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Platform Lending: Technology and Business Models

607 views | 6 Feb. 2020

Learn how platform lending

Learn how platform lending works and how they take over the front-end functions of customer acquisition and data processing in the "Raising Capital: Credit Tech, Coin Offerings, and Crowdfunding" with professor Andrew Wu, PhD. Learn more and get started at http://myumi.ch/9oWBO.

Lending platforms

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INVESTING with Lending Club 4 YEARS LATER - Lending Club Review 2019

31 679 views | 22 Apr. 2019

Lending Club

Lending Club http://lclub.co/39cdef6a

This is my experience with the lending club after 4 years of being invested. I started this journey in April 2015 (with proof) and I am sad to report only a 5% APR. In the beginning, peer to peer lending was supposed to be the new great tool for creating wealth and in the end, I was disappointed.

I had invested around $500-$600 USD and my initial return was supposed to be 14% APR but I got nowhere close. I'm also months/years away from collecting the rest of my principal investment.

Overall I would never reinvest with this company!?

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Disclaimers: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. I'm not a financial advisor and this is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. ALSO, Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost.


jonny s

I trade stocks for a living, I've never invested in p2p loans, just a disclaimer. However, 5% is a pretty solid return. It certainly beats CDs or most other passive income streams. However, what worries me about Lending Club and similar companies like Prosper is they are losing millions. The way it's setup, if Lending Club were to go bankrupt during the next recession, all investors would lose their money, but the borrowers would still be required to pay Lending Club.

Shane Bruckner

I think your first problem was thinking you were going to do nothing and get a 14% return. Your 2nd problem was not understanding that the loans were 3-6 years (you can get your money back sooner). Finally if you would have done some research you would know you are only going to get around a 5%-7% return. I'm happy with parking some money and getting 5% 7% returns when the bank is paying .2%. Don't bitch if you are not going to research it first!

Robert Robinson

Do you think if your strategy was different you would've got better results? Maybe picking your own notes and choosing higher grades?

Ashfaq Sheikh

Different investors have wildly different returns ranging from 3% to 9%. Why is it so?

Bruce Wang

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Angel Perez

This guy doesn't know what his doing and is crying for $100?

News 4Dummies

I completely understand what your saying i wonder what you did diffrent i have been with lending club now for a whole 2 years with a initial investment of $1000 with a 8% annualized return since then i have not invested my own money but have Reinvested the money i get back which is almost every 10 days...

Jonathan Grammens

Why should you feel embarrassed? You still made 5%.


Hey Man dont be discouraged about informing us! I follow you so I can learn and minimize the number of mistakes I do. I learn more and more about dividend investing from you. I have been using Robinhood but mostly M1 and learning! So I really appreciate you taking the time to inform me about this stuff!! Keep up the great work!

mark baker

Ok did you not have a chance to select your own notes? You have to make more informed and researched selections on your investments and it's called long term investment, so you shouldn't look for returns right away, but keep trying.

tyson sittu

Run!!!! Only one making money is lending club!!

Kacy's Kastle

You didn't research ANY of the loans...you still made 5 % and your mad at lending club? Lol Okie Dokie.


wow... you really have a greater percentage of default in your account. I have both prosper and lendingclub accts.

Xirix Seven

What do you think about using lending club as a long term savings account and only investing in lower risk notes


I honestly don’t know why people are so untrustworthy how did it ever get this way. To borrow money in good faith and not pay it back.

Koketso kgapholamp

thanks a lot dude!!!! i was about to open an account with lending club this very day....u just legit saved me bro :-D


so after 4yrs you only have 100 bucks? this sounds like it isn't worth it

Clate McGehee

The big issue is you really didn't put in enough money. You need at least 100 loans to be properly diversified. I do think you are correct with a decent bit you said though but the problem with the stock market is you might lose 25% over a month or 2. Where P2P lending is almost always going to make a profit.


im yielding 18% currently... I think what most people miss on is your on an amortized loan, aka, the payments slowly shift from interest (in the beginning) to principal (in the end)… that's why your yield drops so heavily as you exit the market
I currently have held (including paid and default) 197 loans, most in the G category (I weigh back to the B category though), 13 have been paid off early, 1 has defaulted, im expecting 3 more to default, 6 loans on top of that are late (some loans are repeat offenders for sure, I have one that's been late 6 times, but they catch back up). I've been invested for 8 months with 7k and have received a total of 651.89 in interest, and another 1346.80 in principal payments (-fees), I am expecting a total of 3578 in in interest assuming no further defaults, and no early payoffs (which I love early payoffs, it brings me back to the early interest payments on the loan).


I called the company they said peer 2 peer lending will not be available for new customers.

Lupita Rivera

I been making for every 1k about 75 dollars profit

Advanced United Appraisal

I been doing with lending club but very selective with the loans. I invest in smaller loans and 36 months only. I'm getting a consistent 8% return. That did not happen over night for me. I like you video gonna give it a thumbs up. Thank for making your video! Have a great day.


"They're holding your cash for 3 years.. That's 3 whole years" you say this as though you had no idea when you signed up?? Come on now.


Who listens to this guy? Not fair representation if you don’t even know this is long term vesting...SMH


Bruce, what if you had taken only A quality loans? Maybe the same return but less defaults.

Henri Wong

Old Chinese saying: If you throw a burger at a dog, it will never bounce back. ( 肉包子打狗,有去无回)

Todd Jacob

This idiot need to put more money in to make more money. 108 is shit to invest

Lance Brown

We need to have an investment platform that generates good cash flow while investing small amounts, because 100,500,10k is not going to cut it. Seems like you need 100k to start making decent money. Consent 20 percent gainers if you have 500k or more.

Jonathan Curley

Are you still with Lending Club?

sandhu singh

you are not smart . more you try more it shows , you had to use a calculate what 38 months is in years?? really ,stay away from investing man ,

Matthew Ludivico

I ignore NAR also. I calculate ROE from my initial deposit and the difference of interest minus the charge offs. In theory if you have a bad dip in ROE due to a flurry of charge offs, the ROE could still improve with reinvesting in safer notes over time. ALSO never double down bad notes...that ends up being too risky.

Chris Morton

If you had to use a calculator to figure out that 38 months was 3years 2 months maybe you shouldn't be doing this. Not saying your wrong about Lending Tree Just saying maybe if simple math is hard for you which there's no shame there maybe just maybe you shouldn't be in the investment game. Go for long term bonds get your cheddar that way. Thanks for the video. Have a great day!

Russell g

You ponied up $500 bones... that is not an investment that is bus fair after a dinner for two...


Ayy congrats on 100k subs!

co co gu

what was your adjusted net annualized return?

Dakota Hall

You're doing something wrong. I only invest into high risk notes and my yearly return is at 13% its constantly going up

Gabriel Alvarenga

Thank you, you save my money.

Raul Gonzalez

Thank you brotha man! You saved this brown man's life!! ?


My NAR is currently at 62.5% after a year...lol


Kind of stupid that you didn't grasp the basic's of lending. There is always a term. It is a basic contract fact. It should not have been rocket science to understand.

Johnny Khoury

My returns are around 9%

A. C. Wells

The fact that he needed to use a calculator to figure out the 38 months was 3 years shows his mastery (or lack thereof) of basic math.

sudar parakalan

click bait.

Michael Mantion

This guy is an idiot. First he adds music to his video. I should have known not to waste a second watching his crap. Then he complains his return is low, when 127 was charged off. Then he acts like he knew 3 years ago the stock market was going to go up. Few people thought Trump would win. Its like saying I should have bought Microsoft stock in the 80s. In the end you locked up a little bit of money for 3 years and have gotten a decent return with out having pay commissions on trades or capital gains on stock sales.

Shank Shizank

5% is cool. Investment isn't a 3 month thing. It takes time. 5 Years is short term.

Jered Gallegos

Good Video

Wise Canadian Investor

what are your thoughts on the The Very Good Food Company (VRYYF) that specializes in plant based food? they just went public ($1.39 / share)


Yea, a Peer to Peer investment like Lending club or similar; should be at the bottom of your investment funds. Purchase a minimum of 40 notes a year, that you manually select and if you have the stomach for it go for the riskier notes.

Aaron Foye

You need around 100 notes to be truly diversified on a P2P platform... I am surprised you had a positive return at all, one default can negatively effect such a small investment amount. I am in Prosper P2P lending on a 2 year trial period with $2200 investment (88) notes @ $25 per note. I have made 12% ROI the past two years.


Your time horizon seems pretty short. Not only that, your overall APR was 5% when you combine everything together over multiple time frames so it will go up and down depending on which notes are maturing at what time right? This is for income, not principal appreciation. Also at the time of this post, Lending Club stock was $3, now its over $14 maybe you should have bought the stock instead!

M Fernandez

Thank you for such a red alert!

Killito Kortez

Unlike this dude who absolutely did no research. Beginners...YouTube lets talk money with Joseph Hogue CFA. I'm sorry but the way this guy prepared, he would fail in stocks, bonds, etc. Who the hell invests money blindly

enehizena osamudiame

If you have to be a master to use an app then it sucks..

Angelo Dorsett

Yes thank you bro

Robert Rudolf

Ever since I met this guy Jeff I make nothing less than $2000 in a week


3:32 wrong! Ever heard of Note Trading Platform?

R K91

what do you think of r/Borrow for lending money

Aek Sinsang

Don’t invest ?

Basement Bonsai

I should make a video because my lending club portfolio is over 11% profit and i love it.

Larry Suggs

My NAR is NEGATIVE 9% in 4 years, complete garage

Matthew Ludivico

E F G grades are out by June

My 2 Cents

$100 investment? That's how much I play per spin at the Wynn in Las Vegas 4x a year off my dogs SEP IRA income, brahhh.

Chris R. F.

Wow, sounds like you had no clue as to what you were signing up for. No wonder you werent all that sucessful, its all on you. How did you NOT know your money would be locked in the entire life of the loans? You failed to mention you were getting paid interest the whole time.

Mike H.

Yellow lives matter! I hope you’ll recoup your losses brother.

Eric Chan

Dude this guy is making a huge deal about taking $100 and only making 5% as if the $100 in the stock market would have been that much greater.

Ashfaq Sheikh

A lot of your loans got charged-off. Is there any mechanism to get independent audit or verification or you just have to take Lending Club's word for it?

vinay sai

Sir i want to know about which p2p lending is best to invest with low commissions and secure and all registration fees which we have in india for small investors

Jay P.

What a horrible, misleading video with dumb conclusions.

jason moniz

3 years is not a long time. in the investment world its a pimple in the ass of time. looks like you wanted to make some fast cash.


Listen to what he is saying. I made the biggest mistake putting money into this platform. It’s been 4 years for me as well and I only got back 1k from my initial 3k that I put down. Avoid lending club at all costs! It’s trash.

kai chen

I do mostly A, B, and C notes I focus on the return rate between 10 - 18%, so far my NAR around 12%. I hand pick the note titled 'debt consolidation' only. I don't trust people who borrow money from LC to start business or do home improvement.

maxjoey sirrock

Sell your notes its easy

Gaurang Patel

I did research and still got less than 5% and lots of charge off notes, I only invested more conservative then you bruce in A, B, C & some Ds..... I agree there is a big difference between WT and Actual returns.

Lance Brown

What investment platform has made you the most money and which one do you recommend. Too many videos out there. Lol.


Like 290, excellent review. Very helpful!


High risk and 13% gain? Playiong stock high risk gain me 22% but loss 12%. I have not heard what comment telling loss% is. It just haft truth. His video is right on point too much risk

Wesley Rowland

Thanks for the truth! Sorry for your losses. Hopefully you get some money back from this content.


A lot of misleading information that can deter new/young investors. I don't have lending club, but I do have Prosper and it's always made clear based on your investments that it'd be 3 or 5 years. So right off the bat, to complain about liquidity is null and void. No one goes into P2P lending assuming they'll come out with 14%+ especially the way you invested. You played it safe choosing safe loans..greater risks generally equals greater rewards so you commenting on the notion you won't get your money back investing in the high risk loans is also null and void. Regardless, it appears you still have a lot to learn about this form of investing and would probably not start your video out telling people not to invest in this.


Dude it's a numbers game! See this is why fiduciaries have high minimums because of tire kickers like this guy! Example if you invest $10,000 between 100 loans( diversifying your portfolio) you expect that 10% to 15% of them will default and you have to look at the grade of the investment. More riskier loans pay a higher return but they are risky! If you are INVESTING $100 ....DON'T because it's a waste of time . Go to a concert or a ball game instead! Also investors like me don't care if we don't see a return because if I LOOSE money I will write off those loses against my gains in other investments which is much like a zero cash flow investment so you don't LOOSE anything. You need money to invest and $100 is not considered to be investment money except back in the year 1800! Lastly if you had invested 1 million dollars that would have been a $ 50,000 return which is not fabulous however it's not that bad either. A NNN property averages 5 % Cap rate so go get more money and be thankful that you didn't LOOSE your principal!

Outdoor -ish

you "invested" 100$? and got 5 bucks in a year? I'm confused........

Gentlemen's Cage

I got a 25.81% return so far in year 1 on prosper.


Fuck outta with that bullshit, bitch

Nicholas Guerrera

"I'm going to invest in risky creditors, then wonder why I didn't get back half of my investment..." You told us you invested in low rating notes. They're high interest because they are high risk. You said you made 5%, so I don't know why you're complaining.

Ashfaq Sheikh

If they are promising 14% to lenders, how much are they charging from borrowers? What is their cut?

Cortaze Hall

Idk what amount you started with but this is not what my experience with with lending club but also I never did auto draft and I’ve had it since 2015

Q Dark2light

Honestly, 5.6% is good, not bad at all.. 36 months is not very long and considered short term.


What do you think about Prosper??

Me and anime t love

Why you don't pick 36 month note

Marcus Lopez

I felt your pain bro


My account is nearly as old as LendingClub and I'm still making money off the account. I have my own filter and manually choose my notes. My NAR is currently 3.85% after all this time. I've made a few hundred bucks not even taking it seriously.

Learn to read credit information. Don't go with their automatic features.

Frank Pichardo

All these comments....dude, thank you for the vid. It’s a good thing for you to help others avoid headaches.


You for real busted out a calculator to figure out 38 months ...? Air pods? You got 5% for doing nothing. Chump.


Doing some digging that's why I heard they're pulling the plug at the end of 2020. Mind you this video is from 2nd quarter of 2019 ..

DropSixteenTV Tv

So do we get an interest payment monthly?

cartage america

I watched a video from lending club when I first open my account. I have not funded my account yet and will not because the video said I would get 14% return. Then it said after write off etc, my actualized return would be 5%.
My money market pays 2.5%and that just sits there no risk. Why tie up your money for years and accept risk unnecessary? So many other options.

Fred Ost

I researched plenty and still lost alot on A class loans. Actually lost more on A loans that C loans. I agree-run dont walk from that POS 'investment' idea.

TCG Investments

Seriously an investment video from someone that only invested a hundred bucks? They let anyone on youtube these days.

Acelawayne Byrd

Just sell your Profile

Jon Osborn

There is no way of knowing what return the s&p returns you missed out in the biggest bull run


@1:20 your automated investing strategy is definitely different than the default. Seems you could have changed it before since you do have some B notes.
Seems weird to blame the 'algorithm' if you edited the strategy, especially excluding all A notes.
I've only been with LC for two years now, and I auto-reinvest everything, so it's difficult for me to really endorse or deny them. This part of your video seemed out of place to me though.

Lending platforms

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Beginner's Guide to Choosing a DeFi Lending Platform

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Every investment carries

Every investment carries the potential for both risk and reward. In this video, I discuss three free tools that can help you evaluate risk and rewards on popular cryptocurrency lending platforms.