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Why You Should NEVER Become a Twitch Affiliate

336 625 views | 18 Nov. 2020

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So with Twitch announcing that you can now buy affiliate status through a Monstercat Gold subscription - I thought it was high time to make a video about being a Twitch affiliate. The Twitch affiliate system has always bothered me a little. I'm an older partner on Twitch since 20012, and I was used to people going straight to partner after working for it.

Affiliate sets out the wrong goals to pay attention to when people should be paying attention to creating good content for a successful stream on Twitch. It focuses on arbitrary metrics like view count, total hours streamed, etc. Successful streamers focus on creating value and in this video I also explain why affiliate is a poor choice for brand growth on Twitch.

Lots of Twitch heavy videos but the Monstercat affiliate program inspired me to make this video. If you're interested in how to grow on Twitch, how to get affiliate on Twitch, or if you should get affiliate on Twitch, this is a video for you.

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Editor / Videographer: Zoid :D

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0:45 This is the MOST confusing part of this program. When I looked it up, what I got from it is that you can't stream to two platforms AT THE SAME TIME when you are a Twitch Affiliate. For example, when you are a Twitch Affiliate you can't stream to Twitch and YouTube at the same time but you can stream to YouTube as long as you are not doing it while streaming to Twitch. Also the Please correct me if I'm wrong but the exclusivity is only for 24 hrs. After that you can repost the Stream you went Live on Twitch to any other platform ??https://www.twitch.tv/p/en/legal/affiliate-agreement/


As an Affiliate on twitch who only streams because I enjoy it, I think affiliate isn't that bad of a deal. It hasn't affected my streams whatsoever, all the points made in this video are still valid though. I have earned £40 out of £100 to get the payout and while it is frustrating, again, I stream for fun, and all that money is from people who genuinely want to support me. I won't stop streaming for a good while as things are going because I love it! so when that payout eventually comes it'll be rewarding. I know that twitch takes quite clearly an unfair amount of the money, however, I have frequently promoted my own Patreon page and my normal streamlabs donation page as an easier option for me receive (almost) the full amount, however, viewers see twitch as a far easier medium to support streamers on, for example, twitch prime subs, which aren't available for non-affiliated streamers. Another thing I want to add is from my personal experience, almost ALL of my most loyal viewers are ALWAYS competing for more channel points, I think its a very fun and creative way to get viewer engagement and interaction. of course, I'm only talking from my own personal experience. Please know this is my own personal opinion, however. You just have to take into consideration what you want from streaming and make a decision based off of that :)


Wait.. Does this mean you shouldn't partner as well?? Or is he saying to skip affiliate and go straight to partner when you can

Gamer Prawn

u r one of the smartest ppl I have seen... nice mic tech also... I appreciate u.
now, u got a spine or u one of these clout chasing conformists who would never thrown in with a badass like myself bcz of a fear of failing to win a popularity contest?


dontAMVme come watch me play some spellbreak y’all one of the best games combat wise atm in current times IMO


I have a question if anyone can help , in the vid he says that when your affiliate on twitch you can’t multi stream , does that mean I can’t stream on YouTube or fb at all ? Or just that if I’m going to multi stream , I have to not be live on twitch?

King Goblin

Oof just became affiliate today crap guess my dream is bunch of crap


The thing is, I’m streaming as a hobby and have no intention of making it my full-time job, but I would love to be affiliate because I want to use channel points to have fun with viewers. If I don’t want to make it a job, does it make sense to be affiliate?


Bra dont you have to be an affilate to become a twitch partner... what are you talking about


on second thought, I don't want to be a 28:30 Serious meme


shit...how do u get out of it..


Welp I wish I saw this like two days ago

Gamer Prawn

only the tech industry would dare make a POS TOS's that violate human rights... we pay to be slaves. f'n absurd.

Dalton Bridges

Thank you, Devin Nash I'm a very new streamer and this actually gave me so much perspective.


Brilliant, surprised to see you're not soaring above 1M subscribers with content like this. Well said & well executed, thank you for the insight!

Roddy Rivera

So glad I found this, specially when I'm sort of getting desperate because I'm close to getting affiliate.


What if you have no plans to multistream anyway? Engaging with chat is really important to me so I'd rather only be interacting with one chat at a time.

shoulin ttv

pay to get affiliate has ended now


Well I mean I was discouraged because I wanted to be affiliate like my friend and I’ve been streaming close to the same time as him but don’t get views or followers but now this motivates me to officially quit?

Colton Matthew

Isn't it commonly noted that duel streaming is a bad idea


me, already a twitch affiliate ???


Sound advice.


Was going to say alot of videos I watch sub for emotes and to watch...


I think that affiliate is not a bad contract or a meme just not right for everyone. I am taking a lot of them in whether I should become an affiliate or not.


Thank you. I had no idea that this was even an issue! Really is sleezy, almost seems like twitch intentionally takes your growth to keep you under that $100 mark so they can just make money off of you. Thank you for saving my stream, I was going to take affiliate and had no idea

Gamer Prawn

utube shadow banned me for years without telling me BCZ I OBEY THE RULES & LABELED MY STREAMS 18+ (economic terrorized for following the rules.. lmao. absurd).

the tech industry owes me so much backpay.

now utube tells me they will advertise on my content while not paying me.

Gamer Prawn

These companies have, utube included, are time murderers. 6 yrs of my life has been stolen by these horridly criminal negligent. MY LIFE=IRLBLACKMIRROR
the entire tech industry has murdered my life with wasting my time. slavery u pay to be. no rights. no protections. nothing reasonable. POS TOS are violations of human rights... time to burn these corporations to the ground.


How long does it take to hear back from twitch to cancel your affiliate?


im so glad i watched this before it was too late. thx for the video :D

Gamer Prawn

CCU? lmao. You have to be disingenuous to have that many CCU... have fun be a conformist enabler that vilifies honest streamers.... oh wait, just be girl; bang, u paid.

Cutie Booty Vibes

Here’s a question that maybe someone can answer. I am a Youtuber (not gaming related) who just so happens to stream on twitch for fun as part of my branding as me, the person, and not necessarily a branding focused on me, the streamer.

Is not going affiliate still a good idea?? Essentially, I didn’t even plan on coming to YouTube for gaming so I was going to go affiliate on twitch but now I’m thinking that it might not be in my best interest for my brand building?? Idk if that makes sense. I am just trying to build a brand off of Cutie Booty, the person and not my gaming persona. The two are related but gaming is just a piece of the entire package, not the whole thing.

Gamer Prawn

I love ur intention, my man. ;-) fist bumps. lets podcast.

Gamer Prawn

Twitch is stupid. I am more qualified to run twitch. These tech companies are drunk and need to give me the keys.

Anton Kulish

never had an Ad on twitch while watching russian affiliates and partners)

shoulin ttv

once again it has been revoked to buy affiliate it no longer is available ive been grinding for 2 years not affiliated yet

trevor stroud

Wow....this is seriously good stuff...ty!

Colton Matthew

Not me just becoming affiliate :O

Yajaira Barron

what could you do once you you've become affiliate

Joseph Meads

Wish I saw this two months ago :/


thanks for the information but your whole premise is discouraging. I personally will still prefer to be an affiliate, I want emotes and that's it. everything else im not heart set on

Mr Dancy Pants

I disaffiliated from Twitch after watching this.
My channel points are now through Streamelements and do the same thing.
My bits are now paypal tips.
My subscriptions are now through Patreon.

I lost only lost the convenient UI buttons and gained more control, more money, and the ability to restream to YouTube and have my streams not delete after 60 days.

100% worth it.


This is bullshit unless he means partner, affiliate is the best thing on the platform

Brent Hutchinson

Also you can stream on other platforms just not at the same time. Exclusivity is for 24 hours only.


Is this still viable after 2 months?


bruh i just became affiliate legit , last night , i created emotes and shi , and then i see this :(


This information was pretty good until I saw you had gone through became an affiliate then went on to obtain partner and are not showing any links in the bio except for twitch streaming.

Andrew Alliance

As I was watching this, I contacted twitch to offboard my account. Thanks Devin.

Josiah LaChance

i specifically want stream team creation for competitions in video games. its not "useless" and because a "meme" exists for something doesn't mean anything. The amount of times you reference "memes" is concerning.


Well I don't think some people stream for money. I stream because it makes me happy and I can communicate with people who watch me. I also made a discord server so I can do that with ease.

Dillon Chavez

So basically. Just give up and don’t stream. Quit.


iev got one question, if you are an affiliate then you have the requirements for partner, can you become a partner?

Andres Sandoval

Thanks for all the good info.


I was grinding for affiliate and this video gave me a wake up call. I almost signed up for it but found this just in time but the problem is I have always wanted to multistream but can't find a way to do it for free.

Gamer Prawn

I am in the top 1% of total time streaming... I been raising the world's children everyday for 6 years for nothing.
All I have to show for is fatigue & the purest of hatred for everything & every "human being".

I want to tell u of my nightmare but all of this has alrdy murdered my potential.


this guy pisses me off, he feels like he knows everything while talking about complete bullshit for only views. Affiliate is easily the greatest thing on any platform, free cash without being massive

Sam Proof

I've been saying a lot of this over the past 4 years, telling people to multistream, etc. For a very long time our channel's focus was Mixer and when Mixer went away it looked like Dlive was going to be our new home. But after certain changes growth on dlive shuttered and Twitch has sky rocketed. When periscope closes, twitch will be 50% of our Followers and somewhere in the 50 to 60% of our live audience.

So at this point we are going forward with the affiliate contract in April.

I will say this, the things you dismissed because "you can do that on Patreon, emotes don't have value, channel points etc" You're looking past one major benefit; People are lazy and will do the thing that is in front of them. For 4 years people have asked how they can sub or send bits. Every time we tell them they can sub via Patreon and tip via paypal (streamlabs), and it has about a 5% follow through rate. When the option is built in to the video/chat that they are in they're more likely to actually do it.

Devin Nash

A note I forgot to include in this video - a lot of people are commenting that Twitch Affiliate (and partner) exclusivity applies on a stream-by-stream basis. AKA, you could stop a Twitch stream and then stream immediately on Youtube afterward. This is true. So you could do a M-W-F Twitch schedule, T-T-S Youtube for example. People need to realize this IS exclusivity, and Twitch is intentional in their wording here.

Livestreaming is already an enormous time investment compared to all other forms of content creation. Sustaining multiple platforms on separate days is ultimate brand dilution - you will get nowhere. Twitch knows this and limits you from restreaming because they understand the power of brand diversification. They don't want to take that chance that you perform better on another platform. They want to lock you in so you gain traction on Twitch or no where.

No streamer in the top 10,000 has succeeded by creating separate streams at separate times on separate platforms. My recommended strategy here is to FOCUS - but only after you have the data. If you restream to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc - you will know in 1-3 months what is performing for you. You then make a more informed decision. In marketing this is split testing. You always split test because it gives you more relevant data. In brand building, more relevant data is always good.

Do not sign a contract giving away real value and rights in exchange for the $50 Twitch throws at you for your 20 subs. That is not good business. You are worth way more than that.

I'm not trying to sell you anything, and I don't care what platform you end up on. What I advocate is for you to make informed, data-backed decisions on where you build your brands. Don't follow my path and definitely don't follow Twitch and their "achievement" program. Work out your own salvation.

Eric Toll

Then do you think partner is worth it?

Dylan Meegs

I'm seriously trying to find a reason why I should listen to someone who has to second guess themselves om 10*2.5=25


how do you get money for streaming then ??


This is huge so glad i got this recommended to me


Pay your taxes lads

TainoWolf Gaming

I always understand that the affiliate program is a scam but then how would one obtain similar type of next level as a small streamer?


Ok so for new twitch streamers how would you about the donation part? Do you just let twitch call it donation and claim on your taxes as tips or what?


Good points, while watching this video i already sent a ticket to twitch requesting to remove my affiliate status.

Primarily the Ad argument got me, fuck people having to watch ads before getting in..


Really amazing video! I appreciate you a lot! keep up the great work friend :)

Extra Fat

good thing I'm on the right track ?

Rogelio Brown

Fuck what if my parents do the taxes and I get subs to paypal.


Man, read the regulations again, affiliate's can stream on others sites wtf xd

Hotwings12 On twitch

I’m going to become a AFFILATE for channel points emotes and subs that’s it


LTT is a twitch partner since forever and he doesn't give a fuck about twitch rules lol, Linus streams to Youtube, Twitch and Floatplane at the same time on Fridays for 90 minutes straight for the last 3 years hahahaha.


I appreciate you uploading this the information Is helpful

Kidd Sno

ive been an affiliate for about a year, what should i do


A lot of good insight here, but I think you've gone too far off to one side saying that EVERYTHING is useless. It may not be useless for many people, but something like a Stream Team, for example, can be really valuable to people using it a certain way. You seem to be caught up trying to make your point and thus dismiss literally every aspect of Affiliate as negative instead of actually analyzing all those things. Just say you don't know and move on instead of dunking on things just to further your point.


All these bots in the comments?

Krypto Kent

So what if I’m doing nothing to deal with building a brand or don’t care as much about revenue, but just to build a community? Is it okay to accept the affiliate program if all you wanna do is to stream for fun or as a side hobby? Cause from looking at all of Devin’s knowledgeable points, nothing really deals with my situation.

Ryan Martinez

On the vod thing, you'd also think they'd have easy access to server storage since they're parent company fucking IS the cloud storage market right now

Mark Clauson

I'm late but out of curiosity do people watch VODs much? I don't but I dont want to assume I'm the norm


how do i make my money and why woluld i stream on another platform anyways?

Kat Hopfer

Just got affiliate today......?


ngl this video is kind of bothering me. this guy is telling you to not become affiliate, but isnt realizing the actual good parts of it. it increases audience engagement, increases your networth in twitch, helps you navigate the pros of twitch more and all-in-all helps people infinitely. sure theres some downfalls with the payoff but if youre in it for the right reasons this video shouldnt pursuade you on anything


God Bless You.

Gamer Prawn

lmao... I am the most powerful advertiser in the world & they banned me.. fucking morons.

JEFREY Wouters

How to get a sub button then?

Hotwings12 On twitch

Him why you shouldn’t be a AFFILATE me/ goes on to be a AFFILATE

Gabe A. Maher

Me seeing this after I just got affiliated lmao that sucks

Brent Hutchinson

Don't listen to this guy he has no idea ,, I am an affiliate and make a good income from Twitch. Don't be discouraged.


oh god, thank you for telling us

Mew :?

Bruh i want to earn money lol

CptStickey Muffin

I just discovered this video as I have been grinding for affiliate, now I have a lot to think about. Thanks Devin, I appreciate you!

Dark Sniper

Thank u very informative for someone like myself who’s just started a month in on streaming and doing my research ????



Kody Courtney

Love how this guy has no idea what he’s talking about but he thinks he does it’s funny to me.?? There are many successful streamers on twitch honestly more than YouTube even tho it’s a bigger app.


Do anyone have any notes to copy? :<

Gamer Prawn

twitch fucks over the smartest ppl alive... smart ppl monetize shaming the failures of tech companies, using the very tech that fucks us over... cheers. heh heh


try reading it properly its for 24 hurs only

1k Bhop

The first 2 things are partly wrong the contract states that you cannot multi stream and you can still brand yourself with other sites ? just can’t be full time streamer on one sight and part time on another

Colton Shanley

So glad I caught this, I’ve streamed once on twitch and been hearing the kids talk about grinding for affiliate, and it sounded too easy lol. But I’m trying to build something solid over a long period, I work full time but I know I have what it takes to make content with value for people , and I’m glad I know now . It’s like signing to a record label , if you already have a brand and following of course they’d love to take the reigns and get paid off your hard work.

the beba show

Is this still relevant 2 months later?

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Song by Handsome Price CEO at Chief Records “Work”

4 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Handsome Price CEO at

Handsome Price CEO at Chief Records

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the REAL reason Jeff Bezos stepped DOWN?! PSYCHIC READING

21 727 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Why did Jeff Bezos step

Why did Jeff Bezos step down as Amazon's CEO? Is America's most popular billionaire (trillionaire?) hiding a huge secret?! What about his ex wife MacKenzie Scott? Or the new amazon CEO Andy Jassy?

If you'd like to send any tips or donations to support me you can do so here, thank you: https://bit.ly/3aRm4WN [paypal email: [email protected]]




☆★ Personalized Video shoutouts







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Website: https://bit.ly/2ZvNIE8

These are for entertainment purposes only

#amazon #JeffBezos #Tarot

Melissa Moonchild

Sun- cap
Moon- sag
Rising- aries
Makes sense for someone financially aggressive. Hes probably more strategic than vengeful, naw mean?


it would be interesting if Jeff Bezos started another company like amazon___competition for amazon, before christmas they were offering $18/hr here in Pittsburgh, PA area, the workers should be paid more, sometimes they only work 3 hours a day, who the hell can survive on 3 hrs a day, unless you live with your parents

jk m

Omg!! I LOVE you!!


Could you possibly do a reading on Adnan Sayed? It's been a while since the documentary, would love to know what the cards have to say about it.

Jenny Zaczkiewicz

He only has feelings for money and business. Emotion's are only in these areas.

Stacey Evans

@antphrodite please do Orrin and orson West the two boys from Bakersfield and moved to California city with adoptive parents. They have been missing since December, no leads have been done and the case is very weird and would love some insight into what happened please please....Ps we love you very much ❤


t e a h o n e y

Karen Parsons

Armie Hammer, please!

Victoria Rosales

I've heard a lot of bad things about the treatment of Amazon workers even some of my friends work there and it just seems... so bad...

Emerald Lotus

He didn't want to take the heat anymore.. protesters showing up at his homes...

Jeannette Blaniar

The negative traits of the Capricorn Sun sign come through very strongly, that's for sure.



ML Lopez

Fem dom, Pay pig??? What the heck...I no speaky daht languahge.


Sees this in my recommended: "Interesting. Haven't seen this person before" * click video
antphrodite: "My youtube channel is for my fellow nosy ass bitches who wants to know what's going on."
Me: *Subscribes and clicks the bell "Spill that tea!"

CappyCap CappyCap


Dolsie Mercado

He is frugal, or tired of people presuming he should alway pay for everything and that person asking never puts in a dime for the cause. Screwing the next guy over is part of Amazon management style. Mrs. AOC proved that several years ago and won against him. If their is anything kinky it would of come out through Lauren Sanchez camp ( her brother tried to extort money from Mr. Bezos). He has plenty of money to take care of a 5th child if it arises to be his.


Armie the cannibal please

Denise Mcgregor

The white hats are taking his assets allegedly young boys maybe


Something I’m curious about is the cadence with which you spoke of “children” here versus how you spoke of them in your reading on Ellen Degeneres. You seemed much more disturbed by the latter honestly. Here, it’s like you’re puzzled, and there are weird arrangements going on, but it doesn’t seem like the darkness of it overtakes the reading. Would you feel there’s a reason for that or is that just your mood? What I’m wondering is if what you’re picking up on there is that he likes to feed off of “young” energy from the offspring of wealthy families (sort of like a court of nobles who pay tribute to the king) who are technically legal but SUPER naive and energetically sparkly, so to speak. They end up drained and he carries on. I can’t help but think that with that level of wealth, unless someone has a real purpose in their life everything becomes empty because there is nothing to strive for, only the game to be played, and people to screw over. I found myself really spiritually exhausted after listening to this video FYI. I said it in my other comment, dudes a vampire. I want there to be justice for underpaid Amazon workers.

Drea Nicole

I love you so much! By the way, ever thought of doing a tarot class?? I would pay the shit out of you for that!! I’m just learning tarot on my own and you’re actually the reason why. You are soo soo amazing and talented. I really hope you’d consider it. Sending my love and light ?

Bethany Fury

Id love to see a johnny depp/amber heard reading. Armie hammer and Marilyn Manson/evan Rachel wood.

Anne Suire

I am not surprised regarding Bezos!. Great reading.

Jacqueline Parker

I wonder if this relates to the mass of other ceos stepping down right before covid hit to avoid losses and accountability.

Jess-Isabel Harris

Hard not to be confident when you’re the wealthiest person in the galaxy

Cheryl Werrbach

Does anyone else see the satanic ritual card? Ant is getting it.... but not seeing the child sex ritual - JE island shit. It’s right there. I see a whole spread that looks like Satanic ritual... He’s being blackmailed for the videos that were seized on those laptops. There’s a little girl that was sacrificed. He left because he’s been arrested.


Before I even watched this I had a hunch that he was stepping down due to his assets tied to child sex trafficking, like many elites... and viola, right on!

Luis Baltazar

Some of the Amazon workers are trying to start a union, they pay low and treat people miserably, if the ball stars rolling and it becomes a national movement it might be one of the biggest new unions.

Renee Frances

He is a Capricorn. The only thing he cares about is money. Period. Narcissistic definitely. He is a cutthroat business man. Smart yes for business I guess. I know a lot of people who work for amazon and the conditions aren't the best. Sometimes I wish I can be a heartless person who just wants money but its exactly why I'll never be rich.

Joana Rodriguez

Baby girl, have your ever thought about reading the Weeknd? I always get these vibes off if his work as well as WHAT happened between him and Selena Gomez!!!

Elizabeth Hylton

Look up Amazon megacycle. Probably the strike/pay issues you’re seeing ❤️

Meg Jones

that was so good

Drac Vlad

Hi, I would like to get a reading but I'm not sure what to do. Your website says the readings are out of stock. Is twitch a good idea? I've got love, family and career questions all in the same time?. Where do I go to get the reading? Please anyone answer because I've already asked and haven't got any answer.

Mary Kate Crowe

ant that was genuinely terrifying


He’s a Capricorn by the way. Which makes sense.

Vividly Tanya

I wonder if he’s going to go after Trump now!? Trump started crap with him and exposed his infidelity. ?


Okay the second you brought up the child thing I had to stop watching the video and comment so know that that's the point I'm commenting at I haven't seen anything after that but the whole time you were reading him saying something was going to come out about his weird fetishes I just kept thinking to myself this guy doesn't know anything about the pages YouTube scrubs about the Awakening and bringing John Epstein and what Donald Trump was really doing to get rid of the tunnels and a human in child trafficking and the Satan worshipping Jeff Bezos was involved in all of that in fact when lockdown happen just Sue private plane was flying into Australia at 2 am. And Australia is the hub for elite and celebrity pedophiles and where they were hiding after on quarantine at the height of when they knew they were going to get caught and exposed problem is now that the new world order is in control of America they don't have to hide anymore they know that their leaders and friends are in control and we're all screwed

Jessica Lambert

Will you do a Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon reading? Please please please!

Jenny Zaczkiewicz

He is wanting to avoid being personally sued

Barb H

Having zero feelings must be a wonderful trait for pedophiles.

RevelGirl 1

Interesting as always...but, ru feeling ok? Sending positive vibes for health your way.


Him: "Why am I pulling children, all over this?" "hush money."
Me Looking at those odd rumors floating around the internet: ..." Possibly?"

• BS •

Can you redo a Britney reading? ?

shelly jakes

Great reading. Bezos plays the long game, he
keeps receipts

Shelly Thom

Love ur channel and the lighting changes you do.

Mz Clementine

The workers are talking about unionizing. Talk about your assets. There they go.

Rose Angelo

As a followup to this, pa-leese do a reading on Lauren Sanchez.

Hope Martinez

Doesn't take care of his workers.

Casey W.

That's right, Jeff. You have a kid. Now pay me.

Jasmine Dashan

He is childish for leaving that shit for someone else. Coward move in my opinion.

Blue Lotus

I have had dozens of downloads about him and Amazon and trafficking.

debby simon

Ant, you are absolutely ADORABLE!!!! And PRECIOUS!!!!!

Jasmine Dashan

Me and my homegirl had a whole conversation about he is trying to escape before something hits the fan or he is running before something comes out.

debby simon

What is a daddy dom? Please explain to this old lady, lol!

Michele Proano Kressin

Child Trafficking & assets being seized. Trump signed an EO that anyone involved, would have their assets seized.

Michelle Dee

He has no soul cause he’s either a robot or a reptilian. Deep State player.

Lady Truth

Love Anti's queen cave...the pink is fabulous dahleeng!.

Rodrick Steal

So I'm selling the Amazon stocks and buying more bitcoin


could you do dogecoin??.:O

Rainbow Melody

No tea no shade... but he reads like a sociopath skdgdkdhs oh wait, let me act shocked that the richest man in the world gives me that energy.

Elisha Hilker

Hello Nosy A.. B..... lol

April Hare

Can you do one on Bill Gates? I'll bet he's a robot too.

Sora IV

I’m sure you have already looked but his Bday is January 12. Capricorn (earthy, career, money, responsibilities, cardinal, etc)


If you look into the CEO of Overstock he has bailed and jumped too. His had something to do with espionage I believe? It was briefly on a mainstream news channel. CNN or Fox not sure. He was panicked and disheveled and stating he was glad he was single and had no family because they would be targets as well. Not sure what I think of this!! It was about a yr ago. Forget his name. He’s in hiding and handed over his company also.

Reese Malott

He just opened one of his buildings to the homeless.

Pearl chiappine

Their all going down!!!!

Anne Sy

so basically he doesn't mind watching the world burn XD

Anjelica Hutton

I wish you would do a reading on Marilyn Manson


You are so accurate! You are fantastic!

Stacey Janeway

Omg I worked at Amazon and they actually want you to be a robot and holy shit you are really good at this!


Paypig bezos


I’m only a few minutes in but when you say assets I know that him and his ex-wife had a settlement over and she got like a big percentage of the company maybe that could be what is coming through but I don’t know if that’s already done and dealt with (someone correct me if I’m wrong )


woman, gossip, lies, real life soap opera

regi m.g

He’s a Capricorn lmaoooo makes sense


His exwife KNOWS alot and GOT alot of money in divorce recently. A woman scorned is scary

Max S.

I saw cards like this come up in a reading once. Turned out the person was a child predator. He had that same robotic energy and had very few emotions. When I read his cards, it was hinting that he was also hiding a child with a new woman behind his wife's back. I kept telling myself while reading the cards that I have to be misreading them, and this has to be a cosmic joke. I still tell myself this because it was too damn creepy. As far as Jeff Bezos, I would not be surprised if he got his new woman pregnant.


when will ppl realize these sick pedophile billionaires that run our world are satanic. ritualistic abuse of children does open ppl up to demonic possession in exchange for money fame and greed! another epstein

Sage Earp

He's got more money than anyone, he literally has nothing to want for, no wonder he's a robot person. He's the human embodiment of the corporations as a person. He thinks all the money is his even though he could and it wouldn't matter.

Tree seer

Lol am a definitely nosy ass bitch ?

Irene A

Ant Love the reading!!!

jk m

My first visit to this guy's videos. I love his personality!!

Bethany Fury

I get the gut feeling that he had a fling with someone (possibly same gender as him) who was underrage at the time of the fling. Hes a narcissist and sociopath on top of that.


not me sliding into daddy bezo's DMs ???


JB stepping down because he has enough $ to last his lifetime and beyond...so why bother working?

FollowUr Joy

Guuuuuuurrrrrrllllllllll ?️??️

Nicole Louis

Elite, sex trafficking, abuse, sacrifice. That's what they do. It's disgusting. Maybe a clone. Good reading., thanks. Look up, Donald Marshall. Hope they are all exposed.


That awkward moment when you work for amazon ?

Lindsey Burns

Hi can you do a career reading for the kpop girl group gfriend please?

mini brand

Shit I just started working for Amazon to I've noticed them sending a lot of people home even my boss is worried ? I love this job to so many good people

Regina George

Crazy how people still wonder whether these people are decent or not as if its even a question anymore. This man just became one of the richest people on earth while literally everyone else lost work, family, builsinesses and themselves. F*ck Jeff.

natalie garavagno

Jeff's tower crumbled because of his criminal activity...

Jeannette Blaniar

Baby, you are reading a narcissist. Be careful with this one. Do a good cleanse boo..uuuuck...You definitely don't want that type of confidence either babe ugh this is a good reading as always, Ant but damn....some of the evil energy that you have to read, to do these...ugh...You are protected babe ????

Javier De Haro

Can you do a jack Dorsey reading? Nobody does them! Would be interesting because he looks like he's a sociopath

Anjelica Hutton

OMG Armie Hammer and the whole cannibal thing ..that would be a reading

montana lloyd

Would you please do a kylie Jenner Travis Scott relationship reading?

David Last name

God it's the mega shifts I bet

Nanci Ramirez

When you said "Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh" I immediately thought Bezos is a CP.


I would love to see an updated reading on Britney Spears! I’m sure you already plan on doing one at some point. With the documentary & her conservatorship up for review this year, I’m interested in what the cards/universe have to say about it all. #FreeBritney ?

Devon morrison

He is working w the devil

Pat Howard

The person I envy is Jeff Bezos' ex-wife...she got rid of him and grabbed half of his bazillions all in one fell swoop. Lucky lucky her.

Aymara A

Ant this read!!!!! I’m shook. Loved it as always?