Ledger nano s price increase

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ShakePay To Wallet✅ How To Withdraw Bitcoin To Ledger Wallet | Bitcoin Wallet Shakepay Tutorial

629 views | 30 Jan. 2021

► Transfer #Bitcoin &

► Transfer #Bitcoin & Ethereum from #ShakePay To Wallet

► Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to withdraw Bitcoin from ShakePay to #LedgerWallet

►ShakePay is one of the easiest crypto exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum in Canada. This video, I show you step-by-step:

♦ How To Buy Bitcoin in Canada using ShakePay

♦ How To Buy Ethereum in Canada using ShakePay

♦ How To Withdraw Bitcoin To Wallet

♦ How To Withdraw Ethereum To Wallet

♦ Where to Buy Ledger Wallet

This is a step-by-step beginner video about how to withdraw Bitcoin & Ethereum from your ShakePay account to your Ledger wallet.


✅ Open a ShakePay Account To Buy & Sell Bitcoin and You'll Receive $30 Cash Back

► https://shakepay.me/r/MFZ0JPC

✅ Buy Ledger Cold Wallet & Store your cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin & Ethereum offline

► https://shop.ledger.com/pages/ledger-nano-x?r=e072f0c7dc57

======== TABLE OF CONTENTS ========

00:00 - Intro

01:38 - ShakePay Login

03:17 - How To Buy Bitcoin

05:15 - How To Buy Ethereum

07:00 - Withdraw Bitcoin To Wallet

14:34 - Withdraw Ethereum To Wallet

18:40 - Where To Buy Ledger Wallet

21:54 - Link To Cold Wallet

======== VIDEO SUMMARY ========

Before investing into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it is important to ensure the security and safety of your digital assets.

The first rule of investing into Bitcoin, Ethereum or alt coins, is that you never leave your cyypto on any exchange. If you do, you leave yourself vulnerable and susceptible to hackers.

And the best way to secure your Bitcoin or any altcoin is to withdraw it off the crypto exchange into your cold wallet such as Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S.

ShakePay is the easiest and fastest cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum in Canada. If you’re new to investing in crypto, you will find ShakePay very easy to use and understand.

In today’s video, I show you step-by-step: how to withdraw and transfer your Bitcoin and Ethereum to your Ledger wallet.

Remember, rule #1 for investing in cryptocurrency is: You Never Leave Your Bitcoin or any crypto on any exchange. You need to store them offline in your cold wallet so no one has access to your digital assets, especially hackers.

To buy your order, here’s the link below.

✅ ► https://shop.ledger.com/pages/ledger-nano-x?r=e072f0c7dc57

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◆ Easy Investment Tips: https://youtu.be/ZmhZSgdz7T4

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======== ESSENTIAL BOOKS TO READ ========

?My Top Investing/Finance Books

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The Millionaire Next Door: Thomas Stanley

Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill

Richest Man In Babylon: George Clason


======== SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ========

? Let’s Connect:

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/bloomingumoren/

Website: www.bloomingumoren.com


⚠️ Disclaimer: These videos are my personal views and opinions. Consult a financial advisor accordingly.


? I look forward to connecting with you! Love to read from you...please share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments!



Blooming Umoren

► Transfer #Bitcoin​ & #Ethereum from #Shakepay​ To Wallet
► Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to withdraw Bitcoin from ShakePay to #LedgerWallet.

This is a step-by-step beginner video about how to withdraw Bitcoin & Ethereum from your ShakePay account to your Ledger wallet. In this video, I show you:

♦ How To Buy Bitcoin in Canada using ShakePay
♦ How To Buy Ethereum in Canada using ShakePay
♦ How To Withdraw Bitcoin To Wallet
♦ How To Withdraw Ethereum To Wallet
♦ Where to Buy Ledger Wallet

Got Questions? Let me know in a comment below, will be happy to help.

Ceaser Carrera

Is there always a fee when sending crypto to the ledger?

Precious Ekanem

Thanks alot for educating, very helpful.

Gang Gang

I strongly recommend you don’t buy ledger nano x, I lost all my Crypto, no customer service, no any kind of help, only advertising, #bignoledgernanox
Think again ???

Ponyo Sosuke

Hi, I have coins in my dogecoin wallet on my PC, how to I transfer all my coins from my wallet to a cold storage? USB ledger. Thanks

Tesla Fan Bull

Wow! Thank you so mucchh! This is very helpful. You make investing in Bitcoin quite easy :) thnx

Tammy W

Great info! Thanks! Can you recommend the best exchange to trade crypto. I have done a lot of research however I would like to know what a fellow Canadian thinks... I would like a great variety of coins /lots of volume and security and a good platform with stop loss capabilities. Thanks in advance. Really appreciate any guidance Blooming:)

Ledger nano s price increase

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Ledger Backup Pack review | Should I buy Ledger Backup Pack? | Watch full review

5 976 views | 29 Jul. 2020

Ledger Backup Pack

Ledger Backup Pack review. If you want to get your own cryptocurrency hardware wallet for Bitcoin or alt coins, get Ledger Backup Pack here: https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-backup-pack?r=82599fd51221 (1x Nano X & 1x Nano S)

So, what is the topic of this Ledger Backup Pack review? Let’s look at this Ledger bundle of cryptocurrency hardware wallets in detail, the Ledger Backup Pack. You may be asking, is Ledger Backup Pack worth buying? Well, I’ve used mine for over two years now and this is a central building block in my crypto/Bitcoin cryptocurrency hardware wallet safety solution. Protect your Bitcoin and get your own with the links bellow.


Get Ledger Backup Pack here: https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-backup-pack?r=82599fd51221 (1x Nano X & 1x Nano S)

Get Ledger Nano X here: https://shop.ledger.com/pages/ledger-nano-x?r=82599fd51221 (The easy to use cryptocurrency hardware wallet)

Get Ledger Nano S here: https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-s?r=82599fd51221 (Perfect backup cryptocurrency hardware wallet device)

Get 3x Ledger Nano X here: https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-x-3pack?r=82599fd51221 (Three easy to use Ledger cryptocurrency hardware wallets)

If you want to know what’s the difference between Ledger Nano X and S, see the Ledger Backup Pack review video.

The is Ledger Backup Pack worth it? It is if you want to store your Bitcoin safely. When thinking “how to store Bitcoin safely”, you answer is “cryptocurrency hardware wallet”. This way your Bitcoin is safe even if you have a virus on your computer. That’s because Ledger Cryptocurrency hardware wallet needs a manual confirmation from you before any Bitcoin/crypto is moved.

So, what’s my conclusion of “is the Ledger Backup Pack worth buying?”. Well, only if you want to distribute your Ledger devices in multiple locations. That’s what I do. But why my crypto/Bitcoin safety solution is to have multiple Ledgers this way? Because in case one of these gets destroyed or stolen, I can still access my Bitcoin/crypto with the other devices. This is why I think Ledger Backup Pack is worth the money. You can’t get complete security for free.

Then what is my crypto/Bitcoin storage solution? See the Ledger Backup Pack review video and find out. You can copy my tactic. You will find it in this Ledger Backup Pack review video. You also find the answer to which one is better Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S (Ledger cryptocurrency hardware wallet comparison video). In short, I can say I prefer the Ledger Nano X for its convenience, the Ledger Nano S is a pure backup cryptocurrency hardware wallet for me. That and much more you find out in this Ledger Backup Pack review video. So, what is the best Bitcoin hardware wallet? (And the best crypto hardware wallet as well, because this can store alt coins as well).

In the honest Ledger Backup Pack review you also see how Ledger Live works. That’s the wallet software for PC, Mac and Smartphone (iPhone and Android cryptocurrency hardware wallet) that you use to access your Bitcoin/crypto. Yes, you read it right, Ledger hardware wallets can be used on a mobile device, for this the Ledger Nano X is the best mobile cryptocurrency hardware wallet. How? You will see the answer in the Ledger Backup Pack review video where we take a deep dive on the Ledger Nano X cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

This is the ultimate Bitcoin cold storage wallet.

Ok, I’ll just give it away here. Should you get Ledger Backup Pack? Is Ledger Backup Pack worth the price? Well, yes, but only if you want to protect your Bitcoin and crypto currency by distributing the devices into multiple locations. Hint: Don’t dig them under the ground. A hardware wallet is like a “digital safe”, you need the password to move any crypto around. And only you know it. In the video you see Ledger Nano X tutorial and Ledger Nano S tutorial (they both work alike). We also use the Ledger Live software, which allows you to use Bitcoin/crypto currency in your smartphone. Yes, Ledgers are mobile hardware wallets for Bitcoin or any alt coin.


Get Ledger Backup Pack here: https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-backup-pack?r=82599fd51221 (1x Nano X & 1x Nano S)

Get Ledger Nano X here: https://shop.ledger.com/pages/ledger-nano-x?r=82599fd51221 (The easy to use cryptocurrency hardware wallet)

Get Ledger Nano S here: https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-s?r=82599fd51221 (Perfect backup cryptocurrency hardware wallet device)

Get 3x Ledger Nano X here: https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-x-3pack?r=82599fd51221 (Three easy to use Ledger cryptocurrency hardware wallets)

Links above are affiliate links, using them you support this crypto YouTube channel


Great Job Guy! I just bought this bundle & your video is by far the easiest to understand. I get the whole idea/process of it, just I didn't know if you can have both wallets on both devices. You answered that! Thank you for this!

Hyosun Kim

sooo helpful!!

Fernando Moreno Gil

Are you finnish? You got that finnish-english accent.

Prodigy Defender

I have one nano S and bought a new nano X, do I restore the wallet into nano X using the same seeds as my nano S? is that how you have same crypto assets in two different devices?


is it safe from amazon?

Stephen Burke

This video was fantastic. Thanks!

Ruth Elechi

Massive thanks to Sliverhackz ôÑ îñstagram he completely recovered my disabled account


so if youre accounts are linked and youre taking out crypto from the nano X then you would be taking out from the nano S as well?

Lawrence Thomas

Wow. ..Wow..Wow... Best Crypto security video I’ve seen since 2017. I just subscribed to your channel. Keep the Great Content comming ?????????


Good video!! Can you use the same adress mutiple times if you want to receive bitcoin? Or do you have to change it after each time you receive?


If you don't plan to take the ledger out, just leave it at home, is there any benefit with getting a backup? If your primary reason for a backup is that you take it out and you may lose it, if for me, I don't plan to take it anywhere, is there any reason (no matter how minor) to have at least one backup? Great video.

Edit: How long would the ledger S last without plugging in for a while? Or is the info there no matter whether the battery is dead or not?

Susan Chamberlin

Great video!! The day I set up my Nano S, I got a text, supposedly from Ledger, telling me to visit Ledger.legal for firmware update and that current version has bug with risk of losing assets. Phish, right?

Today live stream

how can buy ledger nano in pakistan guide me

Brian C

Appreciate it. Been trying to figure out how to have a backup.


why does my ledger not show my accounts anymore ....it did ...anybody

David Porras

Hi brother. Thanks for your video. I have a question. If I buy a Ledger Backup Pack, both Ledger boxes come separated sealed? For example: If I keep the Nano S, and decide to sell or gift the Nano X, the Nano X also comes individually sealed? My doubt is to avoid that the other person believes that Nano X was altered, hacked or manipulated

Adnan Syed

You sound Finnish.


Thanks for your Video, I was wondering,

If I have two ethereum applications doest it mean I will get two separate addresses for each? What about metamask? Will I be getting two different set of addresses for each app?


Can buy the backup pack and keep the X for me and give the nano to someone else , or are those automatically linked ?
Thinking on getting the X for me and the nano for a family member.


This answered a lot of questions. Thanks. BTW, what accent do you have?

Ledger nano s price increase

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Hidden passphrase on your Ledger Nano S: this is how it works | How to crypto | BTC Direct

14 688 views | 28 Nov. 2018

Need an extra layer of

Need an extra layer of security? How about the 25th word. If you’ve been dabbling in crypto for a while and interested in furthering your knowledge and security this subject might mean something to you. The term 25th word means nothing without any context. It refers to adding an optional “passphrase” or extra word(s) to our 24 word seed. Subscribe to the channel for all the latests news on cryptocurrency: http://bit.ly/btcdirect_sub

Read all about improving security: https://btcdirect.eu/en-gb/25th-word

Buy Ledger Nano S: https://shop.btcdirect.eu/en-gb/products/ledger-nano-s


More from BTC Direct?

✅Buy crypto: https://btcdirect.eu

✅Facebook: https://facebook.com/btcdirect/

✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/btcdirect

✅Instagram: https://instagram.com/btcdirect.eu/

✅Subscribe to YouTube: http://bit.ly/btcdirect_sub

✅ Telegram: https://t.me/btcdirect

Disclaimer: The information in this video is not supposed to be used as investment advice or recommendation for the selling or buying of cryptocurrencies. The trading of digital currencies involves a significant risk and is at own risk.


Welcome to the YouTube Channel of BTC Direct. Here we tell you all about the bitcoin course and the latest bitcoin news, we discuss the ethereum course, tell you the news on Ripple and we tell you how the litecoin price is doing. Next to that we discuss all there is to know about the cryptocurrencies, we show you how to buy crypto's and review the possibilities of a wallet for bitcoin and other coins. You can also find tutorials about the purchase of crypto money.

We take you with us trough the prices of all cryptocurrencies daily and so much more

Subscribe to our channel and make sure that you are always up to date of the latest news that BTC Direct has to offer!

#BTCDirect #HiddenPassphrase #LegderNanoS

Simon Trangmar

Thank you - very helpful presentation

Simon Trangmar

if I might add a comment to clarify your explaination:

Another VERY good reason for the 25th word is YOU get to choose the word - not the device. I have always harboured my doubts about a device choosing words for me - nothing is TRULY random IMHO and the list of words is a pre defined SUBSET of the english dictionary. Couple that knowledge with the advent of the Chinese Gov developing quantum computing to generate one batch of 24 words, see what they unlock, try the next iteration of 24 words, see what they might unlock and so on.... The implications are scary.

If you use a 25th word - especially something that is NOT in the dictionery, something long/complex, I am pretty sure you'd make it exponentially more difficult for the bad guys.

Renu Devi

1. can this feature be used on an already setup ledger device.
2. how do we choose the 25th word of my choice?
3. does that mean that if i do a transaction i have to use this 25th word as a passphrase?

Sivapron Thanomvararuk

If I had made passpharse already
Can I change passpharse again?

Jan Sasha

Can I choose the seeds my self?

Dudley Schmelzer

So this is adding a human touch to the BIP39 software? We are adding technically just a 25th word? It remains the random mnemonic phrase + 24 words (from the 2048 list) and now my human selected word? Creating a new master root key. Could I technically add a string of another 12 words to the 24?

Jeremy Cheshire

what would happen if you set your pin code to the same one as your original wallet. How would it know which wallet to open?

Dominick Decocco

what if you want to create multiple words instead of just 'moon'? Do you just add in a space between each word? Or is there a 'choose next word' option?

Ryo Tan

What if Ledger Company go bust ?


it is good to have a passphrase in such scenario : you store several backup at different place. Thief will not have acces to your funds without passphrase.
You can make lot of differents passphrase / wallet. For example you use a simple passphrase you can give on duress (aka 5usd wrench attack), torturer will get small amount you put on this simple passphrase. Your real saving you put it with an other passphrase.

Carter Marshal

I can’t stop thanking Cyberwizard19 on IG for the wonderful job he did for me,helping me recover my lost Tron wallet,you are really the greatest hacker indeed ?


I know this video is already a few months old but afaik nothing fundamentally changed since then. Isn't ledger live showing both accounts (normal plus the "secret") defeating the purpose of the passphrase?

emad ali

well, I have two XRP accounts, both created by the same recovery phrase, but one account was active since I was able to send the tokens to exchange, the other one isn't active hence tried several times to send unfortunately message "check the recovery phrase or passphrase associated with such account "tried your ideas about secret passphrase and I've set up the pin but couldn't retrieve the account and same message pop up while I tried to send the tokens to exchange


Tried it, but after I typed in the secret passphrase, confirmed it and it said "processing" (like in youre video), but then after I restartet the ledger and connected to my pc, there was no new secret wallet in the ledger live!

Simon Trangmar

For everyone's reference. I have just been testing whether my Trezor can access my Nano's 25th seeded accounts. It can!

I have also tested it the other way - ie a 25th passphrase on a trezor can be read by a Nano.

CAVETA - There's a gotcha.... it seems the NANO cannot choose a passphrase that is a mixture of characters and numbers - implication being.... if you set a complex passphrase/aka 25th seed word on the Trezor, you won't be able to access it on the NANO.

I highly recommend everyone has BOTH devices so if one company goes bust, you can access your funds via the other. After all, there don't seem to be any software wallets (of any note) that can access more than a 12 word seed!

HTH folks

Omar AD

Thanks for explaining but still can’t make it.
I followed all your explanations and doesn’t work (maybe now is not like that, due to software updates)
Then I followed SuperXtreme steps as explained below, but nothing. So here is what I do.
Set up passphrase, entered 2nd pinc, create the accounts, and showed on live. Close and reopen live, then I enter the 1st pin, still show the account. So, closed again, disconnect ledger. Open live, enter 2nd pin, and can see still all the accounts. Then, when I delete the 2nd pin account, close the live, and disconnect the ledger.
Reopen live again, connect ledger, entered 2nd pin and nothing shows. (Not even viewable) so I need to create again the address and then, the accound shows up to be able to be added again, so after all, no problem but, what am I doing wrong??
Thanks for your help.


if someone gets the 24 word seed but not passphrase, will he be able to access secret wallet? he will be able to access normal wallet but not secret wallet because he dont know passphrase..is my understanding right? i own ledger for more than 6 months, but dont know this secret feature.


(What is, if I created set 25th word (passphrase), but the ledger nano s gets brocken and someone steals the 24 Seed, is he then able, to get my cryptos with a new ledger nano s? Or does he then also need the passphrase?) Question is already answered in other comments.

And how do I use the hardware with the passphrase to get to my wallet? Do I have to type in every time my first Pin and my second Pin, right? And if I would every forget them, then I could stell use the 25 word Seed (Seed + passphrase), right?

So would it be the best solution, to hide the 24 word Seed and the first PIN on one secret place and the passphrase and the second PIN on another secret place (and making for each of it at least one copy on a third/forth/ etc. secret place)? Thats my plan, is it a good plan?

Can I, just in case, restore also the secret wallet, if I lost the PINs and the ledger Nano S, only with the 25 word Seed?

And would it be possible, the get to the secret wallets, (if the Ledger Nano S is lost, the 25 word Seed is lost, but) with both PINs alone?

And how can I set a few of my wallet adresses to secret, so that theyre only accessable with the 25 word Seed or both Pins?

Maybe you could make an additional video to this topic. I would be very thankful for an answer, thank you!

Greetings from Germany!

Nanoyo Business

can I transfer the funds to my passphase account from the regular account on ledger? thank you for your Video!

Hidden creature

So it is basically two wallets inside your ledger nano S, meaning if I want to access the passphrase wallet I would need to enter its pin; however, if I want to enter the regular wallet, I just simply enter the regular pin. Please Confirm

Mike Mayhew

The PIN you setup is only so that you can either unlock the 24 word wallet OR the 25 word wallet when opening the Ledger, correct? In terms of recovery the PIN doesn't matter. For recovery you only need your 24 words, plus the 25th word (moon in your case), and you could "attach" a completely different PIN. Correct?

Alex Delfont

thanks, can you confirm something...will using my second pin/25th word, will this give me new wallet address for every single crypto? (as opposed to my normal addresses)

John Davis

Maybe create an English channel?

Axis Aya

can one reset and? create your own 24-word recovery phrase, as words you may come up with? and then additionally add passphrase?

Rabiu Muazu

I thought I lost it all until I met this hacker cyberwizard19 on IG and he retrieved all my private keys back,the world needs people like him❌ ?

Jerry Davis

I tried to setup my Ledger Nano S today and after going through twenty four recovery words and marking them down, I expected to confirm all twenty four words, but after second word confirmed, display showed that it is "processing" and then "your device is now ready". I expected all twenty four words have to be confirmed. Is it normal?

khristian swandy chandra

How to recover the 25th passpharase on other wallet such as electrum? In case ledger is bankrupt maybe

Knights Of Ni

Situation: Nano stolen/lost, it didn't have this extra security password. If I buy a new ledger and set this extra password on the new one, can the person who stole the old one still access the account without the extra password?


I've done everything to a t and can log in to the ledger with my 2nd pin but I can't view the secret wallet. Unsure what to do now. Ideas?

Rob Catlin

So, if somebody knew you had crypto and made you open your Ledger Live ios or desktop app and saw 2 accounts (secret and normal) then thats no protection. Should you remove your normal account with the large balance and only have the secret account of your app? - but then, how do you check your balance on your main account etc? This is nice, but not really that practical.