and the Sea

Thuan Nguyen

she is the best!!! <3

Julia Fleming

Oh my god! Now that's a locker!

Mila Cruz

That random turn she makes hahah love it

mr x X

Someone tell me the name of the song that sound back please i know that i know it but i cant remenber

Chipmunk Park

Sharpay worked hard for everything and Gabriella just showed up and took the lead in every musical lol

Ryan Lee

I really don't like Sharpay. She's always gotta be the center of attention. I don't get how Ryan puts up with her. At a reunion no doubt people would say to her "You always were quite the drama queen "

Ted Seamus

When i was at middle school me and some classmates hired another classmate, junior even senior student to be our personal assistant and have contract minimal 1 week with payment after several months some teachers ground us because we make them look like a slave...its funny at one point but after im older i knew i was a bad person...lol?..


a queen

Sammi Suicide

locker goals

Chiara lucía

Sharpay is iconic change my mind


I’m obsessed



Jill Sandwich

0:29 LOL

miguel asaytuno

I still wanted to be a bitch like her

Mohammed Sarama

Zeke: she's so sweet
Troy slaps him
Me laughing ????

Chipmunk Park

I wanted to be Sharpay soooo badly

Kaila Gabrielle Deasis

I want sharpay's locker & car ♥♥♥

Shayna Nichelle

Her outfit is the cutest! Hair and everything is on point! I love that necklace!

Matthea Nicole Bernardo

The most iconic character in the history of Disney.

trinity w

Best character of the movie?

Madi Ignacia

We all have that one person in school

Janesa Fernandez

I love her too but hate her at the same time



marina fuentes alarcon

Muchos critican el troypay pero si uno profundisa la historia , troy en la segunda película conoció y se acercó mucho a sharpay , ademas aquí mas que nada vemos a sharpay queriendo ir a julliar pero como segundo remate le salio a troy para actuar , nunca justificare las acciones malas que hizo pero si me percató que no son tan malas porque viendo descendientes es que disney te pone un esteriotipo de bondadoso donde solo le das al mundo lo que el quiere y sigues tua amor verdadero delimitado por todos donde siempre tiene que ser la niña con cara no rompo un pato y soy victima pero daño a otros indirctamente sin querer para entregarle todo pero el cambia la personalidad que no es mala pero tampoco perfecta y no puedes tener actos de amor propio y ser tu mismo a veneficio tuyo cosa por la que tachan de mala a sharpay y mal en descendientes. segundo en la segunda entrega cantar con el tal vez fue un plan macabro a la vista de los tontos linces pero si ella se preparo y quiso al mejor para imresionar jueces no es malo y tercero y no menos importante es que aquí comprobe que troyella son tóxicos porque si el amara tanto como ama a gabi no veria de esa forma a sharpay que es entre cariño y deseo por lo que en conclusión al final busca a gabriella por costumbre y evadir los sentimientos por sharpay que si son notables y justificables pues el ve algo que no todos ven ademas no estoy segura que seguír a su corazón sea por gabriella debido a que esta estaba alado de sharpay en la graduación por ende a las dos las ve con cariño.
troy bolton jodete y espero que veas en una dimensióse alternativa donde todo este mundo cinematográfica cinematográfico sea real a sharpay y a peyton siendo felices ademas de tener hijos que no podran ser tuyos porque se perdio a la unica con talento verdadero y personalidad increible por una mosca muerta como bobaella basuranez(gabriella montez)

Snake it off

eight years later but slay queen

MarvelFan 25

I swear since I was a kid,I wanted Sharpay clothes and legit everything she owned ?

Mónica Belaunde Orgáz

She is the regina goerge in hsm

Mathias Cecertha

Wait at 0:10 is not sharpay in the car ...

Robert Amzaru

We all stan an iconic sister


I notice that she shows the dog and her brother more tention than her parents and her classmates

Erika Fehér

Sharpay is my idol??

Sylvan Laniyo

The way troy looked at her

Lady Fights Octopus

The most iconic role of the HSM frsnchise


Sharpay Evans is Miranda Presley at age 18

Mart Pimentel

I wish i had that locker???

sharon caceres

the queen

Diana Cimpan

sharpay hair goals?

Chris Cooper

I wonder if she enjoys being cat called

Lucy Kelly

I love how when she walks she doesn't stop or divert her path
She knows that if she walks confidently people'll get out of her way
I need that kind of confidence

Estelle Fashion

I love sharpay?

Nicole Appel

Sharpay was a queen everyone wanted to be her at some point

Molly x

I always loved sharpay more then gabriella

Mawiya Jalil

Did nobody notice that she never closed the car door? That bothers me

Caroll Boryn

I love You Sharpay ❤

Jennifer Jonsson

Do any of u guys know that the school is real and so is her locker look up east high on google and u will she

Ho Yuen Mak

I really want Sharpay's outfit!

Nadim Abbas

Sharpay is very cute in this scene ?


I remember how badly I wanted to be as popular as Sharpay


I wanted her locker SOOOOO bad!

Sharon Russell

Shapary is devil


And she wasn't even mean, just confident. She became kinda mean when Gabriela literally took everything from her with little to no effort what so ever, everything was handed to her.

keitheory videos


Zoe Wilson

I wish I had a locker like that!!! ???


Funny it's plays Fabulous when she enters the movie.

Ceftoma Pothelyamburcs Vlafrintegdomp

She's better than Gabriella, just my opinion, Gabriella is like too norm, Sharpay is exciting and a character you wanna be like, I could imagine if she's the one Troy was really in love with, you would wish to be dressed and act like her with a Troy Bolton, that means her competing attitude against Gabriella won't even exist, but only with the other actors and actresses as every career minded people do in earlier ages like teens and 20's. ?

Alice Duggan

I was literally obsessed with sharpay I wanted to be her ??


So how did her brother going to school? Hehe.

Hernan Suarez

My favorite of all high school musical

Amber Jones

Sharpay is basically me lol but with blonde hair

alina young

Seriously Zeke deserves that slap?


I always saw her like a villain when i was a kid. Now i'm 16 and i love her so much, she's a queen ?

Andrés Santiago

If she were so rich and fabulous, why did she study in a public school with basic people?!.. ?

Hubert Drzymala

Ashely Tisdale was born to play this bad bitch

Bella Ancheta

Lets face it, at some point no matter who you were, you wanted to roll up into school just like Sharpay. ❤️

Lauren Stanciel

I love how after four years they are all so sick of Zeke's crush on Sharpay and Troy straight up hits him.

Antonela Toledo


Valeria Matias Calmo

when I go to high school I will make mines like hers

Groff Sauce

"what are you" I said this to someone at school lol

Shister Slay



High School Musical 3 isn't it?

Moon Chasers

Why I love sharpay!!

Autumn H.

I will die for her locker because my favorite color is pink like her'd

By Dudah

Ela tem uma cachorra igual a mim??

Jada Allen

0:35 when you finally realize sharpay was the real star of the high school musical franchise,SHE GOT HER OWN SPINOFF MOVIE

Tristan the tranny queen



This is when I knew I was bi.


am I the only one who laughed when that guy almost tripped her over!


Tiara gold Jesus she was 13 when this was filmed!

Yasmin C

I'd love to have Troy & Chad as seniors in my school ??? No cute guys whatsoever atm :(((

Tyrone Brailsford

Sharpay: if you wear any orange, get rid of it
Me: but didn't you wear orange before

Aidil Izhar Hairulnizam

God i miss my Childhood


WTF Sharpey's plate numbere is Fabulus WTF that's wrong spelling

Dierdre Kristie

Hands down one of the BEST scenes in HSM

Manuely Andrade

Sharpay hsm 1,2,3 ,4

Vicente Suarez

Most iconic entrance


Regina George 2.0

American Dragon

She'll never let anyone step in her way

Rhiannon Blakeley

Did anyone notice she pick the English book not the maths


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