Pivx coin price

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What is PIVX? Facts, Function, Features of PIVX CryptoCurrency Coin

18 392 views | 26 Mar. 2017

In this video episode of

In this video episode of Let's Invest we will be looking at the cryptocurrency PIVX, we will look at how it works, the pros and cons of the coin, and whether it is legit and safe to invest in. I compare PIVX to Dash, NEM, and Bitcoin on and off in this vid to get a better look at the solutions it offers to many of bitcoins problems. We discuss points of sale, general info, how it works, who proof of stake works, PoS, we look at the wallet, and much more. Let's Invest is a youtube channel about crypto investing we compare and explain things about many coins on the crypto market such as: Dash, NEM, Monero, Zcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, PIVX, and many more currencies.






Dash Vs NEM scaling solutions vid:


What is NEM/ XEM? vid:


What is PIVX?:


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Thanks! Let's Invest!

Whale Dog

it's not gonna beat dash,, it's gonna insulate dash ..and dash will support it in reserve... just my thoughts


Convinced me to drop a few hundred in PIVX.


Why's there little to no information about PIVX on the web. When you google it you get a bunch of anime. I would feel more comfortable if they market the currency a little better. For example having at least one link on the first page of google results on bitcointalk.org. They could do some simple & free things to market the coin.

No Name Provided

no worries of course we understand these. good video

John Smith

To run a Masternode you have to keep 10k PIVX on the node??

Righteous Holiness

PIVX has no premine, or instamine, and proof of stake implementation with seesaw mechanism. This coin is better than DASH.


Make your already awesome videos with Google Slides and go full screen, yeah!?

Thanks, for the clear, organized information.


PIVX can realistically compete with top tier coins, that's more than most can say. Ill be interested to see if the market cap gets up there with Dash in time.

mateo kalash

great video with great information, you should do a video on byteball.


ripple coin is on an upward swing is it worth the investment since all world banks are joing it

John Smith

Postponing the elastic block size because of threats DDOS while the network is small?

Allan Hertmanowski


Mynor Portillo

Broman, this is soon dope!!!!! Thank you for all your time and efforts.

Whats your take on..... Stellar, Potion and Blackcoin?


Im building up my X11 contracts on Genesis mining, code: EcFLew , happy mining crypto peeps!

Juiceboxx TM

Great review. Very fair and unbiased.?


i want to buy pivx but what is a good enter price ?in satoshis

Nhu Nghi Pham

Hi - alot of the coins you have videos on have really gone up by alot. To me it seems like you have a big impact on the market with your videos. Mind sharing how much % you have in pivx?

Brad P

Another great video, thanks!

Ricki Allardice

seems legit. Really enjoying your work man, keep it up!

Maaifoedie De La Rey

So....PIVX has instant transfer at extremely low cost, while in Dash you have to select it, and pay (a lot) extra ?
Your videos provide insight I get nowhere else, thank you.
Would you consider doing a direct comparison between NEM and PIVX ? I have a hard time trying to figure the longer term prospects of these two, while their prices are still low.


Nice video! How about making a Playlist for all currencies you analyze or there are on the market. I really like your approach of summarizing the background and technical information behind the currencies. With this you could show interesting currencies on the long term (unique techs), clones or even Scams.

I watched through a bunch of youtube channels but never found this approach. Compact information. I exactly know what I get, when I come to your channel. That's gold! ;)

abdalla daif

Limitless supply of pivx coins the price will never get more than 2 dollars why should i invest in this???


hi, whats your opinion bout burst, maidsafe as well as storj

James Rocco

DASH is not a fork of BTC. How about you get your shit straight first then make your video?? That way you don't have to go back later and say you made a mistake. And issue corrections that no one is ever going to hear.


My concern is that their "team" page is a bit unprofessional - key team members not showing their authentic profile. Anyone has same concern?

Wyte Mtr

Bad, Bad investment. Can't say I didn't warn. Even tho I was totally wrong about SDC. PIVX is a dev coin.



Great info - please keep it up

robert menser

can I buy Pivx on Poloniex


idea that the obfuscation feature stalling out at 14% and the video author sayng it's not important is incorrect. If it actually doesn't work then it's a substantial issue


nice video bro


how i can buy pivx?

Greg Hall

I have made a lot of money buying/selling crypto. My number one criteria is the Development team/community (obviously along with other fundamentals). So far I'm highly impressed with the team at PIVX, and have no doubt this will be added to my list of large gains.

gedela g

at present at 75000 Satoshi what growth experting by this month ending


how much is 10000 pivx in usd ?

Johnny G

you did such a good job with the PIVX film. I'm buying a node.

Cary Daniels

I bought 50 bucks worth. I figure if I lose I just lose 50, but if someday PIVX is a big contender with Dash then I'll do well.

Greg Hall

Have you decided to invest in PIVX yet? Be interested to hear if you've decided to invest yet or still waiting for further development.

Let's Invest

What coin do you want me to super study next? Decred, NXT, Byteball, Waves, or more Dash and NEM?

David Sutherland

PIVX needs to rebrand. Dash has a name that sends a message. PIVX sounds like toothpaste or medicine. And purple? What culture are they appealing to? Not the West. Some clean polishing on marketing and also totally cleaning up the app so that most grandmas could use it... those things will make some of these new gen coins really stand out. Right now this is just for nerds. They need to level up.


great video and overview, thanks ?

who im

please sent pivx signup link how to signup here please help me sir


I bought very early on around .5 cents but sold around .49 cents smh

Ed Appel

Digibyte looks promising and also with a strong and dedicated team behind it. The 'Digusign' project by Digibite looks very promising and with an real life use solution. ('Factom' part 2, but more scalable). I wouldn't sleep on it, if it goes up to a cent that is a boom profit.

Young Brawl3r

Very informative, however, isn't inflation caused by too much currency printing like the banks are doing, history shows by printing/creating too many whatever it is, they devalue in price?

isa swain

in regards to dash vs pivx, do you look at it as a one succeeds the other fails?


The limitless supply is my concern


Great video! Updated thoughts on Pivx?

Leonardo Bernardi

How do I stake pivx


ARK coin worth looking at?

Mr Satoshi

I downloaded the pivx wallet from pivx.org but its like it's wired I don't really know how to get it all up and running any tips?


what about wallets??? tel about computer requirements and stuff.

Johnny G

can you please do....imagine if you got through the top 20 over time you would be the go to guy for all crypto fans. you have a top show.


helpful thanks subbes brotha

Jon Spock

Nice video, thanks for the coverage

Joe Eoj



were can you buy this coin at??

jan k

Excellent job on research, Let's invest! The best thing I like about PIVX is staking. So far PIVX has been very generous with dividends. As long as PIVX price stays at certain level, it is very profitable even if its price doesn't go up much. I like Dash and PIVX. I own more Dash than PIVX because I support Dash's vision. We'll see what happens on these two. One thing I want to mention is that Iwhen people stake with PIVX, make sure that their wallet has to be open. At the right handed corner, green arrow light and blue check mark light has to be on. Thank you for the video!!!

Mr Satoshi

I have a really good feeling about pivx I think and of course it's just a guess they're going to boom all at once in a matter of 4-6 weeks I'm all in trying to get to 10k piv for a super node but I'm not a real Computer savvy person and I was having a lot of problems trying to install the pivx wallet as for now I use a different wallet

Luis Alvarez

Please can you talk about Qtum, they sold all the token just in 5 days, It´s a mix of Bitcoin and Ethereum.


12:15 6.34 units received per block. Each block 60 seconds. Amount of pivx staking 10,000. 60x24x6.34 gives 9,129.6.
9,129.6/10,000 gives 91.296% return PER day.
So... maybe it's 6.34 per DAY. Which wud give 23.141% return per year



low-QUALITY crypto

What does stake mean?


what are you talking about an endless coin supply? an endless coinsupply would ofc devalue your money. but pivx has no endless supply?


great video, keep it up

Henk Jan Hosselaar

Could you do a video on ark? It's a new coin, but it looks pretty interesting.


Does Pivx have a large dev team? Dash already has a big team and a head start. Dash is throwing there now massive budget at hiring the best people out there and increasing the size of its team even further. There has been many forks of Dash and they all fall into irrelevancy because they can't keep up with the Dash devs output and quality of work.

Barry Dutton Sells Homes

I just shared this in my Steemit blog. Thumbs Up.


Great content! Is a masternode that is not funded with 10000 PIVX, and thus not generating any income, still fully functional and contributing to the network? Sort of running like a Bitcoin full node which is a altruistic action.

Johnny G

you did such a good job with the PIVX film. I'm buying a node.


he is the TBC coin good or is it a scam?

Jaden Alexandra

Great video, exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you for all of your work.

Kevin Schmitt

Good show. I'd be interested in any other coins that use the masternode concept. Thanks!

nice guy

WOW, PIVX from .01 to 1.20 in 3 months,WOW

Pivx coin price

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John McAfee's GHOST & SWITCH VS. PIVX – Battle of PRIVACY Cryptocurrencies Part 2 – Gloves are OFF!!

603 views | 20 May. 2020

This video updates you on

This video updates you on the increasingly bitter battle dominating cryptocurrency headlines in mid-2020.

Bare-knuckled Bitcoin Boxing, baby!

We have tech-titan John McAfee, his new GHOST coin and Switch (ESH) in one corner.

And long-time privacy coin PIVX in the other corner.

The DRAMA isn’t just plodding along.



Ding! Ding! ROUND TWO!



If you like my videos and feel like sending me some crypto ‘ave at it, you sexy beasts.

✅ BTC: 32JY8jyADsDEDJBS4157NvLwF5CKXoubSs

✅ ETH/RSR: 0xb1776C152080228214c2E84e39A93311fF3c03C1

✅ LTC: 3J4BPaqezaEkJKk6JMpveAo6ZFSbyL9ZX7

✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptofrog202

✅Email: cryptofrog202 at protonmail dot com

Please take this information and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. FOR GENERAL INFORMATION /ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES, not financial advice. BUYING cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. TREAD CAREFULLY! No copyright infringement intended. There is risk involved in investing, trading, mining, staking, and lending Cryptocurrency. Crypto FROG does not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. Crypto FROG does not own any copyrights to the music, videos, or images being used in this video.


I've been a fan of pivx for very long time but this controversy shows that they are the typical immature development mindset & not strong at business which means that they will die someday so thank you for your fairly unbiased review and I think ghost will be a wild success considering the acquisitions they have already implemented of other projects and I believe there will be a lot more to come because these guys at ghost and esh are business savvy. in order for the me keep subscribing to your channel I would appreciate if you turn on the option to be able to listen at a higher rate of speed because I can't keep my attention at your slow rate of speaking that I'm sure some people ove so the comprehension level goes up

Fuzz Bawls

All of the points made about the PIVX code being open source are moot, and are more of a deflection tactic to try and shift the focus away from the plagiarized whitepaper. The only statement about source code by PIVX is, and has always been, that forking it is perfectly fine, given that the MIT license is upheld. So...they're arguing a point that PIVX has never disagreed with...

About what John said regarding "no documentation": There is plenty of documentation contained within the github repository, all of it freely usable under the same MIT license (btw, MIT License is NOT the same as "Public Domain", and PIVX has never tried to claim that it's source code is "Public Domain"...that would actually be in direct violation of the upstream use licenses that we ourselves need to, and have, followed).

Lastly, John's threat of a defamation lawsuit is empty at best, but it also begs the question of wither or not he even knows what defamation actually is. Defamation in the legal sense is when FALSE statements have been made against an individual or organization...it is not whenever the individual/organization gets butthurt because they were caught and ousted for something that has twice been openly admitted to have happened.

The how to

Can you please give us your exit plan? For example if your store a coin on a wallet, would you send to exchange and then sell to stable coins and then send back to your wallet?

Crypto FROG

COMMENT BELOW! SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8l7guk4wfu481pJs-uu1g/

Justin Kire

I was brutal watching the price drop Sunday but I did not sell any ESH and I'm glad I held on. Seems a bad idea to sell in the middle of a panic crash. Maybe it will still all crash but if we don't get another serious pump before May 25th I'm happy to hold on and take the Ghost airdrop.

Pivx coin price

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pivx ,pivx price prediction 2020

630 views | 1 Jun. 2019


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Andre can you make a Basic Attention Token Prediction?

Rafał C

When DENT prediction?

Allen Cramer

Is it possible to get more specific price predictions and time lines for theta token?

aly 884

Please predict EOS, XRP, and Dodge prices and timing. Thanks