Rubles value

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value of Belarusian 100 Rubles note | Russian currency

79 views | 15 Nov. 2020

this is 100 Rubles note of

this is 100 Rubles note of Belarus

we do make videos for giving information

if you guys wish to sell these type of notes or coins comment under the respective video and I'll show you a way for selling








Sana Ulla

U want call me 9344964772

Rubles value

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23.12.2020: Temporary pause in ruble's decline (Brent, USD/RUB)

15 views | 23 Dec. 2020

Worries about the

Worries about the coronavirus mutation eased, but investor sentiment remained under pressure from that news. Oil prices continue to fall as demand fears intensify. The ruble may try to recoup losses, but the most likely scenario is a decline to the area of 78 per dollar.

Despite the measures taken, the new coronavirus strain has spread outside the UK. It has been detected in Germany, France, and Switzerland. The risk of new lockdowns and travel restrictions is getting higher. This will lead to a slowdown in the oil market's recovery. That is why oil prices are falling. Brent crude dipped below $50 per barrel.

Today sellers tried to push the quote even lower but met resistance from buyers. Apparently, bulls decided to continue struggling for the psychologically important level. However, short-term factors cannot support the oil market. Moreover, the stronger US dollar reduces appetite for oil investments.

Brent opened the trading session with a decline of over 1% but then slightly recovered to trade at 49 dollars 70 cents per barrel. The price of the nearest WTI oil futures contract also edged lower by more than 1% to 46 dollars 60 cents per barrel.

The US Department of Energy's report on crude oil inventories in the country is in the focus of traders. Last week, the American Petroleum Institute reported a 2.7 million-barrel climb in US crude inventories. If the official industry statistics are positive, oil prices will hardly grow. At the same time, downbeat data will accelerate a decline in prices.

Currently, there are no factors that are able to support oil prices. The quotes are expected to continue their gradual decline. Brent could drop to $45 per barrel as large producers are likely to hedge the price of future oil supplies.

On the other hand, today there is a slight decline in the US dollar index. If it continues to lose ground, a weaker US dollar will most likely drag oil prices up.

The ruble is trading under pressure from the unfavorable situation in the energy market and anti-Russian rhetoric. Moreover, at the end of the year, the money volume in the economy usually increases as governments complete their budget calculations. Major investors have already started or will soon start hedging their ruble positions by purchasing a foreign currency. This will also have a severe impact on the Russian currency. The greenback may try to break through the 76 mark which acts as resistance. If the price is able to consolidate above this level, the way to the 78 mark will open.

The main factor for the foreign markets remains data on an economic relief package to support the American economy. Its approval was delayed once again. However, market participants were ready for that news. There is a cautious appetite for risk in the market. If the external situation improves, the ruble will have a chance to recover. Today the ruble is struggling to recoup losses against the US dollar. In the early session, the dollar/ruble pair lost 0.6% of its value. If there are no major changes during the session, the Russian currency will most likely consolidate near ​​the 75 mark, and investors may try to push the dollar/ruble pair even lower.

Catholic Christmas is coming. That is why the markets are likely to be quite choppy. In addition, on Friday, exporters will have to pay more than 300 billion rubles in taxes. They may sell the currency at the current fairly high rate. The ruble must seize the moment.


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Rubles value

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CURRENCY OF RUSSIA ✧ What can you buy with 500 rubles?

60 334 views | 16 Apr. 2018

If you're planning a trip

If you're planning a trip to Russia, you need to think about the local currency and prepare some in advance. This week Firebird Tours rep Vera introduces you to each type of rubles banknote and shows you where to exchange money once you're in Russia.

For more traveling tips visit: http://bit.ly/Russia_travel_tips

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Akash Haider



it's rlly cool to see us money in english video

sahell danishyar

Any hallal food ? available there too? Plz

S Baig

Currency is related to a particular country. In ten rubles can I buy a bread and one liter of milk? How much a Belarus 510 tractor is available in Roubles in Minsk Ucrane?

Carl Hopkinson

How about my question of will you marry me you gorgeous woman!!

Давид Гапоян

Largest city in siberia its not a Krasnoyrsk,its Novosibirsk

pavels7723 Lepss

500 rubels= 50 dollars

cyrus ramitt

She is yapping. Take us in a grocery store show what you can really purchase. Useless, babushka

Jaydeep’s Vlog

You should improve content... Though it was good but not great...

Rhhhonnnda Pickkkett

They ate about to get paid in some type of way ill probably be dying soon because im not doing good after last night they are after me

Simon Frederiksen

Location would matter too as to what you might be able get for 500 rubles. Pskov vs Moscow as an example

Rhhhonnnda Pickkkett

Rhats how rhey get paid in this country thats what they gonna do


Am I the only one who has stop watching because of her vocalized breathing? Really distracting. Seems like it would be an interesting video. ?


Ochenj zabavno i polezno. Spasibo za obiasneneie. Ya obiazatelno presleduiu na FB.

It fiddled my diddle

Its located in umm BREATHE INTENSIFIES . Ive never been to HAAAAAH


There is a new ones 200 and 2000 rubles.

Jane K

You should start with coins...how much rubles to one u.s dollar


Hi, I'm currently earning in this currency, very excited


I love your blouse by the way, very elegant. ?

апокрифическая любовь

I had a question about how much ruble does it cost to live in a apartment near Moscow Russia for a month

Courtney Duncan

Love her face I'm coming for anything close to you

Маруся Климова

Зачем так взахлёб-то? Можно нормально об'яснять. Что уж так воздух громко заглатывать? А вообще полезная информация для иностранцев. Спасибо.


I am from India?? and I loved ur video ???

Adrian Witkowski

500 Rubles is 30 Polish Zloty . 0,06 PLN = 1 Ruble xDDDD

Jorawar Singh Chauhan

How to meet

charles aniel

vote 4 donald john trump keep america great!

Cutie L

you can buy NUTTING

William Freeman

One ruble is equivalent to .013 dollar. That’s right folks...slightly more than a penny.


This video was very laid out and it was very interesting. I almost felt like I was with you! I really like how you took time and didn't rush to explain the different rubles, good job!

DJ-Amezo The FinskaBomb

Im really suprised that their atms have finnish in them.
I mean, it makes sense that russia is a neighbour but this is convenient :)
From: finland

Abiding Happiness

I did not understand what I can buy for that money. I wish there was a list of things from you.

Paul Anthony

yeah she’s hot

Давид Гапоян

Khabarovsk largest than Vladivostoc,cmmon,check information after you say something

Gabe Masters

What can you get for 500 rubles? Answer: Vodka


My husband has a 10, we came here to learn about it. Very informative, thank you! Very pretty as well!

Saint socram Nŷmaíã

That hyperventilating inhale doe ?

Rony khan

I like u mem


Za to jelatelno bylo by govoritj o stoiemosti tranzportatsii tozhe.


10.000 rubles is 1000 in us dollars

Артём Мельников

А где 200 и 2000 рублей?)

Jorawar Singh Chauhan

Is it true , that you can do any thing but have money for bribe

Brendan Stubbs

Do I have to treat Russian money like Japanese money

Dennis Miller

how much?


That was very interesting. Seems like food is fairly low priced in Russia. Which is good for a student like me.^^
So the only coin is the 10 Ruble one? Everything else is in paper? That's convenient for carrying it around. It won't make annoying noises.
Since you mentioned it fairly strongly: Is pickpocket a problem, especially in bigger cities? Should I hide my money in my clothes rather than have it in some outside pocket?
Oh and lastly: that food looks delicious. And I love some good food. I'm not a huge sightseeing fan, but when I see something unusual on a menu I need to try it. :D I will definitely try to find that restaurant (Чарли is the name?) when I go to Piter.


You should censor out your card.

Charles Young

I know that the Russian "cent" is called a kopek, but are rarely used. My question would be are they still legal tender or is everything rounded up to the nearest ruble?

Abbas bin Firnas


Joshua Baratheon

I'm gonna do the simple thing and go to Google type in 500 rubles to usd. Okay, 500 rubles is about 8 dollars. I think now you can figure out what you can buy for 8 dollars, which is not much.


crappy food

Margaret Johnson

Thank you! This helps me to know how much to donate to a Russian artist.

Vijeesh. V Viji

Russia is a my favirat naction

Kevin Xu

Youtube CC subtitles at 10:30 XD

Prateek Lakhera

Hope am i not rong, are you kendra lust??.....??

Tounarti Saloua

فمي لحسوا بوبي الكلب

Sumit Kumar