Rose market

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The AMAZING Rose Bowl Flea Market! | Retail Archaeology

37 867 views | 19 Jul. 2019

In this episode we take a

In this episode we take a look at the huge Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA.

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George Street Shuffle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Long Stroll by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100174

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Sideways Samba by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

#thrifting #RetailArchaeology #fleamarket


Wow, I thought it had been going on for longer, but it just celebrated its 50th anniversary last November 11, 2018. I must have gone there in the early 80's. I still remember being torn between a Yardbirds with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck concert poster and the 'Dancing Avocado" Led Zeppelin poster, I chose the Yardbirds and forever wish I had bought both. A must go!!!

Saturday Morning

Your on the west coast, it's a swap meet.

David Cahyo

Lol funny to see a kamen rider toy in california. I forgot which one tho, there are a lot of them


Wow man I would love to go to this.. soooo many items I saw wow

Jessica D

I love the alien dude.??Big fan of your channel, this is my favorite video!??

Tristan Mangindin

How about a Swap Meet? There are several in San Diego worth checking out, primarily Kobey's.

Wanderlust Spirit

1:06 is that a pair of wind up boobies?


15:30 Robot toys are Gundamwing.

Sar Jim

The old telephone was actually a Johnson CB radio with a telephone handset. Big bucks back in the day. The piece of "testing equipment" next to the video game magazines is actually a short wave diathermy machine, probably from the 60's. That tall thing with the two balls on each side is a ship's binnacle. It contains a gimballed magnetic compass at the top with some adjusters below the brass cover at the top. Those balls are quadrantal correctors They are used to adjust the reading of the compass from the port and starboard sides of the ship. They are cool old pieces, but you'd better have a couple strong guys to move one.


oh sweet an undiscovered pat the nes punk flea market video wait a min no catchhy intro this is pat who are you?! hmm okay fine i'll watch but i'm going to be doing his flea market madness song in my head "hums along to it talking out loud "and be frank""
well yeah ITS A BIG ASS VAN! plus its cheaper to buy one of these and fix it then to rent out those uhual or box trucks,
yep you usa nutters loved to hoard stuff in there boxes even though 76% of every other place does the same and yeah its not what i get into i'm into my toy cars so yeah,
yeah or its the hands free cordless kind i'm after one of those 70's dail phones but there very pricey and hard to get as there either over priced or not in my colour,
THAT IS ULGY AS SIN BUT I WANT IT AS IT LOOKS SO AWFUL ITS GOOD! i love couches that look outdated or don't seem out of place in the 70's but now a days are,
huh an actual pay phone not the cheap plastic ones you see in goodwills, dam kinda makes me miss our phone booth the old red london booth yep its gone they removed the phone years ago but its gone just a patch which is now grass and the slight remains of red paint on the pole next to were it used to be,
oh man reboot yeah i love that show as a kid watched the whole thing back when computers used to have a reboot button, it like cubix or some other show ace lightening you just see it and go "holly crap i remember that"
REALLY?! aww oh well huh wonder how much my mother old copy is worth now, kinda sad as it just shows no one wants to buy the comics any more unless its on media phone or the internet don't bother,
one to go to if i ever go to the usa, maybe when trumps no longer in power,


definitely dug the videogame stuff and retro toys! (and I HAD issue 65 of EGM, I'll never forget how massive some of those issues got I swear that one had to be at least 400 pages! granted a lot of it was ads but still for about five bucks it was a pretty sweet deal back then!!) but I can definitely appreciate a lot of the other stuff here too like the giant propeller. 15:37 I do believe that's kamen rider though I'm not sure which version... probably the series we got over here I'd guess.

Leslie Hermes

The Fatal Fury series of Anime movies are some of my favorites!

Ryan Drew

That big brass / wood thing is a compass off a ship

Natalie 82

11:30 I know what this is. It's an espresso machine. A snowcone maker? Is it a water heater?

My Life As I know it! Desiree Roldan

Great video I hope they open back up this month!

Dr Demento

"The magazines that are still being published, that is" RIP


I had a vac u form. It sucked


That red leather clutch would have been a nightmare to touch in the sun

James Provost

Goodness those first Few tables Brought back Soo many memories I had some amazing toys back than!!
I have to go find that Picture your wife wasn’t so fond of! Lmao That’s GOLD!

the legend

Aww man, this is a treasure trove of great stuff, i would have gone broke there, lol. Especially with the video games and action figures. Great video.


Some of those toy robots were from Shogun Warriors, and they can be rather expensive in good condition. I wish I had a flea market like this near me.

eug 400

What is the name of the music playing at 11:00 to 11:40?

Stephen S.

Nina Hagen lmao

Sine Nomine

a world of junk XD
some of this stuff i think i saw when i-mockery/x-entertainment covered it YEAAARS AGO, i guess it never sold

Ponkmamii 666

The Fairfax swap meet is nice too over in melrose! ??

Masaharu Morimoto

Awesome! Everyone should stop what they're doing and rewatch Reboot!! I keep the entire series in a folder on my desktop, anytime is a good time for reboot!!

Metaldog 7

be careful I bought a used mattress from there it only had a few stains on it week later everyone in the house had crabs even my two year old best to buy new at walmart

Pastel Kun

Any chance you’ll be doing flip throughs of those classic gaming mags you bought? I miss EGM.

mr templeton

This very well be my favorite video on YouTube. Relaxing, fascinating, nostalgic, and fun!


Do they charge admission to the flea market? Here in SC we pay (bribe) the greyhound drivers to stop at our flea market and its free entry its not far off the interstate


Flea Market? Looks a Ali/Ebay Reseller Spot


Omg I woulda so grabbed that snoopy phone! ?

lostInSpace 1

Hey bro you should take a look at the walmart at wetmore and 1st ave in tucson Az it's old school back from the early 90s and can you please find out what ever happened to the fish they used to have I've been trying to find our since the early 2000 back in douglas az

Paul Knight

Enjoyed seeing the boomboxes and old radios. I would have probably bought that Japanese transistor radio if I was there as I really liked it. A lot of younger people around the vintage clothing stalls, it seems anything vintage is very popular these days. Hope to see more videos like this, great upload :)

Jawa Juice

More flea market and swap meet vids, please. Preferably in the Phoenix area. ?

Lloyd Black

Your videos are really appreciated. I really enjoy a lot of the dead malls or malls that are slow, and some thriving but still have the 70's/80's architecture. I grew up going to malls during the 70's and 80's. The old style of floors, decor, old arcades, etc. bring back some really interesting memories. I used to even do some game level design of dead malls using some of the old style architecture and design of the 70's-80's, including the style of floors from that era. You appreciate some of the finer aspects of the malls of older eras that are now being redeveloped into other things or being torn down. Your channel name is so fitting and made me interested the first moment I noticed your videos months ago. So, please keep up the great work.


Swapmeets are the best!

Joshua Brass

Great video! Love that van too!

PH Schuble

Any good deals to be had, or is everything pretty close to eBay prices?


As always another outstanding video. Those toys brought back a lot of memories. My sister had one of those Sears all in stereos in her room. I got it later as a hand me down when she went away to college. We also had those round fabric type chairs, we would sit in them and spin around making ourselves dizzy. Great memories.

Jeromie Dillon

San Jose flea market

a puleo

The prices are a bit high get out the grease.


i love flea markets


Awfully expensive. $10 per item in used clothes? You can get that for a quarter around here. I remember when that Star Wars puzzle was new. God my wife would have loved to have had those Monchhichis. I got her started on them and she collected them up until her passing.

Erika Ayala

Right at the end by the muppets plushies, I saw an orange rainbow brite sprite! I would have loved to have been there. Find some quality ponies and care bears

Taarna Andros

Oh wow, I remember those car happy meal toys!

Kenny Swonger

Was there any hot-wheels and model cars.around there.

Tyler Bergen

Dude, I have that Fatal Fury movie!! I saw it on SciFi channel back in the 90's (they showed Anime at a certain time, but I didn't really like it except this and bought it later on). It's a really cool movie even though I'm not a huge fan of the genre. It's totally worth checking out.

Gia Marie

Do you guys call it flea market or swap meet ? Please more thrift store ones. Good finds too ?

Kaio Ken

Damn you totally passed over that old shorty's legalize skateboarding hat

Andy Woodburn

5:41....I think I remember seeing that painting of that lady in Night At The Roxbury...... X-D

Bitchin Spectre

I'd tell you....but you're not steampunk enough.

Shelby Walker

Was it just me or was everything soooo expensive there?!?! At least just seeing from the things that had tags on it.

darknight bat

Love flea markets, its fun to rummage through bins and racks of vintage clothing. Have yet to go to the rose bowl flea market, I’m in Long Beach.

Adam Morris

Greetings from Sydney Australia, love the channel, great content.

speak to bird

What a wonderful vidéo


The brass and wood is a ship compass.

Chris Longbeard

@15:40 Nightrider or Darkrider if I remember correctly


Omg I had some of those toy/doll foods from 13:43. There was a commerical brand in the 90s that sold these. They even made furniture. They complemented the barbie dolls and were totally piggybacking them lol

Mr potato

My cousins live not far from there I would like to go visit them again

nathan langford

Your narration, cadence and voice reminds me so much of the original 1960's Endless Summer movie, which is a huge compliment. Just found your channel. Subbed and bell'd instantly.


17:06: I had that exact same walkman :-O


7:58 looks like an old thermocouple interface and amplifier from Leeds and Northrup from the labelling on the knobs. Basically for temperature measurements. Would have been neat to buy it and see if it still worked.


action league now!!! woohoo!

Randy Sabbagh

I laughed when you talked about the slide shows in class where you advanced every time there was an audible beep and there was always some kid who figured out how to make that beep which always caused whoever was progressing the slides/filmstrips to get out of whack with what was on the tape/record. Nothing like sitting in a darkened classroom where everyone was already messing around and you're still listening to some narrator drone on about whatever and the teacher is attempting to figure out what happened. Hilarity ensued....

Nikki Benton

Dan Bell mentioned u yesterday so i thought id subscribe. Someone name Sal too. Not sure if thats u?

H2h T

Really cool to see something different other than the depressing ghostly stores and malls. I wonder with how busy this looks and how empty malls looks what your (and other since its an year now) thoughts where on the future of stores and shopping? Will the swap-meet be one of the last surviving places people come together to buy and sell?


You should go to Frank & Son collectables huge warehouse and do a report if you haven't done so yet! it's an amazing gene open every Wednesday and Saturday!!!


Do they have vinyl records and cassette tapes

Raymond Guilbeault

Shout! Factory TV has the streaming rights to Reboot

Garland Ragland

Those glass door knobs look to be vaseline glass, which glow under blacklight. I've always wanted to install those on a door with a black light LED mounted behind the glass so the knob would glow

Chris James

You did a video with Ian, this demanded Pat Contri. Maybe in San Diego someday...

monsieur boeuf de tête

this is a really cool presentation... thanks!


I want to go back to this flea market!

Peter Stean

At 11:30 that's a binnacle from the bridge of an old ship


Yesssss spice girls toys! My fave

Westside Gary

Great content. Thanks for sharing.

Nyota Uhura

the Kermit the Frog phone is from 1983. it was manufactured by the American Telecommunications Corporation. There was supposed to be a matching art deco Miss Piggy phone but if was never produced which is a shame cuz it looked hella awesome

Gray D

75 dollar GameCube lol lordy

will triumph

What moon landing?..

Matthew Rivas

I was just there

Ultimate Ruffles

I know I'm late, but those are not tortas haha they are pambazos which are similar but they only have two ingredients

sonny day

can u give prices as u go?

Peter Nancarrow

2:50 - I think they maybe Toby Jugs


I can't wait to have my own place and fill it with all the gaudiest looking furniture i can find

Paul Nubreu

Not including pricing equals a huge fail.


Huge fan man but your use of almost everything retro as "vaporwave" is nauseating.


Hey there.
Loved your video.
I love going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
Always a fun, great time.
Thanks for posting.


I wish I could go.. the closest thing we got to it is Traders Village here in Dallas but it's not as crazy as the Rose Bowl Flea Market ?

Jason Jones

At 11:30 that is an old cannon with cannon balls


I haven';t been to one in ages but flea markets are just the best.


i want that couch at 10:52 so bad


You should go to Frank & Son collectables huge warehouse and do a report if you haven't done so yet! it's an amazing gene open every Wednesday and Saturday!!!


That was a GTE Mobiltel control head from a MTS/IMTS Mobile Telephone. Think of Charlie's Angels from the 1970's, with their car phone. It was more radio than phone, and pre-dates the cell phones of today. Are there any phone phreaks out there? ;)


9:00 I grew up reading those video game magazines from the 90's too, I was gifted some old 80's car magazines and they were almost completely black and white. Color magazines apparently weren't that common until the 90's?

Mr. Ghost Stories

I was just telling myself, I would like to see a flee-market walkthrough, and your video popped up. It can't get any better.

Josip Perkovic

In my estate sale hunting, I had found a mint 1950s Sunbeam waffle iron in the box with all documentation and parts bought originally from Higbee's in Downtown Cleveland.


You should go to Frank & Son collectables huge warehouse and do a report if you haven't done so yet! it's an amazing gene open every Wednesday and Saturday!!!


6:13 the "canal" is the Arroyo Seco, a river that runs 25 miles from Mt. Wilson to near Dodger's stadium, where it joins into the LA River. Also, the 110 freeway (Arroyo Seco Parkway) is close to the river's path.

John Becker

18:00 Japanese made products in the 50s and 60s was basically the build quality of Chinese products today. They were considered less than stellar quality.

Rose market

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Rose market

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Finding Outfits at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

96 923 views | 25 Feb. 2020

We came, we thrifted, and

We came, we thrifted, and we stacked denim


max m

rather structured


The guess stripe tee section holy fuck lmfaooooo

Rafael Rodriguez

Even it being that everyone had a different outfit I couldn't choose they were all so good.


i like it unstructured

Noah Esparza

Bruh you lock inside you better upload dont dip again on us bbg

willie mcnellis

2/10 no drop shipped cargo

Jeremy Thomas

that just looks like the nshit you always wear


I like pick ap videoes

Hhfj Jhdjj

I really like those type of videos bra;)


This manic energy was good


Tell Trevor he’s a shithead for letting bots eat his 1’s back in November, I’m still not over it?

kingsley Chan

Ddddaaaayyyymmmmmmmnnnnn! Trevor makes one cool shoe, and now he's about that Helmut Lang and Balenciaga life?!?! Success has changed you man.... hahaha

foolish stoic

best jacob video i ever watched


What shoes is he wearing


What grey hoodie is Jacob wearing!!??


i missed ur vids ?? glad ur back

Can of Stella

these type of unstructured videos are so fucking hilarious, so good to watch


all this shit makes you look homeless bro!


Where’s the grey hoodie from the beginning of the video from


Where’s that washed hoodie you were wearing from?


What’s the grey hoodie u wearin??

Owen Hido

That “wanted” tee is the reference for Trevors one in the chamber shoes


Vintage clothing from a flee market, entry level designer pieces, line art tattoos, and following the trend of looking homeless ironically-unironically to pose as an individual with fashionable-antifashion Pacific Northwest taste. -Edgy Cultureless Instagram 20-something-year-olds in 2020

Graeme MacInnis


Isaac. H

Fernando dresses like my sister, this kid is cringe af ?.

cullen anderson

Yo is your grey hoodie frim Bare Knuckles? I think it is but I'm not sure and would love to know!




Rate celebrities fits ????

Jack J

I preferred the content you’ve been putting out for the last 5 months


These the vlogs we want and need man , let Avery know that we want him back too.

Dell Plummer

My heart was bleeding at the Rose Bowl. ??


cheeks clothing

Alvin Anis

Press F for Silver League

Jay Ward

I fuck w the structured vids but at the same time I like the loose almost vloggish vids too. And if ur ever in Houston Texas u gotta hit the Montrose market !!!


pleeeeeeeeeeease drop more summer shorts they're so hard to cop :( !!!!!!

Sivert Kaland


K Parker

Whatever that Vivienne jacket is with the picture of the dining room on it is, I LOVE IT!! That might be my favorite get out of all the stuff the found at the flea market in this vid

lin hao

whers the hoodie from

Arthur Morgan

Some of those hoodies look like the old ass clothes that have been in the bottom of the lost and found bin for the past few decades.

Ikkyū 08

Dang that CCP penis trousers tho ?


yogo, can i get a legit check on this bogo. nods

Nicx. 028

4:30 wich pants is this?

big boy


Gabe Emb

This was beautiful

Victoria Bryan

trevor mad funny, the guess stripe tee shit killed me lol

Matias Aedo

See you in half a year

Irving Sanchez

Trevor is a national treasure

Keon Richards

Trevor fit 9/10

Will Maire

8:07 does anyone have a specific id on that Vivienne Westwood mask thing?

Aidan McGinty

Fernando: glitter/10




Please ship the shorts i paid for like a year ago.

cristian kawabanga

i liked this format

Alexis Esomonu

I like the unstructured videos


damn u uploaded a video jacob ?

Harrison Brown

Bro PLEASE post more. You're the only ones with content like this

luca k

hahahahaha ur in this https://vm.tiktok.com/tjYY3m/

Analog Hour

Lol Menlo’s a high school not that far from me

Marcos Fernandez

Idk why that country sample made me laugh so hard

Myles Jeffers

You should call Fernando the bricklayer because i've never seen him not brick a fit

Slade Mendoza

what song is that at 0:48


i love u papaito


These unstructured vids r the best. Just crazy fuck shit is good

Justin Bingham

trevor toooooooo funny

mustafa ibrahim

I missed this editing, good shit

Flame on Deck



Good video 7/10

Abdiel N.

The videos with a lot of different things. Feel like as if you’re the originator of that lol. Keep it up it’s unique to you. +*++ fresh out the bed ***+••

roy yor

now he gone


fuck you jakoc this shit ain flyin nomo


Wheres my cargos



Reatile Molapisi

0/10 for all of you.


Shaky desk oooooooooo baby

Ulises Lopez

I just saw a recommendation video for Richie Le’s collection & thought YouTube was over so thank god for this vid


1:15 to 1:21 what’s the song


Give us a video going to guess and buying striped tees

aup abloom

i was getting bloody o vibes from that glitter pants fit

Josiah Brocks

id on shirt in outro

wibu moshing

That hiatus wasn't enough huh?


who knows what shows jacob has on in the first fit

Confidential7 Us

we missed you

Daschel Bender

I fucking love the pants with the converse fuck fernando

Kaelym Chetty

what song was trevor vibing to?

Edwin Olvera

you gotta cruise melrose!

Aidan Concannon

yo can u make video rating outfits and shit


Penis trousers


Man I wanted to hit up the penis trouser section.

drifting high enough

Honestly those pants are hard

fendi gucci

Any clothing that wasn't originally mine and is atleast 5 years old makes my skin itch I'm highly sensitive to old material this is also true with sofa's
I never buy thrifted clothes.


I bought that Menlo Atherton Hoodie from Unsound Rags!

Tim Klinga

Pleeeease more of these videos, love watching people Source Vintage

Jonah Francois

Keep doing that wacky shit pally wal


Glad you' re back Jacob keep killing it ! I ordered the cargos size large in March 2019 :( got a shipping label created but never got them. Instead of sending them out to my house in PA could i pick them up in LA?


Aaaaaaand he’s gone again


trevor is a good boy


lookin like Jennifer Lawrence this vid

Bape Noah

Dont go missing again bbg ? upload soon

Harry Moore

When I think of yur vids I think fashion adhd. Keep shit wild