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How to do Vulnerability Scanning with Nessus

21 544 views | 2 Sep. 2019

Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning refers to the scanning for weakness in networks. It is very important to carry out vulnerability checks in your networks regularly to minimize attacks in your networks.

Examples of tools used are Nessus, Qualys scan, Nikto, OpenVas and Wireshark.

In this video, you will see how to use Nessus to scan for Vulnerability.



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Soukie Sam

When we do this should we download Nesus on our VM Box or can we do it on our regular operating system?

Assane duGalsen

Hey Thanks for your IT videos. I would like some cyber security lessons If you are available.

Ellse Liow

Hi I would like to ask if the win didn't found any vul, my win is new fresh install, will be no result of vulnerability?

Pk Studio

Is it possible to check tomcat vulnerability?

Asha Patil

Sir, can you please explain one sample project on cyber security.

Michael Beee

you should cut your videos, nobody wants to see how to download and install and wait for the install. Stick to the essentials of your title please

abbey moremi

cant you just pause the recording until installing is complete???

Dimple Santoshi

Thank you very much for such transparency in the video... As you were also waiting for the same amount of time... It was like a person is sitting next to us and explaining... Very nice and clear explanation.. Keep going... ??

Nandhu Ganesh

Thank you so much

Vulnerability chart

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Measuring Vulnerability Remediation Strategies with Real-World Data

536 views | 27 Feb. 2020

Dr. Wade Baker, Partner

Dr. Wade Baker, Partner and Co-Founder, Cyentia Institute

Dr. Benjamin Edwards, Senior Data Scientist, Cyentia Institute

How do you assess a vulnerability management program? This talk will outline four data-driven measures that give a holistic view of vulnerability management: coverage, efficiency, velocity and capacity. Presenters will compare these measures across several hundred organizations, highlight practices of exceptional programs, and demonstrate how any organization can apply these measures to their program.Pre-Requisites: Understanding of various approaches to vulnerability management. A basic understanding of statistics.

Vulnerability chart

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11k Vulns in H1 2020 as Patch Tuesdays Get Worse - Vulnerability Trend Analysis

3 views | 7 Dec. 2020

IT Security Teams and

IT Security Teams and Vulnerability Managers can’t seem to catch a break. While COVID-19 has severely impacted IT staffing and budgets, the vulnerability disclosure landscape has continued to keep us on our toes. Brian Martin looks into the latest vulnerability trends from mid year 2020, and how IT professionals can effectively respond to maintain the security of their businesses.

Presenter: Brian Martin, Vice President of Vulnerability Intelligence, Risk Based Security

Recorded: Sep 2, 2020


- View this webinar on BrightTALK:

- Download the 2020 Mid Year Vulnerability QuickView report: https://pages.riskbasedsecurity.com/en/2020-mid-year-vulnerability-quickview-report