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Mrinvestorpro Blocked Me When I Started talking About This

5 846 views | 27 Jul. 2019

Mrinvestorpro refused to

Mrinvestorpro refused to help one his followers work on some trading strategies, so Susu stepped in and gave the guy some great tips, and made an in depth video showing the accuracy of Bollinger Bands, and how you can change their settings to line up better with different stocks. Susu cares about people, and wants to see everyone get a little help to better their strategy when investing for their future. Support Susu by liking and subscribing to his channel, so we can keep informing those who want to better their lives. That's why your here isn't it?

Daniel Calugan

I always thought something was off, I was following him for a while but I never bought when he said buy, I had my own time to buy things but yea it always seemed off when he would pat himself on the back when it would go up a bit after days or weeks of a downward trend.

Jenny Ly

Thanks for calling him out...I’ve been listening to him and losing my assssss. What you said totally make sense, I was wondering the same thing. What an a*hole


He's a scammer but he has his uses. The key is to use his own bs against him - do not ever buy when he "alerts" or is pumping hard. Wait for the stock price to collapse (almost always does if he's pumping), hit a low and establish a firm technical bottom. Then reevaluate and see if its worth playing for a bounce. Careful though, the stocks he picks tend to be junk stocks that reverse split and or offer/warrants a lot so the price tends to tank constantly.

The Verbally Abusive Clown

That asshat pumper just got his account suspended yesterday on Stocktwits. It's about time. He's been breaking their rules for years.


Fuck this shitty people

Stephen Wilt

I've been buying and selling stocks for about two months now, before then I had zero experience. With no clue what I'm doing, I'm stumbled on mrinvesterpro and I have been studying his call. Within this two months I had a trade over 9k and was alerted by him. If it wasn't for him I wouldnt be so well. I understand where you may be coming from but you're wasting your time even ranting over him I feel like. I love how his following is huge as well because its better to pump a stock with a following. Anyways I'll check out your shit but not very happy you put a bad name on someone that is trying to help people make money. Especially when 9 out of 10 people lose money on the stock market people need all the help he can get. Also why the fuck would he need to tell people who he is? Who cares that's creepy and you dont need to give out your information if you dont have it.

The Truth

I tracked his buy alerts for a hot minute! And called him out on stocktwits... Haha, I blocked him though, lol...

Heidi Sulzman

I have made 6K this week off of him. So far I am not seeing what you are saying. He also follows up on the stocks and shows you why he is buying. Plus gives a range for where it is going to run. Maybe I'm about to lose my shirt over this, but this is not my experience so far with him.

Christopher Frame

LOL Kxin blew up huge.... Therefore proving you're an idiot and mip was correct. bitch

The Verbally Abusive Clown

He's a scam artist plain and simple. His mind slaves will believe anything. How quickly they forget about his stock picks that go nowhere. As soon as one out of a zillion recommendations go up and make them a little money, the losers are deposited in the trash bin of stocks of no return and are erased from their collective memory. LOL

Lui Bunting

Good video! There are obviously good guys and bad guys. The worst of all, not even on stocktwits, and not even trading, is Martin Armstrong https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_A._Armstrong
He has been running his scam about trading for decades, and all people using his system for an extended period of time are losing money. For the proof, see "Socrates Subscriber Testimonials" https://armstrongecmscam.blogspot.com/p/socrates-subscriber.html
His stories are quite compelling to some because he is a good salesman. It takes about two years for a committed follower to get ruined financially because he is promoting long term over short term and has a system that lets his users blame themselves for their trading mistakes. Worse than mrinvestorpro, he is not only hiding his losers, but he is manipulating them, showing that they were actually winners. You think that is impossible? Read "Quarterly Superposition Event in Gold 2015" https://armstrongecmscam.blogspot.com/2019/07/quarterly-superposition-event-in-gold.html

Read about "The Mother of all Forecast Claims" https://armstrongecmscam.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-mother-of-all-forecast-claims.html and "Martin Armstrong The Hyper Shill" https://armstrongecmscam.blogspot.com/2020/05/martin-armstrong-hyper-shill.html

Chris Babula

Have you looked into camtheman on stocktwits aswell? I'm certain hes frauding about his gains but dont know how.

Mader Herms

Hi thank you for sharing ur video keep it up

Jizmo Jimmy

More videos need to be done on theses StockTwit (ST) pump and dumpers. What is a ST pump and dumper. They are traders on STs who pre load at the lows of the day when the market is open, and then when the market closes, they post that they have entered the stock (lie) and then less experienced small account traders enter on the pumpers—post—then the pumper sells when the inexperienced traders buy. Here are some of the worst on STs——@dman20200, @michael_hunt, @dontfollowme20—-these are all people who are screwing over the inexperienced small account traders—and these poor souls lose all all their money following these people. Broken Duck—is the man—and a great honest traders—opposed to the thieves I have posted above—peace out


Idk, I made $12,000+ so far this year. Well hope y’all find a better way to profit. Do your own DD people & blame people.

John Smith

It seems to me that most of his big runs are on COVID plays. He admits it himself. All he did was buy into almost every COVID play that had positive recommendations from other analysts. Before I found stocktwits, I bought MRNA, IBIO, AIM, VXRT, etc. I bought into these because they were obvious COVID plays recommended by top analysts. I have no idea what to buy. Also, consider that most of his plays are penny stocks ($6 and under). He suggests hundreds of stocks and then when they run up eventually (as most stocks do), he pats himself on the back. So for those people that made money, I think the reason why you are making money is because of the odds of making money when you invest in so many penny stocks during COVID. And then there are the other few like BABA and CCL. Easy recommendations with BABA being a major e-commerce stock and CCL having been beaten down during COVID. How many people have lost money on CJJD, BIMI, ZKIN, CREG, and other non-COVID stocks. Im still in CJJD and BIMI and need to get out....haha. He is just giving a wealth of information to consider and while it is useful, that doesn't mean he has any special abilities to predict anything. I use him as a resource. He does provide some valuable DD. But I learned the hard way not to dive into his recommendations. Like others have mentioned, wait for it to come back down after he initiates the climb, and then buy when its down (like on days when all the stocks are red). If it runs before then, it runs. He is a fraud in that he claims to see signals. But his DD seems legit. He also speaks the truth when he says to buy on "red" days. Just know how to use him as a resource. Dont be a sheep.

Tat2D Lunatik

I’ve had my suspicions lately about this guy. Def watching this video later when I get home ??


Just caught this guy on $BTG

João Nuno

He blocked you and he's now posting that you're a scammer. So that you know and take proper measures.


Wow! I guess I fell into it. Thx for the video
You got a new follower

I Grover

You are right, i got burnt because i listened to him. What a Joker, he wouldn't reply on stocks he recommended and they went down the drain. But thump his chest on stocks that went up and which half the marketing was already pumping. Biggest fraud

Prized_ Possessions

If only ST did a better job to squash these scrubs. That medium is sooo easy to bait folks.

Felipe F

You guys are pathetic, I only see cry babies here who don't take responsibility over your own dumb decisions when trading.
Lol seriously now, you follow someone like sheep without doing your own DD, then lose money and now go around trying to get that person banned. Textbook stupid

Michael Redmond

He has been making me a lot of cash, I don't see what you are seeing. He gets in when its low (as everyone should) and lets you know, but he also doesn't tell you to sell, you need to do your own DD. Most of his ideas are long and have worked very well for me.

K Moniz

I made money listening to him but I never did the "buy when I buy". I would see his entry and did my own research to see whether or not i wanted to invest. CGC, TSLA, BTC, AVEO, MU (longs). When I saw MIP entered stocks I like, it was a gimme. He had a lot more to offer than 99% of ST users. You are probably right about him pumping some of the low float stocks. That can work to your advantage too if you're smart. Great Video BTW people know these things


Mrinvestorpro has made me A LOT of money this year with his picks so whatever beef this guy hadwith him take it with a grain of salt. I'd rather make money than listen to this BS. ✌


That was delicious. Now do Green Cake Guy. ;)

Jon & Alycia

sub'd. thanks. Ive been chasing him this week...


I don't get it.. buy it on alert and set immediate stop loss and take profits on each turn. It has been amazing...make the paper $$ everything is rigged in life.


Good for you man, I've made alot of posts warning people of him for a couple months, blocked instantly of course but I just try to warn the ignorant, unfortunately you get those dick riders who think they know best


And this is another prove why u have to study first! Fuck stocktwits or whatever researcher say, do ur own research and try starting slow. Always research and learn! Btw good video!

Steve3474 A

Hmmm, we shall see I bought SGBX on 7-15-2020 at $2.76 when he alerted it


good work sir mip is a clown . gotta more proof of his clear p&d's on my pump and dump video


Never heard of Mr.investor. I really don't believe anything I see on stocktwits. I go there for the comedy! Too many people there "never lose".

Cusion Wong

Stock market is a zero sum game. But this guy so egotistical and strokes his ego on his '90%' winrate lmao. Talks about his bs 'variables' that people in his office is looking for to know when to buy in xD

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13 views | 10 Jun. 2019



leonard driller

Could you compare Atlanta to Salem? which would you prefer?, Even though Salem is t10 & Atlanta is t7 I think they both are barn burners. Which one would you pick? even though they are both good ships.


DDs: "No! Not an Atlanta!"

Philip Shovar

I love my Atlanta. Press the fire button and hold on tight.


What about the Flint?


That camo is simply offensive. ?

Mark Henderson

I lost the captain skill that extended the range with the new skill rework... sucks.

Galina Karapneva


Sergey Miroshnik



That laugh at the start, I love it so much.

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Free StockTwits Algo Floor Traders Room

114 views | 16 Jul. 2020

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saad jarrad

Mr Steve ; i wish long life and good health ; all respect and big thanks to your efforts and informative materials that you share with us in your videos

saad jarrad

can you please talk about the way that you are using in this video ( the purple candle system algo ) how to apply it on the chart ; when and where do they appear ; and if they do appear at certain levels how can we read them and what should we understand when they appear and what to look for in order to validate (follow rules maybe !) for any potential trade based on all what i mentioned ; the over value and under value expressions ; what do you mean by that ?...i meant to say is that we need full detailed and clear explanation to your algo and how we can benefit from to the best of it in our trading ; are there more than one way to use it based on market conditions ( slow market ; fast market ; trending market ; ranging market ...etc) ...by the way i am a forex trader and have zero knowledge about stocks and future trading and option trading too ; and i have no intention to trade them ; so ; is what you are showing (your purple algo system ) in this video can be applied to forex market effectively ?