New economy movement coin

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4 044 views | 7 Aug. 2020


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Mr Elrond-EGLD

Fella I’m not even joking but you cannot ignore (Silver) at the moment & XLM its about to pop?


Never Trust some guy on YouTube with your money, just another PUMP and DUMP.

Baba Bitcoin

I always avoid youtubers like this guy that say its "Definitely Going To Do This..."

Markets are not Guarantees.

Crypto Cash

That's NEM ?

W VVilliam

That’s an ancient shit coin no one cares, this bull run all about defi.


Would you please show in the description the symbol of the Coins you mention

Motunrayo O. Bejide

Better to be ready for the pop, bag more DGB today on changenow.io
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prussian millionaire


Crypto- MackDad2

Digibyte hasnt popped yet

Montray Gibson

First baby!

Jose Agustin

Take a look on zap.., i made some profits lately..


Go digibyte

Abelard Jamie

Having a good insight before going into trading is the first skill to gain especially by all newbies, be careful to bet the opposite direction when the market turns on you, remember when consolidation takes too long the market might be hesitating to move in the same direction. Get the best tips and guidance with Mr Mathew Salvador

Scrypt Skynet

Go DigiByte! Market Leader ?????

Thomas Frydenlund

I have't noticed Nem before even if it's ranked number 29 on CMC. I trust you and bought some NEM. Its ratings looks good!

Arnold River

Love your Analysis these alt-coins. A lot of them are like very speculative penny stocks or very small companies. Recently, I have seen a lot of these go up 30% or 50% in a day. That means There’s a lot of action going on behind the scenes in crypto and not just in big things like Bitcoin and Ethereum That’s a very good sign to me. It shows that people are willing to buy up the smaller ones. They are bullish on crypto. The same thing happened, but I haven’t seen it happen on this scale, since March and April of last year.while Bitcoin made that big run from $3,000 to $14,000 within the space of a couple months,then we started to see these alt coins go up really fast Again I think that’s still entirely possible for this year the Rest of the year is going to be huge for crypto. I still think Bitcoin could hit above $30,000 for this year. Once it breaks above $20,000, the bullishness is going to be off the charts. if you hodl bitcoin then i suggest you start trading daily with Diane Robinson to expand your bitcoin portfolio before the full effect of the halving takes place, i started with 1 btc and grew it to 4 btc in 3 weeks of trading daily with Her signals and without waiting for the price of bitcoin to go up. She's one of the most reliable crypto expert out there. you can corntact Her on te le gram @Diane_RobinsonNet Thank me later


0x (ZRX) has completed it's accumulation phase and is now going into the mark up phase

Michael Perkuhn

Zcash broke out and formed an uptrend with a weekly and daily close and a good amount of volume. ?


tell me bruh i trust you....huhuhuhuh he said "popped off really hard" hahahahha

steve donaldson

Please review xor

Kenneth Guerra

Wow... ????


DGB is just finishing up a nice rising wedge. should know soon.


KAI (kardiachain) up 1000%+ in the last 6 weeks and its still running... DYOR

Single Vegan Dad


Dnns P

first i was only in 1 crypto but because of you now im in 5 projects one bag bigger than the other but that thus not mean i (we) can not make money with smaller bags, thx for the posts and let all of us know that we can make money in this crypto world.


NEM is one I have given up on. The worst of the worst of my S coins..
Nobody even bothers to talk about it.
Pump Fomo Pump!! I will settle for getting my money back : )

Doug Murphy

Hey man - would love to hear your take on Zcash.

About Technology

When Akropolis ????

Vincent Wilson

50k TrustSwap could be life changing in 2021!

Dino Bernard


Carl Howell

Digibyte getting ready to pop again

New economy movement coin

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New Economy Movement (NEM / XEM) einfach erklärt

756 views | 31 Dec. 2017

Offizielle Website von

Offizielle Website von NEM:


NEM/XEM bei Coinmarketcap:


Börsen auf denen man NEM/XEM kaufen kann:


NEM YouTube Einführungs-Video:


NEM bei bitcointalk:


NEM bei Reddit:


NEM auf Twitter:


NEM auf Facebook:


NEM bei Instagram:



Crypto Coin Rockstars auf Facebook:


Crypto Coin Rockstars auf Twitter:



New Economy Movement (NEM/XEM):

In diesem Video haben wir für euch alle grundlegenden Informationen über New Economy Movement (NEM/XEM) zusammengefasst. Neben einer Erklärung und einigen Infos zum Proof of Importance (POI) Konsensmechanismus findet ihr auch wie gewohnt die Vor-und Nachteile zu New Economy Movement (NEM/XEM).

Dieses Video soll keine Investmentempfehlung sein, sondern euch nur dabei helfen einen ersten Überblick zu bekommen.

Wir würden uns sehr über einen Daumen nach oben und natürlich auch über ein Abo freuen!

Falls ihr noch irgendwelche Fragen habt oder irgendwas Anderes loswerden wollt gerne ab damit in die Kommentare.

Wir freuen uns auf euren Input!


Informatives Video. Vielen Dank!

New economy movement coin

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New Economy Movement | XEM Altcoin Prediction

212 views | 28 Jan. 2021

In this video, I will

In this video, I will tell you about NEM Network.

New economic movement or Nem, is a decentralized peer to peer blockchain, that was created with a goal to evolve the NEM ecosystem and optimize the blockchain platforms to bring greater success to all its parts. By working closely across the ecosystem, we will help make collective ambitions real.

Developers can use Nem to create applications. The advantages of using Nem's blockchain platform N1S1, is the performance, ease of development, deep customization and security.

So if you're wondering "What is NEM", "What is XEM", What makes NEM different from other blockchains" and "What can you do with XEM", keep watcing!


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0:00 Intro.

0:07 Table of contents.

0:58 What is NEM, and what do they offer?

4:59 What is the price of XEM and which wallets are supported?

5:21 Why will the price of XEM, go to the moon?

5:58 XEM price analysis and prediction.

mgx gmx

great work!

Nem Xem

Thank you for the support

Kenneth Marcaida

All in at Nem :)

Kimal Karthi

I think 5x reach