Ram it

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183 739 views | 19 Feb. 2018


kyo yoshidaチャンネルの時は7.8万回でした

このギターはWe Rockのプレゼントで貰ったJacksonです


nitro express

Great job. I love how weird your picking hand looks.

Ken Mitchell

You are great! Thank you for keeping great music alive in a world filled with "musicians" that use auto tune and can't play an instrument.

James Secord

Nice guitar, huh Sakura


Now that kicked all kinds of ass. May the PRIEST be with you.

ricky parr

Great music,sounds good,long live rock

David Cullison

All right man.Far out.

Scott Pool

Awesome heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll thunder.

Centaur Priest

Loved it.

Rock Musician

My Japanese Metal Goddess


How could those fingers be delicate yet so strong at the same time? Effortless playing but with uncanny accuracy. Keep rocking on my metal kawaī on'nanoko.

Анон Анонов

Cool! Thanks for this awesomenessest play, girl!


I would kill for a "Heavy Metal" solo from this JP album!

Belfast Mike

Talented young lady


대단합니다 국적을떠나 아름답네요

candy cane

Why are asian women so sexy. I love asian food asian art and asian culture. OMG im a Asian man trapped in a 6' 3" white guys body. Can I get a surgery to fix that?

Arturo Alvarado

Woow she plays so good! I love judas priest..... From Honduras..



Peter Carlson

After realizing Halford is as gay as gay can be the title of this song got a whoooole new meaning...


You rock so hard, but need to know how you got into all this stuff. Parents JP/metal fans? Did they play in bands and pass it down to you.

Kevin Galloway

Yes Sukura......I'll marry you. Hope you don't mind if we rush it....lol

alain evofactory

yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gary s

She could stand to look a little more enthused...happy? More passionate of what shes doing....But she kicks my butt playing the guitar!!! Play on young lady! have fun!


im in love

Benjamin Breeg

All I can imagine is giving another hot looking Asian girl a really good time.


Destroyed that solo, amazing job

Георги Сапунджиев

Свириш прекрасно,дано издаржиш.

Andrea 71 Italia

Sei bellissima bravissima complimenti sinceri

Joe Debono

Awesome love the Jackson

Rock Musician

I love you my metal goddess...

Ari Lex Z



Be still my beating heart.

Anti Lib

Damn <3


oh my god! Do you want to be my daughter? Just Kidding..jajaja seriusly, the rock and roll is in your veins. Salutations from Spain.



Les The Great

Is she even challenged? I'd be sweating, drooling, tongue poking out of my mouth and pulling weird looks and still not be as good as her.


Tfw no QT jpnz guitar shredding gf ?


Sakura, you have some amazing talent. If you get the desire, I would love to see what you could do with some George Lynch, either from his Dokken days or Lynch Mob.





Михаил Гончаров

not bad i like it. my best wisher for you


amps on eleven \m/ \m/


ยังไงกันครับ อย่าทำผมเลยนะครับ ผมก็ดูแลแม่ที่ป่วยนะครับ



Nat Amaral

WOW! You definitely have talent!



Na Mu


Brad Wall

Love this girls playing. Super cute and a badass

Ken pipeline on laybarge Jack

Thanks again for you Art when talented people or making their Debuit on TV on those talent shows you guys should be included right

Daro Blackheart

Amazing! Those solos are pure madness!

david jacobs

THIS GIRL should have her own clothing line, NOT Kobe Bryant.

Ari Lex Z

The thumbs down people are jealous, and they suck. This woman ROCKS!

kay bar

I'd like to see something original to be honest. Don't get me wrong, but technically this is a boring piece. She looks so bored, like she is just practicing her scales. It's not hard to master the metal style genre, move on to something with feelings and a bit more complicated! She would be great for the next series of the GRUDGE.. :-)

Another One

Killer hands. Gentle and deadly notes.

My Boon Dare

Omly in Japan, where heavy metal becomes student’s homework to play in youtube??

Bude Ayu


daisy mendoza

very well played...Nice fingerings!

Hallucinated Ovens

I'll sub if you cover "Gates if Babylon" by Rainbow


OMG - I think I am in love....

Arturo Alvarado

You are amazing.i love this songs...

Robert Donnell

You rock girl!

Young NiEKRO


Harold D Burke

How cool... I mean Hot !!

pradeep bayalkoti

What kinda amp are you using. It's sound like dying cat.

linc thomas

looks so fucking bored

ФёдорГенадич Микроволнов

Even my cat playing guitar better than this lame girl! Ha-Ha!

Just kidding!
My cat died 15 years ago!
... It was perfect cat.
... I still miss it.
... Gosh



speak to bird

Cooles Video


: ) : )

CMT Productions

It takes all my might not to simp for this girl. Literal perfection.


This pretty Lady Kicks ass

M Plussant

Come on sweetie!...lean in...make it your own!....you are capable!...IYKWIM ,...


P.S. Nice job with a super complicated solo.


: )


So early in her carreer you can see a great sense of rythm that goes hand in hand with Judas Priest.

Gratis Legend

Amoi cantik


That was incredible, thank you. I love Japan and hope to live there someday.

Tony & Harry

I love you ❤❤❤??????

jimi hendrix

Treble much?

Sonny Abraham

1:27 she missed that.

samuel Chagas

Send the song of Guns N'Roses -Paradise city
You are Very good ???️?

Dong Eun Shin


Adam Archibald

She looks bored. She needs to practice her metal face. Watch any Anvil. :)



shannon newman


Space Suitor


Warrior 777

I'm so excited this younger generation is digging on the METAL?? and playing to it. You rock young lady, keep it up.

Jan Silver

are you a boy or are you a girl or some fucking else this important to know

Jaw Tooth

Awesome! Please show some emotion and smile. Show us some guitar face!


A song for guitar heroes! Thanks for postin:-)

Zero Negative

Awesome never listened to older metal but it's pretty cool. I wonder if you like Avenged Sevenfold it's like new and old metal mixed. I'm a fan of the first 3 or 4 albums but the guitars in avenged sevenfold is so damn amazing check it out.

Liberty Vlogum

This is my wife. AND my mistress. And my goddess. Not only very beautiful, and very Japanese (they're hot, sweet, and sexy)...but so talented....and amazing.

Bude Ayu

Vetter Burns

So many Axes! So, little Time! WooHoo!


Good job!!!

vergus bey

Cool ! Are u interest toplaying in Europe ?

Diego Viguer

Morter off gooooooodddddd

Andrea Clemente

awesomeeee !!!!

Simon Nomis

more feeling pleaseeee.

Kyle Abrams

Almost looks bored..
did your dad make you learn this?



Ram it

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FIREFORCE - "Ram It" (Official Music 4K Video)

51 315 views | 4 Dec. 2020


FIREFORCE - "Ram It" (2020) - Official Music 4K Video. Taken from the album "Rage Of War", out on January 15, 2021.

Get "Rage Of War" now:







Jens De Vos (Panda Productions ) - Director, Camera & Editing

Nick Tronckoe - Production Assistant

Panzers to:

Eric Stoop, Guido Hoet, Danny Smolders, Aboudi Ezzideen - Hard working crew

Isabelle Jonckheere - Crew and catering

Debby Suetens-Verelst - Assistant to Mr Suetens, props and runner

Glenn Seghers - Assistant to Mr De Combe and runner

Jens De Vos, Enya Kennis, Nick Bertels - photographers

Sara Lachi, Ian Roland – location

The last words of a ww2 fighter pilot who rams an enemy bomber: “We'll meet again in Valhalla!”

“Rage Of War” will be released through ROAR! Rock of Angels Records, physically and digitally worldwide on January 15, 2021.

Available on Digipak CD, Oxblood Red Vinyl (Ltd 300 copies) & Digital streaming/download format.

Follow us on these channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RockofAngelsRecords/

ROAR Website/shop: https://roar.gr/

Spotify: http://bit.ly/roar-spotify


Website: http://www.fireforceband.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Fireforceband

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fireforceofficialband/

乡Ľʚʛαռ IV


Imre Struys

I think the 4 people not liking this or either deaf or like wimps'n poser music ???

Route 666 - Metal Webradio & Fanzine

Shared by ROUTE 666 - METAL WEBRADIO & FANZINE >>> https://route666.de/

Stéphane Garrigue

Who dares wins Matt !!


This video or a clip of it debuts at #13 on InternetTop40.com IT40 Rock Week #50 But that ranking can change Vote or Message Top40 from the site or [email protected]internettop40.com Voting on MV’s has started Congrats and Thank you Message your Fans to vote Click the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down under your video post Refresh the page after you Like it https://www.internettop40.com/it40-rock-week-50/
Coming Week #1 2021 Weekly French/German/Spain MV Charts


Powerful track... ! And great singer!

Jadran Beauprez

Great fucking new song ! What a KILLER !!!

Belgian bass dude

hell yeah !!!!

Nym Guitarist


Daemonium Morbivod


Ayan Majumdar

technical thrash

Graham .Horne

great stuff, look forward to hearing the album. Ordered the blood red vinyl. Let's hope gigs are back on next year, would love to see you guys again.

Tessa T

Nice! Keep it going guys! ?

Nico De Vreese

RAM IT! indeed, kick ass tune, fuego fuego


Is the singer really able to sing and play what he played at 00:49?? AWESOME!

Daniel Hirsiger

Powerful Rock/Metal music yeeesss ??

Patrik Ivanisa

Muito bom!!


Great song

Beverly Bassitt

Bloody Awesome ?

Ayan Majumdar

technical thrash

Marietje D

Awesome, powerful track. Love it !!!! Combat Metal yeahhhh \m/

Kleber Araújo

mano esse som ta muito paulera


HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! SOUND VERY NICE!!!!!?????????????????

George chas

Awsome song guys!killer!

Элвира Маратова


celtiberian warrior

VALHALLA CALLS!!! Awesome song, love it!

Alessandro Lotti

Holy Grail, really good Metal, that even drives my 60 year old pump up to 150.

vincent weynen

well done guys! love it!

Danny Smolders

And wait until you hear the rest of the album ...........

john van Luijk

awesome we play this for sure in our rockshow Sport Rocks on Sport Fm Continu with Bruno Willems Metal on the 14th of december,,20.00 hour!!


Great job! Keep it true guys!

Jasper De Man

Awesome new song! Check out this interview with the band: https://youtu.be/d_bZLM0gVhI

josivan ferreira

great masters excellent work beautiful music \?/??

Fábio Silva

great sound, great band

Matthias H

Awsome song dudes, Hails from the incinerate antwerp crew

eric van moere

liet me in het begin wat aan Saxon denken....memories

Yuri Warrior

Great song! Bravo!



Ram it

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Ram It Down (Judas Priest) - Acoustic Guitar by Thomas Zwijsen

27 881 views | 29 Sep. 2015

Ram It Down by Judas

Ram It Down by Judas Priest on acoustic solo guitar! available on Thomas' new EP "Treasure Island" at http://www.thomaszwijsen.com/store.html and iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/album/treasure-island-ep/id1042556052

Don't forget to enjoy the amazing street art in this video as well!

Guitar lessons by Thomas are available at http://www.Kingofthestrings.com


Cant wait tp see such performance live :D

Riccardo Catinella bass player


Rafael Santos

Amazing !! record beyond the realms of death



Jones N

Wow, this was great! Pretty awesome arrangement. I would like to hear more Judas Priest songs.


I'm so fucking impressed right now

Marisol Renata

Maravilloso !♠♥♣♦

Коля Пупкин

Отличная вещь из моей юности. Томас аж в транс вошёл, играя с такой скоростью

ミツヲ エキゾースト⚡SHOW

凄い( ゚д゚)!!

Коля Пупкин

Моя юность!
Thousands of cars and a million guitars!


The title should be: "Judas Priest - Ram It Down (Flamenco Version)"

Lukz Jäger

Great video.


Impresionante ?

Pritish Agarwal

you are a guitar God, Thomas!


freakin awesome

Коля Пупкин

2:15 - Shout it out, we`re all together now...


Wow! Great job! Congratulations :)


That was the most phenomenal thing I've heard all year. You are Tipton, Downing, Montoya, and Sabicas all rolled into one.

Gabriel A. Abelman

Where is this man from?

José Ríos

exelente...no entiendo a los que dan dislike.

Ricky De Medeiros

thank you for this dude. so inspiring!

Cristiano dos Santos Gomes

Painkiller would be interesting too! Haha


cool! ik zie je vrijdag bij de Mads in Waalwijk!

Andrey Kozak

O,super! Who's next? "Manowar" neylon? :) May be " Neylon Kings"?!) Let s go...


One of the hardest JP songs and yet you have mastered it... on acoustic! No words...

Sisto iv

No words, no HM guitar man could get you, incredible

Вячеслав Шевченко


Augusto López

Great pics grat music great attitude. Congratulations. Go ahead

Dimitri Slavkovski

my favorite song.. good job!

Riot Guitar

It's really amaziing!

Shamdy Crook

Whoa. Deep track bro. Way to get after it. Wondering now, if you’ve done ‘The Sentential”? Fantastic solo section & chorus. Bravo!

Sándor Gombai

I wouldn't have believed that this can sound so good unplugged if I hadn't heard it.
Hats off!


Yeah ! Glad to see some Priest on your channel

Mike Kiske

Aan acoustic guitar never sound so gr8, sick man, just sick. \m/
Cheers from Brazil!

Steeler 89

Amazing!! I love this song! You are great!!!

Kevin Fry

Incredible.... who are the 5 down thumbs from?!!!!

Jon Gladstone

I am so glad you fit the solo in the song, one of my favorite solos of all time


you making me quiet in saying that i can play guitar, amazing cover!

Sonny Abraham

Please cover Van Halen's Eruption.

Anton Zwijsen


Björn Hellberg

It would be joy to have you and your guitar around camp fire :)

Just- Noise

Is there any tab for this song?

Jos Santen

Wow, zonder een spatje elektriciteit te gebruiken geef je het keiharde, supersnelle, originele nummer een ongelooflijk knap, energiek jasje! Hebben de bandleden van Judas Priest zelf ooit jouw ongelooflijke cover gehoord? Zo niet, dan hebben zij een van de beste feedbacks op en grootste hoogtepunten uit hun carrière gemist...Ik ben echt heel diep onder de indruk van deze cover. Ik vind 'm zelfs iets mooier dan het al zo geweldige origineel..

Ben Woods

Damn! Awesome!

Paulo Paim

Play The Red and the Black!

João Pinho

Great song!

ManoSound Studios

Masterpiece, planing to put vocals on it already!! Extraordinary effort!

Marcus Aramis Trovador

fantastic, amazing, you're wonderfull. but, only 432 likes? why? super hard. you're fabulous

Freebird Rider



Fantastic interpretation of a fantastic song - I thought he was going to bypass the solo, but no, he waded in and completely smashed it!

Erwin van der Laan

Ongelooflijk strak, sfeervol en non-metal gespeeld. Top, Thomas!!!!!

Rafael Perfeito

This is beyond insanely good


Wat een voltreffer!

Ammar Yasser

guys what's a good acoustic guitar to start learning with ?

İskoçya Günlükleri

I love this song and you have made a brilliant cover


Amazing. If I smoked I'd have a cigarette now. But I don't, so I won't.

Вячеслав Шевченко

Fantastic!!! Bravo, Tomas!!!

Edu Alvama


Rajeev K

That was brilliant... thousands of cars and a million guitars... You sounded like a million guitars rolled into one... Amazing


Amazing cover!

31 - Neil Mande

Its a classical, not an acoustic