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$300,000 PROFIT & HOW TO USE “SHIFT” Copy, Paste, Profit App!

12 148 views | 31 Jul. 2020

See how I traded two

See how I traded two separate accounts for a $300,000 part time profit and a smaller account for a $1,700 profit.

I’ll also demonstrate how to use our Copy, Paste, Profit app called SHIFT which has an 89% win ratio, for those in the go!

For more information, go to www.doctorforexmaster.com

FACEBOOK & IG: doctorlifestyleexpert

*Past performance does not guarantee future results*


Thanks for video.


Thanks for the sign language ?

Ask Chrisp

yoo let's connect very similar content ! & LOL at the comments going in on your hands its the passion for the youtube game! I already know!


Good video, but your hand movements are distracting. haha


what is the difference between LuxAlgo and VisionAlgo?! which is better do you think?


Is the bit better with forex or stocks?


So if you are handcuffed will you still be able to talk?

Afaaq Siddiqui

Nice video. Those hand gestures!!

Francesco Termini

They deleted the trade set up option. What a pity, it was so useful!


When the RSI is overbought it means the momentum is strong. its a momentum indicator thats what its designed for. not for reversals. When will people start teaching how to use indicators properly lool

Simon O

Respect Faares

Ismael Cruz

Does this work in different time frames

Gilbert espinoza

Awesome video
I forgot my 3d glass to wear with those hand gestures....

Ed Du

If you put in your own entry levels and stoploss level in at what risk do you trade in % of your margin and with what risk/reward level?

Clark W

You gotta make another vid on new update bro. 2.9v


Nice Work!!!

Bruce Hancock

I had almost given up on everything about binary options trading and ever recovering my lost funds,until I met Mr Jin Miller here on YouTube,he helped me with his outstanding world class signals and strategies,I was able to recover my lost funds,I highly recommend him!!!Email : [email protected]gmail.com


lux is on fire!!!

Mato Varos

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It's only $15 to be able to add more than 3 indicators to your Tradingview chart, totally worth it!

Alex-Ronald Huzevka

hello faares can i ask you how you set stop loss ? thanks gl bro

Mo Kho

If you're so confident about this algo and keep promoting it. Why don't you make a live video from start to end and show us it really works. I know you made a video before and ended your trade because you were losing it. Show is a real live trade and see if that really works.

Malcolm Clarke

Dude you are a lovely guy with great content and I've liked your video. I say this with genuine intent to help; your arms waving around make your videos almost unwatchable in places.

Play With Vihaan

How do you remove background noise as you are not wearing headphones? Thank you


So this bot works for stocks as well?


I am a bit confused. If I purchase this trading bot will it show me signals when to buy and sell without having to do anything? Like do I have to set up indicators in order for the trading bot to work, or is it working with or without any indicators used? Thank you!!

Brandon Farrell

What is easier to trade? Forex or stocks?

Faares Q

Get Lux Algo Here-https://bit.ly/luxalgorithm

nirav soni

hello faareq , could you please put new video of new setting of V3 of lux algo , your previous settings are good and showing accurate results

Mike Torra

Hey, have you heard about Agora Algo? You should probably do a review of them, I also heard that they offer 50% recurring commission. Not sure if I should go with them or Lux.


Yo yo yoooooi

Shift markets

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The Future Is Crypto | BUIDLwithShift

6 489 views | 16 Jun. 2019


Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and tokenization of digital assets will revolutionize the way we transact value, invest in assets, and more. Rather than focusing on the prices of cryptocurrencies, we believe building products and creating the infrastructure for the technology will be far more impactful. The future is crypto. Let’s build it together.

To #BuidlWithShift, visit our website: https://www.shiftmarkets.com

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#BUIDLWithShift #ShiftMarkets

Shift markets

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Housing Bubble 2.0 - The Fed Has Misdiagnosed the US Housing Market - Home Prices Continue to Rise

8 193 views | 9 Feb. 2021

The FED Has Misdiagnosed

The FED Has Misdiagnosed the US Housing Market. Home Prices Continue to Rise. A recent report from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) suggests that the FED has misdiagnosed its current policy impact on the US Housing Market. Home Price Appreciation (HPA) has hit double digits and is expected to continue to deliver double digit price increases. Jerome Powell, at a recent conference, stated that this surge in the Housing Market is a "passing phenomenon" and that this shift in demand should call forth additional supply with price increases unlikely to be sustained. The concern is in having said that, the FED continues to purchase Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) at a $40 Billion per month pace.

This channel discusses recent articles, data and information about the Housing Bubble, Housing Crash, Home Prices, Forbearance, Foreclosures and Short Sales.

Additionally there is a focus on Mortgage Delinquencies, Mortgage Rates, Real Estate Investing, and the current situation associated with the Eviction and Foreclosure Sale Moratorium.

Today is February 9th, 2021 and Randy will discuss the following topics:

The FED Has Misdiagnosed the US Housing Market





Need to See Foreclosure Data ? I have entered into a partnership with the leading provider of distressed property data, Foreclosure.com.

For a Free Trial click on the link below:

Check Out this Link: https://www.foreclosure.com?rsp=3325

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Housing Bubble 2.0


I will conduct live Q&A sessions and other Real Estate related discussions.


Connect with me to find out more about how I can help you in Real Estate.

I offer:

Primary Home Buying in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

Investment Properties & Turn Key Real Estate Investment Program

Off-Market and REO Properties

Real Estate Education Products & Services

Market Research & Consulting

Multi-Family & Other Commercial Assets

I can be reached at:

Randy Patrick

Licensed Real Estate Broker

WestBay Real Estate, Inc.


[email protected]


I have a free report you can download at:


If you have any questions, or wish to discuss Housing or Real Estate Investment, You can reach me directly at: [email protected]

Also, please help our channel grow by clicking like, commenting, sharing our videos and subscribing to our channel.

I am not an attorney, financial planner, CPA or tax advisor. This channel merely provides opinion, commentary and summarizes data and information that is readily available to the general public regarding the Housing Market. I advise you to seek tax / legal / professional counsel and for everyone to do their own due diligence prior to making any significant decisions or purchases regarding real estate or other investment matters.




Jennifer Silletto

I agree. I'm in CA and just wrote up an offer in Murrieta, CA for $583k, 21 day COE, no appraisal or loan contingency, no home warranty, only home inspection contingency. Buyers have already been fully underwritten. List price was $539k. We have to go lower to bid higher. Buyers closed on their property and got $60k. I advised them to rent or live with family and wait until. The end of 2021. Otherwise if you write an offer you need to beat everyone else otherwise it's just making an offer for nothing. I'm waiting myself to buy more homes. I work for a bank that has a mtg servicing dept and they can't foreclose on homes yet but they have a lot ready once eviction moratorium is lifted. (2162 sq ft home with pool/spa 2 story, built in 1989)

smile now

Ive been waiting since 2018...I should have bought a house back then lol


This is so frustrating, I own my home now but what I'm seeing has me worried that the whole enchilada is going to implode and owning anything is a risk for being stolen outright.

Tamara Lucas

I am beginning to wonder if the FED is ever going to allow the free market to operate again in any of our lifetimes. Home prices are going to continue to increase, especially in the South where all the New Yorkers are moving to. California and New York will suffer, but as they move throughout the US, many decent cities will continue to experience 10%-20% per year for several years to come. I don't know when these prices are coming down. I guess once the US dollar becomes worthless the average home will cost $10,000,000.

Kevin Schmidt

The Fed is looking to cause a collapse of massive proportions to implement the only thing they can at this point which is de-dollarization to fedcoin. We're past the point of no return on the debt, it will never be paid off. The only release valve is the dollar. Expect a massive collapse, massive stimulus to address the collapse, hyperinflation of cash based assets (not houses or cars) and a transition to Fedcoin.

Darlene C

good video

Anthony M

First time buyers with parked money are waiting for the collapse that will never come. They're getting screwed hard and fast right now.


Can someone summarize the point? It looks very interesting but I don't have 30 minutes unfortunately


Fed back to buying agency backed securities.... its been 10 years and they are back to bailing out these GSEs? Maybe we should do away with Fannie Mae and the like.


Useful info. Might be good to keep the video shorter for more users.

Angel Soul

It’s hard to see how any house could be under water when the prices are so inflated.

Stan Payne

Thank s ... Good work!

Hydross 77

Lol and everyone about to get giant stimulus checks too. It's a madhouse and they don't seem to care. It's gonna get real bad once it warms up

AkTejas _

Fortune 500 = US government

Stay Curious

This is a scary time. Stock market in the largest bubble, homes in the largest bubble, bitcoin in the largest bubble. When this thing bursts, it's going to be heard from Mars.

Be True To Yourself

Thank you for your insights, btw I tried watching your old vids, your audio is WAY better now

Sean Notaro

Awesome market updates sir! Thanks for the efforts


I hope it crashes sooner than later!!!!!!

C Puzz

Support the largest and wealthiest demographic Boomers. Gen X/Y and Millenials are collateral damage.
They'll let it deflate when the median Boomer age is into their 80s.

Carol Reynolds

Randy, I hope you are right , I have been waiting for so long to purchase a house.TY. ??

S. Rockriver

Good info, thanks


what's coming: more stim checks, fed coin ubi, more lockdowns, communist takeover....vax thats not really a vax at all, read their own literature folks, no end to the stupid...currency crash ahead.

Chaz Frank

Nothing but doom and gloom

Randy Patrick

The FED Has Misdiagnosed the US Housing Market. Home Prices Continue to Rise. A recent report from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) suggests that the FED has misdiagnosed its current policy impact on the US Housing Market. Home Price Appreciation (HPA) has hit double digits and is expected to continue to deliver double digit price increases. Jerome Powell, at a recent conference, stated that this surge in the Housing Market is a "passing phenomenon" and that this shift in demand should call forth additional supply with price increases unlikely to be sustained. The concern is in having said that, the FED continues to purchase Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) at a $40 Billion per month pace.

colette spencer

Well. I just bid over 10g to get my socal home at 735k. It's not going down. Oh well.

Kevin Shirl

Regardless of that's small moratorium that was granted bike a little man who stole the election homes are being foreclosed on right now all over the United States. Investors mom-and-pop operations are filing for foreclosures and having them issued by local sheriff's to renters or mortgage holders to vacate immediately. The banks are not messing around like last time they are moving on this if you have investment properties get ahead of the game and get them listed for sale

Daniel Novosad

I bought in October 2020 and it’s up 5% already!

Ravindra Reddy

You provide no reasons that it is a bubble, based on what you said as per data the prices in ca, wa, or, az will saturate at the current prices, which is 2.5 times the prices on 2012.
All college students now living with parents, with forbearance 3.5 million houses in other states cannot be evicted, courts cannot handle so many cases. The west coast may see a drop of 10% and the rest of the states may see a drop of 30 to 40%, but we already have seen 250% percent increase from the 2008 levels. A small bubble bursting will not make a difference.
Wait until sep 2021 to some clarity.
Lumber prices have gone up 100% or more, labor prices have gone up, CA not opening up new land for construction. So there is short squeeze of supply and the demand has gone up with people biding 10% more than the asking price.
In the west coast the prices will not decrease in the worst case we may see a 10% price reduction it is very small pop, the bubble is too tiny.
Other that the west coast i.e. for other states we will see a big bubble burst and we can see a price drop of 20 to 30%.
Everybody needs a house to live they will not just sell and go somewhere, with more family members moving in the houses are more utilized than ever before.
There is no supply, builders will not build more, why build when you can make a big profit with Mexican workers, same greedy story for the building materials. Wood has to come from Europe, becuase Canada is also playing games.

Mike W

Lol, mountain up 14% yoy. This is fine!

Alfredo Rodriguez

The Fed knows a lot more that we regular folk can imagine. Really smart people there.

m davis

The rich get richer.


The Fed's main mechanism for stimulating the economy is through homebuilding. So far so good, but I still doubt they'll succeed in generating inflation.

Lamprey Milt

Thanks Boomers.

Kybor Voh

Will the housing market play out like GameStop's stock?

Emanuel Lara

Thanks Patrick you gave me a bit of hope One of this day I will be abble to afford something here in Southern Cal. Hahaha

Hideous Sails

how many termite infested, and sinkhole homes are being sold at a frenzied rate now? Caveat emptor

Lord Humongus

Where are all the properties inventories the scumbag Hedge Funds are sitting on in a massive Homeless Crisis?

Larry Lu

Thanks Mr. Patrick .
The information you provide is much needed by me here in Brooklyn NY as a homeowner of a multi family property.
I have a friend that rented his 5 family building and moved to Charlotte NC with his family.
I'm looking for the next move/opportunity based on some of the info you provide.

Different Perspective

I don't even live in the states but still enjoy your insights on the housing market there.
Hopefully your efforts will be rewarded.


With probability of inflation, I'm considering buying some land.

Danny Edwards

Have you considered posting on rumble?

Nunya Business

Thanks for all your videos and info Randy.


Until housing supply reminds low prices will keep going up.