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Giving Noobs The OPPOSITE Of What They Ask For! | Minecraft

273 845 views | 21 Dec. 2020

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chaoS _

Wait Itiny had a botw skin!


U triggered my Alexa on the second guy????

Slip Over ッ

Honestly I would want a stack of dirt if I could play on ur server but can’t do :| what ever tho

Benjamin Denham

Lover fella mean


lover:today we are gonna give the opisite of what people ask for
me:i want some dirt

Ferret Girl

Dude at the end: yEa blow me Up! runs to creeper

bhais tang

Yeah I would HATE LoverFella for that and I would UNSUBSCRIBE


This sucks

Adriel Joseph Almario

Literally in my ears i heard loverfella say the n word at 0:10

Diana Harsono

I would say I want a 3 iron ingot because I would need it to make a pickaxe =P TvT and I am not greedy I give half of my diamonds to my friends but if it cannot be half or equal I would give them da most :) and I would need a pickaxe :P

Max Fausto

dude that cruel (but ur still me fav youtuber)

S4lt Wind

Ur a jerk

Conrad H



I hate u

Alsyr Claw

Coal is not opperside of diamond because they was family, diamond and coal created by carbon

Vishal Cleaver

i cant join the server

Wns Zxro



If were Mongo I would’ve said I’m unsubscribing

Shadowed Stealth

When you said Alexa set a timer for 20 seconds it set my alexa off lmao ?

BrawlKing BrawlStars

Sometimes I just feel like Zach is too rough on the members

BHCreastart FN



why do u keep destroying ur server and ur fans bases bruhhhh

Alex The Otter


gliched shadow

first netherite is dirt now netherite is iron?????

Tyrano King

0:10 what was that word after what’s up??

Paramjit Kaur


Bacon armyYT

Man isn't this kinda....wrong :/
I mean you destroyed and give people opposite things even though one of em gets something expensive

But destroying bases are just wrong especially taking 100 from everyone

Just for content

Danika Rodriguez

2:06 i dont like itiny

Clust Yair

To kids

Peter GamingYT

I hate this video

Zamee Linger

Server ip?


I’m unsubsribong bcs I fell bad for the ppl


if people were smart they would've said they wanted a dirt block and the opposite of it is netherite so they would get netherite

Cute Angels Lover

Thats rude:<

Totally Jokers

What is the name of your server plz I want to join ??

Chaka and Syco


Bandit Boy

I hate u y would put lava in someone’s base

Prince Lagmay

I would have said nothing then the opposite of that is everything

finnzehuman125 Roblox

I disliked the video because he ruined that beautiful island.

De kamikaze Mannen

1:17 that wasn’t funny at al

Joel III Romano

haha bese r.i.p

vibing cat

Your mean


You made my tablet set a timer -_-

RoWaN Mackin ChEeZ

How i get into your server???????


Ark all over again?

James Shackleton

Flash back to ark

Henzeel Sandoval

u did the last man dirty ?

Butterfly Girl

can I have one dirt? Please

Anni Cramb

Sorry loverfella but you were kind of a jerk in this but like people were asking for these wholesome things and then you just put lava on their base I love ur vids but y??????

The fortnite Bot

Reminds me of a vid of ark lover I was a og fan on my old account

masha Litov

I think that is very rude! Loverfella imagine someone destroyed your base. U be mad.


Destroying someone’s base is kinda sad, I feel bad for them :/
They even wanted to give the item they got to their friend

Maroon Benitez

Dude that sack XD

Rion Del Rosario

Title: Giving Noobs The OPPOSITE Of What They Ask For! | Minecraft

At 5:48:what a noob wearing Netherite armor,what a noob


i'm surprised with how little people know zach bc he's done so many of these before on ark etc. and they're asking for everything

Z Kharma

great now im broke thank itiny

Everett Perkins

Well actually the opposite of 64 netherite ingots is -64 so she would be in debt forever.

Jude Allen

That’s mean

Japie Gouws

Why hie catta be soo mean

Amr Walid

Pls tell me what shader do u use

Aedam joseph Malabanan

Your bad

Elida Acevedo

I hate you

Best-of -YT

1:12 bru not fair

My freking Alexa responded

ItsAshe :D

I keep on watching this and I just realized that I guessed that I was going to be given the opposite Lol. I was thinking of what I wanted which took much longer then the vid showed and I was saying that Zach (LoverFella) would probably be the grinch (it was near Christmas) and give people the opposite or take whatever the got away. It got edited out but it still pretty funny to know that I had guessed it

merrick ouellette

What is the mod server called

Angus Bilodeau

Give the last guy lover bucks back


Hello guys! :D I hope you stay safe and have a nice day, God bless you! <3


almost eveyone after the trade i have decided THAT I WANT TO DIE

Mr Ashish Toppo

Justice for tiny ?

scorpion gang

Gives a guy 30 piece s of sand gives another guy dinonds

FTB battles

consistent: asks for a doble chest of diamond blocks
Loverfella: you werent greedy
me: nani

Jerry chen

Imagine someone asked for 1$ LoverFella got to give all of his money

Maira Thebarge

this is why i dont play on your server......

Mohammad Elham



Itiny voice was so cute?


Ur a meanie

Roger Sargent

You are mean and corrupt

Ninja kitty Boomer T

How many sub can I

Clust Yair

You ar
A jurk to eh kids


Wait so if dirt is opisite of netherite and coal is duamond well I need a full chest of dirt and coal

Sweat Dinosaur

I do thought yo sed the opsent of netheright is dirt

Mavrick 9906

Can you troll a player named AnimeKing87 plz

wyatt prosnier

Hey don't be a jerk like that the person had a really nice (The island base) base one that you couldn't do even if you were trained to build by GRIAN for weeks so don't do that!


sooooooo bad

Alex. Us

Like for part 2( :

David Guite

Bro. How could you

Saberclaw fox

On my world dirt can't spawn I need dirt

John Paul Singh

I hate loverfella


Wow you are mean


Don’t do this anymore

You should give the noobs stuff


This brings me back to the times when u used to play ark...

Dahlia N

in 1:54 why would you do that that placce looked soo coool and pretty


Does this server work for tlauncher Yes or no ?

Carl Bato

Lover fella is a bully hahahaha

Highway Jam

Can you flip my base


wow loverfella, i loved you way more yesterday. This was a horrible video idea, didnt find it entertaining

decker_ 09

Brings me back to when he posted the same challenge on ark

Huj FN

Loverfella got $100 from all players IMAO

Cipe HD

You are so rude

Tanja Radley


Opposite of drop

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What's On the Opposite Side of the World From You?

2 318 294 views | 7 Apr. 2017

Somewhere on Earth

Somewhere on Earth thousands of miles beneath your feat is someplace that's exactly opposite of you. What's going on there right now, where is it and how can you go about getting there?

Please Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2dB7VTO

Music is by Brandon Maahs. Check out his website and music by clicking this link: http://www.brandonmaahs.com/audio-reel

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealLifeLore/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealLifeLore1

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RealLifeLore/

Subreddit is moderated by Oliver Bourdouxhe

Special thanks to Patrons: Joshua Tavares, Wesley Jackson and Matthew Mikulka.

Videos explaining things. Mostly over topics like history, geography, economics and science.

We believe that the world is a wonderfully fascinating place, and you can find wonder anywhere you look. That is what our videos attempt to convey.

Currently, we try our best to release one video every week. Bear with us :)

Business Email: [email protected]

mim zim

i never noticed europe is more north than australia is south

Marlene Eaton

The tawdry team optically chew because hardhat exclusively meddle up a tired end. hesitant, abounding butcher

Selmarian productions

the first reply to this comment is gay


I’m botta be swimin

Parsa Rathernotsay

“The time difference would be exactly 12 hours”
Laughs in arbitrary organized time zones

Reeanna S

Imagine being in northern Siberia and travelling that long distance just to find yourself in…


Robyn Ahern

"Mcdonalds Islands" i-

Mike Rix Wolfe

The diameter of the earth is 7917 mi (12427 km) not 12427 mi (20000 km) as you have listed in the video

TTR Abyss

Omg if your standing on 1 half of the earth they would both be the same season

omar aharar


Emma Drake

My opposite is spain

Jay's Comedy Travel Adventure

If somebody dropped a slice of bread and someone on the exact opposite side of the world did the same, the earth would then briefly become a sandwich ?

Christo Abrie

As someone living in South Africa, i was surprised to realize that Hawaii was literally on the opposite side of the world from us (considering that Botswanna is our neighbour and that Hawaii is the only land in middle of the North Pacific

Attican Traverse

Finland doesn't exist.


Opposite me is a mostly submerged microcontinent that peaks in a handful of nearly barren islands that France wanted to have, for...some reason.

olivia foxwood

On antipodes you can check out from your location, I'm water and need to swim ...


1:09 its like that in norway too every kid thinks the end up in china

Alexa Tri

I'm in Europe, so I'd end up in the southern Pacific Ocean... nice... in the middle of nowhere; at least no one it's gonna bother me there


The farthest place is where you are because you have to go around the whole world


So Spain and new Zealand can make an earth sandwich

Tay Yuyang

My antipode right now is in Ecuador


Im from the Philippines


Santarem brazil has the opposite of the time of the Philippines


I wanted to go to japan but i live in southern brazil, great.

Csongor Szakos

I live in Hungary, the opposite is an ocean.



Toaster having a bath

What's the opposite of Wales

Saeed Akhtar


Faraz Ahmed

"the land opposite to urs has 12 hours difference" meanwhile "most of Canada is opposite to Indian Ocean and Antarctica"
Wow I never knew I was living in middle of an ocean.... Dis video is so damn stupid

Electro- Pros

My opposite area is pretty much water(-29.4257067, -103.3163423), but land is chile's hanga roa (Easter Island).

DIVYA Sharma

Jen chupna was here ?


i went travelled from italy to new zealand, 18800kms. it took me 34 hours to get there, 24 of which were spent flying inside 4 planes

Liam Tolland

Me living in New Zealand we get atention

Alexander Zippel

I just realized how much north Europe is


Damn oceans are massive


What's on the opposite side of the world from you?


Nem Gam Boi

taiwan is china, kosovo is serbia and crimea is russia!

Pzkmpfwagen Gaming

What If all those Green land were lands and the rest is Water


Farthest place is your back

Reeanna S

How can an archipelago have just half an island?

galif Gibran family

Lol so if you dig a hole in the jungle of borneo youll appear again at a jungle

Aj Furrell

OK, that was totally not whangarei airport! And it's antipodeeees not anti podes.

galif Gibran family

Im a west javan so
Hola mi hermano colombiano


My dad is on the opposite side


I in ocean

Primal Aspid

Nice to know that the citizens that occupy the exact opposite point on the earth are fish


I was wondering why such a well-made video had so many dislikes... And then... I remembered. Flatearthers actually take themselves seriously....

kevin mag dich nicht

the pacific? I’m kinda disappointed now ngl

Sebastian Grøndahl

at your map at 6:20 Denmark (My home country) is cut in half so it is a bit hard to find out where hte opesit place of denmark is


You could build an extremely fast machine through the tunnel that is going through earth and get there in a minute or mabey even less. That would be so weird because of the 12 hour time difference !

jahanzaib rehmani

My opposite side is pacific ocean ?of chile

uno reverse card

Hi new Zealand from the other side of the globe

James Buxton

Again, the pacific is huge.

15 hanna heng

thanks for mentioning singapore :)

Laiza Serafim

This number would be larger if you were on the equator since the earth is flatenned in the equator line so it is the farthest away

idk why I am doing here.

Im on phillippines pano na na saan na ang malapit saamin

Carl John Cano

Real life lore! What is opposite of antarctica?


pog, my nz friends would be near, I would have to swim tho or they walk

Ray Bois

Okay I'm a little confused about something maybe you guys can help me out. Why is it when you show the opposite side of the globe you always put the countries upside down?

Harvir Singh

I am in Canada

Brandyn Allen

Wow. I always thought it was China below us ?

Skyboy HQ

I live in India, India is near south america a few 1000 kms away in the pacific ocean


im sorry but why the map is upside down?


I found out using a globe

Orin Adish

The furthest point away from me is the pacific ocean, because I'm living in Nairobi, Kenya rn.

Brandi Lotz



I’m from the Netherlands and it’s just ocean in the other way

Lt. Maverick Fury

watching from San Francisco California, so I guess I would end up somewhere in the middle of the Indian ocean

Joshua Thompson

I think not, I am an alien from the planet Squejbf.

daer devvyl

The opposite side from me is in the Indian Ocean near “French Southern and Antarctic Islands.” The nearest continent is Antarctica, then either Africa or Australia. It seems unlikely to me that anyone is standing on the exact opposite side of the world, but I guess there could be a ship there.

Elyse Mooney MUA

Opposite side of Liverpool is Papatowai, Otago, New Zealand.

Ethan Fichtner

WAIT I’m from montana

Nivlac The Drake

People who live in mars:
"Well thats not true"


People watching this from Mars: What is this guy talking about


Okay, learning what an “antipode” is was worth the watch alone.


That's not true about time zones. They are defined more by political boundaries than precise spatial ones, and in places like Newfoundland a rarity. That was a lazy comment, think a bit and do your research.


I feel like everyone in the USA thinks everyone in the world lives in the USA. Like in this video, i somehow teleport to The USA

Mason Garcia

I would take 1 flight then glide 2,000 miles in style.

That NoobGamer

I'm from nz hi Spanish peps u are the furthest away from me :)

Tahsan Zahid


It's Liam!

Answer: Probably fish.

R.I.P Studio


Khandaker MURSHED

anyone from Pastaza, Ecuador (my antipode)

Reeanna S

!rabkA-uH hallA from the point in the Pacific Ocean antipodal to Mecca!

biif 1914

Everyone:what is the exact place 12 hours different
The counntry:OCEAN

Ayrton Senna

I am opposite of Pacific Ocean

Henrique Nunes

Now I Know That If I Dig A Straight Hole From Where I Am Right Now, I Would End On The Indian Ocean.

Omar Elmogaly

Most of the opposite is the ocean so think about traveling by a submarine

s mitchell

The deepest hole is 12 km....FLAT EARTH


Wrong- the real farthest man-mad thing is Voyager 1

-Omega Zero-

Thank you so much for pronouncing my home province of Saskatchewan correctly RLL


USA: let’s dig a hole to China
arrives in the middle of the ocean

Sulma Alvarado


Planes and Games

k I'd fall in the pacific



Sour Lemon



If I dig a e hole ill end up in the pacific ocean

Star_Dust _

Im watching this from Mars


But what if I told you... the farthest away place from you is not the other side of the world?


i always wondered and i was so excited to find this video but apparently its the middle of the ocean close to South America. I'm dissapointed

Opposite of drop

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opposite of drop shot

8 views | 30 Jan. 2020

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