Neo antshares price

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Why is NEO (Antshares) Price Sinking? Its a good thing!

2 394 views | 29 Aug. 2017

Why is NEO (Antshares)

Why is NEO (Antshares) Price Sinking? Its a good thing!

In this video I talk about the cryptocurrency NEO and the reason behind its big fall today. The main reason behind it is that China are getting very strict on ICOs and the upcoming ICO on the NEO network called Red Pulse have had to make the decision to disallow Chinese citizens from participating in the ICO.

I do hope that NEO will be able to work something out and future ICOs can be accessed in China but even if they dont its not the end of the world as NEO offers alot more than just a way for companies to run their ICOs.

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Karl X Byrne

Red Pulse didn't "have to" anything, their decision was preemptive as the Gov has brought out no regulations to stop them selling to the Chinese. You are right that NEO is worth holding on to as there is so much more to come. I'm going to subscribe as i like the idea of getting some crypto views from a Culchie instead of Americans with their "Yo yo what's up" shit all the time. Good luck with the channel. Up the Dub's!

Martin Dillon

go on ye boy ya Paul, great video. What do you think of Pivx??

Bobby Prebreza

Hello Paul I'm glad you mad a channel specifically for crypto ...?

Dalai Llama

NEO will hold. Later it wil rise and head for 0.02 BTC Trust me it is a good coin for the future!

Always Crypto

You have no idea what those thin black lines are do you ? Thanks for the info!

Always Crypto

Lisk will go up within two hours to aprox 148K satoshi (maybe even higher) buy now!

Derrick Carter

NEO price shrink 'A little more" Dude it hit 16 bucks last night! Not real good predicting are ya?

Full Human

Drop till 0.005 BTC/NEO. Fo Sho

Block Chain

Hi Paul, good video, subscribed, what part of the country are you in?

Neo antshares price

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? Neo Market Analysis and Technical Price Projections ?

1 974 views | 30 Sep. 2017

Neo Market Analysis and

Neo Market Analysis and Technical Price Projections

In this market technical analysis video i take a look at Neo Coin. Neo has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of late and thus tends to attract a high trading volume when it begins a new market cycle. In this video I take a close look at the technical price action over the last few months as well as more recently.


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Amin Hoque

Neo Market Analysis and Technical Price Projections

Abel Allen

Great video,for crypto mining and how to make good wages on your invested funds follow the right trend and be sure contact me and i'll show you how i made over $150k in 3 months and the secrete behind it mate. my email [email protected]gmail.com

International Capitalist Russian Bot

I like your beautiful British accent very much. Your voice is like music to me.

Younes Maz

ok i bought it at 0.0075 i think i will hold it


Very nice analysis. You brought some confidence into NEO's long term outlook. A lot of people say that NEO is a good long term hold, but never tell you why. Well put together.


Nice and indepth. Subscribed! Would love more NEO analysis like this every so often

Tom Greenland

Great video. Thank you!


I've traded only NEO for my 9K in 90 Days challenge, starting with only $212. Every trade recorded for youtube, narrated, detailed elliot wave technical analysis. Currently at:

Day 14 in, Verified profit of $1,220 (675% growth), using leverage trade only. Follow me on youtube and twitter for some amazing technical anlysis for HUGE gains. Passion to teach others and show how to exponentially grow an account with any principal.


Neo antshares price

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NEO Antshares Cryptocurrency: NEO Working W/ Microsoft - Ledger Support & Price Analysis

22 944 views | 14 Aug. 2017

In this video I will talk

In this video I will talk about a few dates that are promising for NEO (Antshares) upward growth potential, and a few other very important pieces of information.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CryptoProfessional/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

NEO Donation Address: AKHpV9Xzrnc6vCTBJki4bvATPJamn6qqKT

Zt Cedric

well it should be above Bitcoin Cash for sure let's go

Miguel da Fonseca

I was actually hoping they would release all 50 million in one go, so I could sell just before they did and double up on my stock! :-D Seriously, though, did the team provide a rough date for the next addition? Thanks!

Bradley Sokolowski

buy GAS thank me later

Pedro Galhardo

Nice vĂ­deo. I'm bought in NEO and OMG, I see you're optimistic about NEO with your future project, can you share your thinking about OMG too? Thank you and sorry for my english


Will can we claim gas.?. if we keep neo in ledger..


I'm going to sell a few coins when it's over $100 just to recover my investment, then I'm just going to hold and bring in that GAS!
Oh, and it's pronounced Ty-pay ;)


100 dollar potential end of the year?

Jim Scheltema

Can't wait for the "we're live on Ledger" announcement!!!

Sandile S Ngwenya

What do you think of Binance? Please do a video about it. Look at the 24 hour volume of Binance, it's $35 million. It's huge for a coin with a market cap of $100 million. Roger Ver and Antshares co-founder are advisors to Binance.


Would be nice to know in advance what other block-chain tech NEO will invest.


Taiwan's capital city is Taipei pronounced "Tai-pay"

Thomas Bergan

Hi guys check out binance coin on the new binance exchange there are no fees for the month they have neo and neo gas. They just added USD tether this is going to explode!!!


Is it good time buying NEO?
I worry about Bitcoin price it's too expensive
please give me some advice


offs :0 , discovered these when they were at $17:00 or something, and didn't get to purchase some because i am having trouble getting started due to country bank issues / high demand for btc for an exchange.

Is there still profit to be made off a few coins ?

William L McAllister

how do i get start. i am so ready

Its Gabe

Thanks boss, good to see this especially with all the FUD today

Bewildered Bodhisattva

Ur gay


just here for promoting neo... sinds he registred a month ago... so he probably is a pumpdump or gets paid by neo.. better block this clown

A. X

Is NEO the EOS killer?

Michael Brashier

Thanks for the video. FYI it is pronounced Tie-Pay. ;)

Tom Bo

by the way....ETH will have a big problem in future....nothing about plasma makes it billion times per second. child chains already exist and it's absurd to claim they allow that speed. with eth chain speed, it would require 1/3 billion child chains to achieve that in total but problem is each one being quite slow. plus ethereum is 100% centralized, so there's literally nothing you can build on it that in any way resembles decentralization w/ zero innovation or tech in eth
Similar concepts already been done for example in ARDR, fraud proofs have a ton of issues and even their own core devs do not consider it a scaling solution - not much to worry about since just like everything on eth it's hypothetical and relies on broken platform.

Jim E


Organic BodyBuilding

Adex just teamed up with neo as well :)


You know shit - like the rest of youtubers talking crypto... Speculate and lead people to the butcher.. If you didnt buy NEO when it was antshares youre way behind



Rovin Singh

please Reply me NEO can Hit 55$ in This week or not


Advice: Place the source in the description. Even if it's in a different language, it'll at least allow anyone to follow up and do their own research.


NEO is partnered with AdEx

FPV Tadd The RAD

say tie pay not tay pie omg

toan doan

Thanks for the update.

Josh McNab

#NEO all the way!

Robert Tejada

Will it still generate gas if the ledger wallet is used?


Embrace the haters - this shows you doing it right! As always thank you for your efforts - it feels good to be part of something so big!

John Tan

I love your video. Rich in facts and logical unlike many ignorance


put your links in description please.

Bangla Steve

Woohoo NEO


pro tip: pronounced "TIE-PAY", thanks for making all these videos, ive been in antshares since may 5, at about 65 cents!


7500 billion marketcap by 2025 in crypto space!. Take 2017 on 200 billion end of the year. Multiply by 1.5 (50% a year grow) for 8 years, you will have approx 7500 billion. It's posible.


Buy now before its too late


Thanks for the update!

Alper Kayadibi

NEO will hit $100 very soon !!! then $500 in weeks !!

Ben J

I hope we get NEO on the ledger.


Who is we? Taipei ... seriously?

Fred Johnson

And the size of the market in the East- their initial target market!


Here's a step by step guide to buying and storing Neo: https://buyneo.info/

Martin Paul





Thank you so much cryptofuture!

Jonathan Zedonek

If they have a hardware wallet how can I accumulate gas? What it just be retro when I install from Hardware to Neon wallet that is my only question

The Random One

Hopefully, today was just a correction. As a firm believer in NEO and not just a quick money maker, I'd loved to see it come to fruition.


And do not forget to sign up for that awesome ICO!

Master Mind

You're a smart dude! I appreciate you opinion on NEO. It's very helpful.

Ben Hutchins

Any price predictions for Neo in 5+ years?

Silas Chau

Appreciate all the videos and knowledge. Great analysis each time :) Logged in my account just to leave this comment hahaha


if neo became available on the ledger, would it be compatible with the current ledger or would it require buying a new ledger?

Mimosa nguyen

I love your video Thank you

matthew chen

As a Chinese myself, I now see how NEO growing so fast right now In China.. SO proud I have been a holder since $6

Ne Propaganda


Sergio Gonzalez


edilson de jesus

ola querido dono do canal tudo bem?parabens pelo canal e pelo video, da uma olhadinha nesses sites querido sao sites novos recentes estao pagando muito bem


Awsome content!
Your becoming my got to crypto guru.


What about bytom


Great work man

Shivaling Koneri

What is wrong with stratis. Can u tell me.


I agree that big things are around the corner for NEO. It's not too late to invest IMO.

Ethereum has already had it's "trial by fire" so to speak. NEO is in that process and has more to gain, more quickly at the moment.

Alison Kershaw

Priceless info. As always packed with content. Thanks

Michael Brashier

Regarding hardware wallets - can't you simply save your private key and address and any other credentials to any encrypted thumb drive and also print it out on paper? What's the benefit of these specialized hardware wallets?


Let's Go NEO!

Jim E

Great news!!!

bunt statt braun

aaand its crashing...bought in the dip when it was 51 down from almost 60.

now its going back the low 30s . seems like it was a classic pump and dump scheme which made me lose 150 bucks.

Sand Swan

Tape Eye!


I feel the exact same, keep up the good videos. Also, for any huge fans of NEO, I'd recommend checking out the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. They have some great coins there and one of the NEO founders is part of the board there. :)

Spiritually Raw

Is anyone using the NEO wallet? It seems very not-user friendly. If you are having success (or NOT) please share your thoughts

bob gratton

Maybe im wrong, but is neo was created by chineese gourv?

Daniel King

Thanks for your videos! I always enjoy them. I agree with your thoughts on NEO. As far as price goes, we still have a lot of room to expand - and that's not even considering its long-term potential down the road a couple years. Keep it up!

Parabolic Hans

Do you still create GAS in case you store your NEO in the ledger S?

Michael Douglas

A lil dip. Time to buy more ?


you can collect antcoin while antshares are in the ledger hard wallet?