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Wildcat First Shotgun Start

1 663 339 views | 4 Apr. 2013

First shotgun start of our

First shotgun start of our 1945 FM-2 Wildcat BU 86774. Shotgun start uses original 4 guage shotgun shell out of NOS can. Wright 1820-56WA and Curtiss Electric prop C5325D.

Jeff Ohmart

In the description you should give a brief on what it took to get to this wonderful event.


They did the same shotgun start in the film Flight of the Phoenix...James stewart, Richard Atteborough, George Kennedy, Iain Bannen Where they used shotgun cartridges and it was a scene where you were on the edge of your seat....hoping it would start along with the cast even my body was dehydrated watching It.....They don't make them like this anymore testament to the designers and builders made to do a JOB.

martin murphy

what a treasure

Steve Huffman

Why was she grounded "in the late 1940's"?
Mechanical/electrical or airframe issues?

Since it will be flying again, I sure hope any mechanical/electrical and airframe issues were addressed.

For "not being started since it was grounded" she sure started quick after sitting near 70 years.
You must have flushed the fuel system and replaced fuel pumps, lines and filters.

I am surprised the engine was not locked up from sitting for so long.
Did you rebuild it?

Tribal 69

I don't understand how exactly does that happen? I know there's no Buckshot or anything like that in it no projectile other than compression. It baffles me how it works.


This plane so cute when flip it wings

kihei rc

So awesome thank you for sharing this video

Charles Stewart

thank you, algorithm gods, for putting this in my recommendations

Caroline Tran


Robert Helton

And we could actually hear the engine without a bunch of racket music.


Wonder if its the same type of propellant used in the CADS for modern day bomb racks...

Tom L.

WAIT!! What are you doing? We have only 3 cartridges left!!!!

Eagle 275

You should see the coffee can start of an F-4 Phantom

John White

" Alright Mr Dorfmann, start pullin' ".

Bruce Allen

Too Cool

Ken Clark

That’s awesome! Saw an FM-2 come thru my local field. This is more impressive

David Reed

The old Coffman starter

Oregon Patriot

I'm more impressed that the shotgun shells fired!
I'm quite sure those primers we're not stored in optimal condition.
Give me New Hope as a primer hoarder!

Roger W

Warms my heart to read all the references to the original 'Flight of the Phoenix' movie.

Дмитрий Александров

It’s amazing!? I just started to reassemble my 1/72 model of that beautiful first CAT! Thanks for video

Scott Brooklyn

I can't help but think the motor was already warmed up


I knew shotguns were awesome. I had no idea how awesome! Lol.

Elias Hossri

How does shotgun start work? Where do you put the shotgun bullet thing


OMG that gauge is huge I am guessing there is no shot in it though


Mr Towns stop!, stop him!, theres only one cartridge left!...


Very cool, I guess that that's how F4F's were always started? No other methods?

Norbert Siewert

One of my questions is where can you get 115/145 aviation fuel these days? 100LL is the only avgas available nowadays.

Romanian Prince

Gorgeous airplane!


Try starting anything made today in 60 years! Pfff lol ?

Common Sensei

Where are the crybabies to protest this gratuitous use of deadly ammunition


Can't have that plane in Californicaton because you have to pass a $19 dollar background check for each round. Fukin Newsomeass.

william paz

The F4F “Wildcat” is my favorite Naval Fighter from WW2. I have always thought that if it had a four bladed Constant Speed/ Variable Pitch Propeller it would have been at least as fast, if not faster, then the IJN A6M “Zero” Fighter.

Just John

1943! Back then things where made to last now all you see it's made in china and american products are made to break so you buy more so sad

A. moore

The wildcat was a true classic. Heavy, clunky, and clumsy, but able to withstand huge battle damage and get the job done. Only thing that held the line against superior Japanese fighters in the pacific at one point.


My car doesn’t start. I will shoot it with my shotgun

1970 920

All around beautiful sight and sound. I wish my 1970 kick only Harley had that option especially in the winter when that 70 weight oil is it's thickest.

NoMaam Bundy

Working at an airport I heard the wonderful sound of a rotary engine, looked up and somone was flying a t-6 Texan overhead. My work mates think im nuts, but im hollering, " No sh*t, it's a Texan!".


Nobody :
YouTube recommendations :

Damn I love YT algorithm

bob v

When you use up all the original shells, where are you going to get replacements?

colt45 Peacemaker

Kurt Cobain had an idea


Hardy Krüger might approve of this video.

Jessé Steinert Barbiaro

I never wondered that is by this way that you start this planes.

Chris Edwards

Spot on! Thanks!

Boris Li

leaking something?

John O

I still have .303 cartridges from WW1, 1917 that still work just fine.

Steve Callagher

interesting approach, why not a compressed air tank instead?

jeff James

Big as those engines are I'd have thought you needed a 1/4to 1/2 stick of dynamite. But they are really big shells.

Alan Mcafee

If you use a normal shotgun catridge the lead balls will not do the engine a lot of good

EliteDavid Horne

Cool. My grandad used to work on Wildcats and Swordfish during the war. Heard him describe using "shotgun shells" to start an engine. I can put pictures to the description now.

Marco Difruscio

Growing for a zero

Rob Johnson

Easiest start of an old radial I have ever seen!


Look Ma No hands!!!!????????

technics and more

Very interesting video.

Robert Sullivan

Have heard of the shot gun start but never have seen it performed so clearly. Thanks.


Should have used one cartridge, ignition off, just to clear out the cylinders, as a tribute to Jimmy Stewart.

Andrew Manson

When Judies are seen over your CV strike group and you need to scramble

Can Conservative

These were tough Carrier fighters.... beautiful

Norbert Siewert

Isn't that hard on the crankshaft? Particularly a radial engine type!

Mt.2 Summit

That's awesome, that is full bragging rights of aviation.

Gustav Gnöttgen

Also enjoy this Fowler bulldozer:


Hello Conrad , from Conrad

Justin S.

Love seeing an old warbird restored, I hope you are restoring it to flight ready condition. It would be awesome to see it in the air again!

Matt Dish

This makes me so proud to be an American, more so than I already was.

Dr Who

Sure don't make them like that anymore



Bill Murrell

We had those in the DC3 I co-piloted in the 60's (but never used) Douglas 388N

Bob A Booey

I'd like to know how the shell helps to fire the engine.

Patrick Porter

It's called a Koffman starter and was used on amongst many others on Napier Sabre-engined Tempests and also some Vampires. As British as they come.

Michael Exman

how on earth do you end up with an engineering concept like that


Spins it faster than I thought.

Raymond Yee

While not as dramatic as seen in “Flight of the Phoenix” (both versions) this clip gives a good idea of how it works.

Michael Eamon Osborne

Great planes! ❤️

Anna Antónovna

Without the lead pellets!

Kip Lindsay


Erik Prast

thought the Napier Sabre II was the only one....


Pretty cool that the wild cat has a dedicated box for the carts.

Looks like the entire assembly is somewhere in the gear well.


That's the American way lol.

Vettore Scap

A lot of old industrial diesel engines were started the same way

Leland Harper

Holy shit that was aggressive


Can you do some more video about this Kaufman starter?

Ken Truitt

It's so interesting to me that the wildcat continued to be produced after introduction of the Hellcat. The FM2 incorporated fixes and upgrades for the initial Wildcat model and was produced into 1945. They served off of "jeep" carriers which I guess were what were sometimes called escort carriers. Often in ground support roles, with the bulk of the air-to-air left to the newer Hellcats I would assume. But in the hands of a good pilot ...

Norbert Siewert

A radial engine must always be turned dry for several propeller counts, as oil pools into the bottom cylinders, creating the potential for a catastrophic engine break down.


Interestingly, many aircraft, including the current USAF B-52H use the same method to start their engines. In the case of the B-52, it might be used for a start at a base with no B-52 facilities or for a nuclear alert. A very simple and very dependable method, as there is no need for external power, which might not be available. Especially during a nuclear war.

Capt'n Jack



Great to see an old warbird in excellent shape. Most people don’t realize how good the manufacturing processes were, when it was made. ?

Piper Warrior Sim Project

Clear....That's number 0ne...wait...your wasting the cartridges ...theres only three left...I,m going to use one to clear the cylinders...I forbid you.......

Jr Gaston

Nothing like the sound of a radial engine.

EliteDavid Horne

My grandad was Fleet Air Arm during the war on escort carriers. He described this process to me. Thanks for showing it to me.
Wildcats and Swordfish for the win! RIP grandad.

d e austin

I guess it's true, I myself wouldn't have know about this but for Jimmy Stewart and the crew

Aaron Huff

I gotta swing by the shell station and reload so I know i make it home

Gobble De Gook

I'm a Car Tech' & I'd Allways Wondered,
How the Hell Do You Start an Airplane Engine with a Shot-Gun Cartridge ?


That's cool and all but.....
I'd rather see somebody shoot a 4 gauge.

David Nabholz

The most American thing I have ever seen by far... starting a plane... with shotgun shells


Thats gotta be the best sounding radial engine I've heard.

Sir. Lord. Dr James bottom tooth the 3rd

What ever guage shotgun that shell is for, I want one with slugs.


thats gotta get expensive

Mike CorLeoné


mmmoroi Moroi

I saw it in "The Flight of Phoenix" starring Jimmy Stewart

Derek Wall

what gauge of shell does the starter require?

Jr Gaston

Nothing like the sound of a radial engine.

Merlin kauffman

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Young Leaf

Yeah Brandon ??

Nadia ali

Good to see brandon on screen again ?

iViC Mychael

Kenny!!!!! ?

Kybrea Washington

Yes my baby Brandon Adams is still fine as hell?

Aisia Biddle

Man I have to get Brandon back I'm the game because there is so much in the industry right now that he would perfect for. He's coming back slowly and living well though.



Joe O'Malley

This is so cool.