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17 901 views | 27 Jan. 2018

Hey guys in this video, I

Hey guys in this video, I talk about the Telcoin (TEL) cryptocurrency, my Telcoin price prediction, and my Telcoin review 2018.

Telcoin is a cryptocurrency distributed by your mobile operator and accepted everywhere. In this awesome video guys I explain why Telcoin has so much potential and is one of the best cryptos for 2018. I go over Telcoins vision, technology, chart analysis and team. I touch on how to buy Telcoin and where to buy Telcoin. I evaluate Tel coin ico crypto and make my Telcoin price prediction and it provides a very nice Telcoin review 2018. Thanks for watching, Have an amazing day!


*This is not financial advice just me sharing my opinion with the world*


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Chinedum Okafor

Telcoin is going to be huge


Dent vs tel

Beesk Peck

well said!

Euresh Paudy

Why this coin is going down? Any idea?

daniel itshaki

great video. thank you

Миляуша Арсланова

Best token TELCOIN! x100 in 2018-2019 years. AIRDROP http://telcoinairdrop.com/tokenairdrop




Ну что, все успехи прикупить telcoin (tel)? Ракета на старте! Кто не успел, их аирдроп на крайняк telcoinairdrop.com/airdrop

Ahmed M

this coin has alot of potential,


Even if Telcoin is just used in parts of Africa and Asia this Coin will be huge. Love the concept of Telcoin!

Sky's The Limit henry

Telcoin will do fantastic this year, buy now or cry later, this coin has much "VALUE"

Katia Krivolapova

Многие говорят, что Tel в этом году круто взлетит и повторит судьбу Verge по росту.
Я получил немного монеток в ихнем аирдропе http://telcoin.pro/coins
Ну теперь буду надеятся что вырастет в раз 100)

Vincent Evans

this is weally weally stupid that grown ass ppl are actually listening to this child who is talking like he is in pre school

Haydee Z

Hi Can you please do an updated video on Telcoin as they have progressed immensely and it is about to go Live to serve millions on remittances


Top token TEL! 1$ in december 2018. Free distribution http://telcoinairdrop.com/airdrop

Nafis Rahman

your mindset is really healthy - its like ripple went up to 2 or 3 dollars over time. so a 50 percent loss at this time isn't really that bad if you believe in the technology.

Катя Шкурат

Best cryptocurrency TEL! x100 in 2018-2019 years. Airdrop telcoin.pro/token

Saran sam


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Telcoin get listed on HitBTC now !!!

Randy Brown

im hodling 50k telcoins fingers crossed the team pull it of i see the need for this

Анастасия Лактионова

Знакомый трейдер сказал что Телкоин готовится к конкретному росту ) немного прикупил на Кукоине и еще получил в их аирдропе telcoin.pro/airdrop Жду РАКЕТА ТУ ЗЕ МУН :)

ahmed makki

So whats ur price prediction?

Jackson Summers

Thanks everyone for the support! Comment below what you think of telcoin


Я думаю что Telcoin в этом году может дать очень много иксов! Так как Verge в 2017 году) Я получилн бесплатные токены http://telcoinairdrop.com/token Еще немного докуплю на бирже, теперь сижу, жду роста. Хочу 100 иксов)

Арина Кравчук

Good coin Telcoin! 1$ in december 2018. Airdrop http://telcoinairdrop.com/airdrop

Nafis Rahman

you were right not to buy at that time lol. its at 0.0035 ish right now. I just bought 40,000 tel coin for about 135 dollars

crypto bbq

You got that right, kid

Odys nobody

Real life usage creates a demand ....is useless to collect coins lol eventually the value will drop if they not used ...

James Wallace

Thanks Crypto Kid, great info!!! I'm holding TEL COIN - we'll see...Good luck to you! I recommend to buy TEL coin, these unbelievably LOW PRICES will not last long!


I suggest you look at the Russian review for this coin, include subtitles and go!;)

Kevin Landsman

So, what is your EOY prediction?


The Crypto Kid how to get token ! token sale is closed?

Al DeTrolio

Telcoin is offering a solid way for people who fear crypto to easily get involved in the space without having to fully commit to a sharp learning curve, and without any big fuss. They can easily just click a button on their phone, enter their debit card, and--- BANG--- they are now in the world of crypto. Those who cannot see the vast potential for a coin like this have no vision. (like this slow minded dude "All Time Low" who posted below me.) ...he has no understanding of what creates value. (or of the many ways it can be created.)



William Sanderson

If they go public with and promote all the deals they have I think this could have a Ripple type move within 1-2 years

Bitcoin Bangkok

Many people don't have the means to get a bank account or access to banks but access to a mobile phone..thats big, but the problem relies on the mobile network provider accepting telcoin


is this coin still good?

Rob S

Great Vid Thanks!

abdulla Albader

اللدغة نااار

Maria Smirnova

Лучшая монета в этом году это Telcoin. Отличная идея лежит в ней. Должна прилично вырасти! У них бесплатная раздача монет на март намечена http://telcoinairdrop.com/airdrop


Anyone here have 1 million TEL, lol?


is telcoin can hit 0.5 cent in future??? like 2018 last

Greg Kienle

What is the point of telcoin? Nobody is actively accepting coins as currency... As explained, why not just pay in Fiat? We don't want more middelmen. Works opposite of block chain technology.

Алла Романенко

Telcoin!!!! Сделает 100 иксов за этот год! Скриньте! Ура ура ура http://telcoin.pro/coin

gheorghe marga

Я думаю что Telcoin в этом году может дать очень много иксов! Так как Verge в 2017 году) Я получилн бесплатные токены http://telcoin.pro/token Еще немного докуплю на бирже, теперь сижу, жду роста. Иксов 50 должен сделать!

Joao Fernandes

400,000 Tel this way...

Toker Place

Многие говорят, что Tel в этом году круто взлетит и повторит судьбу Verge по росту.
Я получил немного монеток в ихнем аирдропе http://telcoin.pro/coins
Ну теперь буду надеятся что вырастет в раз 100)

Insurepal coin

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How Blockchain can change our world by Vinay Gupta

3 317 views | 4 Jul. 2017

Vinay Gupta is the founder

Vinay Gupta is the founder of Hexayurt.Capital, a fund which invests in creating the Internet of Agreements. He was instrumental in creating the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, project managed the Ethereum blockchain platform release, and invented the hexayurt refugee shelter. His areas of expertise include disaster management, energy policy, and computer graphics.

Find out how TNO works on the development of blockchain technologies on https://blockchain.tno.nl/

Insurepal coin

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Insurance and IT veterans to use ICO, blockchain, smart contracts and social proofing... (InsurePal)

377 views | 8 Jan. 2018


00:00 -


00:00 - Intro

00:39 - Matt Peterman: 20 year history in private equity fund management,

02:22 - Tom is also a founder of Adacta Group

03:42 - InsurePal: A next generation of peer-to-peer insurance

05:01 - Studies confirm that highlighting positive norms

05:42 - Insurance based on social proof gets 30% less claims.

08:19 - Early adopter of blockchain technology:

09:22 - InsurePal’s Initial Token Offering & Crowd-Sale

10:44 - An ICO with Governance

John McAfee said on Twitter that InsurePal is one of the most creative ideas he has seen in the social media token arena, and we agree that this ICO (Jan. 16 2018) which is offered not from a start-up but experienced team of insurance, PE and IT veterans, surely stands out due its filed social proof patent and disruptive potential.

InsurePal CEO Matt Peterman has a 20-year history in private equity fund management and has spent the last 5 years in insurance fraud detection. Co-Founder Tom Volk is also a founder of Adacta Group, one of the leading IT companies in Central and Eastern Europe with 27 years of experience in developing and implementing business IT solutions and employing 450 professionals.

InsurePal has set out to disrupt the global $7 trillion insurance market with a new blockchain-based model using "social proof" methodology. The challenge with the insurance industry lies not only in their structural inefficiencies (30% of premium is used for antiquated back-office, systems, marketing), but that "good, diligent and responsible clients are over paying their premium (up to 80%) on the account of the bad ones":

* $45 billion lost annually just in the U.S & Europe because of fraud

* 10% of all claims are fraudulent

* 65% of all fraudulent claims go undetected

* Premium leakage (misrepresentation of real risk) is 15% or $29bn p.a. globally

* The top 1% of insured end up overpaying their premium up to 80%

* InsurePal aims to reduce fraud, overpricing, premium leakage and offer major savings

InsurePal has designed a next generation insurance based on social proofing (or, in other words on peer-to-peer endorsements), fully harnessing the power of blockchain innovation. They work on a self-regulating platform, merging the know-how of a classical insurance and innovation of a social proof peer-to-peer endorsements on blockchain, which work on as a principle of a third-party deductible. Risk-prone individuals will be automatically excluded or motivated to change behaviour, and so InsurePal can offer significant cost reductions.

The fact that a person is prepared to give another an endorsement with an imposed financial obligation gives the insured client a much greater credibility. At the same time, it also motivates him/her to act more responsibly, knowing that the financial burden of their unwanted behaviour will be felt directly by their endorsers.

Apart from insurance experts, the InsurePal team is made up of dedicated blockchain experts with a track-record of successful crypto projects.

InsurePal's Initial Token Offering & Crowd-Sale Jan. 16 2018:

* Filed-for-worldwide-patent innovation brings relevant advantage

* Peer-to-per-model enforces responsibility and self-regulation

* Smart contracts used for premiums and claims adjustment

* Millennials are often obliged to pay tremendously high premiums in different lines of insurance. At the same time, their affinity for technology is reshaping the marketing space, and 30% of millennials would rather invest $1,000 in Bitcoin than in government bonds or stocks.

To continue, InsurePal's ICO comes with higher-than-average Governance and a unique competitive advantage through their filed-for-patent innovation: All third-parties wanting to adopt the social proof methodology in insurance will be obliged to use InsurePal platform solution.

Systemic Chaos