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Bitcoin Breaks Out! A Few Catch-Up Names To Watch

1 712 views | 23 Oct. 2020

Bitcoin breaks out over

Bitcoin breaks out over $12K this week. Review of the weekly charts for many names including Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Link and more.

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Neyla Laximir

You should start selling your own coin via mintme.com :)

Dennis S



Need this channel to be active again. Been holding :D

Joe Brannon

OMG he's back!

Mike Lowrey

Hello old friend


Lovin that silky smooth TA

Rui Santos

Great content as always. Thank you Node!


We are looking for talented content creators like you Node Investor, come join us @ www.Bitlink.Tv, we are a CryptoFriendly Community!

Gábor Nagy

Hey, hey, hey!

Joshua McLean

Your like a blast from the past. Good to hear from the Node Investor again.


actually bitcoin broke over $13,000 this week!

Monkey Tron

Where the fuck have you beeen

Khoa Nguyen

So glad to hear from you., bro

Jan Kongtantikul

Feels like 2016 watching Node Investor and buying Litecoin

Bitcoin Wholecoiner

Thanks Node ???

John Smith

More frequent updates please! Good to see you back!

P.K. Subban

Node...where are you? Crypto is back!

Terry Boswell

Recently, Bitcoin encountered a significant breakout through $ 12,000 and instantly was exchanging above $ 13000.Buying on trades is getting, which is, thusly, driving up costs. Nonetheless, a "huge" influx of OTC purchasing out of nowhere could likewise be adding to the bullish drive. Here's the reason I trad with Robert Patrick’s signal and with his assistance my income has expanded radically from 4btcto 13btc in 2weeks, so why hodl to hazard all to the changein cost when you can trad with a dependable tradr / analyst like Fernando? You can sit down to talk with him by means of t * lgrm @Trader_Rob) for any crypot related issue

Chris Howgate

Welcome back node ?

Kristofer Carrison

Dammit, I shoulda listened to you on Monero a week or two ago

Tony Pajamas

The answer to your question is hex. Hex is the next break out.

Trade with Zoey

Having a trading plan is essential for every trader. Trading with Mrs Monroe's trading platform and understanding its unique premise could help you formulate better your own trading plan


Glad to see you're back node! Keep up

Oliver Grah

Love the short videos!! very informative and insightful


Basic attention token. Just look at its recent trading volumes. Huge increase, whales are stocking up on it. But pity BTC's dump from 13800 to 13200 affected it somewhat

The node investor

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Node Investor's Crypto-Edition of Leadership & Inspirational Speeches

5 923 views | 5 Feb. 2018

The Crypto State of the

The Crypto State of the Union Address - This is meant to be a fun video so don't take it too seriously. :)

Transcript below:

My Fellow Cryptopians,

In just the past 30 days we’ve witnessed unprecedented market fluctuations and the price of Bitcoin drop from $17,000 to under $8000. The altoin market has been hit even harder and many are beginning to wonder if this is the end of crypto. Where are the Lambos they promised? Should we cancel our trips to the moon?!

Together we have shared in the heights of victory and in the pains of hardship. We have endured FUD and hacks and unrelenting censorship from those most threatened by a decentralized blockchain. It has been called a scan, a Ponzi scheme and a technology that will only be used by criminals and hackers.

For those of you just joining our ranks, I want remind you of a very important fact that is often forgotten. Bitcoin has been declared dead over 200 times and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, it continues to succeed, it continues to climb to greater heights and it continues to become more powerful than we could have expected!

Let us not forgot those that have fought before us. Those that have sacrificed to bring us new innovations and technology that will change our world in ways we can only begin to imagine.

Remember, First they laugh at us, then they fight us, then we win.

We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people. For blockchain technology, like nuclear science and all technology, has no conscience of its own. Whether it will become a force for good or ill depends on man.

But why, some say, the moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask why climb the highest mountain? Why learn technical analysis? Why use a hardware wallet?

We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.

And so my fellow cryptopians, ask not what the blockchain can do for you, ask what you can do for the blockchain.

It’s often darkest just before the dawn. I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations. Some of you have seen your portfolios shrink substantially. Some of you have deleted your wallets and still many of you refuse to even check your balances in Binance. Let us not wallow in the valley of despair. Rather, it is in the heat of battle that we must activate the Advanced HODL Technology!

I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in Satoshi’s dream.

I have a dream that one day, ICO’s will not be judged by their white paper and fancy websites but by the content of their code.

I have a dream, that one day, the charts will bottom out and we’ll begin to see the birth of new bulls again.

I have a dream that one day these red charts will give way to the glorious hills of green where the Lambos roll and rockets flying can be seen.

I have a dream that one day we’ll see charts breaking out and daily double digit gains will be the norm.

And if the cryptocurrency market cap is to begin seeing new heights, this must become true. And so, let the green candles be seen!

Let green candles be seen for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Let green candles be seen for NEO and Dash too.

Let green candles be seen on GDAX and Kraken, Let the green candles be seen

Let the green candles be seen in Tradingview &Coinigy,

Let the green candles be seen, On Blockfolio & Bittrex tooooo the green candles be seen.

And when this happens, when we allow the green candles to be seen, we will speed up that day when all cryptopians, traders and HODLers, miners and blokchain developers, CNBC anchors and YouTubers, will all be able to join hands and sing in the words of the Node Investor’s ritual:

“Green at last, green at last! Look at these charts they are green at last!”


Music Credit:

Everdream-12577 - Epic Soul Factory


Love it!


good bye



Mark Lane

Now that was funny

Barış Sözen

Hahahaha Love you maaan


Brilliant :-)

Tomas Kollar

wooow, thats gr8!!! Let the blockchain raise!



Da Mc

Let the newbs of 2018 see green!!! Let them see green, let them see green, let them see green that hasn't been seen since 2017. The tallest stalks, standing above the widest amber waves of grain were once green, oh yes! It shall return. As the spike of Mt. Gox can now hardly be seen, I have a dream of green!

Jeremy Waters Enterprises

Crypto currency is a floating asset. It has no absolute value. If you don't buy and sell at a gain when you can and, often you will eventually lose money. It's better suited for investors that know asset types and favor day or, fast trades.

Simon Gross

well spoken ))


Beautiful...Not gonna lie i shed a tear


Excellent! The candles are greener on the other side...we'll get there ;-)

Thuan Lam

Too bad i can only hit like once

O. C.


Roy M

"where are the Lambos they promised?" im wondering the same! : D

Debbie Kelley

That's truly a great inspirational video !!! Let humor carry the day my friend ! We must look into the black abyss of the unknown , laugh and say so your worse for I shall surely do mine !!!!

Piotrek Jazz

No worries man, no worries :) There is no better idea existing today to count people power and energy. Banks and governments are still to lazy and expensive to be competitive in this field


Hahgahgahaha this is freaking amazing!!! Thanks Node Investor for putting a smile on my face on such a rough day! CHEERS!



Steve Brule

It will be a few years before we see a pump like we had this past December


I'm not crying, you're crying!

Martha Lever

Thank you for the smile as we are looking at the carnage!  Long live BTC!


Man, I'd love to see the face behind this voice.

The Crypto Guru

This is the best crypto video I've ever seen.


Chills :)

Arild C

You posted this video as BTC bottomed at 6666 $. If this is the true bottom its one hell of a timing.


Buy and hodl, to the moon


i was rofling starting 15 sec or so ... i have a dream.....


Man, I love you! #nohomo

Simon Gross

so we have JFK , Martin Luther King , who else ))

Darren Ma

Node for president!

Sir Dexter

2 da ?! ??

Jeff Boski

In Node we trust

Josh Davis

And don't forget..."you're good enough, you're smart enough, & gosh darn it people like you"


Seen this before in Bitcoin, 2012 & 2013, its nothing to attach emotions to.

J.T. Irby

Next step.....WINNING!!!!

Joel Bishop

Great video!

kenneth mairena



What a wonderful comic relief in these dark times. Well said NODE. Well said!

Ryan Davies

So good

Andrés Stubelt

Epic! Thanks man!

Raj K

LOL .....channeling the inner Kennedy are we ? nice !!!!!!

Domestic Error

John F. Kennenode


Excellent video just what the doctor ordered!


i love green but sometimes i like the red stuff too! lol :)


smoke a green candle and shill


You need to do more videos like this in times like these. It's like you're HODLing us.

Tyler Durden

Sir Node, this was legendary.

Tandogan Alper

Nice done node investor ?????

Pasti Sukses

Beautiful words from my guru! Thank you Node for bringing the spirit back! In crypto we trust!


Long time lurker, but for this my friend, you deserve my first comment! #HODL

Rooky Music

The only fud to fear is fud itself!


fabulous! :D

Tyler Do

truly beautiful

Nahian Hasan

this is awesome. thanks for the laugh on this gloomy day!

Dusty Roads

Super cool Node! Thanks


Haha great stuff


Amazing vid!!!! So funny and so true!!!thank you

Bcash sucks

Excellent video!


You sound like Obama

BTC Node


snide 2

you always upload near the "new" bottoms lol great job!!

Michael Kofman

I'm a part of this cult but you have to admit it's pretty culty.

Ahmad Ali

Keep it up mate..


This is exactly what I needed! Thanks for the lulz ?

Big Green Apples

Litecoin to 20k



Melissa Van Dijk

Haha ;) I think it´s over just read this on Twitter: "Bitcoin going to zero garbage Ponzi scheme, if you cashed in congrats if you didn’t shame on you sell now before 0"


beau discour bravo !

Tim Chaffin

Yes, Yes , those who believe, those who will believe again, and those that will believe - We shall conquer the Old Money, conquer those that thought of Evil - For the light is just begining to shine, it shall shine bright through out the Lands and within all the Peoples. We shall not forget the past, but only think of our future.

Handy Rams

Green at Last!


ha ha man, you are legend!

Mahi !

#rofl Funniest motivation ever.????

Wes Yip

I decided to watch for some TA and hoping for your positive analysis....”green at last”.....ahhh feel much better now ?




LOL Node

Allix W.

Bloody awesome! Thanks! I'm no longer depressed!

Graham Pringle

Make it happen node, I believe!!!


NODE, YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!


fuck man, we we're needing this inspirational speech. Thanks for such light in such grim times


That was poetically heroic speech master Node. should've added king Leonitas and or Maximus in the mix. lol


In Node We Trust



vida sera

Amen Node! Great video! Thanks!!

Daniel T

Great JFK impression lul

J.T. Irby

Nice change of pace NODE, and MUCH NEEDED......thank you ?


LoL love the Crypto MLK Omage

TheAwsome Edvard

I like you.


Awesome...! :)


I cried

Michael Morrison

;_; so good


Whoa! Great!

Hardik Patel

This video will push BTC to 10K by the end of this week! Node will be a legend in the crypto space.

henry X


Lenon Long

So That's what MLK meant when he said 'I had a dream!".... He was dreaming of a better crypto tomorrow. lol

Matthew Worner

hilarious, your best video yet

Tony Wu

haha love it! thanks for posting!

Nic Findlay


Gabe Lazar

HAHAHA Youdaman NODE! Great video, loving the vibes

The node investor

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Node Investor Live - Lessons for the New Bull Market

2 544 views | 17 Dec. 2020

Bitcoin new all time

Bitcoin new all time highs! Update on the crypto markets and chart reviews.

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This is NOT financial or investment advice. Nothing I state, share, express, or allude to should be considered professional advice or recommendations of action. This channel is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. All content contained within is all just my own opinion and experience. Consult a professional for any tax, accounting or legal related questions you may have.


Hey Ernie! Nice to see you are still doing your training videos! Welcome back!!!


1,200 -> (*16) =20,000
20,000 -> (*16) = 320,000

Lydia kellner

can you look at HEX please next time? chart looks pretty good

Mat Dha

Nice to hear you again. Best wishes during this unusual Christmas.




Hey hey hey... great to have you back, and some wise words for young players. Shout out from Aussie-land. More TA thru this bull run please sir :)

Sam Berri

Noooooode investor!!!


Morning from Clearwater Fl. Great to see you talking crypto bull market again.??

Kristofer Carrison

So helpful. Love the wisdom. Thanks bro!

Jevgenij Salunin

thank you


There he is: Also, really cut back on any big trades this year. Have been just going off of the Weekly and using it as entry points.

Mike Lowrey

My guy.... come back to the slack group. A hero’s return. You shall be welcomed by 72 virgins! Not like, chicks tho... nerdy crypto virgins but we love you bro?

Ethereum Hodler 2016

Welcome back!

Mat G

Best in the game bro!

Ehapaj Onagaj

Fantastic video Lots of manipulation currently going on with bitcoin but that’s good news for those who know how to take advantage of the market as it exists today. One thing for sure is that just buying into the market though not a bad idea, I find it a better approach to use the opportunities presented by the digital asset not as a sort of value but as a means of generating INCOME for other diversified portfolios, while keeping a smaller percentage in BTC. I had my own learning to do but my major assistance came from Mr. Luis T, a top crypto trader whose signals and guidance helped me trade from a meager 1.8BTC to over 6BTC in just a 6 weeks of using his signals. Luis T has been of major assistance to me and I am so grateful and I want to afford others this opportunity. For inquiries, Luis T can be contacted on via Telegram @LuisT62 Adopting a successful person's strategy and incorporating them into your own trades is the best way to earn returns as well as get better insight into profitable trading.


I gotta say, your channel is truly one of the best out there.

Сергей Майер

Joke. My mom bet me - who will get more in the crypt. She cheated: she found a group of professional player Walter CoinCoin in the Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel. He shows how to automatically copy his actions using the service. As a result, I woeked hard, and my mother used this service, did not sit in front of the computer at all and won me over. The end.


Node Investor heeereeeee !!!!


Dude! It’s been a minute

Roni Gemron

Node! Welcome back, I missed you..


Thoughts on LTC/BTC?