The decline of the american empire

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The Decline Of The American Empire Trailer 1986

4 999 views | 18 Oct. 2014

The Decline Of The

The Decline Of The American Empire Trailer 1986

Director: Denys Arcand

Starring: Remy Girard, Dorothee Berryman, Louise Portal, Pierre Curzi, Genevieve Rioux, Dominique Michel

Official Content From KOCH Lorber Films

French-Canadian account of eight friends who spend a weekend discussing their feelings about sex, love and marriage. Multi-winner of Canadian Academy Awards, including Best Picture!

Movie, The Decline Of The American Empire Movie,The Decline Of The American Empire Trailer,The Decline Of The American Empire 1986, Denys Arcand,Remy Girard, Dorothee Berryman, Louise Portal, Pierre Curzi, Genevieve Rioux, Dominique Michel

The decline of the american empire

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The Fall of the American Empire | Official Trailer HD (2019)

127 223 views | 6 Mar. 2019

Pierre-Paul Daoust, 36, an

Pierre-Paul Daoust, 36, an intellectual with a PhD in philosophy is forced to work as a deliveryman to afford a decent living. One day, while delivering a parcel, he gets caught in a hold up gone terribly wrong: two dead and millions in money bags laying on the ground. Pierre-Paul is confronted with a dilemma leave empty handed, or take the money and run?

This new Denys Arcand film takes a witty yet touching look at, as only Arcand knows how, the predominance of money in a society where all other values seem to have crumbled.


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Oh you don't mean the fall of the american empire just a loss of sovereignty that the private banks operated within. Which then allows the separate private banks which are partnered with the other private banks overseas to then be the ruling body over the earth. Just as prophesied except you didn't tell that the main motivator for these changes is satan.

יובל מאיר טויטו

יובל טויטו

Southern Gunslinger

Hollywood BS

Josu Egurrola Ravachole

A mangina with money THATS the fall of... Whatever.


the fall of the American empire? this seems to have Nothing to do with America sooo wtf talk about miss titled.

Jusunbai Mark

I love you SONY ?

Петр Шведенко

Купить домик в Великобритании. У нас все так делали и работало :)

lpt 777

Le film existe en français de France ?


Aw, poor privileged whitey having to work like regular people! He had to steal, because no one was paying him to sit on a pillow and have cool ideas!


French Canadian means [email protected], all Quebec is [email protected]

Polina Marchenko

Please don't kill me, but I didn't like this movie. So many deep topics in one movie (intelligence, capitalism, racism, love, social injustice, etc., etc.) - and not a single of them is shown in a proper way. Just shallow and messy. And the actress is too beautiful for this movie. Her beautiful eyes stole attention from the movie itself. And bad acting - no chemistry between the couple.
P.S. The actress is a real beauty, pleasant to watch)))

Ronnie Hopper

Genuine question why is a Movie called the collapse of the American Empire speaking French

david hughes

The problem with America falling is Germans I hate to say it but it's true we do not need to listen to them we need to listen to ourselves we need to stand up and fight for what's right fight for America and do everything for herself and don't rely on no other country that is the whole problem


What a retarded name for a movie.

molon labe



What is the song playing in the background?

Tony Tim


Social Konstruct

This film is going to be fucking brilliant. It's like watching a cinematic version of Public Enemy.

Admiral Kool

This title is dumb, who ever created this title doesnt like America......I understand we have problems but you people are stupid.

Emilio Bello

Quebec. Make more movies better than that


where can i see or buy this movie?

Nugget of Truth - Eric King

Its happening, the "Babylon Whirlwind Prophecy".

The decline of the american empire

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Chris Hedges on the Horrifying Decline of the American Empire and the Economic Collapse (2012)

739 124 views | 19 Feb. 2014

Persistently high U.S.

Persistently high U.S. unemployment remains, along with low consumer confidence, the continuing decline in home values and increase in foreclosures and bankruptcies, an increasing debt, inflation, and rising gas and food prices. Hedges' books: https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=tra0c7-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=75072e827a93cace016f29427ba9969c&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=books&keywords=chris%20hedges

In fact, a 2011 poll found that more than half of all Americans think the U.S. is still in recession or even depression, although economic data show a historically modest recovery. This could be due to the fact that both private and public levels of debt are at historic highs in the U.S. and in many other countries, and a number of economists believe that excessive debt plays a role in causing bank crises and sovereign default.


Herbert London has defined pre-emptive declinism as a postmodern belief "that the United States is not an exceptional nation and is not entitled by virtue of history to play a role on the world stage different from other nations".[75] London ascribed the view to Paul Krugman, among others.[76] Krugman had written in The New York Times that "We've always known that America's reign as the world's greatest nation would eventually end. But most of us imagined that our downfall, when it came, would be something grand and tragic."[76]

According to RealClearPolitics, declarations of America's declining power have been common in the English-language media. In 1988, Flora Lewis sighed that "Talk of U.S. decline is real in the sense that the U.S. can no longer pull all the levers of command or pay all the bills." According to Anthony Lewis in 1990, Europeans and Asians are already finding confirmation of their suspicion that the United States is in decline. Citing America's dependence on foreign sources for energy and "crucial weaknesses" in the military, Tom Wicker concluded "that maintaining superpower status is becoming more difficult—nearly impossible—for the United States".[77] In 2004, Pat Buchanan lamented "the decline and fall of the greatest industrial republic the world had ever seen".[78] In 2007, Matthew Parris of The Sunday Times in London wrote that the United States is "overstretched", romantically recalling the Kennedy presidency, when "America had the best arguments" and could use moral persuasion rather than force to have its way in the world. From his vantage point in Shanghai, the International Herald Tribune's Howard French worries about "the declining moral influence of the United States" over an emergent China.[77]

In his book, The Post-American World, Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria refers to a "Post-American world" that he says "is not about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of everyone else".


Bam Davis

Page 17 of The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph Tainter: Collapse is manifest in such things as:
a lower degree of stratification and social differentiation;
less economic and occupational specialization, of individuals, groups, and territories;
less centralized control; that is, less regulation and integration of diverse economic
and political groups by elites;
less behavioral control and regimentation;
less investment in the epiphenomena of complexity, those elements that define
the concept of 'civilization': monumental architecture, artistic and literary
achievements, and the like;
less flow of information between individuals, between political and economic
groups, and between a center and its periphery;
less sharing, trading, and redistribution of resources;
less overall coordination and organization of individuals and groups;
a smaller territory integrated within a single political unit.


"They only know how to serve a dead system, they don't know how to critique it"

Maarten Flikweert

this is still timely and escalating, mr Hedges adresses issues that are still being denied by those in political power


Can you believe that Trump turned this guy into a commie? Today he has the TDS contagion.

Simon Heaney

An admirable person
Dont agree with him on some issues but a brave , honest soul

bill hanna

Trump is the Best President Israeli can buy

Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

We were educated in the metric system which means imperial methods become alien to us.

Oh Pahleese

The love of money truly is the root of all evil. The desire for power and unquenchable money, which gives power, is what guides us into world despair. Follow the money and you learn the truth.

Blue Collar Mark

Tired of these apologetic "White Guilt" , highly educated, left leaning journalists. America is far from perfect, but if Mr. Hedges does not want to be here, he is welcome to move to sub Sahara Africa. You would think with his religious background, he would understand that we are in a fallen world, guess not.


goldman sachs IS THE FED.. they buy up real assets with fake money everytime they fabricate a crash. cus they print the money.. when times are tight. they are the onlyones with money. free money they print for themselves. notice that any govt us has.. its infested with goldman sachs employee's who take turns revolving in and out of the govt which they own.


There is so much lying in the corporate media that the truth seem so strange when it is spoken.

jimmi hotdog

fun yanks

Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

In the END we have to be successful in producing a record of our advanced in the living Goddli-nurse.

Dream Logic

War is a farce that gives us meaning.

Mile High City Deplorable


Neil Salmon

911 was an Israeli Mossad operation with the full complicity of the US government deep state to get us into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq , the real terrorists are still hiding behind the curtain that perpetuates the lie of 911 . The military-industrial complex is pure evil and will lead to the death and destruction of humanity . Is nuclear Armageddon inevitable with so many psychopath's in power around the world wielding such destructive power ?

jaye see

May God allow Chris Hedges to live as long as Noam Chomsky and JFK!

Carl Racki

White privilege is a myth for most whites. Jew privilege is more like it. 2% of the population who controls every major industry and nepotism gives them positions they don't deserve from University to the corporate world.

wooo weee

Its funny because his type naively create all the problems they complain about.

Jay Inquisitive

The fall of American corporate Greed


He will not speak against the Newyork times because it's Jewish owned and run (I don't think it's corrupt but they served has propagandist for the Bush white house and putting things on the front page that was not relatively true. no matter how much a man sounds good with his speech he will always come unstuck, he even said to the caller you have put me in an awkward position.
i saw in the comment section he should run for President he will become corrupted like the rest of them and used.

Robert Cox

“America's hegemonic project in the post 9/11 era is the Globalization of War whereby the U.S.-NATO military machine coupled with covert intelligence operations, economic sanctions and the thrust of regime change is deployed in all major regions of the world. The threat of pre-emptive nuclear war is also used to black-mail countries into submission. This "Long War against Humanity" is carried out at the height of the most serious economic crisis in modern history. It is intimately related to a process of global financial restructuring, which has resulted in the collapse of national economies and the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population. The ultimate objective is World conquest under the cloak of uman rights and Western democracy. Professor Michel Chossudovsky is the most realistic of all foreign policy commentators. He is a model of integrity in analysis, his book provides an honest appraisal of the extreme danger that U.S. hegemonic neo-conservatism [a geopolitical euphemism for fascism masquerading itself as national socialism] poses to life on earth. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury The Globalization of War comprises war on two fronts: those countries that can either be bought or destabilized. In other cases, insurrection, riots and wars are used to solicit U.S. military intervention. Michel Chossudovsky's book is a must read for anyone who prefers peace and hope to perpetual war, death, dislocation and despair. Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defense Michel Chossudovsky describes globalization as a hegemonic weapon that empowers the financial elites and enslaves 99 percent of the world's population. The Globalization of War is diplomatic dynamite and the fuse is burning rapidly.”
—Michael Carmichael, President, the Planetary Movement

Gerry Stevens

yes. theyre all hardened psychopathic criminals. if its got power; its evil.

Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

One cannot claim to advance multiple cultures and keep holding into an Archaic Language form.


Beware the slight of mind

anti gaia

So hedges basically admitted to assaulting and stalking a couple of low life drug dealers ? rather than call the police ?
just goes to show how egomaniacal this guy is

richardnail Historical

This poor boy was disadvantaged in his upbringing so it is understanding why he is rebelling against society. Any young man brought up surrounded with religion, i.e., such as his father who was a pastor, is going to see life in a terribly confused way. He's in and out of seminaries, yes I'm going to be a pastor, no I'm not going to be a pastor, I think I'm going to be this or that? I've got news for him, A-Theism is not a religion, we allow people to follow religious views just so long as they do so in the cellars of their homes.

Hedges is a very confused man, torn between the fantasy world and the world of reason. I can agree with Hedges on a number of issues, he occasionally sounds coherent, HOWEVER, he moves into this realm of, how do I say this, his 'personal' interest in helping the 'poor' and for that I say is a job he should do as his duty as 'christian work' because I do not agree government is responsible for holding the hands of people..... do it on your dime, isn't that what christians do? right? The people you are trying to help are not making any progress socially or personally if they continue to look to government as their only salvation. Chris you'd do better turning in your suit for a frock!

Anthony Woodroffe

Law is fantasy ! And the show is getting more poor by the day ! A road to open civil war without end !

Michael Hood

The New Tech for roads and bridges is not being implemented yet the new formula for roads the new materials too expensive
And there is a thing called
5 d to 9 d physics
Being withheld by the masters
You dont see you step on them every day they are reluctant
To add the candle aspects
To our nature that is 9 d physics
Im tasked to open to all you
Something i was touring
And shown multiparticle
Nano physics in your bodies
Now being used by the one's hidden to you they stare at you
In disbelief
their stealth craft move 980 times faster than us and live
On the jumbo planetoids you look at every day but do not know

Tommy Brunstad

Bla bla bla


The American Empire is the greatest danger to world peace and the most likely group of lunatics to start a nuclear war. The reason there is a refugee crisis in Europe today is that the United States has been creating refugees all over Africa and the Middle East for the last 16 years. Good riddance to this corrupt empire run by complete criminals.

Fredlee Johnson

Wow'wow I'm just saying thank you, thank you for your deep and powerful broadcast is indeed truth be told the truth and food for thought with a very important and very, very deep point of view. Again thank you so much for this true classic interview. (FLJDRYWALLUPDOWN @) I'm just saying for me only I have to go and do my homework/research.

Anthony Woodroffe

Get arrested is stupid !

Alexander Beatus

Christian ZIONISTS! Tired of you. Shame on you!

Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

I would not have problems expressing myself if the imposters I am working with, really understood the official secrets acts. You do not demand secrets from another because shared secrets are not discussed but given.

Gerry Stevens

no climate science. thats all weapons.

wild heart


DenversDabs C

All the Debates that he has had that I have seen. And have all of Hitchen's books , 3-4 Harris's , Dawkins etc. Chris Hedgens has won them all in my humble opinion.

Peters World

I don't want to fill my head with garbage ...that's a good one !

Greetings from the Netherlands..?
( may -2019 )

Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

The = sign means, whatever you do the left side to the = sign, you have to do the right side also to ensure equal balance.

Jeri Lee Hicks

This man is very worldly and really enjoys the sound of his own voice and I think he believes that his opinion is reality.....America would be better served by this man if he were to take all the air he is wasting in talk and just blew into a brown paper bag til his gloom and doom blew away. He seems to be very full of himself and has no problem expressing his displeasure with his "difficult times" seeming to stem from his child hood days and his own personal struggle with his spirituality. Too full of himself to be an objective journalist in the media so he wrote books to share his ideas with folks. Some like it and some do not. I am one whom does not.

Ty Padgett

Evil liars.

Steve W

So it's Obama's fault this country is greedy and corporate state?

Franklin Kawano

You blame 911 on Al Queda and Osama. Totally lost me

Eric Williams

The problem with America is the control and manipulation of the real estate market as well as the lower to mid level wage. Because of these two specific variables, most Americans can't live a healthy middle class or even lower middle class life. The banks and financial institutions rig everything and most Gentiles are taught shit on being successful and instead of full of not only ignorance, and losing attitudes, but victims of those who understand how the world works.

Move Forward

Will you be of assistance to the Biden/Harris administration Chris Hedges? 2020 You have a great mind.

Steve's Shed

Still glad i never bought in to the whole trending nonsense that has been the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
I may not live through the current events. But i sure have lived !
No debt. No stress.
And never having followed the flock into destruction i can go on to my grave any day if needed to avoid the total impovershiment and enslavement of mankind.

Russ Tul

our choice is join the occupy movement or perish

Mucker 59

What happens if the U.S. was to win over Iran, Russia, and China as well as Venezuela. Would that not mean we could continue with a global empire. If the prediction is empire failure then full support to what the Gov is trying to do should be our only choice. All or nothing

Andy Och

Piece of S***! This fool did not have white privilege; he had better moral judgment on his side. When can a drug-dealing rapist go to the police and say, "There is a guy trying to stop me from raping young girls and selling dope, I need your help to stop him so I can go back to raping and selling dope!" There is no white privilege, just better judgment or the lesser of evils, if you have to look at it that way to see reason! Anyone that says "White Privilege" is a clown! It video makes it easy to spot that false narrative!

Bob Smith

2:43:30 Shows why the dems lost working class vote. Very good foresight. Shows why Hillary lost.

bluz company

Impires will come and go ,but people go on ,it,s the collapse of the final impire ,the British Crown which owns or money has collapsed, it is only a matter of time.

Richard Kosiorowski

Chris Hedges is a leftist lier, politically correct idiot, full of lies.

Michael Allen

Let them eat cake HAHAHAHA

Thomas Camilleri

Libraries are being closed, sure. New libraries are being opened, as well. In my middle class suburban town the old library just received a multi-million dollar renovation and expansion.

john king

Hedges is a prophet!

Barry Ross

I think Hedges is bought and paid for.

Alex Arvanitis

I’ve read Death of the Liberal Class, Empire of Illusion, War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning, Wages of Rebellion, American Fascists, and America: The Farewell Tour. They are all wonderful books. I read his Truthdig columns, I listen to his speeches, and I will continue to read everything he publishes. I used to be on the path towards being a scientific rationalist until I started reading his shit.

You need to latch on to people that have his breadth of perspective, his level of thoughtfulness, and his moral autonomy.

Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

50=50, 100=100, 150=150.


I have down voted this video and youtube keeps having it auto play in my random listening sessions. Something tells me they want me to believe this windbag of terrible crap.,

DD's FARMacy

Dr. Amos Wilson, who has been dead for 23 years, said this back in the 80s.
So has Dr. John Henrick Clarke.

Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

Double Entry Accounting.

Ron Brevik

US unemployment is currently at a 50 year low of 3.6% and is still dropping under the insightful leadership of President Trump. Leave him at it long enough and the country would be recovered and made stronger than ever, hand it off to the prior type of leadership personalities that wish to promise all things to all people and it will surely be driven into the ground. It will be a challenge merely to keep America from becoming a socialist society with the way things are looking on the political left, a change which would surely bankrupt the nation if not touch off another civil war.

Shakespeare K

6 years after this talk,you can see the man was right.

Shirley Ybarra

Mr. Chris Hedges polarizes a refreshing and uplifting realistic transparent outspoken view of an incredibly precarious , debilitating and chaotic subverted country to the blink of being obliterated by corporate greed.Mr. Hedges exposes the truth about these pseudo bleak parasitic demoralized pathetic and unworthy politicians like obama bush clintons trump only benefiting for themselves and sucking the life out of the middle class in America by becoming self serving leaches by gambling with american tax dollars through corrupted corporate interest Wallstreet 401k plans pensions mortgages not mentions playing god by destroying the health system in this inverted totalitarian capitalistic institute by broken promises created to give an illusion of an allegory of a facade of false reality that is so pathetic and especially when the american people are so willing to except these dillusions of grandeur by keeping blind and mute and excepting this contemptuous behavior as away way of controlling every american here in the U.S. Mr. Hedges enlightened me of the facts that obama was put into power to get his foot in the door to wallstreet as exchange for these corporations to be bailed out by american tax dollars and never had to face justice though their barbaric behavior. The U.S. is becoming a downward spiral of man made catastrophic events to fulfill a fascist society on a global scale starting with the U.S. as head of this surveillance fictitious terrorists agenda by censoring the public and by black mailing everyone through mafioso tactics on people lives. My heroes are Mr. Chris Hedges Edward Snowden Julian Assange Mr. William Binney Chelsea Manning and every whistleblower willing to stick their necks out to make a difference on these low life mutated permanent psychotic politicians


He’s woke that’s all. He not brainwashed like most people. Accept about the convert Jews but we don’t know it all

Natheist A

Chris Hedges is a modern prophet.


We went from on top of the world before 911, to this!! What happened we dont know what hit us still dont!!

Alastair Carnegie

50:07 "In The Chapter 'Illusion of Wisdom' in the Book 'Empire of Illusion' (Author and Journalist Chris Hedges) writes ' Our Elites the ones in Congress the ones on Wall Street, and the ones being produced at prestigious Universities and Business Schools, ----- do not have the capacity to fix our financial mess. Indeed, they will make it worse. (At Wellington College circa 1969 we were being trained at Sandhurst and the C.C.F. to exterminate the human population. The Biology Master a very timid man pleaded with me to accept the inevitable. nuclear war and radiation sickness beyond our powers to imagine, and countless thousands begging for a merciful quick despatch. This was the duty for which a Military Chaplain was being trained for.) ...INDEED, THEY WILL MAKE IT WORSE....
They have no concept, thanks to the education they have received, of how to replace the failed system with a new one. They are petty, timid, and uncreative bureaucrats superbly trained to carry out systems management. (The Hairdressers and Middle Management Contingent land on Ancient Earth to establish the Human Race in Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy) ....
They see only piecemeal solutions that will satisfy the corporate structure. Their entire focus is numbers, profits and 'PERSONAL ADVANCEMENT'. THEY LACK A MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL MORAL CORE.....
They are able to deny gravely ill people medical coverage. .... TO INCREASE COMPANY PROFITS... (The BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES USE CHECK BOOK PSEUDO-SCIENCE TO MARKET DANGEROUS PRODUCTS THAT CAUSE LONG TERM DISABILITY AMONG A SIGNIFICANT COHORT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS.... Typically the 'Base Line' of an Iatrogenic Insult Response Graph, is DELIBERATELY set at DATE OF BIRTH.... with that ESSENTIAL INFORMATION CUNNINGLY HIDDEN IN OBSCURE LONG WINDED FOOTNOTES.... This ruse give the BIG Pharmaceutical Company an Excuse when they are eventually prosecuted! The STATISTICIAN TAKES THE BLAME! We Hired so and so. Had we known the base line was Date of Birth, we would never have marketed this horrifically dangerous product....lie lie lie after more lies. The "CATCH-UP COHORT' makes it look as if the 'iatrogenic' harmful side effect, predated the introduction of the DANGEROUS LIFE THREATENING PRODUCT to the general mass market.) ...
The human consequences never figure in their balance sheets . The democratic system, they believe, is a secondary bi-product of the free market....
WHICH THEY SLAVISHLY SERVE. " .... Edited Quote from Chris Hedges. Journalist and Prophet!


he believe that 911 was NOT an inside job, well to me he has no credibility then..

Christine Still

Wonder what Hedges thinks of Trump!

Norman Mattson

Listen and weep America.

Bob Smith

I cant believe CSPAN let him on the air.

Randall Mitchell

Buy Partisan

Lightning Rod

is Chris Hedges the single Greatest Investigative Reporter of the 21stCentury?

Al Loomis

the american elite have done their best to bleed the nation for their personal profit. humans do that, when they can. it was never going to be different, the usa was set on this course at birth. there is a strange reverence for the constitution, which created plutocracy at home, and widespread hegemony abroad. this reverence constricts resistance to elite repression to remarkable degree. hedges is admirable in his compassion for america's losers, but he doesn't seem to understand that without democracy, elite exploitation is certain. and the usa is far from democracy, by design.

Sara Marcoux

I watched this video 3 times now, thank you for your work.
Boston is land of pedophile priests.
When white liberals get depressed they should hang out in Roxbury w the blacks. Didn't you feel better living there? I always feel better when I am with Mexicans, Blacks, actually, most poor non-Caucasians. I am moving out of America, it is so depressing here, all the atrocious wars, and scared tax payer working class. Where should I go? I have $1000 a month to live on, Mexico, Portugal....any suggestions appreciated. You wipe away the Sam Harris types, he is a .....well he is not you, he does not even appreciate Julian Assange! He is arrogant and I am sure he has no respect for some of the best people now, Dr. John Bergman, David Icke. S.H. is such a disappointment, seems fake. You are an awesome real christian....

Russ Tul

thank you, Chris, for your great work and for keeping hope alive

lance rogers

comments unblocked lol

Matthias Wewering

Nevertheless, almost 75 years later, Germany is and will forever be the ultimate comparison for absolute evil.


Love Chris but his thinking on 9/11 is flawed. 9/11 was either a complete inside job (false flag) or was allowed to occur by the Bush administration to achieve consent of the American people so it could carry out it’s geopolitical ideals in the Middle East.

Michael Fox

America has fallen...

Leanita Sowell-Nedostup

the question was who was a certain or two certain man/men? he t all old all about who is is, his parents, his neighborhood, everything about HIM, but never answered the question.

Forrest Tillman

Well then Chris pack yer shit and git...your obviously satanic and an obvious dememonic demonicRATS voice in farckness and delution.,.

T Mst

1:24:00: Caller asks Chris whether the 13th amendment abolishing slavery might be used to curtail the corporate abuse of the 14th amendment.

Mario Oliveira


T Mst

1:12:00: "We're already far along that road toward a sort of oligarchic neo-feudalism."

Barry Ross

I wonder what his thoughts on massive Islamic migration to the west.

Barry Ross

Most people I know have a reactionary dislike for Islam after hearing about the rotherham cases or a terrorist attack. Most where indifferent to them until some "polarizing" incidents started happening, including media refusal to report accurate.

Jeffrey Kent

I am thankful that there is a Chris hedges ...he speaks for the underdog and talks about the reality that most politicians and so called news channels do not address ....good job Mr hedges ....long may you run and fight the good fight .......

cedric worthington broadaxe

If you want to see why the American Empire is now unarguably falling apart in the same way that the old Roman Empire fell apart; watch the video shown below:-

The Fate of Empires - Sir John Glubb - YouTube
05/05/2018 · If you notice any issues or have any feedback then let me know in the comments.Link to pdf version: http://people.uncw.edu/kozloffm/glubb.pdfThis is not the ...
Author: Red Air
Views: 28K

“Decadence is a moral and spiritual disease, resulting from too long a period of wealth and power, producing cynicism, decline of religion, pessimism and frivolity. The citizens of such a nation will no longer make an effort to save themselves, because they are not convinced that anything in life is worth saving.”

“Perhaps the most dangerous by-product of the Age of Intellect is the unconscious growth of the idea that the human brain can solve the problems of the world. Even on the low level of practical affairs this is patently untrue. Any small human activity, the local bowls club or the ladies’ luncheon club, requires for its survival a measure of self-sacrifice and service on the part of the members. In a wider national sphere, the survival of the nation depends basically on the loyalty and self‑sacrifice of the citizens. The impression that the situation can be saved by mental cleverness, without ...."

“If we are considering the history of our own country, we write at length of the periods when our ancestors were prosperous and victorious, but we pass quickly over their shortcomings or their defeats. Our people are represented as patriotic heroes, their enemies as grasping imperialists, or subversive rebels. In other words, our national histories are propaganda, not well balanced investigation.”

“The Age of Intellect is accompanied by surprising advances in natural science. In the ninth century, for example, in the age of Mamun, the Arabs measured the circumference of the earth with remarkable accuracy. Seven centuries were to pass before Western Europe discovered that the world was not flat. Less than fifty years after the amazing scientific discoveries under Mamun, the Arab Empire collapsed. Wonderful and beneficent as was the progress of science, it did not save the empire from chaos.”

“Alternatively, there are ‘political’ schools of history, slanted to discredit the actions of our past leaders, in order to support modern political movements. In all these cases, history is not an attempt to ascertain the truth, but a system of propaganda, devoted to the furtherance of modern projects, or the gratification of national vanity. Men can scarcely be blamed for not learning from the history they are taught. There is nothing to learn from it, because it is not true.”

Dominic Flynn

He's a good thinker and talker, but totally wrong on the end of the USA. The USA will dominate the world for another 100 years at least


i was military brat, as well as member as adult.. when i was a child everywhere i went over seas.. dirt roads.. 60's .. and america was putting people on the moon. america was rich.. gas was 26 cents a gallon. then 1973 happened.. and since then the country has taken a dive.. at the same time the rest of the world has paved their roads and industrialized. and i agree all obama did was save the republican party from it's total ruin after bush.. obama saved it by being no different from it.. putting american back in the same false choice they have always had.. the illusion of choice that the vote gives.. when in reality your vote will not change ANYTHING.. the wars.. the corruptions the crimes the treason the whistle blower persecution the corporate welfare.. etc.. nothing will change.

Bad Panda

Hedges hates hypocrisy in all of it's forms !! What a brilliant man !! Thank you

Le DiceThrower

What do you think of that : "An empire fall when its elites turn onto their own population to extract ressources and then kills it owns potential and slowly dies"

Leonard NII BOYE Mettle



All neanderthals are evil.

Paul Gibby

8:00 I would add PT Barnum to the list of early propagandists -- understanding crowd mentality. Just about any circus owner.