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Integration by parts ex 1 with wolfram alpha

30 views | 8 May. 2020

Integration by parts ex 1

Integration by parts ex 1 with wolfram alpha

Wolfram integrate

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Wolfram Physics Project Update and Q&A (Jan. 19, 2021)

5 248 views | 19 Jan. 2021

This is a Wolfram Physics

This is a Wolfram Physics Project update with a Q&A!

Originally livestreamed at: https://twitch.tv/stephen_wolfram

Outline of Q&A

0:00 Stream starting

4:40 Stephen intro & update

1:10:45 since turing-complete systems can emulate other systems, isn't in a sense true that every turing-complete can represent our universe? Thus many rules might well represent what happens.Also could you discuss about the complexity of translating between different computational models that represent the same thing? if I can emulate a cellular automata step with an exponential number of turing-machines steps, doesn't it make the cellular automata more poverful?

1:16:00 On my wishlist for this update: (1) A succinct overview of the preliminary general and specific findings so far. (2) Challenges at the moment (3) Development of Wolfram technologies specific to the Physics project

1:19:46 [Question] Wolfram Math to English translator?

1:24:52 Can it be considered that Universe calculation will be reduced to a trivial state, and from there start just like from initial condition? reminding Penrose CCC equiv

1:26:55 Hello Mr Wolfram,What are your views on the theory of the Universe being a simulation as proposed by Nick Bostrom

1:33:35 What would it mean for the Wolfram Physics Project if quantum computers are going to work?

1:39:00 How much "time" is there between; 1) The start of our Universe's Automata Rule and 2) The Inflation of the Big Bang?

1:50:00 hello Dr. Wolfram would you kindly elaborate a little bit on your ideas of brachial space and how it may relate to ideas of ads/CFT, and the possibility of using same to send information? thanks!

1:58:00 Hello, what happens to the dimensions of space on sub-Planck sizes?

2:02:15 ​will you talk about the connection to the lowest dimensional space of the monster group as it relates to superstring as it relates to wolfram physics?

2:00:00 Another thing that's really interesting is the metamathematical conclusions that's coming out of your work as a kind of lucky side-effect, could you speak a little about this?

2:07:59 My naieve question: if some constants of nature can be calculated via math, is the universe itself a machine doing these calculations for us with reality as a result?

2:08:17 When generating the computational hyper graphs how do you ensure that the algorithm which determines the rendering placement does not interfere with your observations?

2:09:29 Speed of light is different depending on the medium it travels through i.e. vacuum, water etc, what medium is rulial space in this context?

Stay up-to-date on this project by visiting our website: http://wolfr.am/physics

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Find the technical documents: https://wolfr.am/physics-documents

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Ed Polanowski

Thanks for answering my question. I am trying to get a better grip on the idea that information is not lost when it "enters" a black hole, rather it encounters brachial space (somehow) and is carried away intact (to somewhere) :-). Hence, can information be 'carried' in brachial space, and if so, what would that look like. Ty again!


4:40 start


I find it fascinating that all computation can be done with NAND gates. Would it be possible to use a binary tree of NAND gates to achieve all possible kinds of computation? (Infinite loops can be constructed by allowing the binary tree to be transfinite.)


Please do a Q&A on the project regularly similar to your broader science ones!

Tarka Jedi

At 53 minutes in that point about Combinators just blew my mind sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG !!!!


WHY can you not fix all of the errors in your IRRATIONAL axiomatic paradigm? Because the MATHEMATICAL MODEL of the machines you use to think for you is flawed in the shape of the computation space and a static, non-dynamical approach. Sornette and Taleb went at it, but over markets and instruments. In RATIONAL mathematical physics, this is the "missing link" in understanding the math of renormalization. Dimensional Gauge Symmetry is the truth; your groups Lie dimensionally. At least NJ Wildberger is doing it by carbon and hand, with infinitesimal algebra; convert that to strings and loops and bulk elasticity and you actually have something. And it will be in MY coordinate system. I have you all beat though. I'm sure you talked with Eric OFF mic.

Lucas de sousa

I love how he explains everything in rather simple and discrete terms. Just fenomenal. He explains it simply, so he must understand what he is talking about


Can this app solve also any biology questions

Philip Rice

Its been fascinating seeing this play out. Interesting and inspiring, even for an idiot classicist!

Ed Polanowski

Thank you too Johnathan:-)

Shane E

So you're making a math api for physics.

Tarka Jedi

Amazing video!

Coenraad Loubser

58:36 Frumple here comes the Orz from The Ur Quan Masters... on all counts... to spoil our monkeying-with-supercomputering-fun! apt-get install uqm


Not sure If I have misunderstood, but I don't see why putting the physics laws (as constraints) into the manifold finder is a problem. Triviality is irrelevant if the new manifold gives Canonical representations of quantum gravity. How is that different from Ads/cft? Ads/cft would be considered a trivial representation of the known laws of physics but it predicts certain quantum gravity effects. Unless solving quantum gravity requires fundamentally new laws it should be fine?

Subhajit Sahu

12:00 Can dark matter be related to higher dimension


theoritical physics should be really hard

Sid Edwards

Incredible work by Stephen, Jonathan, and the Wolfram team. Very compelling ideas.

Heinrich Peter Maria Radojewski Schäfer Leverkusen

What can Stephen's New Physics approach say
about the distinction between gravity and inertia?

Wolfram integrate

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Curating Data and Integrating the Wolfram Data Framework

448 views | 19 Dec. 2018

In the third webinar of

In the third webinar of the Data Science webinar series, you'll learn tips and tricks to scrape, clean and curate your data and how to augment it with Wolfram's built-in knowledgebase.