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8 Tips For More Volume! (Voluminous Curly Hair Routine//2c/3a curls)

26 193 views | 17 May. 2020

***Thank you guys for

***Thank you guys for pointing out the missing sound in the middle of the video! Youtube said the background music was copyright so they removed the sound in that section :( I was pretty much just saying that when I want more volume I don't put a part in my hair because when I do it tends to fall flat on one side. So i just comb back your hair instead and I get a lot more volume that way!***

Hey guys! I know it can be tricky when your hair keeps falling flat. These are a few things I do when I want really big volume for my curls. Hope they're helpful!

Find me on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/marissa_lanae/

Texturizing Powder:


Chiki Nini

Girl love how you can admit frizz comes with the territory, everyone wants frizz free hair and that’s a lot of weight on my hair cuz frizz is like the sugar to the coke and it’s so hard not to have it .

Vanessa Léon

Hello how do you deal with frizzz please?☹☹☹

Jennie Haney

Your hair is beautiful but your video is Missing audio ?

bia barbosa

Hey, Marissa!
Thank you for this content, I'm currently out of chemistry in my hair(it used to be straight) and I feel like I'm a kid again learning everything about my hair haha
Keep up the good work! Kisses from Brazil <33

Daniela Garcia

Could you do a review of the rizos curls line?

Katerina Fantini

A big part of your audio is missing, when you explain how you diffuse and about your part.

Nancy Davis

Hard to follow with the background noise this loud ?

Iveth L

I'm so glad you started this YouTube channel. I usually watch 3b type hair videos or curlier. I also have 2c3a hair, and am just learning about the correct products. I have thin hair but a lot of it and I recently chopped a lot of it off from down to my butt to my shoulders because my hair was so damaged.

KrissyKayIndigo 1111

Hi, thank you for your video. What is the best deep conditioner for protein/moisture balance? We have similar curl pattern. I big chopped 14 inches in February, and it's growing beautifully, but I'm feeling a little too moisturized all of a sudden

Erin Blaine

You have my dream hair ??

Zoe Russell

I can’t seem to get over my moisture overload: my hair definitely feels over-moisturized but even after using a lot of protein in all my products (especially stylers and deep conditioners), it still won’t stop feeling mushy and won’t hold a curl.

Christine Love

Nice video ? but there was no audio at 4:09 seconds ?

April D

My hair is curlier than yours but I love yours more ? it’s sooo pretty. And idk if I was the only one but the sound went out towards the end ?

Sukanya Poddar

Hiii Marissa,can you do a video on your hair journey,would love to see it

Jessica Beirne

Gel on dry roots helps too. I’m surprised more people don’t do this!

Groovy Grandmama

Did my first wash day yesterday since starting the curly girl method. I have mostly 2 c but some 3 a curls. I did leave in conditioner, curl cream, and gel, and tried to diffuse, but I didn't really know what I was doing, so put it up in pineapple and when I woke up this morning it was a stringy mess. I tried didn't in more help and water, but it was so over moisturized, the curls fell flat and I ended up wearing it in a pony tail. Could you do as video for a very beginner with fine hair?

Ana Paula Ovalles

Omg your hair it’s so beautiful ~~ I hope my hair looks like that when it’s grows pass the shoulders tho

Loulwa Alabdulhadi

Im so glad I found your channel i have the same hair type as you ❤️❤️


Your hair is so beautiful! Great tips! Thanks for the video.

Reshmi Thomas Lenin

You have beautiful hair.. May I know if you cut your hair at home? If yes, could you show us how?❤️❤️ New subscriber here??

Chiara Capuano

Hi Marissa, I have quite the same curl pattern as you and your advice was really useful. Especially when you said to apply all products with your hair upside down! Thank you very much and greetings from Italy

camila lamberty

you should do curly hairstyles video :)

Zero Waste Curls

Wow your hair looks amazing!!


More volume - wow! You have made a believer out of me!!! And so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!!

Minna Uyeda

I love your makeup look here. You should do a tutorial on your pretty, natural look.

Sara Thomas

Love your videos but idk if it was my phone but I could hear anything near the middle.


I enjoy your videos so much because they are very helpful and clear and you have such a pleasant, engaging personality. Great, smart, useful videos - thank you!

Djusta N

You have beautiful hair!!! What kind of haircut do you get?

Chiki Nini

First person that I listen to when they say subscribe.

Carol Fudali

Which hairdryer and diffuser are you using please?

Cati Orozco

How do you keep your hair from frizzing when you diffuse like that ?

Joce C

Thank you !! I love you and your channel !! You really help me with my 2c/3a curls :))

Anna Rosa LaVecchia

Finally, someone who has the same hair type as me! So glad I found your video. What a great help!

Puteri Aiman

you’re so gorgeous. i wish to have healthy hair like yours. just recently bought shea moisture shampoo and conditioner, i hope it will work on my hair. thank you for uploading this video! ?


I need to try that Aussie gel you’re talking about! Do you use dry shampoo? If yes, which one? :)

d s

Hello ,what is your hair color?

Ramon Rosario


Iveth L

I wanted to ask if you can show which type of haircut you got to achieve the end result shape. Every time I go to get my hair cut with several people, I end up with too much hair and volume at the bottom even with layers

safiyyah hatahet

I want ur hair so bad lmao. Currently experimenting with products. Also, have you done a curl refresh video? I would love to see that <3


Your hair is my dream hair!!! For some reason, on one side of my hair, it's 3a-3b curls and on the other side, it's 2b-2c. Is this my natural hair texture or can I do anything to make the curls the same? It's embarrassing to wear my hair natural like that.

Pauline Eaton

? Hello! Love the video!! Use followsm(.)com! It would help you get your video near the top of the search results.|Hey there! Great channel. I think that you should take a look at followsm(.)com! Since I started using it on my other channel I’m getting way more subscribers!}

Destiny Pogue

I just wanted to thank you so much Marissa my curls use to be flat and did not have volume now they have so much volume and im look forward to see some more curly hair video's from you. Ilu ???

HeyElle09 C

Thank you so much for sharing this tips! Would you mind if I ask you which shampoo would you raccomend to someone that is starting a curly hair journey? Thank you so much!

??? ???? ?

so so happy i found you!!! i have 2c/3a hair and its very similar as the underside is 2c and the tops of the hair spiral and become more 3a but since lockdown my hair has been a lil limpy and i def need a trim

momma V

Insanely beautiful hair!! A women’s hair is her glory. You are blessed.....don’t ever go short.

Francia Aguilar

Can you please write the part of the section of not parting your hair??? due to the sound being shout down i think that part is súper importante please i love your hair❤️

Albana Bejko

Your smile is so beautiful??

Misty Gay

There is an issue with the volume on the video. At about 4:09 the volume cuts out.

Alexa’s Curls

Moisture and protein is def soooo important. If you have an overload it's just going to lead to limpy hair.

Sarah Mag

What's your opinion to cantu products?

Jill Wilson

I wish I could hear you

Primadonna Queen

I'd like to know more about your hair journey. I'm currently still transitioning and these type of videos always help to motivate me to keep going.

Naomi S

Hi, could you do a video on tips for creating balance when the underlayer of your hair is a lot less textured than the rest. My hair is not quite as textured as yours (I'd say a 2b/2c type) but the hair at the very bottom is barely a 2a on the best of days. Often end up having straight ends sticking out from under the waves. Maybe its more of a cut issue though, idk. Thanks!

eva skye

your hair is STUNNING

Sakina Kharrubi

Loved your vid!! Thank you for all the tips! And your hair is killinnnng meee!! In your vid from 4mins in the audio gets cut until 6mins in. xx

Lucy Wall

My hair is so temperamental. I think I have too much moisture in it, what protein mask did you use? x

Bruna Pessôa

Wow!! I loved it!! The result was great. I will test it on my hair ❤✨


My hair is really thick and kinda curly, idk if being Native American has anything to do with it but a lot of my hair isn’t actually “curly” just really wavy, but it looks curly when I diffuse. Most times my hair is fluffy on the top half but flat at the bottom half ?

More volume

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Tip: How to Get Louder Volume From AirPods or AirPods Pro!

207 316 views | 11 May. 2020

Whether you just want to

Whether you just want to turn the volume up louder or you think your AirPods or AirPods Pro actually has a volume *problem,* AppleInsider is here to make sure you get the loudest possible volume from your earbuds.

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Jamil Miah

Oh i fix it I just put in my case and connect and it worked

Pablo González

Tf you want louder volume on the pros when you got ANC



James Life

I just got air pods pro and I think the audio quality and volume is terrible. I know with Bluetooth headphones, the audio is not going to be as good as wired headphones but they’re very disappointing. They’re brand new and I’ve tried all of the above including foam tips and nothing has impressed me. Audio quality is set to very high on Spotify and still the sound is lacking. Transparency mode isn’t as good as people say it is and the noise cancellation isn’t amazing either. Overall disappointed for over £200

Cauê Hannouche

47 seconds! Lol

Moises Hernandez

I’m really debating whether to get airpods 2 or the pros , anyone have any suggestions for me ?

Byron Gaming

Mine mess up on ft

Anicodeaufo 59

Only thing that worked for me was cleaning out the ear wax...

MIG Group

Stop fooling yourself with obvious settings!! Post IOS 10 Apple weakened the Bluetooth stack protocol!!! That’s it

Ryan Murray

i've tried all the tricks and tips and it definitely increased the volume some but they're still waaaaay to quiet. to the point where i can hear my footfalls while jogging and can hear myself half singing along.

Jenny and Dillon Shearer

Can I have some AirPods


Louder?¿. I have the volume limit on. If i turn it off and put the volume to max. I feel like i’m gonna die bruh. Airpods pro’s are too loud.


Also if you go to your EQ for Apple Music if that’s your music app preference you can set the EQ to “???” and that increases the volume just a bit.

Nisa PDX

If you guys are still having issues with your AirPods pro (or any AirPods) despite updating to the most recent software, try performing a hard reset... I was having tons of problems with mine that primarily revolved around Bluetooth connectivity, slow or inconsistent charging and sometimes one AirPod not charging at all. It was really annoying, but after I performed a reset, the issues seemed to have stopped and I feel like the noise cancellation and audio quality really improved as well.

Also, when I say 'hard reset', I mean to uninstall your AirPods/remove them from your list of Bluetooth devices and re-initiate the manual pairing process again but this time, hold the pairing button on the back of your case down for a full 15 seconds first until the status light goes from blinking white to blinking amber. This is the equivalent of a hard reset for your AirPods and will hopefully solve any issues you may be experiencing too.

Ken Ostrander

I have 2 issues...1-they don’t fit right with any of the ear tips....2-the ringer is REALLY low.

Nobodyy :

My audio is too louddd tho


I had a OnePlus 7 Pro and the volume was ridiculously low. Went back to IPhone X and it’s great again and sound quality much better... Take care...


More like tips on how to accelerate hearing loss lol

Irshad Hasan Ansari

1:28 Why i cant see volume limit option in my iphoneX ? Please help me

utube lurker

in my opinion, spotify provides louder audio than apple music and greater sound quality


Not bad.


i got mine like a week ago and ive noticed that the volume has decreased, and by a lot. i now have to listen on full volume and it still is kind of low. someone help me


This isn't helping me with my Android

Jon Cell

Just stitch to Mono Audio audio ?it gets very louder for me on my pros.

Fatima Al jaber

Remove the low battery fully it makes it louder trust me

Ayur Bhatta

One of My AirPods has been giving a tinier sound than the other, can anyone help to fix this?


Nice vid

Bad Boy

No justice No peace

Its Alan

My AirPods are being weird rn the noise sounds to high pitch sometimes

Marady Peou

I thought that limit the sound was like android ... Which you get a warning but its actually limite the max volume.

Manuel Villalta

Anyone has problems with the sound quality on AirPods Pro? I feel the AirPods first gen has more bass on it and my new AirPods Pro sounds poor. I was waiting for more bass experience but at the moment this headphones has disappoint me

Audenim Oshea

Anyone here to learn how to turn it DOWN. I just got mine, and they are so damn loud. All I can find are videos on wanting to turn them up O_O

Hadi Yasir Abdelhadi


Eduardo Mosqueda

Why does my air pods keep pausing Nd un pausing my music

Anthony Crawford

Loud earphones:;use sound check on? Earphones get louder? Headphones turn sound check off?

Super Gamer Gem


Imogene Adams

Thank you. I’ve searched quite a few videos trying to figure out how to get the volume higher on my AirPods. Thanks for all the options that actually work

juan iglesias

CLEAN , just clean

Marshall Thomas

First comment

Parker Rill

Love your videos!

KLipz Gamegaming

For some reason my left air pod is not working

Jake Dunlap

Awesome tips and tricks! I have had no issues with my first generation AirPods. How long do you think these AirPods will last? Do you think Apple will drop compatibility for them or newer iPhones come out or iPads?

Jim Devilbiss

Have you heard anything regarding ANC over the ear headphones from Apple?

Juan Hernandez

The encouraging samurai morally dam because snowman microscopically harm for a omniscient buffer. staking, left bay

eleonora ferragni

my earphones are way louder than my airpods ngl

che sagun


Manuel Boyer

Go to settings music then EQ switch to LATE NIGHT AND IT WILL BE LOUDER

Literacy Volunteers HBPL

I hate you!! Don't go so fast!


Just a tip: To go accessibility and audio/visual, and u will see headphone accommodation and turn it on. Go down and u will see a slider bar with 3 words called slight, moderate, and strong. Turn slide it to strong it u need a dramatic boost! That’s it!

Like if works!?


They should fix the mic quality of the AirPods Pro.. it’s really not that pro.. instead it’s quite amateur.

Sofia C

Thank you!! I've done almost every way to try to fix it and see every video on youtube and I could not get the volume fixed. I tried playing music, lowering it, disconnecting, and making the music louder method and it worked!! Thank you for saving me a trip to the apple store.

David Vota

My iPhone 12 Pro Max is lowering the volume on my AirPod pro to protect my hearing
How do I disable this?

Squishy Avocado

This is one more comment to make it 69 so


Theses are awesome, but I know I will drop them in toilet or something soon.


Jailbreak boosters are way better

Creed Hopper

i was wondering why my volume sounded low and it was max.. it was because i accidentally messed with the decibels and set it at like “noisy as a restraint” the first like min helped me and a lightbulb clicked haha. this video was amazing ?

Dan Buac

I’ve had to get Apple to replace my left AirPod twice and my right AirPod once. It’s ridiculous as I’ve only had them over one year but they handled it just fine

I love marvel 1

Yeah my airpods sound like half ear rape rn only well watching YouTube tho idk why

Keith Jr

Memory foam changed my life with the pros. Very cheap on Amazon

Angel Saíd Ferreira

the cheaper ones with cable have more volume ??

Sophia Ruisi

Nothing in this video fixed my AirPods

stewart hart

We dinosaur audiophiles NEVER set the volume on any & everything all the way up
All the way up to 11 will give you over modulation (distortion) because the amplifier is over driven


AirPods pro needs more Bass

Benjamin Robinson

do you think that apple will upgrade the airpods pro? because I have the og's and i want to upgrade but I don't know if I should wait, what do you think?

More volume

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18 148 views | 1 Dec. 2020

Hi everyone! In this video

Hi everyone! In this video I will show you guys how I get volume in my hair when I straighten my hair. I like more of a natural volume but I also give options if you want a bigger look. I will be using my Eva NYC tools to achieve this look.

#helloimeva #evanyc #spectrum



Eva NYC Spectrum Blowdryer (ULTA)


Eva NYC Spectrum Styling Iron (ULTA)



-How To Curl Your Hair With A Clamp Curling Iron


-How To Curl With a Flat Iron


-5 Minute Curls



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cynthiadhimdishair

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/cynthiadhimdishair

Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/tpbbao/

FTC: This video is sponsored by Eva NYC

Every Haircolor

I wanna try this?

Ken Leung

I straightening my hair using flat iron I using chase method with bristle brush,only 1-2pass on each section.

Jennifer Ivette Flores

how come every time i use a hot styling tool my hair always smells like burn, i have good quality tools, i just don’t know why it smells like that :/

Em Yeu

I LOVE your tips! Your styles are so practical. You make me wanna try this at 3:30 am

bilkees fatima

Hoping to see your makeup tutorials

bilkees fatima

You make things look so easy.. its always a challenge for me make my hair

Chezamoonangel AiEmma

I click so fast, love your videos ?

Strawberry Waffles

Who else’s hair lowkey looks like it’s glued on ur head when u straighten it?

Just me ok

elizabeth Ivy

It seems so simple to just straighten your hair up but I have never even thought about that for volume! Deff a new routine from now on!!!!


so gorg!


Great Video!
Could you eventually do a "How to curl your Hair with a Wand - Tutorial" ? ?

Michael Smith

teribel no hair flipping

3009-Rukaiya Sultana

Which haircut do you have??
That's so nice??


oooh perfect - i will try this for sure x

ahamed casa

For Girls only, a month ago I went through a very difficult period of exams, and I almost failed all the tests because I used to spend long hours in front of the mirror all day, but finally I found a solution that Every Girl Needs on this site www.toocomfortable.com

priscilla gutierrez

You have a nice even hairline