Star wars senate building

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Grievous - Star Wars: Clone Wars (Part 2)

2 047 201 views | 30 Jun. 2011

All scenes involving

All scenes involving General Grievous from the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated television series by Genndy Tartakovsky.

Part 1 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTnpqjJae-g

La Al

11:46 that short awkward pause tho

charles Receski

General grievous hates going through turnstiles




Terry Worrall


Reynold Guerrero

Obi Wan talks about Shaak Ti in season 7 of the clone wars



Pyro D

That annoyed grunt at 1:31

Mr Grievous

I just stare


Blue Velocity

Grievous: "Hello there."


they should've kept grievous like this dammit

A Guy In An Orange Suit

If this is what Genndy Tartakovsky can do to Grievous, imagine how he would Darth Vader


I just realized two things:

-Palpatine was actually buying time so Grievous could get there and capture him
- The stupid pun about the ithorian

Nikolai Boomdenski

0:43 LOL
Palpatine: Pauses See? It was nothing <:
General Grievous: Hello there.

Master Chief

Shak ti looks better and sounds better in this than in the clone wars

Relaxing At Home

11:49 Deleted torture scene where?

Edward Ster

1:24 dang Loki stole that whole line from this ?


Watching grievous cut those clones apart traumatized me as a kid

Grand Admiral Thrawn

1:57 that's the sound in Among Us when you finish a task...


Kathleen Kennedy: "There are no good female characters, and we need more representation."
Shaak-ti: "Excuse me?"

Lynch's Man

THIS should have been made into an episode or two in Season 7 instead of those two dumb sisters with Ahsoka.

none of your business

IMO this even better than the mandalorian

James E. Brown

1:28 I wish Shaak Ti would hug me like that

Cameron Vincent

Honestly they would have gotten away if palpatine didn’t tell the separatists where his bunker was. Without grievous already waiting there, Mace would have made it in time


0:47 This made me laugh when I first watched it 17 year ago, and it still makes me laugh now

Not A Bot

If this is Canon, this is the last time we see Shaak Tii if I'm correct? Considering her scenes where deleted in the RoftS


Why does that Talz Jedi look so damn cute?!

Niko Sakellis

That time windu used force crush on grievous might have been the reason he coughs all the time

Caleb Kief

his 2003 voice and self tbh is so much cooler

Matt Crawford

I wish ithorians were portrayed more in the series, I find them pretty interesting


1:36 the clone wars is a kids show.


Why did have to make Shaal Ti job so hard?

Carey Yang

i can tell why shaak ti was so scared when she heard grievous' footsteps

A Crazy Sheep Dog

I think even Palpatine was surprised by how unrelenting Grievous was, in the ‘Labyrinth of Evil’ book, when Grievous demands for Palpatine to come with him, Palpatine had one thing to say.

“You will be a true loss to the forces you represent.”


Computer: Please deposit two republic credits
Everyone: No. I don’t think I will.

Dahaka 4444

5:00 (You think we lost them?)

Bryan Cubero


Oh my God! They just left those guys to die!

João Ribeiro

It's like Aliens but faster

Angry Nerd Bird

I never knew that Ithorians had a straight-up superpower until I first saw 3:42 when it aired on Cartoon Network, months before Revenge of the Sith hit theaters.

Is this is a common ability? or at least something a non-jedi Ithorian can do?

Carlo Vincent

5:27 to 5:30 I don't know what form the brown Jedi uses but here it looks to me like form II, a lot like how Dooku fights

Mr. Ghozt


Grievous: These Super Battle Droids cost a lot only to be blown away by a slug exhaling, welp time to become a turtle...


Mace windu crushing grevious’s lungs

Eugene Derry

Fun fact: the 2D Clone Wars ending leads directly towards the intro to Revenge of the Sith.

lego butterfly knife tricks

The good thing is how jedis are protecting palpatine

Martín Cruz Enríquez


BoB n fishy

No capes!

Xander Hebert

The sound those electro staffs make is amazing. It is terrifying

Miles Brown

2:50 Palpatine Looking like WTF ???

Max Rauch

Palpatine set all this up, man he must’ve gotten a kick out of this


Grewous is really cool


Holy smokes 12 minutes of pure awesomeness


Power Girl as Shaak Ti
Supergirl as Ahsoka Tano

Nate Myers

10:56 Favorite part

Caden Cressman

Shaak Ti and Greivous are so tuff in this scene


“ENOUGH! You Seperatists are all of you beneath me! I am a god you dull creature! And I will not be bullied by a mere, nyaaahhh!”

lego butterfly knife tricks


Drew Peterson

Palpatine is acting so sassy because he knows he could take out everyone in that room in seconds


Back then when Grievous was a competent villain


8:04 "NO CAPES!"

Galen Marek

In canon General Grievous was a kashyyk warrior and a known sniper across the galaxy then when he met count dooku he was made into a cyborg in order to kill Jedi because he wasn’t force sensitive the cybernetics inside grievous made him cough thank you for giving me a moment of your time ❣️

Cremator TV

Palpatine must have had a lot of fun in situations like this.

Preston Garvey

I do not want to know what grevious did with those wires with shaak ti

Mark Pat Joe Bill Dinosaur

You're lucky they want you alive...

Oh really General? POWAH

Damian Madore

Rorran corrab, the weird looking thing is the dumbest jedi of all time


1:25 so eveyone is just going to ignore that force push?

PhilipTonyMcGrawJrThePhilMovieMaker Marino

At 1:31 General GRIEVOUS Snarls At The Clone Troopers

Alex Yoblick

I love when Shaak Ti uses the electro staff like a boss. Very fitting fighting style for a Togruta since they have a strong tribal/hunter culture.

Palpatine was right

Palpatine: "This selfless sacrifice will be long remembered in the archives of the jedi order"
Also palpatine: "Oh yeah the jedi are war criminals now"


grevious is so overpowered but jedi are so lowpowered in this show

Yuval Alter

1. If Grievous just beat jedis like that, why did the council sent only Obi Wan and Anakin to rescue the chancellor? And if it's because they are much stronger, then why didn't the council have the best jedis protecting him in the first place?
2. If Shaaq Ti could kill the droids with the force push on the train tracks why didn't she force push Grievous and the droids off the flying car they were on?

Hugh Mungus

Lmao who’s here after they stormed the Capitol

King AsianSlikk

1:30 imagine those troopers as Shock troopers since they are Palpatine's gaurds

The Daystar

I love how Grievous and the Magna Guards are actually a genuine threat and not a joke. It always bothered me that a young Ashoka (who was also a padowan) was able to match General Grievous when he's killed Jedi masters in droves. Like these two entities (General and Magna Guards) were built for the sole purpose of killing the jedi. It always bothered me how easily they were dispatched by the jedi in the Clone Wars TV show.


the hammerhead guy Roron Corobb is my fav

Eugene Derry

It is funny that Chancellor Palpatine faked his own kidnapping by General Grievous during the battle of Coruscant just to get rescue by Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith.


Came from tiktok lol

Evan Wright

This is how Grievous should have been. Villains should be an actual threat to the protagonists not the opposite. And Grievous should never have been defeated by a Padawan, Younglings or Gungans


4:18) Where do you think you’re going, Jedi?
4:19) Shit, no. Wait. Ah, goddammit! Stop jumping so high! F**K!!!
4:23) Yeah, yeah! Take that, you plebs! See, we’re good at our job.

Carlo Vincent

I don't know why they made Shaak Ti an effing joke of a character in the films and kind of in TCW. She's definitely the strongest female Jedi during this time but it seems they nerfed her hard in the films and TCW. Only the strongest of the Jedi could manage to fight against 9 magnaguards simultaneously and destroy at least 4 of them (though it still showed 9 of them withdrawing). Only Windu, Yoda, and Fisto could do the same. Anakin and Obi Wan could too if they have thick plot armor

Sam Warren

This show made Shaak Ti my favorite Jedi. Blew my mind how much ass she kicked here when I was a kid.

kpopCoded BR

10:40 when he notices their plan is working

Ryan Hand

0:50 I love how no one even breaks the glass as if the mere presence of grievous made it break.

Parker Parsons 18 (STUDENT)

Grievous run down the side of the building . This grievous is unstoppable in my eyes

César Menoncin

0:47 jumpscare!!!!

l f

Grievous parece un terminator aquí.

Trev 916

Shakk ti man.

Gorol Animations

10:59 My favorite fight to be honest

Animated Ink

0:48 in Grievous voice "HELLO THERE!"

PhilipTonyMcGrawJrThePhilMovieMaker Marino

At 1:41 And At 4:25 The Whihelm Scream


This is where Force Scream shines. Such an underused Technique.

parsa azizi

Wait. Did anyone else notice that grievous lost Four fine additions to his Collection when mace crushed him at 12:23

Yumny Kiddd1

7:51 brief glimpse of sidious

Darth Plagueis The wise

7:06 begone Clanker

Jack Xiao

Genndy Tartakovsky deserves a Star Wars movie.

some english guy

11:40 Star Wars undercover boss

Antonio Pisani

1:32 did Grievous just said "yeah"? I see he really likes killing clones

Planet Bob

8:46 "This selfless sacrifice will be long remembered in the archives of the Jedi order"
And I am sure there is nobody who would ever delete those records just to be petty

Tom C

8:02 NO CAPES!!!

swagmaster flash

Man, Lucas really fucked up grievous




Grievous is a bad apple

Star wars senate building

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The Senate Building (Lego Star Wars)

384 views | 3 Nov. 2019

Hope you guys enjoy the

Hope you guys enjoy the video remember to comment and like and subscribe

War 2brix

Sick moc!!!

Manas's world

Very Very Very Very nice , too nice

The Lego gamer

Very nice work lv that custim clone

EK starlord

Very cool

LEGO Brick a Brac

Put stopper bricks or a pin on the wall to stop door opening to far. I like that shuttle, small but has all the right features. I love those blue clone troopers I have it and I also have a really bad fake lol in latest vid.

Scott Davis

“I am the Senate.” Haha. Looks really good!! Nice use of Bail Organa.


good job mate

MicahNike Productions

Nice MOC! I love the sleek design! I would like to see more cargo containers in your next MOC to add a little bit of extra detail. Keep up the good work!

Little Brix

Very nice work DLK! It’s great to be able to use Bail Organa in this type of MOC now.

Survival Gabriel

2:32 there is a Cloud City guard, but ok, nice set?

Star wars senate building

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Star Wars The Clone Wars -- Ziro the Hutt is Free [1080p]

6 870 views | 1 Sep. 2020

Season 1 Episode 22

Season 1 Episode 22 Hostage Crisis Star Wars The Clone Wars [1080p]

In an attempt to force the release of the crime lord Ziro the Hutt from prison, bounty hunters seize control of the Senate Building and hold members of the Senate hostage. Cad Bane, the leader of the operation, with the help of bounty hunter Aurra Sing, issues his demands to Chancellor Palpatine who has no choice but to meet his request. Unbeknownst to the hunters, Anakin is loose in the Senate building.

#starwars #starwarstheclonewars #hostagecrisis

Dorian Trussell


Zacknid Comics


Seth Nanney

Palpatine secretly enjoyed sending Taa to the jail and his terror.



Doom Carrot

"Oooah, it's sooO BrigHt Out HeRe"

Clone: "Oh my god."

THIS is how you do cringe dialogue lmfao. The only kind of cringe that is good xD

charles Receski

2:52 Everyone hoped that the laser coupling would suddenly fail and Ziro the Hutt plummeted to a meteoric impact

Ganto Trusty


Jeremy Dabal

Do the video about the clones argue about krell's plan

Miles Brown

Clone: Oh my god. XD

Hayden Fowle

The Clones later went around asking Ziros Cell neighbors how is since he escaped

Malphas Blackwing

2:49 what did Ziro say?

yeeet 777

He is the most annoying character ever

Arjyadeb Sengupta

Palpatine:Be like sweet sweet revenge

charles Receski

0:13 Palpatine was like “your heart could explode due to excessive cholesterol, however the most effective way to burn calories is a life and death situation

Ganto Trusty



You want some cheese to go with that wine, Ziro?

Ganto Trusty


Hayden Fowle

Clone: I wanted to get rid off him anyway