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Windows 10 Build 17639 - Windows Sets, Tabs, and Settings

53 651 views | 6 Apr. 2018

Build 17639 of Redstone 5

Build 17639 of Redstone 5 is packing several new changes and enhancements to Windows Sets, Tabs, and the Windows Settings app! Let's take a look.

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Faramarz Ghorbani

Well. is redstone 4 also available to windows 10 pro? I can´t seem to find to download.

Pravesh Saini

It means that desktop file explorer will always remain with windows. Hence, Even Microsoft knows that, Desktop apps are better than UWP

Vic Williams

Maybe it might be your voice accent that makes it sound like your words are running in to each other, or you feel you are working under or within a time limit with your audio presentation.

However, your presentation is good, but, you should slow down while you are presenting your audio presentation. PLEASE!

Francesco Lo Cascio

With sets in it file explorer seems way too old


How to uprate to rs5 now ?

Chals S.

I think this is a good idea, but Microsoft should pay more atenttion at some details, like the clock on the task bar: really they can´t change it and put a bigger clock that changes and shows the date passed 10 sec. or something lke that? (i mean a bigger and dynamic clock).

What about the views in the explorer? They can improve a lot, being more organized and showing more details and more contrast between each file to distinguish better one from another (for example, if it is a list, use 2 kind of colours to create a visual line to distinguish them better).

What about visual style of native management like Disk Administrators or Register? Windows need coherence in visual style in the whole system, and delete for ever all those tiny buttons that only can be clicked with a mouse or stylus and not with a finger if I have a tablet like a Surface (property of Microsoft and they don´t think about these little things).

shubham sharma

does it have bookmarks ??

S. Vellinga

Im sceptical. I think MacOs implemented tabs much better. I think this feature will ever get used by 'normal' people

Lucas the Fox

I wanna go back to the old version the new version sucks it keeps freezes my computer

Ashish Patel

Sets. Yey

(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)



Where can i get this version iso..


I hate how the icons on top don't align with Explorer's UI, at least they could space out a bit and remove lines or box it? and some apps show 2 names and the back button doesn't align as well, mess.

Joko JMC

Confusing, we already have taskbar, why added another multiple app tab on window

Nether Noah

Where’s the 3D desktop cube? Yeah, Linux is BETTER!!

Max Mustermann

Would be cool if there was a battery alarm when Bluetooth peripherals are almost out of battery.

Alex Poker

17639 don't work, reboot forever

019_Anshuman Tiwari

Wow a new build had arrived
I have windows 10 build 17618 which is working very fluidly

Nether Noah

You guys should be called Linux Central and start doing reviews on popular Linux distros like Linux Mint!

Aaron Surujmal

Interested in the RAM usage when using multiple tabs of mixed apps in file explorer.

Manish Kumar

Hlo my window issue ,,,window 10 pro game running play a screen with line line issue


This has been in Linux distros for many years... Damn copy cat MS.


"This feature isn't working as intended" - Windows 10 in general.

John Eusebio

I'd prefer it if I can make it so that sets only works to make multiple instances of the same app. So I can have multiple word docs in a window, multiple file explorers, multiple matlabs, but I can't mix and match them. Seems more organized to me.

Diluc Razor

i like it, good job microsoft ?

Gigazerker TV

These 'tabs' feel like 'stabs' already.


I don't see the point in being able to use different programmes in one window. I can understand lots of tabs of the same programme, but fail to see the use for anything more.

Muhammad Irshad

105 viewer closest so far, for me

Utkal Sanjel

I hope they keep the option to turn Sets completely off. Don't see how it's useful in any way. I can just use the taskbar to switch between apps.

- Strahinja -

Why the fu** MS Edge opens when in File Explorer?! This is so stupid. For example when you are in Mail app new tab should open another instance of Mail so you can operate with 2 emails (2 google accounts at the same time. In file explorer example would be browsing local disk C and D at the same time to make copying and moving easier but nope Edge opens.

Bunch Berge

How do these tabs affect the file explorer ribbon? For example, when you select an image, it shows a picture tools marker in the title bar, which wouldnt have any space to exist now, not that I used it anyway.

TMH - The Meme Hunter

Slowly we're getting forced to use MS Edge Y'all


I hate that each time you open a new tab it's always a new Edge tab. If I'm in File Explorer, I want to see another File Explorer tab when I click "+", not freakin Edge...

Brandon Lee

I do not have Windows 10 Sets for mine? And I am on 17639.1000


Windows: You can make sets not to show up in some apps by adding it to this list. Me: Add every single program and app except File Explorer.


Wow, Linux features from 2009, but on Windows. Cool.

Joel Crocker

I have A problem for you - I have three windows 10 pros all legal - when I reformat that system yes the right key for that computer comes activated - the problem is after I do A full update it only say that it have been uptodate for that build and now the system will not let me share on any of the pros - do I need to buy Another pro key since this windows key may have been activated one to many times on the same system ?

Kingbigb1st 2

Fuck u ugly piece of shit

Leonardo Rocca

I very like sets i already hace this build and Now ITS better than other past builds

Andy Cooley

fake for me. :(

Ronit Biswas

Will it support mouse middle click open a new tab in sets?

Kareem Bruce


Shah Muhammad

i am not getting sets !

315 S Camden Ste 400 Beverly Hills

I can't turn updates off. dam updates get on my fffffriggin nerves.

Basti Halligalli

Will this be part of the spring update?

Patrick Kemp

What is the point? We already have the taskbar... I honestly don’t understand. Just seems like Windows is becoming way too complicated.


Damn Microsoft. They're focusing entirely on the wrong things. Windows needs polish, not another taskbar in the window titlebar. They should look at Windows 98 and see how much simpler everything was back then. The ease of use and consistency of Window 98 and the aesthetics of fluent design would be a compelling mix. I don't need a timeline and no "sets". The file explorer needs a redesign and an alternative to Airdrop would be nice. Why not focus on that?


I would love to have a data saver for windows 10

Master Bluspark

If I had windows 10 I would either not update or turn of tab sets

Rocky Singh

I am currently using Windows 17133 .... Am I lucky to update this version


Can you open a folder in a new tab by middle-clicking on it?

Cristián Loredo

At least make the sets bar acrylic transparent or white! That grey color sucks and is inconsistent with the rest of the OS

- Strahinja -

GUYS, imagine Sets in Chrome. New Tab would open MS Edge! xD Hahaha. Those Sets are so stupid but in File explorer, Powerpoint Mail... would be useful BUT PLEASE NO MS Edge as New Tab in Sets!

Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana

The Outro was hilarious

David Foster

That tab function looks like a pretty cool feature.. IF y'all get it to work! lol
Oh, and THANK YOU for doing away with HOMEGROUPS!!! As if Windows networking wasn't flaky enough already!


it's still not released right?

shapeshifter 7

This is so confusing !

#1Hololens fans

Sets in file explorer ?


if you think this is confusing, you're not fit for technology, and i don't understand why are you here in the first place

Alok Tripathi

ohh come on man the sets are bullshit ......

Godseeker W

tabs in file explorer pls!

Nils Dammfeld

i think it might be a bit confusing to have the taskbar at the op of the sceen and the sets-menu too xD

Manikandan Ramar

+Windows Central
What about sets in Command Prompt?

Buro Dadu

It would be cool if they allow new storage cleaner option to run in background.

Mateus Leal

They should now, change the name of the OS from Windows to Tabs

Salam Abdal

What is different between this version and build 1817 that will come at 11 April, why 1817 version not have opening multi tabs like this version

Sujan Kumar Mitra

Any news when RedStone 5 will be launched?


I fear the worst when I think about my 1.000.000 open tabs in my internet browser ???? - let's hope non-active tabs are put into sleep mode.

India Digital Security Channel

microsoft will die in the coming years .... what do you guys think ?

Arun Pegler

I'm glad I can disable it for certain apps! I like the idea for file explorer (and of course internet) but not so much for anything else.

Jan Kadeřábek

That is nice... but can we finally change font size in Mail app or customize menu? Does the text finally warp if we zoom in? Are other bugs fixed... like endless saving of Account settings dialog? Please fix all those basic features before trying to add new ones (which means another bugs).

Chemy Torres

Nice adds! But too buggy. Hopefully soon available and working right.

Aleem Rahil

Windows getting better

AK16 Ahmed

Using sets is great. but how about using it with .exe programs like Chrome , Photoshop , Autocad , Video editing programs ? or Will it only be available for windows store and edge based apps ?

Surajit Ghosh

Change my gpu from AMD to nvidia nd get back to windows 7.


I like the idea of tabs in an app, for instance i like tabs in windows explorer, and i'd like tabs in word and powerpoint. BUT, i dont get why this shared tabs, a tab for calendar, a tab for file explorer, a new tab opens edge... It's kind of a mess! We already have the taskbar that does the same ....

Matheus Bitencourt

Stupid Microsoft, ugly interface, a lot of useless features. Windows needs to be stabler, faster and Microsoft needs to stop pushing updates down the throats of people. My W10 broke after a update by the 3rd time since 2015.
I moved to Linux Mint. Everything is simpler, faster, stabler, more beautiful, I can have full control of my computer and updates. No restart for updates. Much better experience and I have all apps I need.

Md.Nazmul Alam Evan

Does Windows 10 supports audio streaming through cellphone over Bluetooth ???
It was available on windows 7 but now i can't see the option anymore

Amine Sedegui

how to get this build

Ameer I

Does sets support middle clicking a folder to open in a new tab and keyboard shortcuts for a new tab (ctrl+t)?


New UI touch for File Explorer/Desktop... I can't touch on icons with my HP Elitebook Revolve correctly!

Jan Begander

This Build is worse than a virus. Copy Paste Programmer. Time to change to functioning OS.
Bye bye MS.


if the file explorer is a part of 'sets', does it take the dark theme ? or still not (yet, hopefully)

Julius Calderon

How can I get the New Update? [ I am currently using Build 1709 ]


4:00 yep, the Settings app looks just awful

Silver Shine


Bikal Paudel

Still redstone 4 update hasnot released yet

Microsoft sets

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How to use Microsoft Bookings

75 535 views | 14 Jun. 2020

In this step-by-step

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to use Microsoft Bookings to schedule and manage appointments with customers. With Microsoft Bookings, customers can choose a service, pick a time, and receive reminders leading up to their service date. Microsoft Bookings is only available to business accounts, including Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 36 Business Premium, or A3 and E3 and above plans.

0:00 Introduction

1:22 What Microsoft 365 plan and account you need to use Bookings

3:10 How to sign in

3:30 Walk through of home page

3:50 How to set up logo

5:07 Set Business Information

6:10 Add Services

13:14 Add Staff

15:43 Configure Booking page

21:05 Publish Booking page

21:20 Booking page from customer perspective

23:04 Customer confirmation page example

23:30 Email examples that Booking sends out

24:30 How to embed Bookings link into web site, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

25:07 How to manage customers

25:57 How to use calendar and manually add appointments or set time off

27:52 Wrap up

As full disclosure, I work at Microsoft as a full-time employee.

Jacky Lee

Thank you so much! Very informative video. I have a question. If I have a consulting event coming up and I wish to have a day as a reserve. I will open up the reserve day for booking if there is oversubscription on the first day. Is MS Bookings able to support that?


I will set up MS Bookings for 2 days (Monday and Tuesday for example). I will first open up Monday for booking. If there is oversubscription, I will then open up Tuesday for booking. Am I able to do that in MS Bookings?

Rowdy Rahz

can you connect a third party apps to take payments through bookings?

Ali Kareem Abdulrazzaq

Thank you very much for this great tutorial.
My question is: can I set a booking time to be selected by multiple customers, and limit that to a specific number of customers per each time slot?
Thank you very much in advance.

Christian Kols

Does anyone know if I can open the calendar in MS booking from Outlook 2016 on my desktop?

MEI Hong

How can book for a repeat job?

Nwanneka Onyejekwe

Is there an option to receive payments? And send automated messages when payments are due/made?

Tanya Thompson

You skipped over the maximum number of attendees per session. Is there any way to change to something other than 1? (7:38 mark)

Brian Binkley

Thanks for the very informational video. Since this recording, MS added an "Onboarding" page that slightly changes things on the very front end, but then it matches up just fine. (Yes, well aware it'll constantly change.) I appreciate you helping me get my own Bookings created!

Rob Haitch

Can I set up bookings to book resources/rooms? If so can I allow variable length books - eg 1 - 8 hours

Fred Martins

I have created a page but when I open it there is no availability. I dont know what I'm doing wrong.

Ayanjit Shome

Hi Kevin,
I have a need where the form will be accessible only to members of the organization (which is fine with the checkbox setting for the same). At the same time I need to be able to extract who submitted the form (basically capturing the domain id and/or email address) since the form is going to be accessible only to organization users (valid domain users)... Any quick help/guidance will be appreciated much... Thanks in advance!!!

Julia Rhodes

I'm new to Microsoft Bookings and have been tasked with syncing the Bookings calendar with Google Calendar. I've done a little research and am wondering if it can be done without buying one of the tech services. Also, I noticed the Outlook Calendar and Bookings Calendar don't sync automatically. Is there a way to correct this?

Brain Diesel

Bookings is a good starting point but it is missing some key features for businesses. Is there a forum to suggest needed features?

Teresa H

Excellent!!! Custom Fields question: I want to add a custom field that is required but the required box is greyed out.

Ben Muller

Is there a way to set a service to have multiple time options so the customer can select a 15min 30min or 60min consultant

Totally Notvin

Anyone knows how to hide yourself as a bookable agent??

Κωνσταντίνα Καττή

Thank you for tons of explanatory videos. Keep up the good work and save us from wasting time and being disappointed when we have to deal with new tasks! :-)

Rod Hill

Great video, thanks. Is it possible to give multiple colleagues access to manage the booking system? thanks

Rolandas Jan

Thanks for very good video.
Maybe someone can explain how to use the same customer lists when multiple calendars are created?

al hogan

Watch on 1.5x speed.


I am really having a difficult time setting up the proper availability for booking. I give up. ?


I am an attorney.
I wish to use "*to do*" extensively to organize my case management.

How can you help me to customize.

Rosanna Calderon

Awesome tutorial Kevin! I was able to follow along with you and set up my bookings~! Very helpful! Keep up the great work! Thank youuuuuuu!!!

Ian Ducommun-dit-Tinnon

Kevin as always great video tutorials!! Question can I deactivate the option to cancel a booking for the person who books a schedule?

Tracey Howard

We have just started using MS Teams and your videos are my go to, especially for all the new features. I have picked up so much not just in MS Teams. Clear, concise with a sense of humour, thank you.

Irene Wu

Hey, I'm trying to use Bookings so that companies can see when the whole team (8 people) is available, not just for a single individual. Do you have any advice on how to set this up? So far it allows for a booking when one person on the team is available and no one else is. Thanks!


Great channel and great information presented in an easy to understand process. Thank you!

Gordon M

Does this work for recruiting teams to schedule interviews with candidates?

Michael Manahan

Most of setting up Bookings is obvious but the one thing this video does not show, and that I cannot figure out, is how to integrate the booking calendar with my outlook calendar, so that my booking calendar will not book times when I already have other meetings scheduled in Outlook. Very frustrating.

Gretta Hansing

I still can't figure out how to set buffer time in Microsoft Bookings

Indian Battle Strategy

for us, our staff needs to show up to the customers based on the language preferences.. is it possible for us to show staff based on responses in the form.. for e.g. if a customer is from North America, Show John's calendar... if he is from Europe, show Mike's calendar.


When you use Bookings to allow an individual user's clients to schedule with them (like Calendly), the user has to create an organization/company. This creates a new "user" in the admin center with an email address like [organizationname]@[domain]. I have a staff member - who is the first to have tried to create a Bookings calendar to give to her clients - whose display name is her own name, but the email address is the organization name. I think this is because when she went to make the calendar, it asked her for the organization name, but then when she went to the business information page and changed it to her own name so it would display that way. If any other staff member tries to do this, the organization email address is already "taken". It's odd that each individual is prompted to create the company anew. Another issue: if every business dev officer has a calendar, in the admin center each person will have two user accounts associated with them - their usual one, and an unlicensed one only associated with Bookings. Is this really how this is supposed to work for this use case? (We may in the future use Bookings for team appointments, but right now the use case is using it exactly as Calendly is used - for an individual to allow their own clients access to book on their calendar).

FairWine Rheingau

Perfeeeect!!!! Thank you!

Bri Lively

Lots of great info, thank you; can I create a QR code for my customers to scan and create an appointment? thank you in advance..

Karissa Wright


Stine Yahoo - privat

How would you recommend me setting up my two available sessions that I hold on a specific times dotted out throughout the month? I need people to book in on my sessions that might be on two-three different times and dates for next month. I don't want people to book whenever they like on my available times, but on specific times I hold training sessions.


Hello does bookings allow for me to set up a recurrent appointment (weekly same day and time)for a client I am looking but don't see how to do that.


Can you integrate this tool into Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Deepa Narayanan

Great video. Is it possible to change the colour for each of the services that you add to a BOOKing calendar

John Cooper

Great Presentation. Any thoughts as to whether there will be ability to make payments at time of booking like other similar services?


Can Bookings be used for people to book onto an event happening on a specific date and time, for example a scheduled workshop? At the moment we use Eventbrite but it would be good to use Bookings if it's possible.

Ilhan Ozturk

Great Job, with this video. How do I synchronize my outlook agenda with booking agenda?
I cannot find this.
Thank you very much for the other explanations on your film

Anas Adel

This is an overview ... what if I want details

Philipp Sponsel

8:31 :-( you skipped "Maximum number of attendees per event". can you please provide informations how to set it? i need that urgently otherwise the whole booking thing is useless for me and many many many other people.

Nandkumar Buxani

Can a person making the booking add an attachment?

Luca Bino

great video (as usual) I was wondering if you found how to chnage the "published booking web page address (removing the onmicrosoft.com part of the domain and only having the business domain ... I cannot find the option in the o365 admin console ;-/

Terri Wright

Maybe you can answer some questions I can't find answers too. How do you delete a Business/Company? I created a "Test" business just to test the app out and now I can't delete it. Also, I was made a Admin on a Bookings that a coworker created but I can't access the settings of that Booking that was created. I only received an email stating to Manage Membership and when I clicked that link it says my account is active. There is no option to open the Booking or the settings.

Corey Baldwin

I don't have the Services option on the left. I have Appointment type.

jm Morgenstern

Celeste is an update that I'm not aware of credit cards and PayPal cannot be accepted on Microsoft bookings so that is something major major major major unless it was an update recently that's what I had when I had my own thing back in the date

Samsun and I

I cant login using my Outlook email. its asking for company or school email. Thsi is the 2nd apps that asking for such kind of email. What if I'm using Outlook.com because I'm working at home?

Tristan Nguyen

Thank you for sharing

Randy Mills

Is there a way in Bookings that I can limit the number of appointments per day, meaning if I only want to allow 4 bookings in one day, how can I set this in Bookings? Thank you!

Sandy Hearn - Elite PA Solutions

Kevin, How do I set up payments for my services using the bookings function. I have a business Microsoft account and want customers to pay using paypal or stripe at the time of booking. Many thanks.


Hi Kevin, this video is really well made, and i think its ideal for what im looking for. One question, is it possible to incorporate payment into bookings? It would save a lot of hassle to have the customer pay for the bookings via the site


Hi Kevin, thanks for the explanations, which helped a lot. If you can solve the following problem then you will be my hero and we can use the bookings tool: How do you solve the issue if your service is at different locations? Let's say the consultant wants to offer a slot for one day in a month in Paris, then in Munich, than London... etc. All booking tools until now are about the same location, but what if it changes? I only see that customers can choose location service. Or would I need to set a calendar service for "Consulting Paris", "Consulting Rome", etc.? Looking forward to your reply.

Jim Terras

Kevin, is there a way to have multiple people book onto a meeting at the same time? Say for a class? The beauty of this would be the link to teams and training?

Ben Rot

Hi @kevin

How can one manage the pages created?
How can I delete a page I created or go from one to mange the other?

Tony O'Connor

Do people have to have Office 365 to book, and can they make payments on this platform? Great tutorial. Thanks


Is there a similar feature like Google Form which has a spreadsheet for responses.

Mawuli Lotsu

How do I delete a calendar from bookings - As an admin. Is PowerShell the only option?

Vincent Turcotte

Is this possible to add many staff members at once for service?
Est-il possible d'ajouter plusieurs employés à partir d'une liste Excel?

Mark Walhout

Hi Kevin, thank you for all of your videos! Is there any way to add Bookings as a plug in to Outlook? I'd love to able to email a client so they can go straight to my bookings calendar. You can do this with Calendly (which I curretly use, but it doesn't integrate with Teams as of yet). Thanks!

Fairuz Saify

I watch your video with 1.5x speed

Dependent OnGadgets

Loving this channel. Thanks Kevin. Keep up the great work!

The Peacock Sheridan Group

Hi Kevin,

Can you send a booking confirmation to an assistant when a manager is booked?
It looks as though only the client and staff get a confirmation email.

Melody Chik

Is there a chance that i can increase the number of 'maximum attendee'? Many thanks!


Help! How does Bookings assign staff evenly if I do not allow the customer to pick a staff’s name?
Consider the following scenario for a staff of 3 people:
- Alex has 2 bookings assigned to him today.
- Ann has 3 bookings assigned to her today.
- John has 1 booking assigned to him today.
- All three are available at 2 PM, as selected by a customer.
Will John be placed as the priority to receive the booking because he has the fewest number of bookings?
Once John and Alex both have 2 bookings, will Ann ever be the person assigned to this booking since she has the most bookings?

Erin Walker

Trying to apply this to an office where one person needs to schedule with 500 individuals over the course of a year. It would be nice if you could toggle the wording in the initial set-up, so that businesses could use that language, teachers, offices, etc. We are already wrapping our minds around using a service-based app for meetings. Thanks for this in-depth review.

William Thompson

Thanks for this! Your tutorials are always so succinct. I'm a college instructor, and we're still going to be online for the fall (2020). Because I don't have the opportunity to walk the classroom and check-in with my students one-on-one to see how they're doing; I want to meet briefly each week with every one of my students via a Teams video call, but I don't want to deal with tonnes of emails back and forth to confirm meeting times. Last semester I asked students to use the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook or Teams to set up a meeting in my calendar when I was free, but it wasn't ideal. I'm going to give Bookings a try this coming semester. The buffer and staff features are the most interesting for me. It's exhausting going from one Teams meeting directly into another - I like the opportunity to get up and stretch or quickly scan my Outlook inbox or Teams activity before I head into the next meeting. It's also great that I can set up my colleagues as Staff and our students can have one central and unified way of booking meetings with their instructors.

Sam T

Hi , anyone knows if we can link zoom meeting link?

jm Morgenstern

Hi Kevin just want you to know that Microsoft bookings is one problem with it no credit card no PayPal that accept credit cards can't accept Paypal with it so just letting you know

Sophie Tremblay

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the video. Do you know why I don't see the sms reminders option in my version? I have the 365...?

Natalie Rougeau

Can Microsoft invoice/receive payments at all?


Hi Kevin, great tutorial! I'm an IT guy and am going to start using this within the firm to book installations and such. Should be interesting. One thing that's noticeably missing, if a person you invite to book already has an M365 account and they go to the booking page, I would think that it would recognize who they are automatically (assuming they are signed in on their browsers) and not require them to fill out their name, email, etc. Or, at the very least, be able to add customers from the GAL. ah well.

Jl Bp

Great video, thanks a lot. Is there a way to use bookings for organize meetings a specific set of days (i.e. exams revisions next three days on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)?

Mansooralikhan Hospet

Thank you Kevin, that was very informative!

Anas Adel

Amazing .... I’m going to spend a lot of money for something availabile for free .... my question ; can I use IOS/Android app to have thing inside the app ? Can I add a payment methods to

Unity Of Jupiter

Awesome tutorial! Thank you! It is just what I needed!

Tiffany McCann

Hi Kevin, Is there a way to use this in reverse so instead of customers booking appointments that I could book an online appointment for someone else and how can I set up an appointment with someone in PST and I am on CST for it to show up on our calendars within our different time zones?

Lisa Veneri Stewart

Can you use Microsoft Bookings to attach to resources such as rooms? I have a client with about 7 rooms that they manage bookings for and they don't use bookings or anything electronically yet, all done manually. Is Booking something you can use for this?


Awesome video and just in time for a project at work.

Marina Kim

hi, Kevin! Thanks for the video. I have a question, if there is the setting Require 365 account from my organization to book, any chance my colleagues can avoid typing in their name and have their name prepopulated automatically? Thanks in advance!

Mlibo Mani

How do you assign the Roles? Are they assigned in the Admin Center?


Is there a way to use this for equipment booking>?

martin mansaray

Your presentation is very clear to the point. Excellent!!!


After setting up my first service, it doesn't recognize my personal calendar. 
Does this mean I have to transfer my personal calendar to my service calendar?
Like other apps (that integrate with MS), I want my calendars to automatically disable dates and times booked.

If anyone has a solution, please share.
Thank you in advance.

Valérie Grunberg

Hello Kevin,
Thanks for this great video ! Really user friendly !
I have a question regarding the option "add online meeting" in the services section.
Can we add another service meeting apart from Teams? like whatsapp video call for instance or else ?
In fact, I really like Teams but the email that the customer receives is really confusing, and for somebody that is not used to Teams, it is not clear at all!
Or, is there a possibility to change the email that we send to the customer ?

Dhaval Shah

Hi Kevin, is there a way I can add recurring appointments for my customers? I have student schedule that is recurring and need to add appointment as such.

Dana Plourde

Thank you for this tutorial, it was very informative! However, I have a few questions:
1. I accidently created a booking page that I do not want anymore- how do I delete it?
2. I have multiple booking pages -- one for our business and then a few separate ones for each staff member. Is there an easy way that I can switch from one of these pages to another without having to search each time?

Marissa Schwed

Can you search appointments by customer?

Claudio Laterza

Perfect video!
Does anybody knows if there's someway to add an option that allow the adm confirm or decline a schedule?


Awesome Kevin, thank you!

Maria Izabel Pacheco

Hi! There's an option on the Services page that shows the maximum nunber of attenees per event. Is it possible to change it? For example, I'd like to set for 5 attencees per event as I'd would use it to schedule a cowork space.
Thanks a lot!

Tebo Seema

hi Kevin, how would you use Microsoft Bookings for booking of events. If possible

kenner walker

Hi Kevin,
I get this error once I publish my reservation's page

At this time we cannot offer you services through the reservation page. Contact us directly or come back later. Why is that ?

Raghunandana Palle

Hi, good detailed video. Thanks. QQ. could you give an idea on how to hook the payment gateway as a pre requisite to book time and integrate with my accounting system like quickbooks

Voula Browne

Thanks for the tutorial, really easy to understand and follow, great You Tuber.

Waleed Alani

MS Office 365 has many applications. I want to know for each of them what is the best practice. For example, when to use Teams, and when to use SharePoint. Thanks for the great videos, Kevin!

Humam Alfakir

When would be an Outlook Add-in for Bookings?

Ishrat Rahman

Can I set it up so that I can use zoom for online meetings instead of teams?

Microsoft sets

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How to activate Windows in 2021

2 775 views | 9 Feb. 2021





Hello! In this video I will show you HOW TO ACTIVATE WINDOWS 10 WITH FREE OF CHARGE

using the KMS AUTO 2020-21 program. This is done absolutely FREE OF CHARGE, in order to activate windows you just need to install the KMS AUTO program on your computer and disable the antivirus program, and then the program will do everything by itself.

KMS activator is the best and safest software to activate your PC. How to activate windows for free?

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How to activate Windows in 2021

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tupoy link gde

f.a.y.a .a

girl it works, I tell my friends to obey you. You are wonderful!

Elizabeth Louw

Thank you !!!!!

Jay Myers

thanks for the help)


Everything worked out! Thank you !!!!!

Aruce lee


jamil crazy


Ani The Star

i'm wathing this video on that type of computer lol.

Benjie Varela

wheres the link?

William Wallace