Tether in a sentence

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15 ADVANCED Conversation Phrases and Idioms - Improve your Conversation Skills #advancedenglish

34 547 views | 12 Jul. 2019


#advancedenglish #advancedenglishvocabulary #englishphrases #englishidioms

Improve your conversation skills with this video. 15 advanced conversation phrases and idioms that will have you sounding more natural and more fluent! Learn advanced English vocabulary.

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carlos montenegro

This is for you ?

Gio Zen

The subtitles of the video and the screen writing say it's a 20% off offer from Lingoda but I can hear Sabrah saying 25%. :) Is it me distracted by her attractiveness or there is a mistake? (I know that's the offer has expired a long time ago but anyway...)

Chhengleang Lim

Omg I love this so muchhhh I’m so thankful and grateful for u!?????

daro Dewkeea

Hello sobrah 1200 video my haapy are you thak you100 red sorry

Ebrihama Konteh

Thanks Leila for uploading video the lesson is re useful teacher Sabrah

André Custódio

Real cheek, in Portuguese we say "cara de pau" meaning "face made of wood" ??

Luis Leal

I really love to learn about idioms and phrases in English , they are hell funny. Sabrah your makeup looks fantastic, your blouse suits you perfectly and your hair is out of this world , Your uniqueness and beauty always hearten me . I’m done it’s love ❤️ of course it is haha. Hope you liked the little gift I left to you on Instagram . Keep rocking your highness ?.


Helpful stuff ???

Kashif Ali Khan

Nice video Maam

Ahmed Humayun Rasheed

Looking nice Sabrah!


Hi and thanks. Bdw Sarcastic sentences plz :)

Wissal ziadi

Keep it up the good work. Greetings from Algeria

José R hidalgo Zapata

A little bird told me about the great english course you teach.

Kamaran Tarq

Thank you Sabrah , I think we use phrases like some of what you mentioned to with a little change in expression.

Marco italia Roma

Thank you very much for your help, your youtube channel made my days..??

Ms Hypatia

Thank you even before watching because i am sure about your lessons and how amazing they are ❤❤❤?

Rianti Dewi

Hi Sabrah thks a lot for upload the lesson again about Phrases n idiom, I really enjoy this lesson
I gave you three thumbs up ? ? ?

Leirom BR

Her accent and voice looks like the YouTuber from the English with lucy.

Anyang Thiep

1. It's drive me up the wall when people don't pay attention to what matter. 2 it's took me back when my friend told me about what happened. 3.. I once fear of telling the truth, but I bite the bullet and told it anyway. 4. You haven't heard the half of it, you don't even know the whole thing. 5. A Little ? told me, the husband was cheating behind his wife back. I heard it through the grapevine, we are getting promotion. 6. It was a real cheek, for her to invite me to the party and pretend she didn't know me.7. Actions speak louder than words. She said something but I didn't respond I just walk out with my head up high. 8. To bide your time.

Lily Neira

It drives me up the wall when someone doesn`t bother to wear a face mask in the street when they know they should in a pandemic time
I'm at the end of my tether with this pandemic problem and with lockdown ! I wonder when a vaccine is going to be delivered all around the world !!
Thank you so much for the lesson Sabrah ! I love advanced idioms and phrases !!! Cheers from Argentina!

Mollie Tai

Love English is like a fine dessert.

Manuel Celzo

Hi Santa my favorite teacher

Kathula Chandrashekar


Yasmine Elhadi

That’s mint

Riyaz Soporee

So incredible Sabrah,
Being teacher of English here in Kashmir, India, it is incredibly amazing video .
While watching your video I was checking the Cambridge Idiom Dictionary and helped me indeed.
Love you Sabrah

Parveen Kumar

It is interesting idioms

being a mom

I'm trying to teach my students exactly like you...I'm from India

sayoni pandey

I am gonna go out on a limb and say yes to love english ❤?

Sayed Mahbubul Islam

Hi! cool Sabra, You're looking Saila


? thanks Sabrah...

Ahmad Taleb

ur damn accent makes me want u more ..

Nikke M

My friend always tells me she'll quit smoking yet she still smokes, actions speak louder than words I tell her.


Thank you for also providing the American version.

Hussain Mohammad

Very nice lesson madam thank u very much


I like Laila, she's my favorite teacher

André Custódio

Some of these expressions are a little bit different from Portuguese, but the meaning is the same

Dhanushka Gihan

I actually love this channel, but in this video, Sara is moving forward rapidly to another topic rather than explaining the definition. I just shared my opinion caz I couldn't t catch some of the meaning :P

Валентина Супрунец

Thank you, Sabarah! Sush essential phrases have been presented to me !!! I have an intention to take CAE and I am full of worry. So, I think I have to bite the bullet ! Cheers from Ukraine !

Andom Bahta

Thank u so much Teacher Sebra to shared this important video and i have a question for could tell me what the difference between kid, child,girl ,fame, boy and male i am student of thank you super star Teacher i suport Liverpool Especialy Alexander Arnod

maqsood alam

Good morning mam, only one of the best English spoken channel and you are so amazing online English teaching

Javier Vidales

Hey Miss Sabráh... Thank you for this out of this world Class where I learned a lot from you, btw good expressions to use them on daily basis. Cheers from Mexico ??

Professor Liaqat

Hi Miss Leila! You are really commendable! Your all lectures are par excellence! Keep it up.

Chandrababu Babu

Sorry your today class is not up to the rank.
First you write the meaning of the idioms and phrases. Then write an example and give lectures. Then only we can grasp and comprehend it.

ramesh tomar

Thanks a lot.


Many thanks for this excellent video & perfect presentation :-)

camilla 86

You r a wonderful person. God bless you.

Hashim Kawhtarali

Hey , guys I write all the Idioms for for you I hope All the meaning is making sense to you. ADVANCE IDIOMS:

1. “It drives me up the wall” make someone mad ,angry,or crazy.
2. “Taken aback “ surprises or shocking by it.
3. “To bite the bullet “ i want to go to the dance class, but i am shy. However i will bite the bullet and go.
4. “You haven’t heard the half of it” Don’t know the half of what happen.
5. “A little birdie told me “ heard down the line not from the original source.
6. “It was a real cheek” someone invite for dinner and don’t pay for it.
7. “ actions speak louder than words “talking and not doing it.
8. “To bide your time “ chill not be in hurry.
9. “Between a rock and hard place “ either outcome is bad or good.
10. “Don’t cry over spilt milk” no upset of something already happened.
11. “To bite someone’s head off” snap out. Quick response in very bad way.
12. “To go out on a limb” do something or say in different way from what people say or do.
13. “To air your dirty laundry” in public and disprove what other person said.
14. “ to steal someone thunder “ to take the attention from someone.
15. “To be at the end of your tether “ run out of patient “

Hafsa Ahmed


Nada RJ

Thank you

Joseph Mendoza

1. ‘Drives me up the wall’
2. ‘taken aback’
3. ‘to bite the bullet’
4. ‘You haven’t heard the half of it’
5. ‘A little birdie told me’ ‘I heard it through/ on the grapevine’
6. ‘It was a real cheek’ ‘What a cheek’ ‘He had the cheek to ask me to pay!’
7. ‘Actions speak louder than words’
8. ‘To bide your time’
9. ‘Between a rock and a hard place’ ‘Between the devil and the deep blue sea’
10. ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’ ‘There’s no use crying over spilt milk’
11. ‘To bite someone’s head off’ ‘To snap at someone’
12. ‘To go out on a limb’
13. ‘To air your dirty laundry’
14. ‘To steal someone’s thunder’
15. ‘To be at the end of your tether’ ‘I’m at the end of my tether with my teenage daughter’

Ahmed Humayun Rasheed

Looking nice Sabrah!

Kathula Chandrashekar

Very useful phrases and Idioms for beginners. Thanks a million maam.

Love English with Leila & Sabrah

Hey guys! Don't forget to use any of these phrases in a sentence in the comments and we will do our best to check that for you! Also get 20% off English lessons with Lingoda here : http://bit.ly/LoveLingoda and use the code LOVE3 :)

Suliman Khan

Make more videos on idioms

Samore Jabal


Марія Брильова

1. Drives someone up the wall (to make someone really angry/mad)
2. Taken aback (to be surprised or confused about why smth happened)
3. To bite the bullet (to force yourself to do smth difficult or unpleasant)
4. You haven't heard the half of it (if someone does not know the half of it, they know that a situation is bad but do not know how serious it is)
5. A little birdie told me/I heard it on the grapevine (when you have heard news indirectly)
6. It was a real cheek/what a cheek (when somebody is being a little bit rude, offensive)
7. Actions speak louder than words (what you do is more important than what you say)
8. To bide your time (to relax and take your time about doing smth)
9. Between a rock and a hard place/between the devil and the deep blue sea (to be in a very difficult situation and to have to make a hard decision)
10. Don't cry over spilt milk (there's no use getting upset about smth that has already happened)
11. To bite someone's head off/to snap at someone (to speak to someone angrily when there's no reason to)
12. To go out on a limb (to do smth where you go against common opinions/advice)
13. To air your dirty laundry (to talk about your private matters in public)
14. To steal someone's thunder (to take away the attention from someone the attention should really be on them)
15. To be at the end of your tether (to run out of patience)

Hello from Ukraine! Thanks for the lesson~

Uh, I've been writing it for about an hour. :'D
Hope it will be useful

Πέλα Φανουράκη

A litle birdie told me thst your channel is going to hit 1 million subscribers.?

Manjira Banerjee

Thanks Sabrah for this cognitive lesson.You are what a savant teacher should be.

Thảo Nguyễn

1. You know what I can't stand the loud noise when my next door neighbor do karaoke at midnight. It drives me crazy and i even have a good mind to give them a piece of my mind.It's the last straw. I can't take ot anymore
2.A friend of mine kinda is a party animal. She take a lot of pleasure into enjoying party and having fun. But one day i was taken aback when she turned down my offer to go out hitting bar. I thought to myself " What's eating her"
3.I know this challenge is way too difficult for you to get through. But keep in mind this is kinda a once in lifetime chance showing off your English ability. You better bite the bullet and get it over with. You'll definitely have a fruitful result when it done
4. I've been down on my luck recently. I lost my full time job, my boyfriend dumped me. I felt like everything go against me. You don't know the half of it. I'm desperately dying for a vacation now. I'm in no mood doing anything.
5.Hey, have you heard anything yet? Julie got a full scholarship to England. Oh, really but where did you hear it ? A little birdie told me :))
6. What a cheek he is when he took me out on a date and made me pay money for all food. Such a jerk!
7.Put your money right out of your mouth, please! .You're all talk, show me what you can do. You know what pp saying" Action speak louder than words"
9.Don't beat around the bush. Get it out of your system. Hold on, wait a minute. I'm just biding my time to express these feelings that i had in my heart for such a long time.
I hate taking sides whenever my parents arguing. It really puts me between a rock and hard place. I dunno how to make them get the picture that i love both of them
Hey, come on ! It's no use crying over spilt milk. Let's bygones be bygones. Trying look ahead and don't let them get in your way. Get over it.
12. I asked her how t deal wirh the situation but all she did was bite my head off. Seeming she woke up the wrong side of the bed.
13. Stop snapping at me. I know what I should do.
14. I know what i'm gonna say next is go out on a climb but the thing is i don't feel this concert appeals me .
Hopefully you can correct all the grammar mistake i made. Thanks a bunch .I've took away a lot of useful phrases from your video. Love you three thousand times !

Enver Yağcı

Hı Sabrah ıt was fabulous lesson. Thank you so much.

Jose Cordova

Hello beautiful Sabrah, glad to see you again....all your vídeos are so useful for me....I try to practice your new lessons.....please smile always...thanks so much...

Fatima Sajid

12:48.. I think Leila didn't understand the phrase Sabrah lol ??????

Taha Ambawala

After long time

Lily Neira

I`m looking after my parents and they have the cheek to blame me for every little thing ! I`m at the end of my teter !

MD Imran

Oh my god, Sabbath is so beautiful

Luis Talavera

Hi girls!
Great video!!!!!
I can't stop laughing with Leila!
Bye bye!!!!

Wijang Kumoro

Good to see your sexy british accent again Sabrah ?

Long Thanh Nguyen

Wow! You hit 100.000 subscribers. I am happy for you two!

Mohamed Alfaradi


kenza motivation

Your are the best I'm striving to get your accent, I'm really improving, Really thrilled to discover your channel I'm kenza from Algeria ??

sathish sathish

Amazing.. expecting more... teacher...

Raghav Chandel

Can't concentrate ,you are so beautiful sabrah....

amila sankalpa amila

Thank you a lot...it is fascinating!!! well done .....you both are great!!!I learnt many many things from your videos!!!

Kyrpang Dkhar

Please do the video for
Gear on
Gear for...gear phrases




Hi Sabrah These phrases is very important to me.
I learn a lot from you, thanks a lot
I hope you and Leila have a lovely weekend ???

Cesar Reis

Thanks, Sabrah!

Dildar Veliskova

More than 100 000 subscribers ! Congratulations!

Abu Khizar

Limits of my language are the limits of my world

selda aslan

thank you for this extremely useful lesson.

daro Dewkeea

Hello sobrah you istil actris my opinyand you best speak english thak you contine you lesson my haapy are you

Badawy Badawy

between the devil and the deep blue sea
we say in ARABIC on the horns of a dilemma OR play gooseberry

Er.Chitta Mahapatra

Lailaji u r outstanding,
No words
U r a wonderful messenger
With lots of love & respect

Thu Ngo

great .Thank .

Legendas Austríacas

First comment!

Manish Sharma

Namaste Sabrah,
Wonderful lesson about advance phrases and idioms. I admire your tips and suggestions for improving English and learn more phrases and idioms.
Some other sentences:
1. I quite my job because my boss drove me up a wall every time I went to work.
2. Everyone at our table was taken aback at his rudeness a paying customer.
3. A little bird told me that you got engaged. Congratulations.
4. I think people who are happy do not cry over split milk.
5. They aired their dirty laundry in front of strangers.
Thank you.

Mochamad Farid

Ooohh Sabrah...I love you yesterday...and I still love you today!!! ???


Hi Leila! Hi Sabrah! What are you up to?
I´m quite enjoying your lessons. I've figured out you because I´m watching and searching for any British English videos. Apart from learning RP, I wish to improve my conversation skills and of course, that´s the nicest accent as well. That´s mint condition! Thank you!

Mohammed AlMahfouth

You stole Leila's thunder ,when you came alone.

Kathula Chandrashekar


Tether in a sentence

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Tether in a sentence

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