Intraday volatility

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Corsair Earnings (CRSR) Volatility

407 views | 10 Feb. 2021

In this video, we'll

In this video, we'll focus in on the earnings volatility we saw in Corsair Gaming (CRSR), along with do a follow up on our swing trades in Oracle (ORCL) and Opendoor (OPEN).

When we set the trades up, all 3 of these stocks had a rising 50 day simple moving average, along with a reason for us to have a bullish bias.

Here's the video from the original setup: https://youtu.be/CggQQi6RUcI

From the time of setting up the trade, here are the results of each of the 3 stocks:

1. Corsair is up ~4%, with earnings volatility giving us a much nicer entry opportunity (see below for details)

2. Opendoor is up ~8.5%

3. Oracle is up ~2.4%

Corsair was the most interesting candidate from the above. We had bullish signals headed into earnings, Corsair beat estimates, AND we had an opportunity to enter at our Conservative Volatility Box entry zone.

From our entry alone, Corsair gave us a 7.85% gain, surpassing even the max move from the swing trade. The video will cover this in more detail, and I've also attached a video below around using intraday volatility to position yourself for swing trades:


However, with much of the market extended, we'll cover some shorter term targets for those that are interested in taking earlier profits.


⏱️ Here are video timestamps that might come in handy:

0:00 - Introduction

0:30 - Corsair Gaming (CRSR)

3:25 - Opendoor (OPEN)

4:33 - Oracle (ORCL)

6:10 - Summary


✅ Download the Futures Volatility Box here:


✅ Download the Stock Volatility Box here:


✅ Watch the new Triple Pro Squeeze course here:


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Charles Ostrowski

I bought 2/19 calls, am I fuked?

calos Frem

Nice ? thanks for your work and time!!

Random Dave

for an amateur such as myself, this is next level stuff. thanks mate

Intraday volatility

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Volatility based Intraday for quick profit - Understanding and using them

1 974 views | 9 Aug. 2019


In this video


In this video we will be discussing and understanding volatility based intraday trades.

For enrolling into professional price action trading course email me at [email protected] or contact me at 9753442072


The content provided in this video is solely for general interest and educational purposes & reader's information.All viewers are requested to seek independent and expert opinion before acting on anything mentioned in this video, and I take no liability/responsibility for any decision taken by the viewer solely based on information provided here. All information/views/opinions in this video are my personal interpretation and I cannot be held responsible for mis-communication, mis-information and any action taken by any individual or group based on this video. By accessing and viewing this video, you accept, without limitation or qualification,The videos on Stocks and Stock Market are only to create an awareness and educating investors about the Subject matter. The views and opinion expressed on this subject are my personal

views/interpretation/based on my research and is NOT an investment advice or Recommendation whether to buy, sell or hold the shares/stock of a particular company/sector. All investors are advised to consult their investment advisor/certified financial

planner and/or conduct their own independent research into individual stocks/sectors before taking decision.I am not responsible for any loss or implications arising out of any decision taken by the viewers after watching my video. All company, Brand, Stocks, Service and Product names mentioned in this Video are trademarks of their respective holders/individual parent companies.

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Good explanation

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Sir if you are interested then please clear concept on gap up and gap down


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Ur videos open a new perspective each time I see ur new video, cheers ??

Intraday volatility

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How To Pick High Movement And High Volatility Stocks For Intraday Trading

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How To Pick High Movement

How To Pick High Movement And High Volatility Stocks For Intraday Trading

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