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We Need To Talk

64 780 views | 10 Feb. 2021

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Cody Haight


Olivia B

You would make an excellent motivational speaker! I found your channel by chance on a WSB thread and have visited every day since. You speak so eloquently and genuinely, I was shocked to learn you’re still only 23! Great things are going to come your way, I’m sure of that. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your wisdom, we all appreciate and are rooting for you!

Talha Invests - Financial Freedom

Ngl I shed tears watching this.


You are awesome! So happy I found you during this AMC fiasco. Take care of yourself first and foremost! Great vibes always.

Berri Jam

Take care of that precious heart of yours. We're holding strong here with AMC, Ain't fold'n. It's a solid strategy we should stick with. Large short exposure eventually gets the squeeze. China money will come to like the cavalry and spank those shorts to the moon.

Ollie gwilliam

Sending good vibes Trey from the uk ?? Keep up with the good work

Supreme Mario

Dude i just started following your channel like few weeks ago when my cousin recommended me to you and everyone here can call me a b!tch lol but you literally made me cry a bit , you'll be in my prayers man god bless you always

Rx Nugs

Much love brother, love watching you and riding your coattails, stay up man

Mr balloonpimp

Good video! Take care of your heart!

The truth will teach and the mind expands. Tough days come good days pass... Make the best out of what you have and appreciate it!

That Amateur Gaming Guy


And this is why you're finding yourself "lucky"...lucky on your channel, lucky on your stocks, etc...
You are pushing your positive will forward, keeping your psychology in check, CONTROLLING YOUR MINDSET and pushing positivity out into the world around you. I respect you, Trey, and we are here for you and BECAUSE of you.
fist bump

Love Camaros

aww sorry to hear. MAy GOD BE WITH YOU.


You're strong af dude


Love you brother!!! You will get through this and come out of it stronger on the other side!!!

Caleb Gabavics

TREY. I really love you man. I'm turning 25 in under two weeks and started trading about three months ago. I stumbled upon you not long after I started my journey. But I can speak for everyone here by saying that, goddamn, you are a great human being that knows what you're doing and you're doing it solely for the benefit of the common man. I'm glad you enjoy it for yourself too. We love you brother, stay well.

Butterfly wings 7777

Nicely said man.. get well soon! I feel the same way, it’s all in the attitude ?? I’m atm having my heart chkd as well, but also keeping my spirits up and I will deal wth whatever comes my way?

Trey's Trades

Much love fam and gorilla gang, stay the course

Captain Harlock

Thank you for your energy man I can't wait your next video take care of you health before everything ? all the best!!

TreeTrimmer Bear

Your absolutely crushing brother.... it’s all about building ourselves outta Babylon!!!! As long as our endeavors are based in morality god will bless us with exactly what we need....

Roman Van Riper

Amen brotha. Thanks for the encouragement and being a good teacher. Its appreciated.

Joelle Nicole



my guy.

Deanne Bass

Thank you for sharing this with us.
Sending you positive thoughts, you’re a great person, from reading the comments you certainly have helped your subscribers change their lives.


There is tomorrow. Well spoken, thank you and take care.

NaQ Da Q-ber

I’m wishing you the best man??

Justin Allard

Trey my friend, you inspire the uninspired. I'm drawn to this channel because you have given me hope that someone with a couple bucks in his pocket can make a difference. Your personality and the way you carry yourself is real and relatable, thats hard to find in anyone. You make this adult stuff fun and exciting. Maybe you need to stop cooking with crisco and start using olive oil as it's a little healthier haha jk. Keep doing you and people will follow. Your the drug everyone just cant get enough of. God bless my friend and stay healthy!!

Jeffer Suzon

What do you think about INND?


Hope your doing well my guy

Nathan Montoya

Much respect for this brother. Praying for you man, you deserve nothing but the best in life. Appreciate all you do for us out here and wishing on the best for you for eternity ?. Stay healthy and positive

James Johns

Thanks for being real. Very encouraging Trey. Like your outlook. May your faith rise to meet you and may God restore your heart. Praying his touch and grace over your life.

Timothy Cte

Hey bro stay the f*cling course! Nothing changes other then the determination of you NEEDING to get it done! This information only means that every accomplishment is that much sweeter my friend HAHAHAHA?????? let’s gooooo bro

Bryant Mendez

wish you the best of luck trey, high hopes for you. in the process of picking myself back up now, returning to college this week after i withdrew a year ago. your video couldn’t have hit at a better time, thank you for being a beacon of positivity for some of us who struggle to shine that light on our own

Jaana Laitinen

We love you Trey ♥️


You inspiring bro ??


Best of luck man, you're a bit younger than myself but I was strucken by your maturity and drive whilst watching your streams. You're the exact kind of person that overcomes these types of challenges and makes the best of it. You're an inspirational guy, I hope that sticks!

justin bouy

Your subscribership blasted off man congrats. I remember you were excited to hit 10k a few days ago ?

God Less

My Brother... I needed to here that... Thank you...

Also...to anyone that gave this a Thumbs down... you already know where you can stick that thumb...

Nitin Ramdjielal

Big up bro!

Brian Benavides

My prayers are with you Trey!

John Adams

You're awesome Trey! Thanks for your dedication

Brian Pham

Much love brother, take care of your self. We are all here for you. Take as much time as you need. Super random but If you find time watch the pixar movie Soul. Blew my mind and touched my heart. Made me realize how important it is to be present and grateful for each moment. Thanks for being so vulnerable. Keeping you in my thoughts

Rey Reyes

Much love Trey!! I’m a new comer to your channel and your amazing. Stay strong my brother!!

Jared H

Love you man! I’m praying for you ????. You seem like a strong individual and you can make it far! Good message

Multi Meter

I didn't know you were in the army. I should've guessed though with that type of haircut.

HongKong Ph00ey

You're an inspiration. Got me right in the feels. Appreciate the video, sharing and words.


Thought you were gonna say you sold !!!! I’m glad you are doing well !

Only in Paradise

Best well wishes and have a speedy recovery Trey!! Try ubiquinol or CoQ10 ubiquinone, hawthorn and astaxanthin to help with the oxidative stress on your heart ❤️.

There has been heart damage and heart related issues from the coronavirus as well. Hopefully, you did get the virus ?.

HR - Help and Reviews

Hope it goes well for you and you can stay in. I had asthma as a kid, and when joining the British army I got put through a lot of tests before getting in. Keep the head up.


Much love bro❤️

Adam W

Best of luck bro. Prayers are with you. Stay up!

Captain cringe Cpt

We all love you bro ❤️???? keep well! Don’t feel any pressure to push out content if you need rest. We all got your back! Keep pushing! What ever you do you’ll be great at it. Love and blessings ???

Tamika Riley

Prayers.?????? and thanks for all you do!!! ???????

Halex Wade

Much love and respect. This was truly an inspiring video... Just got into the market and watching your videos help me a lot with understanding charts and graphs. So I just want to say thank you


one day at a time brother ??


This video helped me... Thank you Trey. I am not in your spot but you helped my spot, so thank you for being you!

Inspired 2 Weld

Much love Trey, pray you are better.


You deserve all the success you're getting man. Keep it up. Stay healthy. Stay motivated.

Daantje 1

Not only a real soldier, but also a soldier in life, nice talk bro.

Bluebonnet Gal

New subscriber here! Thank you for sharing, a reminder that life is short, take stock and know what is important and most of all, staying hopeful and positive. God bless you

Henry Goss

I’m sorry to hear this bro. Hang in there. I’m rooting for ya. I wish you the best my man

Jordan Brookes

Thank you for this message man, I hope you’re okay dude! You’re a great guy dude, I wish you good health and I’ll pray for you mate

Michael King

Ur an absolute stud Brodie??

Rey Reyes

Take care of the heart and cook with Olive Oil!! Love you man!! Stay safe and healthy!!


Deborah heart now make an appointment

Brian Rohan

God bless buddy!


Praying up for you my brother! Thanks for this...it was much needed for me too! ??

Eric Whitford

Get healthy brother! Best of luck, keep the faith.

Kash Money

stay strong bro, you be ok iiiiiight

Derian Cruz

Glad I found your channel Trey. Your energy has spread all across this community and we’re all here to support and wish you well! Take the time you need we ain’t going anywhere !!!

alex evras

Keep on pounding.

Brad Danielson

Hey Trey...thank you for sharing this news. Takes courage and I'm proud of you. You have a great heart, pun intended! Also, I work at Medtronic, largest med device company in the world that started by Earl Bakken inventing the first pacemaker in his garage. Dude, I watch patient stories like yours all the time and there are soooo many success stories out there. If you get this message and are interested, let me know and I'll do my absolute best to get you in touch with some of the most wonderful people in the world to deal with this situation you're going through. Be well my man! Keep on!

Rebecca Allyne

I've been an investor and I can tell it changed my life for better ?? Investing in Forex and crypto will be one of the widest things to do.

Noah Foy

Prayers to you and your family! Praying for your health and healing!


Hell yeah, Brother!

PMA nameless

Keep pushing bud, it does get harder but only choice is to keep moving. By age 34 I lost 30% of my mobility & have deformed joints from arthritis, my right knee pops out often, broken many bones that never healed quite right, I've had kendney stones, dry socket, 10 root canals, & I take humira weekly that I have to fight to keep($11k per month no insurance). Point is I have legs, arms, a body & a head, most still works somewhat, I have a great family/dog, stable job, & I'm not entirely broke. Im blessed compared to some so plenty to be thankful for.

B-love Moneybagspmr



You're too young for this shit brother. Get second, third and 4th opinions. Find someone who specializes in rare diseases and visit a geneticist. Your attitude is phenomenal and your content is great. Keep it up.

Pat Artac

Well sir if you get med boarded you'll be sitting just right $$$. Enjoy and stay healthy my friend. Fellow vet

The Coach Plays

Way to preach man. I have really enjoyed watching you and listening to your insight as I’m new to the market and you have help me learn. But attitude is everything. Easy to be negative, positive is hard, both are contagious and the one you control is your own. Praying for your health Trey ??

Melody Wu

I’ve been following you since the whole AMC chaos. But while I’m not in AMC your positive energy, charisma, humbleness, and maturity keeps me coming back to want to watch your videos. Take care of yourself. Your genuine laugh is so contagious!


Damn......I'm praying for you homie!

Maggie Torres

You’re the man!! Stay strong. You have the right mindset! Always forward never backwards ??????


Will lift you up to the SOG Yeshua my brother! Stay up kid!

Drunk Guitarist

All the best to you and your family Trey, stay strong, I want to keep watching your vids and keep learning in this crazy new world of trading for a long time and your videos have been a godsend. Love from the UK, London.

Liam Gallagher

Mad respect for you and your content man <3 glad you're keeping a positive mindset through all this

Teresa Curby

You may want to check if the energy drinks your drinking caused some of that. If you research it the energy drinks are known to cause heart attacks in young people. Prayers for you



Retta B

Trey, I am the Penny Stock Gramma? I love learning from you and watching you. I feel a motherly protection of you? I will pray for your health and continued strength. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to this community!


you hardcore remind me of Kyle (circa) Lemaire he could be your brother


Legend ?


Trey may you be healthy, may you find joy and acquire wisdom in this journey. As in a log to give light you must endure the burning. I am seeing you healthy with your heart cells functioning in the most optimum way.

Check out the works of Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton. It will help you


Great dude. Best of luck Trey, prayers up!

Bryant Arlington

Trey take care of yourself ??you are an amazing person

Dan Hunter

Hate to hear this, but hang in there and take care of your self first and foremost, you have a great many people that you have impacted positively and we all look forward to your daily insights, you are in our prayers and that makes a difference even in the darkest situation - prayers for a full recovery


MMFCL Trey WWG1WGA ???????


Bro god bless you man. You’re a good dude. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Travis Films

Best luck to you.

The Plug

Stay up trey see you tomorrow much love


i cant watch this without saying something, thank you for all your content and hard work that you do on this channel youve taught a looot of people a lot of good things that will help them make their lives better and im one of them. no matter what happens with the army youll always have a community thats ready to support you and learn together, stay safe and stay strong

andreas dhavé

Much love man! Your the most positive guy I know on this platform, been loving the vids. Hope everything goes well!

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7 802 views | 14 May. 2020

Hope you like the

Hope you like the world!

Let's try to make trading world where we can trade expensive items

to each others. :)



Giveaway will be 16.5.2020 - 29.05.2020

everyday at 20.00 Finnish time! (UTC+3)

I'll be giving 20-100wls everyday!

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Mr Tex



Notevil osaaks suomee/ooks suomalaine vastaa ja hyvä video

FleeKaz pw

So no one is going to talk about his gems ?

jooaxx 011

World name?

EK Destroyer

Well done you are finally back

chhor davin


Winner is Winner

I Got scam 7 pl

Jm Game



Looks Like The World Seeds In Growtopia


It is EPIC!


What time is giveaway in EST?


Nice dude

mark NTK

Its look like world SEEDS in growtopia

Ilmari Nummelin

Not evill me and my frend got skämmed in the game ower 16pl worth items gan yu help us aut in som wey it wud make my and my frends life sou much beter i wud i wen make 1 pl giwe if yu gan help us but nou need if yu dont help i understand


100th like
also what is the greek column seed worth now?

Ben's Tech Tips

ive sent like 10000 gems to advertise this world because i had nothing to spend those gems on also notevil you might know me as ben-gammer22


Eheh Like BuyGHC ?

anthony jonathan

Like seeds world in gt lmao

Puska Plays

Millo videi suomeks?

Karhu HCR 2

Siis aivan mahtavaa kontenttia nyt tulee ??

Haamux gt

Why u quit gt

The Nikeri

Hey, me too want mod :D

P.S Thecookieboiyt


Giveaway will be in your world?

Black Lives Matter

How to get rich with 1wl in pw!

ninja ebu

Hi letme introduce you notevil

-no trash talk

- best pw player


Can I scam you?

Halil Akpınar


Xyclr Vfx



If you used some kind of an app to design this, can you send a download link.



Olli Saastamoinen


Rasmus Suominen

Not evil ootko suomalainen


Hyvä vidi ;)

Eryk Dechnig

U use music r

Runs GrZ

well looks like seeds in gt??

Haamux gt

Miks quittasit gt ja saanko gt wllia


Will u start uploading morr

moon isbllood

Oh u just left the world stop ignoring ur fans and just talk to them mr flexing evil


Mannn u quit growtpia?


You are beeestttt!
More videos pls!?

Brother Plays

Always support you, brother :)

Neko Tako

Hello evil where ur Legendary Dragon XD

Eryk Dechnig


Edbert J

Is that copy seeds?

Pubgx erick

2:31 cinema sound I smell popcorn

Refan Hafiz

U pro and u kreatif

FleeKaz pw

Epic ??


It’s look like gt trading world seed xd but still cool


The best orle ever


After 3,000 years a new Upload

The gamer Nolan

Nice vidéo ?

2kg magikarp シ

Is pixel world privare server phonw link me

sisu repo

build collection room maby


hey dude what do u use to edit ur vids? just asking also amazing video :D

Dank Doodle

Bruh thats one pRo wOrLd

Todie GT

I look that like world SEEDS LOL LMAO

2kg magikarp シ

Hieno maahna se on


GO NotEvil :D

Gen Zild

Supoort notevil :) guys

Sweetsbunny PW

What name song all and noice you world bro i subscribers you Chanel but no want giveaways i subs you for fun!

laptops GT

Seeds layout

Joppe Monke

hyvä vidi

Vinny- The-Knifez

Here since 15k luv the vids

Saleh Kheralla

the world is best

Matěj Bednář

this game is dead lmao


When he says hope I don't miss place


activate windows go to settings ?


Ootko suomalainen vai muu maalaine?

Eryk Dechnig

Roy knox


Sä oot nii proo et pixelis
NotEvil:kerro kerro kuvastin ken on pixel worldsissa rikkain

Pro trade

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466 289 views | 6 Feb. 2020

Welcome back to NHL 20 BE

Welcome back to NHL 20 BE A PRO with ROSTISLAV "Rusty" NASHEROV. In this episode, we return from our 61 day injury with one goal and one goal only, to be a HERO.

Be sure to toss the video a LIKE if you enjoyed!

SUBSCRIBE➝ http://bit.ly/SubToNasher


Twitter ► https://twitter.com/thenasher61

Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/thenasher61/

Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/nasher

TikTok ► https://www.tiktok.com/@nasher


Bauer Hockey➝ https://www.bauer.com/

HockeyShot➝ http://bit.ly/NasherHockeyShot

SeatGeek➝ https://sg.app.link/nasher


Camera➝ http://amzn.to/2EOhTfk

Lens➝ http://amzn.to/2sdnLfx

GoPro➝ http://amzn.to/2E91AMX

Drone➝ http://amzn.to/2EafqPg

Game Capture➝ http://amzn.to/2C3D8qi

Webcam➝ http://amzn.to/2BhWTxV

Austin gun

Love ❤️

Todd Ryan

I don't like New Jersey devils well I like them but I like the Bruins More Because that's where I live in Boston

Randi Goupta

That happened to me I’m like leading the team in points then try to sim 3 games and get brought to the minors they should fix that

Sebastian King

Not shitting on your content but it is high key frustrating seeing you get frustrated when you don’t do things like improving your stats by training or do the things the coach wants you to do and getting skill points to upgrade your abilities

Hayden Davis

he is getting hype about scoring 4 points in the begging season, but i got 4 goals in my first game ??

Johnny Long

Click link to watch roller hockey videos.


Ben Scholz

I made the dumb mistake of requesting a trade from the blues to sure enough the Devils and i dont have the option to get traded bro :(

Kris Kringle

why did you move away from your initial plan to be the slapshot king? you specifically chose his windup for a reason but never use it anymore.. you try to hard to be the inforcer


@Nasher you have to play more games to not get sent down lines. My left wing sniper is a 95 overall and if I would not play as much as you I would still get sent down. Try simulating 1 or 2 games instead. Also your line chemistry seems to go up the more you play as well. They look at players every 10 games, so if you are only playing 2 out of 10 games even if you kill it the 2 games you play your simulated player plays like trash in the other 8 games. If you play most of your games you will shoot up to 1st line in a few weeks or a month game time.


Let's add Snoop D O F**kin Double G. Now I know EA is purposely trying to get us not to buy the game. Don't improve the game or servers........put commentary and videos of SNOOP D O F**KIN DOUBLE G IN THE GAME AS AN UPDATE! WTF are they doing? Since 1991, we were begging for the SNOOP update. Clowns over at EA. The game was laughable and couldn't get worse- IT DID!!!!

Eric Guitard

Are you on PS4 or Xbox

Lingody Manok

Do a cpu goalie shootout

John Harrison

On the note of weird be a pro rosters. Mine has Chara on the leafs

dustin riddle

I made Stanley cup in second season on blackhawks but I got hurt and was out the whole cup and we lost grrr ( lost to the devils)

Kayslay GAMING

Bro. The one time. How many times are you not going to take the one time? You had so many more goal opportunities than you realize if only you could be a team player and not a lone wolf. Use your slots ffs

Daniel Herbut

Injure Alexander #8 capitals

Rich Aulich

This has to be the worst game ever!!!!! I hate NHL 20. They didn't do anything to make it better. The online is ridiculous. I have a team that is ranked as a 95 and I lose to cheaters that have guys that are in their 70s and can score on every shot. How can I like a game that I worked really hard to get my team and to lose to some cheaters. Wow! EA you are worthless. I wish 2k would make hockey. If I can dissuade anyone away from wasting their money. Please listen to me. It isn't worth it and EA has lost a customer for ever. DON'T BUY ANY PIECE OF SHIT EA GAME EVER. THEY DON'T CARE THAT NONE OF THEIR GAMES HAVE CHANGED IN YEARS!!! HATE THIS GAME WITH A PASSION!!!


How do you do a one hander

Graham W

11:36 I thought Rask was about to drop the mitts lmao

William Strong

I’m playing be a pro career right now.

Brandon Shockley

you shod do a franchise mode

Dominic Oomen

You sim to much to stay on a good line

Jared Johnson_.



I’m on the overtime line

RayK 67


Elijah Cira

Be a pro is your best vids they are so interesting

Jared Johnson_.

Macovey is a puss

Doman Mahler

I have 102 goals 3 games left in the regular season and they still won’t let me get traded I’m the best in the league

Jared Johnson_.


Jeremiah Fowler

I just realized...last episode Rusty missed 61 days...he's #61

William Strong

I also play NHL 20 and on career but I’ve restarted multiple times and get drafted by devils 21 times and my man Jesper bratt

Josh Morris

Nasher when he plays irl hockey: let's not fight
Nasher when playing nhl: I am finding this guy and we dropping the gloves

dustin riddle

Just play last period of every game u will get more playing time

Squid Six-Nine

It’s ok. My player in be a pro had a 150 goal season and still got dropped to the AHL lol. This game makes no sense lol


Hi Nasher love all your vids

Hockey cool

I won wsh 10_0

Morgan Joe-Peters

The games are going by so quick because you have the setting on quick sim.

Prabhkirat Suri

3:24 he could of passed that to number 25 on the right side, kind of a selfish play

Griff Hill

Bruins get every call

Connor White

F***ing coach

ljuniors1 ROBLOX

Loser lol

Matthew Hall

This is showing what I've been trying to explain. These ea sports games just lack what in the moment thinking staff goes through. I sat through a penalty shootout too and scored a hatty. TF. And of course we lost

Rhys Nielsen

Just get better


I had 160+ points 4 games before playoffs injured out for 91 days it was tragic the next season won the cup though so I’m satisfied

Melinda Pokolinski

You know... if you could comment in game he should yell at the coach: PUT ME ON

Spencer Moffitt

Anyone else hear his voice crack

Mitch Cohen

How do you request a trade

Colin Plays

Why u wanna leave the devils they are my favorite team ;( ;(

ryan ablan

How did you even find the tab to request a trade.. I cant find it anywhere.

Also what is the small message symbol for bap?

Ian Franasiak

Anyone wanna talk about how his number is 61 and he was out for 61 days?

Scooter Tracy

In be a pro I got drafted by the blue jackets

Griffin Murray

I made it to the Finals against the Blackhawks and we lost the first 2 games. Then we won 4 games in a row to win the Stanley Cup!

Riley Florek

My guy broke his wrist out for 75 games

Zach Krigstein

You're so bad dude. There's so many times you could dish the puck and get the apple and you try some trash moves. I would beat you any day.

Jennifer Levine

Why can’t you just pose the game and look at your lines

Maestör Rasanen

Pressing stick lift nowadays is 95% high stick penalty.

Alexander Leon



Must say I've been loving this series, I don't play much NHL as I've only been watching hockey for about 3 years (EIHL, UK) so I'm still kinda unfamiliar with some things but this is really really enjoyable to watch

Max T

I got a few tips:
1. Play more games. The reason it keeps sending you down lines is because you aren't playing enough games. I had the same problem and even when you're a 99 overall it'll still send you down to second line. As your overall increases eventually it'll just keep rotating you between first and second line if you sim too much
2. I'm pretty sure the game gives you more XP for bank passes so if you're in the O zone corner then try to bank pass it up to the point.
3. Injuries for whatever reason are common. I play as a sniper and from the 4 or 5 seasons Ive already gone through I don't think I played all 82 games.
4. Easiest way to snipe is get the long range upgrade in the skill point thing and when you come in alone against 2 D men, go in from the boards to the high slot, once you get just a little bit across the slot aim short side. Its almost like this game's glitch goal.

Tristan27 31

We can do it guys

Griffin Murray

In be a pro in mine, Alex Ovechkin is on the Rangers!!!!!!!!!!

Justin LaMorte

61 one days out on injury and your number is 61

ME - 04IE 836525 Folkstone PS

nasher stop saying coach

Patrick Sheridan

when you demand a trade try any org you have more of posibility of being traded

Martha Brodbeck


Brandon Shockley

Nasher I love your vidows

Christer Bratli

Just got a 91 Seth Jones in a pack on NHL 2020 + 2 other rear high cards that is 86+ ?

Hockey Pro

You did hahahahah

Sebastien Quimper

DUDE stop saying youre th ace

DMN Gaming

I da have 59 points in 18

Elijah Cira

Do more be a pros pls


i noticed in be apro mode.. if youre scoring too much and getting waaay ahead everyone. the game injures you for the ai to catch up.. soo lame, i could never get m,ore than 53 games a season

Theodore Fishing

i can win 8 1 in a game

Jared Johnson_.

Oh sheet

Jennie D

I love you’re be a pro


In my be a pro I legit played 13 games in a full season. Got injured for half the season, came back and got injured on the FIRST shift back, which lasted about 20 seconds lol


Jan 19 is my birthday

Branden Park

Nasher, just wondering do you play in superstar or allstar?

Let’s Go Rangers

Random player hits rustislav- Nasher- Ur dead buddy

Philip Jones

can you make a new be a pro character pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Aden Kohn

In my be a pro crosby played for the lightening

Martha Brodbeck

I like and sub

Morgan Joe-Peters

Me a canucks fan see’s markstrom on the capitals

507 outdoors

Jack Hughes the best player for the New Jersey Devils

Trenton Berry

Hey can u be my friend nasher

lois mahan

I just want to say flip when I played the game before the finals John Tavares injuried me Avery Mahan for the pens the jets vs pens 2-2 30-36 games

ElitEKîng Gaming

You can't get traded for 6 seasons because you are a Rookie

Mason Crose

Hi Nasher, U inspired me to do be a pro. I a, a center for the........... COLUMBUS BLUE JAKETS!!!!!


You think 61 days are bad. My player was out for 87 days


go on caps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ovi, kuzy,backy,carly everyone is greate pleassssssss do it


Management says if I get 500 LIKES on this comment they’ll trade me?


Cooper Marek

What is your favorite hockey team?


hits a guy the same way everytime , still acts suprised when they call the penalty

Dashel Cohan

You should do franchise mode on the highest difficulty and try to have jack huges

Connor White

Like his own team

Griffin Murray

Hey Nasher, I play NHL 20 too and I also got drafted first overall by the Devils!


Do another be a pro I need to learn how to get the player to 90 + overall I cant play at 75 overall

Platinum Turtle

11:44 The Devils will never change their ways


Who else is watching this when he plays NHL21??

drew valente

Clickbait bro...