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Loopring (LRC) Price Prediction || New Price Target!!!

1 900 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Here is our latest

Here is our latest Loopring (LRC) price prediction. This is our newest price target for Loopring (LRC). What is your price target for Loopring? Let us know with a comment in the comment section.

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Star Patrick


Xx Xx

Love LRC Dex& wallet. Used it and liked it so much from saving on the fees I bought in for long term hold. How could this not go higher? LCR seems like it is flying under radar. People complaining about gas fees and the answer is in LRC.

Tarzan 227

Sir can you please do one on mana decentraland ?thank you for your time and input.

v v

bitcoin goes higher and LRC goes higher. Done. no silly graphs needed. Bitcoin falls LRC falls.

absconder ie

I'm expecting it to double it's marketcap. Layer 2 solutions, eth fees are way high.

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Price Floors: The Minimum Wage

121 531 views | 26 Feb. 2015

Price floors, when prices

Price floors, when prices are kept artificially high, lead to several consequences that hurt the consumer. In this video, we take a look at the minimum wage as an example of a price floor. Using the supply and demand curve and real world examples, we show how price floors create surpluses (such as a surplus in labor, or unemployment) as well as deadweight loss.

Microeconomics Course: http://bit.ly/20VablY

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Christine Marie

Agreed!  Except for one thing:  That the minimum wage only affects a small percentage of workers.  In fact, those people who are currently making above minimum wage take it in the shorts when the minimum wage is increased.  If they don't get a corresponding increase in their pay, they might just end up making minimum wage themselves for their previously higher value of  skills and experience.

Helena Rose

We are supposed to have a raise in the minimum wage to reflect inflation. Imagine if people were still making 25 cents an hour in 2019?! What a lunatic.


There are other positive effects of raising the minimum wage:
1. More low to mid tier goods and services are bought, increasing the demand for laborers in the production of those goods and services.
2. Corporations that pay below a living wage have a harder time pricing out local and well paying businesses, preserving higher paying jobs overall in those sectors.
3. Less tax money is needed for programs such as food stamps and welfare.
4. Workers are less economically distressed, being able to more easily pay for goods and services beneficial to their health, productivity, savings, and ability to invest time and money into making their own businesses if desired.

Brett Anon

Wouldn't a large increase in the minimum wage just cause inflation? Businesses would just adjust their prices accordingly, and everything moves up in nominal value cost.

Helena Rose

701,000 Americans currently make minimum wage. This also does not include people who are paid service salaries - $2.13 per hour.

Helena Rose

20.6 million Americans currently make under $10.10 per hour.

Helena Rose

76% of people making under 10.10 per hour are white.


I'm confused as to why price ceiling lies below the equilibrium whereas price floor above that?

Andrew Hohne

The logic here seems very straightforward.  How would an economist -- or someone else familiar with basic supply and demand economics -- who is calling for a higher minimum wage respond to this argument?  Would they say that the benefit to the employed minimum wage workers would outweigh the detriment to the unemployed?

Matthew Saxe

Does your economic philosophy also endorse trickle down? We know that there are many factors that you are excluding.

Helena Rose

50% of people making under ten dollars an hour are under the age of 30. The other 50% is 31 and older.

Federico Fuentes

I understand this is a basic, entry level video but I would have liked for them to just acknowledge the possibility that increased minimum wage may show a return in increased productivity, reduced turnaround and, by virtue of the increased purchasing power of those benefited, actual economic growth that may offset any loss in demand created by the increase. Similarly, the idea of letting wages float may lead to a race to the bottom (i.e. who's willing to do it for less, which leads to outsourcing, use of undocumented workers, etc) which in turn may actually lead to unemployment. Finally, I worry that they also didn't acknowledge the social component of the issue (i.e., low minimum wages disproportionately affect marginalized groups and increase inequality). I'm not saying all these arguments are true, I just would have liked for them to be contemplated...


Considering that 77% of the job market are services, I'd say that more than a few teenagers are affected by the minimum wage.


Where did they get the statistic for the percent working at minimum wage? I highly suspect it's wrong.
(edit: I'm not saying the number is wrong, I merely do not remember having seen the number before and had the impression it was higher from everything I've seen elsewhere so I have my doubts.)
(2nd edit: It seems to be fairly close, but is used misleadingly. Here's something from PEW on the subject http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/09/08/who-makes-minimum-wage/ It is misleading because both some workers earn below the minimum wage because of exemptions and some number of workers earn between the current minimum wage and what the minimum wage would be raised to, directly affecting all workers in that pay range.)
(3rd edit: According to an article in Slate, 42.4% of Americans earned below $15 per hour
I don't know what minimum wage would be most appropriate, or if it should be set to vary in areas according to variables laid out in a minimum wage law.)

Larry Moore

There are eight forms of capital. Fiat paper currency is only one form.

Supply & Demand

The video says that the quantity of labor under min wage is QD. Moreover, that labor goes to the high value buyers and comes from the low cost sellers. By what miracle does that happen, without market-determined prices? i.e, the minimum wage does much more damage than they say, and most of that damage is not "unemployment."

Helena Rose

Minimum wage should be tied to inflation. That used to be agreed on across the isle.


Minimum is not a product and so you can't sell it. The workers are the one selling their time for money. Isn't that correct? So wouldn't that technically mean the workers are the sellers and the owners are the buyers in this particular circumstance?

Scratch that last comment. Sorry, you explained it.


If a higher minimum wage (reasonable) equals more unemployment, couldn’t it be said that those jobs technically wouldn’t exist anyway because if they are that easy to eliminate they would have been regardless? Who employs a surplus of unnecessary labor?

Super commercians adda



''Price Floors: The Minimum Wage but everytime he says minimum wage, the video will speed up by 5%.''


Some of the premises presented in these videos completely disregard other factors that make their charts far from representing reality. Here's an example:
"Some subsequent studies have generally supported aspects of Krueger/Card. A 2004 study of available literature, “The Effect of Minimum Wage on Prices,” analyzed a wide variety of research on the impact of changes in the minimum wage. The paper, from the University of Leicester, found that firms tend to respond to minimum wage increases not by reducing production or employment, but by raising prices. Overall, price increases are modest: For example, a 10 percent increase in the minimum wage would increase food prices by no more than 4 percent and overall prices by no more than 0.4 percent, significantly less than the minimum-wage increase." from https://journalistsresource.org/studies/economics/inequality/the-effects-of-raising-the-minimum-wage

Aaron Patalune

A change in the minimum wage affects all workers because without raising EVERYONE's wage proportionally, the higher paying jobs get devalued. Let's say minimum wage is $7.50. Someone making $15 an hour has a skill that is valued at twice as much as the minimum wage. If we raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, the person who earns $15 an hour now has a skill that is only 50% more valuable than the minimum. If we raised the person making $15 an hour to $17.50, or the same raise the minimum wage earner got, the person making $17.50 would see his or her skills now worth only 75% more than the unskilled minimum. The $15 an hour worker would need to get a raise to $20 an hour to keep the same value for his/her skill. Workers making $22.50 before the minimum wage hike would need to now earn $30 an hour to keep their skill value from eroding.

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