Lightning trades

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Lightning trades J.T. Miller to Vancouver Canucks

1 133 views | 22 Jun. 2019

The Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning have traded forward J.T. Miller to the Vancouver Canucks.

Alien Hockey Speak

Tampa management is very cleaver

Lightning trades

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Lightning Fast Order Entry with Keyboard Trading

6 193 views | 18 Mar. 2019

Lightning trades

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Did The Tampa Lightning Just Get A Deal With Brayden Point’s Contract? - Tim and Sid

49 272 views | 23 Sep. 2019

Tim and Sid react to

Tim and Sid react to Brayden Point’s new deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning and how it compares to other RFAs.


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Brandon Narayan

That’s a loooow QO.

Point took a quite a team friendly deal. Winning is a magic elixir Tampa has been close and super successful the past half decade. When you have won it’s easier to take less.

Josh A

This puts more pressure on the guys who are still sitting RFA's, yes take into Florida State taxes for biz but guys like Matt Tkachuk who isn't on Points level yet imo wants more money then the currently better player, I want all the boys in this year so we can have a good competitive season.


The Lightning have Kucherov, Stamkos, Point, and Hedman signed for a total of $32.05 mil AAV. The Leafs have Tavares, Matthews, and Marner signed for $33.5 mil AAV.

Hunter Jackson

Deals looking pretty good rn not gonna lie lol

Joey Pereira

Its 3 years, if its 6 or 7, it's over 10.

Giants Fan12

Marner’s deal looking a bit rich right now lmao ?

Henry . .

He makes less than nylander and spurgeon.... yes.... the lightning got a deal.

Mehmet Scholes

Dubas has a rep among the agents of being soft. Shanny hired him cos he looks smart but during negotiations it’s cut throat time, not necessarily who the smartest mofo is

Petter Sjölin

Everyone talking about how Marner screwed his team, but no one is talking about how it all started with the overpayment of Matthews. He should never have been over 10 mil!

Patrick Gosse

When hayes is higher paid then point

Matthew Barnaby

Tampa Lightning

Daddy Tube

20 million 3 years is alot cake guys, come back down to earth.


So many dumb comments in here. Bunch of know it all arm chair GM's.


Tampa also got the UFA steal of the offseason in Shattenkirk. $1.75m for a dman that will drop 40 points on that team.

The Salonen

Uuuu Toronto just FUCKD it up AGAIN

Blair Taylor

It is an oversimplification... but just to illustrate. Marner @ 10.893M paying 54% tax rate in Ontario nets $5.01M. Point in Florida paying the max income tax rate (since there is no state income tax in Florida) @ 6.75M paying 37% tax rate nets $4.25M. It is more complex than this but shows the advantage Tampa has in signing players.


But how does this affect the Leafs


Leafs' cap problem all comes back to the JT signing - $11M AAV. He did not take a "hometown discount" but the Leafs want their young stars to do so. And what did the young stars say? No fxxking way! And the Leafs have no choice but sign them to similar AAV as JT. The moment JT signed, I knew the Leafs will be in cap trouble. And they will continue to have cap problem as long as these big names stay on their team.

Ryan Kipnis

Point had hip surgery?

ramms mutter69

This is good for both him and the team. That’s called loyalty and selflessness. He took a good payout to stay with team when he could have gotten more elsewhere.


Don’t be a weak gm. You have to be aggressive with players so they don’t try to get an overpaid deal. Great job with jbb


This is a fantastic deal for the Lightning. That being said it's much easier to pull off for their organization compared to the Leafs, the weather is great, it's pretty low-key, and it has fantastic management and front office personnel. The most important part that people forget though? Taxes. You better believe Canadian teams are paying premiums to keep the big guns, because those contracts get railed by the system.

Phil the thrill

So, honest question. How much (money) does Marner take home; average per year, and how much does Point take home. No tax is obviously a factor here, I’m just wondering how much? Thanks to anyone willing to share his 2 cents...

Jeremy Hewitt

No they didn't get a deal.. the leafs didn't

Shaun Mattice

Short term yes, long term no.

Stamkos- 5 years 8.5
Gourde-6 years 5.1
Johnson- 5 years-5 million
Killorn-4 years-4.4 milliom
Hedman 6 years-7.8
McDonagh-7 years-6.7
Vasilevskiy- 9.5

Sergachev 1 year left-RFA next year

The only contract that will help is Ondrej with three years left. But a guy who put up 91 points and can continue to produce at a similar rate, he's probably going to ask more than 6.7.


Will they redeem themselves after the greatest regular season/playoff failure in league history?????


I think it's idiotic of people to compare Point's contract to Marner's. Is he making less? Sure. But it's because he also took half the amount of term too. Point will be making more than Marner after his 3 years are over with.

GMs do one of two things when handing out contracts to the elite talent:

- Give them more money , but the player takes a longer term.

- Give them less money, but the player wants less term.

It's not hard to understand , people.

Paul Thompson

The thing is there is no winning formula when it comes to the playoffs, sure having a stacked team can help but it's just about lucky really, getting hot at the right time, having the refs actually do their jobs once in a while.

John Gianfrancesco

As a Tampa fan I love when we do A+ work that shocks the league but holy hell do we need a Cup. Stamkos and Hedman aren’t getting any younger.


yea but in 3 years points getting like 12 mil a year


kid dubas got played like a little kid


Been saying this for years... Best organization, we literally " make it work" so proud to be a fan. Lesssssss Go!!!!

FaZe Papasito

its a great deal, but you can't pretend he will get anything below 12M when it ends


Lmao, Dubas is HORRIBLE. Seriously, how old is that guy? What a joke!

drew dawg

Still waiting for Tampa to win the cup with such a stacked squad

Mahoney 87

He's only got 3 less goals than Matthews ??

Umaer Hassan

Tampa has spent roughly 33 million in their top 4 players including an elite defenseman. Compare that to 40 million for 4 players in Toronto. They definitely know how to sign their players

Tom C

St. Louis caught lightning in a bottle? Wow, these guys are clueless lolol.


We need to dump Laine for a guy like Ristolainen

Insert Gaming Here

Lmao, "The Tampa Bay Lightning... We'll figure it out." Genius.

Jess Koffman

Marner was offer sheeted. He didnt accept, but you can bet the numbers were higher than what he signed with the leafs for. Point made it clear he wouldnt even look at offer sheets. That makes a difference.


i think after brayden point's 2020 stanley cup playoff and finals performance, his contract has aged well for TBL ?

Jah Manoog

They got a deal, he is solid.


The saying is, 'Real G's move in silence like lasagna'. Not whatever baldo said.


Tampa Lightning

aaron stratton

well said .. shocking.. players who have never won a series.. 11 + for kids.. tamp with trophy winners under 10 .. LOL

Adam Dew

He took it because guys like stamkos and kuch arent taking home stupid salaries, pressuring the young talent to follow suit.

todd schrader

Yes WE will GO BOLTS

montreal canada

Nice game Mari I like

Rational Thinker

How did Tampa pull this off.


Kyle Dubas continues to get bent over.

Thomas Didymus

Sid, the Blackhaws WON 3 STANLEY CUPS in 2010, 2013, and 2015 and they had to figure out how to pay guys. Sorry bud...Tampa has done a great job, but if they would have beaten the Blackhawks in 2015 and didnt choke this year they would have much bigger problems and most likely wouldn't have been able to pay their players. I can't believe you couldn't reach this obvious conclusion...HOW MUCH DOES Sportsnet PAY YOU TO BE WRONG?

J Towns

It’s most impressive bc they are getting these guys on great contracts NOW. Most “great” contracts were signed years ago- Crosby, Mackinnon, Marchand, etc. etc. So maybe one day we will look back and think the same of the Mathews & Marner deals

Francis Baumans

No magic there, have you seen Florida’s tax brackets vs Toronto’s?


Are you kidding?! This "steal of a contract" will be completely untradeable come deadline day. And the Lightning will be trying to sell by that point, because they're about to faceplant like they did against Columbus. If they had done what they should have over the summer and burned their entire organization to the ground, starting with Julien BriseBum and continuing until they've disposed of all the failures stagnating on the farm in Syracuse, then maybe they would have been good again in five or six years. Now? They'll be lucky if they make a playoff appearance in the 2020s.

Meekins Stefan

This aged well, Tampa in the finals in 2020 & Point is a major peice & dont have Stamkos.. Leafs get slaughtered by the Blue Jackets in the QUALIFIERS that had magnificently less skill then they did when they swept Tampa , Lightning realised cant do it on skill alone so i think the Leafs should take notes.


Be prepared for a much better Florida Panthers team !

Farqy Classic Gamer

It goes to show you that Tampa's a team that wants to win. Clearly the other idiots care about money. Point knows he will get a huge increase after 3 years probably in the range of 12 mil. Prime opportunity to win here get the cup then get paid big. Also a possible hidden meaning to the contract is the hip surgery gave Tampa that extra bit of contract leverage.


Can someone explain to me the 9 million final year and qualifying offer


Word has it the players projected to be drafted in the first round want to be taken by the Leafs, because no matter who their agent may be, they know that at the end of the entry deal, they can take Dubas to the wood shed as RFA. I would caution that the Leafs won’t have the cap to do it though.


So once all of these cheap bridge deals expire and these guys finally want to get paid, what happens?

Chris D

Ridiculous until they get get this tax situation fixed I wont watch another game in this league.

Fair my a$$


Leafs is full of greedy assholes :D


It’s a deal now. I bet it won’t be when he re-ups in 3 years.

Chris Murray

Clearly Toronto overpaid again.

Rick Robitaille

Mitch you better light it up

neonBLACK4 48

Is the title of this video suppost to say “steal” not “deal”

Pro Plat

Marchand should be suspended for this

Mark McCormack

Tampa playing chess while Dubas is playing checkers and getting owned by his players. ?????

Phil Belec

Any time the Leafs look stupid is always a good day.

Thomas Cook

What does this mean for the Leafs? Please tell us...you guys NEVER talk about the Leafs..

Kevin Crabtree

I'm SO ready for hockey to start so we can stop talking about boring ass contract drama.

Zach Green

Team is loaded. Way better value than Marner and that’s coming from a die hard Toronto fan.


The explanation is simple: There's no state personal income tax in Florida.


LOVE MY TEAM, But they break my heart constantly

Andrew Ruggiero

I'm gonna argue that joe sakic set the standered with Nathan MacKinnon, he set that standered a long time ago. Like 3 years ago when he knew what he had and could get it for dirt cheap.

Bamboozled Dog

Lol Dubas

Wade Anthony

mathews gets what bergeron and marchand combined get...marner gets 4 million more than brayden point. nylander got more millions than goals last season..in a salary cap world ..leafs are screwed..

Maxime Côté

Audio is trash i changed my headphones to make sure but nah just trash

M4str Qwief69

No it’s a horrible deal. Marner contract a steal. I’d be pissed if I were point.. lol

greg binkowski

If point signs either then Florida state the taxes be lot higher. The cheap contract really reflects the salary in a way...if he goes to Winnipeg...Montreal..Toronto..he be asking for 12 mill due to taxes. With 12 mill let's say..he actually take home maybe 8.5

Joey Pereira

After a player is signed, the CBA needs to make sure that each player, makes the same amount when signing. Example, kucherov makes 9.5 over 8, because of state, city, provincial and country taxes, Marner would have signed for 9 over 6, in a city like Tampa, because of the tax differences. That's what needs to be fixed. The citys, states, provinces and countries wont do anything, but the nhl can. That would be a true equal opportunity for every team. The hard cap is better, but not necessarily good. Of course Point signed that contract and he won, because he didn't give up arbitration rights, which teams love or UFA years.

Wayne Ellis

Better player than Marner for less money....go figure !!!!!


We don't get enough credit in TO for the important work we do to help push Player Pay & Ticket Prices UP. We should take more pride in getting pay up- Marner $65mil guaranteed by age 28, Babcock $50mil, Nylander guaranteed >$42mi, David Clarkson 37mil etc. The real goal for us is to get enough money to a few so they are satisfied. I'm concerned that we are not doing enough as recently players have not seemed very happy- we can do more !!

montreal canada




al m

Amusing how Ferris went to the media stating Marner just wanted to play for the Leafs...and is why this deal got done...lol...

Isaac Christie

they got the steal of 2019 contract wise they are set for the next 3 years

David Mendez

so u already have stammer, kuch, hedman, vasy.. and now u get point at 6 mil/year. sick.


Well Marner is stupidly overpaid. Dubas is weak GM, plain and simple.


Yes. But more importantly, TO got screwed rofl!

Salvatore Ambrosino

Tampa Bay Lightning, “We’ll figure it’s out”

dave lindsay

over paid ..THE NHL can not survive with these over paid players .... 100 million future top cap .. only five teams making money...

al m

Dubas can't negotiate big contracts, plain and simple.

Sadly, it's too late.