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Explainer Video Example | Longacres Flower Care Tutorial

33 views | 1 Jul. 2017

Explainer Videos -

Explainer Videos - Complement customer support with concise tutorials in a clear and easy-to-follow format.


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Here's Why The Crypto Downtrend MUST STOP Soon!!!

3 214 views | 8 Apr. 2018

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I put my faith in the Telcoin-coin! It will repeat the Ripple's fate this year! The coins have already come from airdrop yesterday https://telcoinairdrop.com Now I'm waiting, hoping for growth in 10 X at least)

Afshin Towhidi

Thanks again! Would you consider adding VEN?


Neblio going to be huge EOY

Hamish Burns

Cardano has a "slight uptrend"...... LMAO...... wow.... you are so positive

Ian Worley

Neblio just released (yesterday) their first stages of documentation in their neblio university for using the neblio platform in 8 different programming languages, can't wait to see some dev's using it, this will get some attention soon as its definitely one under the radar with a very low circulating supply

Miller Alderson

Hey Matt, do you trade with a team? I think your TA would be much appreciated in WhalePool Teamspeak. Have you even been on it?

The Right Trader

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Hamish Burns

LOL.... Love the Chart, there are more trend lines and indicators you could use though.... LMAO..... UMMMM, so moving $19 dollars lower to below $6500 is the sign of a bearish downtrend?? LOL.... fantastic analysis my friend at least no one could accuse you of spreading FUD..... you should consider doing this professionally

Vitalik Moiseenko

Я тоже качаю но не очень получается.

Amit Handa

People wait for below 6k...

Anil Poonia

Indian central bank did NOT ban cryptos. Huge support is on the way Bitcoin is going to be payment for its oil imports, huge 90 lakh crores is coming in for Bitcoin


Bullish BAT Over the last few weeks worth of candles. Do you see the BULLISH BAT harmonic???

Medicalchain reddit

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Aeternity (AE) Review: State Channels and Decentralised Oracle explained! (2018)

874 views | 18 Jun. 2018

Aeternity (AE) is a very

Aeternity (AE) is a very unique blockchain platform that utilises State Channels and Decentralised Oracle technology. To find out what these terms mean and what else makes Aeternity so unique, keep watching this Aeternity (AE) Review! This is one project worth knowing, don’t miss out!

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Rich H

Nice breakdown ! Thank you, kindly !

Герасим Гуляев

В своей сфере это проект сто процентов монополист


Very interesting. Thank you.

John Doh

excellent review....stockpile this coin while its cheap people...easy 10X in the next 12 months

Илья Фирсов

Мощьно. Честно говоря ни разу не видел подобные проекты

Kevin DiFilippo

Can you look at ELEC? Thanks dan!

Josh T-H Crypto News

Great review. As AE is my favorite platform I have subscribed!

Prabhat kumar

Hello Dan,I request you to make research on hydrogen (hydro)

Colin Kelly

Thanks Dan! Great report, as always. Ill buy some and watch progress