Speculation trading

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Stock trading: Is it gambling or investing? | Richard Craib and Lex Fridman

9 116 views | 8 Feb. 2021

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Richard Craib is the founder of Numerai, a crowd-sourced, AI-run stock trading system.


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Kneck Beard

Depends on if you have a strategy or not


Gambling is often viewed perjoratively because people think it's a clueless roll of a dice.

As long as you have a strategy and rules to follow, you can make money from gambling in the same way one can make money through the stock market.

Personally, I'd argue that gambling, let's say on sporting events like football (soccer), is far more entertaining to. It adds a further layer to the dimension of the sport itself; every goal seems to matter even more since you've put some consideration behind it. There's also the aspect of tangibility and observation, you can literally see the events before your eyes, whereas holding a stock seems so abstract and disconnected from physical reality.

Both investing and gambling destroy lives in the absence of strategy ... The flip side is they can also assist your living if managed reasonably.

About Things Podcast

Closer to gambling and Robinhood made it evident. There is absolutely no reason why sports betting/gambling is allowed in certain states and trading isn't. Either both should be available or both banned

IGuess So


808 shaka 7

Stupid question. It’s most definitely gambling. When you invest money and it’s not a guaranteed profit it’s a gamble. To me it is anyway.


the question should be is the who does the SEC work for, who looks over/regulates the SEC and who funds/lobbies the SEC?
SEC's involvement does make it more of a gamble since there are different rules for the different participants of the market.


Gambling and Stocks are the same thing. Well, maybe the one diff is that Wall Street screws you more than Vegas.

Chris Gutierrez

Why would anyone invest ...it’s a rigged system

Space Ghost

its neither gambling nor investing - its a pyramid scheme - you put the equity in, someone else skims the profit off....thats why its there - to serve a very specialised group of people.

Dane Pacheco

Men's warehouse: yo what's your fit
Me: give me lex
Men's warehouse: say no more.

Adam Smith

Robin Hood does not offer free trading- they don’t execute the trade at best available price and they pocket the difference.


Trading can be gambling but if you have an entry/exit strategy, proper mental/emotional control, money management ect. you can def make a living. Its tough as hell though


After trading items as a hobby on MMORPG's for about a decade (RS2 first, then WoW, then GW2, now I only do it on OSRS during DMM), I started trading stocks for real in the past couple of years. Now, while it was kind of hard to adjust as it's definitely a different kind of market and it feels a lot more serious as I'm using the money I saved, it's actually really, really similar. In the beginning I thought the margins were smaller but now I realise it's not that the margins are smaller, it's just that stocks can fluctuate a lot more thanks to the possibility of companies going bankrupt. I think the stockmarket is a lot like what OSRS would be if you could be attacked anywhere and be robbed for your bank like on DMM but muling(using other accounts to keep your items safe) was removed by only allowing trade through the grand exchange. I feel like the experience I got going from a phat set on RS2, to hoarding Southsun Masks on GW2 and hoarding Haunted Mementos on WoW really helped me understand the reasons behind market movements way better. For example, I recognised GME for the pump and dump it had turned into. From my personal experience, I'd say that trading stocks can be gambling if you're putting all your money in the market at the same time, but if you trade with a smaller amount and you don't expect every single stock to make you a fortune, you can survive the market having a down turn and you can make a decent living once you're at about 200k$ (using 50k for trading and investing the rest into something like land and selling that land when you need more money. You don't want to hold cash and Bitcoin might be banned in the future so) while taking about as much risk as someone that has a normal job takes, not knowing if his job is going to exist in the future thanks to AI.

chris austin

LTCM is an example of how smart people can make the biggest mistakes, those men were mathematical geniuses but blew up.

Abdual Alim

No 1: Don't Only Hope On Government's Responds On security Matter's And Economy growth,

No 2: As An Individual You Should Be Safeguarded And Also Look For Different Self Business And Trade Not Only Waiting on Betterment of Stock market activities,

No 3: Most Important Always Save The Little You Can And Think Of What To Do With It When It Become Good For Capital,

Because Government Have Failed Us In Aspect Of Security, Economics Activities And Other Trading Systems.

Chris Ramirez

If you don’t know what u doin is gambling, that simple. I’ve been profitable consistently because of my plan and my mindset, that’s it


?‍♂️Not even the title makes sense -- Trading has nothing to do with investing. They are entirely different things. It's like thinking oranges and apples are the same just because they're fruits.

In the world of finance, it's very telling when someone intermixes the words (Or doesn''t know the difference). Which in a way also answers the premise of the conversation: If some dude who doesn't don't know what he's doing just opens his broker app and starts throwing his money randomly with no strategy into stocks, then they're definitely just gambling (Just like 95%ish of "traders").

John Smith

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Eve Benjamin

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Aztech 101

Stock trading is investing but investing is gambling... The Holy Trinity.

edward lewis

Its like a new language you young people use.
Nowadays, people assume 'stock' is something you buy for the purpose of selling at a higher price; that would be stock trading.
There are no-dividend stocks which people buy for this purpose.

Traditional investment in stock is about buying the stock because the company has a bright future.
The stockholders get annual dividends.
Potentially, the stockholders might fire the CEO if the company is doing badly.

Paul Stanish

This clip was disappointing because neither investing nor gambling were defined.


If you're investing in a stock, you're buying a share of equity/ownership in a company. Hopefully, that company produces a product or service that solves a problem and/or creates value to its customers and hopefully our society as a whole. If it does, it should be rewarded which in turn allows the company to raise capital in the public markets. If it doesn't, it should be held accountable. As an investor, your main objective is to examine the long-term potential of the company. In other words, a company that continues to grows and sustain/increase profitability and/or market share should see its share price as a reflection of its intrinsic value. I've never seen a company push new products or services to its customers every few days or weeks. It takes months, if not years. That said, if you're day trading.. what you're essentially doing is buying in and out of ownership in companies based on the short-term volatility of its share price which is where speculation lives. Positive news, negative news, missed estimates, buybacks, over-optimism, or a company's CEO smoking a joint on Joe Rogan... whatever people think may drive the direction of a company's share price up or down. That's not investing. That's trading on pure speculation or price momentum. So bottom line, speculative trading and long-term investing are different.


If you know what you are doing and are disciplined you can be the casino. When a stock gets extremely overbought/overextended it will have a healthy correction. Wait for the blow off top and then short it. Find a specific situation that you know you can win 75-80% of the time and don't do anything else. It's called having an edge on the market. Every trader that makes serious money has an edge.


Trading is gambling. Investing is owning.

chris austin

In general people should only play and index like SPY, but we all know they will. We also know that the market is based on probabilities not certainties. The only time we here people call the market speculative is when there is a large pullback, never when the market had popped. It's more of a complaint from losers than anything else. According to most money managers 85-90% of them don't beat the S&P500 and the DIY investors lose some if not all of their money. Based on that most of the population should not try to pick stocks, they should pick an index eft like spy. The professionals will always beat the novice.

Speculation trading

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Spéculation : les 3 approches possibles - Minute Trading #5

377 views | 21 Dec. 2018

Spéculer, c'est faire des

Spéculer, c'est faire des paris sur l'évolution des prix des produits financiers.

Les spéculateurs utilisent 3 approches pour tenter d'anticiper correctement les mouvements de prix :

- l'approche fondamentale s'intéresse à la valeur des produits financiers ;

- l'approche technique s'intéresse aux mouvements de prix des produits financiers ;

- l'approche comportementale s'intéresse aux comportements des investisseurs.

? Guide complet du Trader débutant à télécharger au format PDF sur :


? Comptes sociaux :

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