Nano figures

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360 Swag Review: Jada Toys Nano Metalfigs - Marvel Avengers 10-Pack

8 201 views | 24 Oct. 2017

Jada's new line of diecast

Jada's new line of diecast miniatures have that old school, durable feel!

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Nano figures

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Jada Nano D&D Figures Unboxing and Review - Are they any good?

4 126 views | 23 Jul. 2020

OK for what they are, but

OK for what they are, but not great for D&D miniatures.

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Buried Axblade

bigger means less choking hazard?

Demon Overlord

I agree with wanting the beholder wanting

Magus Tobias

To answer your question of who the target demographic is; they're cheap minis for cost effective casual play and/or to get younger kids interested in playing. That's my best guess anyway.


The toy rights probably prevent them from stepping on the prepainted plastic minis toes.

Aresh Septango

Too bad they arent individuals wouldnt mind a source of cheap statue terrain, the singles are super cheap

Justin Brown

Idk, might get that dargon. A lil TLC he'd be pretty cool to use.


Face it, these were made for kids. Kids like D&D. Toys can be a gateway to the game later. Still that beholder looks cool. Loved the video.

Riley McPhee

This is like when you asked for Mario World for Christmas and your grandmother got you Bunko's World 2000 for the Super Snega Cube.


Happy they didn’t do an Owlbear. Deserves better.

Brian Phan

Just by looking at the title screen, those look really bad.

Gene Wade

I found them, along with the beholder set, at my Walmart for $2. I bought a few of them, their ugly but they will work well enough for me.


I've felt for a long time that a 1 1/2" grid is superior to 1", figures like this existing is one of the bigger reasons. It reduces clutter and clashing between figures on the table, 25mm truscale figures look really good on 35mm bases, and you can get away with using things that weren't designed for a dnd grid more easily.

Stuart Skellams

I can see these being big with 10-12 years Olds playing DnD at school but outside of that I'm sad to see the scale is off

Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord

I got a bunch of Micros awhile ago as they were $0.24 cenfs a pop, I also got a Hogwarts tower for $5.


I can't help thinking the name "Nano Figures" is a bit redundant when 2mm figures exist.

Daniel Ramsey

Big Question though...Why WAL-MART?!


I have seen better Macdonald's kids toys then theses


Yep, about what I suspected and what we talked about. Your response to these is the same as mine: okay for what they are, but not useful for me, and we were on the same wavelength about what these *could* have been. Certain solo figs I *might* repurpose as golems or ogres or similar, but I'll need to find them at Dollar Tree first. Great review, thanks!

Groovy Dude

I got it for the Beholder and it doesn't look terrible at all in hand. It was only $9 compared to this set. The other minis are way too big, but as side characters my group doesn't care much about scale. Might get the Dragon, but he looks a lot worse than the Beholder.

Michael Mistretta

Oh man I am just noticing the Majin Buu tiefling.

Caleb Webster

Thanks for taking the bullet for us. Making the sacrifice for the community so we don't have to ?. All hail, Blandco!

orrin ellis

why do this? distribution to get it into view of a wider audience. presumably the shiny paint is cheap, and draws the eye on walmart shelf.

Mad Martigan

These look better than railroad minis, but on par with dollar store army men. Somehow worse than those Wizkid models with cheese like hair. TBH if you are on a budget then this is about as good as it gets for figs under $2 piece. Side benefit is they also have the license for a bunch of other brands if you want an epic cross over at the same scale.

Andreas The Devil

I have been looking for this video for years

The Crafting Brothers

Thanks for showing this... I was thinking of trying them out, but now I can save the money.

Joseph Russell

We want more bro keep up the great work

The OG GM's Adventures.

Link? to where you found them


Nice Review! Thank you for help us save money! uahuahuuahau

John Paine

Is there a way to strip the dragon without ruining the plastic wings? Because with some green stuff and without all of that thick paint it might not be bad.

Logan Earnest

If I was given the entire set, I would probably only keep the Beholder. The rest is going straight into the trash.

Dungeon Miser

You can strip and repaint, but it's just not worth the money, time, or effort.

Michael Mistretta

i've seen better quality in cake toppers lol.


Maybe buy it for my 2 year olds to play with as toys hopefully that beholder looks better probably pick that up

Marlon Deason

The target market for these figures is moms and grandmas who know their kids are into D&D but don’t know a lot about it, don’t have a lot of money or wouldn’t know where to find a game store. The scale thing and the bases could be to distinguish these as ‘toys’ and not infringe on the ‘miniatures’ license.

Jerrad's Nerd Guide To Everything

I've got 2 of the 3 sets and for $5 for the regular, $10 for the beholder and figures or $15 for the dragon with figures there not bad. There made for someone who cant afford 30 to 50 bucks for a high quality dragon.


They had some crappy Harry Potter figures that looked like these in the Pound shops a while back.


I always wanted D&D minis done by micromachines.


Hmm...I thought Jada toys had quit making nano metalfigs but I was wrong I guess, it's back to collecting them again


Them's some shiny guys


Regardless of what I think of these quality wise, I will be getting the full dnd line assuming they release the others in a timely fashion. The low price and indestructible nature means I can throw them in a bag and not have to worry about them being damaged or destroyed. The scale difference sucks, but they were cheap enough to collect massive amounts of over the course of a year or two.

Demetri Night

I was at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. I found a package called a "Dragon Value Pack." They have at least 2 of each type of chromatic and metallic dragons. They are slightly smaller than large and too large for medium but they have a strong resemblance to the the exact dragons in the monster manual.

They are available on their website for $5. (Also picked up a bag of unicorns for the same price.)


I've stripped the paint off a few Jada minis and they look so much better unpainted, the paint is so thick that it obscures a lot of detail.

If you don't wanna just toss them in the trash, you could strip them and use em as statues.

Nano figures

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All Lego Micro Minifigures - COMPLETE COLLECTION!

102 732 views | 6 Jan. 2018

All Lego Micro Figures -

All Lego Micro Figures - COMPLETE COLLECTION!

Timestamps for Nano Minifigures included in this video

1:05 - Iron Man, Hawkeye, Nick Fury & Captain America

1:28 - Shield Agents

1:50 - Ant-man

2:11 - Jack Sparrow Voodoo Doll

2:28 - Emperor Palpatine Hologram

2:51 - Apollo Astronauts

3:08 - Generic Coloured Trophies

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