Pac stock price

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Ark Invest Just Bought $134,000,000 Of This Brand New Profitable Truck Stock | Buy Now?? Massive ??

8 601 views | 2 Feb. 2021

In today's video, I talk

In today's video, I talk about a new EV stock PACCAR Inc (PCAR) which Cathie Wood and Ark Invest are buying into a new position into ARKK and ARKQ funds. This EV stock is profitable with best in class margins and now one of the best EV stocks to buy now for high growth as it starts to produce autonomous trucks with Aurora.

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Rh H

Thanks great video.
Really good information!!

Quick Silver

Thank you for sharing


Good video! Will consider buying.

Fifi Finance

Top notch! ?

K Deronimo

Automation: $FBRKF

Hewit Rachael

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Eduardo Cervantes



GEVO and BTAQ will be the next 20X stocks soon.

George Lee


Martin Davies

Looks interesting given the P/E ratio, it’s planned development of EVs, investment by ARK and strong existing market position. Might also be a significant beneficiary of Biden’s push towards EV manufacturing in the US. One to keep on the radar.

Oswaldo Pacheco

Scared Cathie Wood is being used to manipulate too

Nikita Leno

There is a famous character, a Google search for "signals walter bulls". He made a fortune for himself back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise

Pac stock price

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GameStop CRASH & High Growth Pacific Biosciences (PACB) BUY | Ark Invest Stock Within ARKG

475 views | 2 Feb. 2021

GameStop? GameStonk? Or

GameStop? GameStonk? Or however you pronounce it, the truth is, if you're looking to make serious long-term returns on your investments, GME is NOT where you should be investing your money.

In today's video, I am going over GameStop, the dangers behind investing in it and the inevitable man who will be left holding the bag from a lack of investment insight. Don't be that guy!

So, what then exactly have I been focused on instead of the noise?

In this video, I discuss a stock that is about to take off this year in 2021! No, it is not so risky and yes, the time is NOW to get in. It is a stock within the healthcare sector, and more specifically, within the genomic space. Cathie Wood is also standing firm behind this genomic growth stock and it can be found within her ARK Invest ARKG ETF!

You see, dividend Investing is not just about finding stocks with high dividend yields, but buying stocks at the perfect time and playing the long game for a larger ROI in the future.

Interested in earning CASH for FREE? Open a cash back card and invest the bonus:

Capital One QuickSilver ($250 Cash BONUS): https://capital.one/2FxnPdX

Chase Freedom Unlimited ($200 CASH BONUS): https://www.referyourchasecard.com/m/...

And there you have it, a Blue Lion Financial update!

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ali navid

Thank you sir for sharing your info

Eli Da

Do you think it will 10x? Market cap is currently 6.5B, 10x is around 65B. You think it’s possible?

Smita Bradley

hello would you please give your opinion on GMDA stock

Alex Huston

So true. So many better opportunities than a quick pump and dump short squeeze

jora kadyk



What would make Pacbio 20x in this year?

Pac stock price

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PACB Pacific Biosciences Stock (Ark Invest ARKG No.1 Holding) | Deep Drill

16 848 views | 3 Jan. 2021

Hello, Today we are

Hello, Today we are looking at PACB Pacific Biosciences Stock. ARK Invest has over 27m shares in PACB Stock. PACB is no.1 on ARKG ETF with close to 20m shares and no.33 on ARKK ETF with over 7.5m shares. Cathie Wood has said the next coming revolution is in Genomics which could scale up to become a $2 trillion dollar market opportunity. Join me now for a drill into PACB stock. Stick around you cannot afford to miss this opportunity;

For those of you new to the channel, I am the simple trader and I aim to keep it simple here, I am not a financial advisor so please note everything on this video and channel is strictly for entertainment purposes only and contains research, opinions and views solely of my own.

This channel is growing and that’s thanks to all you subscribers out there. If you haven’t already, please consider to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up as it really helps out the channel.


00:00​ - Intro

01:14 - PACB What do they do?

04:23​ - ARK Invest All In

09:04 - The Competition

09:48 - Key Financials

11:54 - Price Target

Please check out my other videos on massive growth stocks that could make you a ton of money. If you want to stay up to date with all my latest content please smash that subscribe button. Stay tuned for more analysis, news and updates on mega growth stocks. I am the simple trader and we’ll simply see you next time.

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Palantir PLTR Part 2 stock analysis and bullish $500 thesis - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4L8e​...

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Nano Dimension NNDM stock analysis and bullish thesis - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEHrS​...

Nordstrom JWN stock analysis and bullish thesis - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVDnR​...

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Twitter - www.twitter.com/simpletrader16

Disclaimer: Please note all material on this channel is purely for entertainment purposes. All stocks and information that is shared is based on my personal opinions. You should seek professional advice should you decide to buy any stocks or shares.

Music credits;

Firefl!es - Voyage (Inspiring Orchestral Music)


Samuel Cook

U should buy bngo instead of pacb bro


"PACB will 20x"
This channel. Is garbage.


Who’s here after the sudden drop today?

David Farber

5000 shares purchased at 23$ holding it like Tesla years and years


Did you end up taking positions in PACB?


Thanks for the video waiting to pull back and buying 5000 shares
More please in this company !! ❤️

Steve T

I don't doubt PACB has a good product, but is it a good investment? As on this morning it's price / sales is over 70; extremely pricey and not supported by an increasing revenue stream year to year. I think with ARK AUM, they can cause a stock to explode in price. Watch if they start to sell.


I bought it few days at $34 for 2000 shares never too late I hope thanks you for the video !

Benjamin Codilla

Very interesting video, I'm interested learning a lot about the genomics space and am currently building a position of ARKG but find myself ignorant of any single stocks to invest in. Any tips on where to start doing research?


PACB is good to be involved in. I bought about 10 days ago an reaping the rewards.

Donovan C.


Nova Human

I got 200 at 12 I am so DAMN HAPPY. I have ARKG and CRSP too. who will be the tesla of bio???

Simple Trader

Happy 2021 investors! Here today I'm sharing with you the next stock I'm looking to get in on. It looks like a huge growth stock for the future. Let me know what you think on PACB. I'd love to hear good and bad. :)

Jose Flores

New sub. I’m hoping you bring out more videos of Pacific Bio $PACB throughout the year. This one was fire?. Love the narration and facts. The pros and cons. Thank you for sharing this content.

Logical Fallacy Detector

So should one buy shares directly with PACB or buy shares of ARKG ETF? I’m trying to diversify my portfolio and want to invest in companies that will change the world for the better


I was lucky to buy 1,000 shares of PACB at 8
as I saw Cathy loading up on it !
I also have ARKG ( & ARKK & ARKF )

Joe Blow

You people worship this lady too much.
There is going to be a market crash, and this ETF will tank hard.
Almost all her great performance is due to Tesla, which doesn't even deserve the ridiculous price it has.
It isn't up because Telsa doing so great its because the stock is hyper-hyped like no other.
It has a P/E=1500, when every other tech giant has a P/E of 30-40


Thank you SoftBank! Bam!!

INFIDEL Meat_Eater

Soft bank took a large position as well




ARKG sold 626,054 shares today!

osvaldo luna

Thank God I bought in at $28 ?

Sam Uncle

buy buy buy

Connor Allan

Been in since November. Will be buying on the dips. Pacb to the moon!

Jeremy Dable

I bought a few of these shares for my daughter's ISA in the summer of 2020 . I paid no attention to them because I have done so well with Tesla. I saw on Friday that they had gone up 444% in value. Now thats better than even Tesla over the same period. I bought another 20 shares on Friday. Not enough money left to buy more of them.

Dee Hon

I bought PACB at ~$6 per share. It's my second-largest position after TSLA. I think there will always be a market for short reads (ILMN), but PACB's HiFi technology has just hit the market and has lots of room to grow. I also hold TWST for synthetic DNA. Gene sequencing and synthetic DNA are going to be lynchpin technologies in the genomics revolution. It's impossible to predict share prices though. I just know these are promising companies.

Mike Halley

Canadian version EMERGE ARK ETFS






Biggest position in the group is the Genomics

Curtis Harness

I’ve purchased 55k into this today at the market open; it was the earliest dip I saw. My goal is to help fuel PAC Bio and help sponsor a future where our doctors and scientists have valuable tools to make the headway they need, to help mankind and serve a higher purpose.
You can process charts all day...
You can observe outrageous and amazing trends...
But here is a company doing good. Yes, you’ll be rewarded for being their investor, but focus on what they bring to the table and let people know you support their Mission.

Pac, I love your mission, I’m here to support you. I gave what I could given the daily circumstance, I hope to support you more!
-Curtis Harness


ARKG with leverage is the way. if PACB crater 20-40% in a day you will get torchd' then use funds from ARKG to buy pacb if you like it so much. Cheers

Brian Cockrell

I already hold PACB. I also have EDIT to complement and when the market pulls back I plan on adding CRSP.

larry fitzpatrick

Yeah I’m sorry to say I really don’t think pack bio is going up much for awhile... they are in the shadow of BNGO now or at least will be by end of this month

Kubi San

look lexagene "same machine" gamechanger like bionano. i bought bngo @0.79

Tyler Bushell

I’m waiting for the virgin galactic news so I can sell and buy more pacb :)

Eduardo Zabaleta

I am in and planning to continue to build a big position. Please make a video on Crisper :)

Beyond Samson

while you have PACB, you shall have BNGO to hedge this stock.

John Lyttle

Illumina took a shot at PACB last week at JPM conference. Chart 17 suggests they will undercut PACB on price. It will be interesting to see if this leads ARKG to reverse their position and start buying ILMN. This is a horse race...

minus will

buy / entrance lately irrelevant

jorge mojica

Ok - I think you made a good point; purchased pacb today. Thank you for the analysis

Gerry Rawson

i own 300 shares

Will Celt

buy it now

Alejandro Angel

Former Ilumina CFO now PBIO CEO...let's hope he can turn the ship around and give Ilumina a run for their money. I'm bullish on PBIO. Is there any news? Keep us posted on PBIO. Thanks mate!


1500 share at 15.38 average - its going to double from here - could be 150 in 2 years - just my thought and research . PACB # 1with ARK!! Life changing disruptor!

Marfauza Mat Jusoh

I bought 3 shares at USD 28 per share. I think it is now already around 37 per share. I will try to hold it for several years and see where it will go.


I like and sympathize
With U r story so I subscribed
We just need
The big picture?
I wonder why they dropped
NVDA. but I will keep going^^;;


This is great! Btw ARK shredded a total of 107,500 shares last week. What did that mean?