L 500 coin

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Rare 500 Lire Coin of Italy

9 783 views | 9 May. 2017

This is 500 Lire from

This is 500 Lire from Repvbblica Italiana (Italian Republic). You can observe the same with Laura Cretara image. On the reverse you can observe Piazza del Quirinale, Rome i.e. central design of a building with statue with value ("L.500") in Braille at top of outer ring, as text at bottom, plants either side. Date at bottom of center.

This coin was used during 1982-2001 before it got merged to Euro.

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Mae Guanzon

I have lira coins same that who want buy ? Pm me 09308462888

Mark Amante

I have L 500 1988

Mark Somma

I have one what's it worth

radwn radwan

J'ai cette monnaie à vendre

jose rodriguez

tengo una colecion de monedas varias con errores pero mi pregunta cuanto cuesta 500L italiana 1991 y otra 1977 50L su valor de ahora ya q hay una persona q esta interesado

Adelio Ines Malo

Ola tengo una l500 año 1992

Ashley Marco Booysen

i have a 1987 lire 500 whats it worth i south africa or who do i contact

Dara nai

I have one of 1983

md asik

আমার কাছে 2pc

jun Clark

got 1986 L.500 and L.200 1890-1990 commemorative coin..

Mahmoud Bo2o

انا عندة اعملاه

L 500 coin

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Before Italy Had the Euro Coins - 1982 Italy 500 Lire Coin - Cinquecento Italiana -500 Lire Banknote

1 539 views | 31 Jul. 2020

In this video we look at

In this video we look at the 1982 Italy 500 Lire Coin and Paper Money 500 Lire Banknote Review - Cinquecento - Republika Italiana. We examine the front and the back of the coin and magnify it so you can see the details clearly. Enjoy coin collecting!

Delia Garcia

1990 euro 20 cion . lire 1945 100 cion sell

عبدالمنعم الجديد

I have it How much

Vasile Balica

Celo questa moneda voleo vendre

md Uzzal

Asia 500 form

L 500 coin

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Italy 500 Lire 1991 R Coin

29 819 views | 10 Dec. 2017

This is a five hundred

This is a five hundred Lire coin from Italy and was minted for 1991.

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1992R Italy 500 Lire Coin ► https://amzn.to/2OVzOpa

Get world coins here ► https://amzn.to/2WVeq6z

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Esthela De Lucio

Cuál es su valor en pesos mexicanos??

mohamadkhir thopian

I have seem the coin 1987

Hanmontana Rayona

Lo tengo

محمود طايع مشهدي الرطيل من سوهاج

معي ٥٠٠ليرة ايطاليا ١٩٨٣

Fatima Bê

Qto vale está moeda

Sara Martinez Hernandez

Cual es su valor en pesos mexicanos

Yousef Elmahalawy

i have Italy 500 L 1893_1993

احمد عبده

1984. /01113136913

Banjo Alejo

I have one 1982

md asik

Hallo6 pic Daka01748339560

Sadojata Coin

I have one lire italiana th 1988 same to your coin ,me to sell this coin

Jonalyn Mendoza

I have italiana repvbblica L.500 1986 for sale.

Adriano Calisse

Io ne ho 5 le vorrei vendere

แดง แดงดี


khaled hicham

لديا واحدا للبيع

Henry Bautista

Yo tengo la moneda L 500 italia

md Uzzal

Asia 500 form

Roaa army

لدىواحد لسنة ١٩٩٢ للبيع

Pooling Pool

C'erano anche coniate e false anche prima parecchie fatte dai falsari del genere cambiava il peso della qualità acciaio bronzo

Jaime Chavez Ortega

Cuanto vale moneda italiana 500L

Otman El Filali

لديا وحد لي لبيع

Laurencio Hernandez

Yo tengo una moneda igual cuanto me dan x ella

diandra andi

I have italiana republica 1979


io ho ce come quello tantissimo anche altri vecchia moneta

radwn radwan

J'ai cette monnaie à vendre 500

Mohsin Sayed

لدي 50 ليره ايطالى لعام 1955 بحاله جيده جدا كيف أبيعها ومستعد للڤديو..01228428983

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Jorge Botelho

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Bel video

Sidnei blaska

Qnto vale uma moeda dessa eu tenho uma 1991

ABO Ahmed Shawky

موجوده للبيع

Luis Felipe

Eu tenho uma dessa de 1983

Emsad Džinić

L500 coins: 1982,1984, 1986, 1989, 1990.
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Erhan Namlı

L. 500 L coin volve error one in world (ı, heve


1983,1984 for sell