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EP 112 Silk Road Update

38 views | 28 Mar. 2017

Musings Of A Shibe : A

Musings Of A Shibe : A Dogecoin Show

EP-112- Silk Road Update







Weird Blockchain







After Math

Exit Scams Collapse of the DarkMarket










Best Technical Analysis Of Silk Road


Variety Jones







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Variety jones silk road

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Confessions: I was Dread Pirate Roberts of The Silk Road

3 625 views | 1 Apr. 2018

Today I must free myself

Today I must free myself from my dark past the only way I know how. By telling the world what I did and who I once was. I hope this is received well...

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trapped cat

You fooled me until 4:20

Shan Dani

Nice April Fool's joke.

RFI-Crypto Lab

If I was at a park with my kids and you pulled up, I'd leave.


F B I has joined the chat

Tina Bean

Those names though ?

michiel van est

Ok and now ? ?

mathieu ethier

Its seems like a new trend to have more and more mentals doing videos


The dread pirate Roberts that ordered hits was most likely The FBI creating fake evidence against a tax dodge.

Zack Martinez

You wasnt dpr broke boi

Jarrad Bosenberg

Good storytelling mate.

Peter F

Real ? Will this save Ross from life in jail ?

The Coin Alley

I would have believed it except for the fact he kept looking down like he was reading from prepared notes.

Punkwaste SPOLR Podcast

This is the laziest performance I've ever seen

Punkwaste SPOLR Podcast

His jackass buddies we're probably like, "No yeah no its better that you keep looking down at your notes so they can think this story is so complex that you had to take notes. Dude.. You're gonna break the internet. You better be ready for the controversy that's gonna follow you after you post this video. The interviews that are gonna haunt you.. They might even haunt us just to get close to you. When we talk about custody.. Forget it. They're gonna lock you up man I don't think you should do this"

Josh Foster

Reading off a sceen don't work too well when you got reflective glasses on


Fuck you

Variety jones silk road

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TDC Podcast 4 - Adam from PsychedSubstance on Psychedelic Harm Reduction, Philosophy & More

28 073 views | 7 Aug. 2017

Adam is the founder of two

Adam is the founder of two popular YouTube channels, PsychedSubstance and SWIM. He's had an interest in drugs, most notably psychedelics and entactogens, for years.

He offers entertaining content about various substances.

We talk about psychedelic harm reduction, philosophy, microdosing, and a variety of other topics.

PsychedSubstance - http://youtube.com/PsychedSubstance

SWIM - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWGNAei4hIjOna_JgWGCOA


Reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDrugClassroom/comments/6s85hp/tdc_podcast_4_adam_from_psychedsubstance_on/


Music credit: Lee Rosevere (BY)


Donate to The Drug Classroom:



Bitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B


Thank you to my Patreon supporters: Glen Marshall, Laura Cornwell, RollSafe.org, Jonathon Dunn, Thomas Anaya, Ross Martin, Star Ape, michael hoogwater, Beau Jaco, Alexander Pavlenko, Lars Nilsson, Billy, Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Sam A., Reece hosford, Felix Wisniewski, Jarrod o'connell, Daniel X Moore, and David Kernell.


Facebook - http://facebook.com/thedrugclassroom

Twitter - http://twitter.com/drugclassroom

Email - [email protected]


The Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs.

Therefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda.

TDC doesn't advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.

Feel free to ask questions!


i love it! btw the "podcast voices" (yours and adam's) are really relaxing. stay safe :)

The Drug Classroom

Thank you to all of TDC's supporters! You make this project possible.

It took a while, but I'm finally just about ready to release the next drug overview. It'll go live within a couple days.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to ask.


i took 105mg of dxm with my parents at 10:00pm they didn't know, it was my first time trying anything, even alcohol i took such a low dos because i didn't know how i'd react it was a fun time i was feeling really happy a little dizzy and just an over nice feeling. The day after i was super depressed and really wanted to just not be there i didn't feel my self almost as if i wasn't alive. the next day i felt normal again and made me think about the experience i didn't know what i should think about it, i almost want to try it again with a little higher dos but over all i think it was a good experience if you're going to take any drug make sure you have a few days to recover so you can become a your normal self again

HashFace 253

Thank you both for your work this and peter attias' and tim ferris' recent convo are prereqs for any new tripper

Jevgenij Salunin

I like how Adam sometimes asks Seth about something, when he's not sure.. That's cool


I noticed you guys mentioned krokodile a couple of times. I was under the assumption that it is just desomorphine which is a relatively safe opioid.

Fufubunny iz100

I don't see any videos about the use of Gabapentin for a less brutal heroin/ opiate withdrawal. I know the scientific studies are almost non-existent, but it's an important issue, that could greatly help those wanting to quit, but are terrified of the painful symptoms. If you could address this I'd greatly appreciate it!

Jeremiah Vincent

Psyched substance is the new Terence McKenna

Arthur Severgnini

worth every single second

Andrew Rogissart

Kush is my cologne gone off that stupid skrong

Colin Ferris

I really like the point that both of them discuss in regards to waiting until your brain has fully developed before you first try psychedelics. Seth also talks about how you should wait until you have achieved a refined maturity before you attempt to take them. I couldn't agree more! Young people have a difficult time with understanding the intensity that naturally resides in psychedelics. For example, if I were 15 years old and had an ego death I can't really say that I would be ready for such a strange and intense experience. I would probably be extremely scared during the trip which isn't what you want for your first time.
In addition to these points, you guys mention that trips are unlike any other substance in that you must be prepared for what you're getting yourself into. Before I took acid I made sure that I watched both of your videos describing the pharmacology, trip reports and personal recommendations. Anyways, I just made this long ass comment so that the novices out there can be prepared.
I can definitely say that thanks to my preparation and caution helped me have a fucking amazing trip the first time I tried LSD. Since that time, I have had nothing but good experiences with LSD. I've tried doses varying from about 30 micrograms all the way up to 700 mics. LSD is absolutely amazing and purely an insightful learning experience wrapped in a blanket of bliss hahaha.
Anyways, sorry for the long ass comment. Thank you two so much for making these vids and informing the public about the potential of these substances!


So much good information. Love this channel. Thank you!


I've had HPPD for 20 years. Didn't even know the clinical name for it until a few years ago. I've always called it visual static coz it's very much like an untuned TV but finer grained and translucent or like the air is full of it.
It's more animated the more tired I am.
Only met 2 people who'v had it. One was a girl talking to her Mate in a coffee shop I was working in. Really wasn't trying to eavsdrop but she was saying she'd just been to Glasto n done acid for the 1st time and since had what sounded like HPPD and anxiety and insomnia. So I told her it was prob HPPD and said if she goes to her GP and says that n asks for valium that'd sort her out. She came back month or so later and said thanks it worked. Looking back, the funny thing is that was just something I'd read. I did believe it would help TBF, but I'd never tried it.
If I woke up and my static was gone I'd really miss it. Not sure I could stand the stillness or plain white walls.

Matthew Sparks

Absolutely love your content. Like, love. Also the amount of commercials you play is DOOOPPPEE


13:53 convincing myself I had died once while I was on a LSD trip and that was actually one of the most healing experience I ever had on psychedelics. It made me have more appreciation for the rest of the world.

M Gill

I really enjoy when you 2 get together. Love the pidcast seth keep it up ???????

Caleb Parker

1:36:15 delirants for me feel very similar to weed I didn’t get vivid hallucinations of phantom people or whatever, and I knew and understood that what was going on around me was just the effects of the drug. But with that being said the effects I got were seeing strange visual patterns, thought looping, feelings of anxiety or panic, fast heart beat, extreme thirst, strange uncomfortable sensations, and also feelings of heavy ness.


drug classroom , pysched substance ,drugslab are my fav drug related channels right now. I hope you guys continue to keep the same routine yall have with releasing drug related topics or reviews.


Another podcast! Yay keep up the good work look forward to the next one!

ZippoBoy ShaneShank

I have to make one comment about your conversation... When you started talking about bromo dragonfly, you seem to have this stance, that it could only be bad. I like what Hamilton Morris says about this, that a substance is not inherently good or bad, but rather, it's how people use them. Maybe bromo dragonfly could be found to cure cancer someday. Demonizing a drug, even a potentially harmful one, is very bad.

Jesse James HollyWood

Im smoking Weed right now listening to this (:


We need more people advocating for safer use of these incredible compounds. One day I'll do DMT, it's definitely on my bucket list and has been since i was about 14(23 now), but I'm in no way going to rush into it although I have access to DMT any time I want, these are not compounds to be messed around with all willy nilly. I wish younger people could see that and take precautions, but, it's very difficult to convince young people to not be reckless

Butter Nuggets

I go into every trip prepared for torture, normally the more ready i am for the worst the better the trip is

mephoria manson

Adam sounds like a new pediatrician


This is the podcast I've been waiting for


Very good podcast!


Great podcast!

Joshua Bolin

Really good stuff, as usual!

Vlad Kravstov

Acid spirit is my spiri animal

Matt C

Cool video idea would be the drinking cultures of various countries and regions

Jesse Montano

Excellent. Thanks for this podcast

Jacob Outland

You said hppd is cureable did you have to see a doctor or did it naturally go away?

Brandon Cobb

I love the psychedelic community but a lot of them hold some crazy woo woo beliefs. I'm so happy to have a channel like this one. Lying to yourself and holding false beliefs are the causes of societies worst outcomes.

The Drug Classroom

You can also follow the podcast on iTunes and through all of the usual podcast apps. If you like the content, reviews on iTunes are greatly appreciated: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-drug-classroom/id1260662757

Shupy 7667

Where's the next podcast?

jeff gorski

Really great listen. Loved hearing you guys discuss McKenna! I grew up listening to him and Art Bell. Love the channel ??



bq films

I used psychedelics when I was 16 I think, Im 19 now and I still have residual HPPD if I concentrate when Im reading.


Krokodil is actually a pretty safe drug, it's desomorphine. All that skin loss on the news was because of the phosphor intoxication due to bad fabrication.
[Hamilton Morris talked about this once]

Lucke Gabriel

Wow. Did DMT for the first time earlier today and now I see this. Wow.



Matt B

I fucking love Mdma not a fan of meth or coke or crack, love my acid and Psylicibin, Against opiates any pain pills or heroin/fentynal, not a fan of disassociatives like ketamine or pcp, and I Looove my bud ?❤️


Really enjoying TDC as a whole. This was another great addition to the catalog.

Raphael Vize

Great podcast! so glad that you done psyched substance ?

Caue Barros

It's not a fake spirit or something like that, in my opinion, it is the universe's spirit communicating through various experiences, be the experience drug induced, or a dream, or came.from meditation,deprivation tanks etc... I also think that different chemicals/methods of achieving altered states of.consciousness have each it's characteristics. Wich can be interpreted as a personality or spirit of their own. (but I think it's all one)

You Can't See Me

Ohh yesss ??

Going Dark

What a great podcast, truly excellent stuff guys.

itz VirtuaL

I love how he says "when you die your consciousness ends", as if he actually knows hahaha. Has he ever been dead before?


If you guys posted on steemit you'd make so much more money

Tellyy The Investor

I'm with adam for the coincidences... especially with numbers


59:40 cmon adam what about the artist with a pineal gland tumor who is constantly in a dmt trip like state. also this is my absolute favorite thing to tell religious people lol


Love you both

Hunter Flowerson

Really liking these podcasts so keep them coming Seth


Just fired up this video now and 4 minutes in and I like how you guys refer to alcohol for what it really is, "a drug" and that most people, unfortunately, just don't think of it or see it that way.

UK Professor David Nutt (drug psychopharmacologist & psychiatrist) makes it clear as well, in his science lectures and in the "david nutt, lancet report" - alcohol was rated worse of a drug, than heroin in terms of overall harms and dangers.

It's all in the UK report. =)


2 hours? Is this heaven?


The reason alot of people do L in festival scenes is because they are surrounded by happy people who will help to uplift you. Whenever I"m at a festival i'm surrounded by friends, and friends of friends. Much safer than trying to conquer a trip at home on my own.




I'd love to meet you TDC and Adam. I suffer from Social Anxiety and would love to see how I act on LCD with people I trust. I wonder if i'd be more sociable? Or maybe It might get worse? I'm 24. Maybe it's time to try it.

I think people who believe in anything like Ghosts, spirits, etc are a little niave (anyone over 16 i'd say) I can let younger children off because they have not had time in life to figure out what is and isn't real. But don't they feel silly talking about them seriously over the age of 16?

By all means explain logicaly how someone might have 'thought' they experienced something 'supernatural'

Unfortuently most of the people who bring up the Subject of supernatural sibects often can't.

I find it hard not to smile when people mention Ghosts ?

Little dissapointed that Adam buys into the Supernatural stuff. You have just ingested a chemical. Is it not logical to assume that the chemical is the factor and that it could be making you see 'Entites'?

Kevin Navarro

I agree with Adam, alcohol in high doses can be deliriums and I’ve been through the same with ADHD just like Adam.

Your Mate Tom

Great podcast


12:20 12:30 good point about perceptual and psychological effects that are extremely variable

it is important to make these distinctions


Get "your mate tom" on the podcast!

M Gill

I hope you guys realize you are literaly saving lives keep up the giid work i will be a patron as soon as i get my new debit card

Kaleb Metzger

I love this podcast.

Nick Conkey

I took a microdose of psilocybin mushrooms before work once, thinking it'd give me the boost I needed, I ended up going to work mushroom stoned because my batch was a little more potent than I knew. ?

Judah Owsley

Thanks for having Adam, he's really nice and I watch both of your channels

Jack Goonan

May I say that I believe benzos often do not actually stop a trip. You can still be high. You'd need a big dose of benzo to knock my ass out on an acid trip that's got me woke.


why has adams voice no bass?


Super excited to listen to this podcast; I've really been enjoying listening to/watching the paths you've both chosen, they're extraordinary. These collaborations will be major breakthroughs to go down in history. This is the continuation of something huge. Thank you for all of your efforts Seth, and Adam.

Ri Li

While I appreciate PsychedSubstance and think Adam seems like a good dude I really cant relate to him at all as a drug person.

I am not a homeless, intravenous junkie but I enjoy the trashier drug categories and have administered various chemicals in every way possible except intravenously without ever testing the quality or ensuring my safety. Sure, I read all I can find on any substance before trying it out but will rarely heed all warnings. The only drugs I pay due respect are psychedelics. Heroin, speed, coke, alcohol, cannabis and any pharmaceutical is, to me, totally manageable and cant really hurt someone who is well read and have sufficient experience and wisdom regarding drugs.

But psychedelics dont seem to give a shit about knowledge, experience or wisdom. If they decide to kick my ass there is nothing to do other than humbly accepting whatever I have coming. I never take any bensodiazepines or other meds to stop trips. I feel it would be ungrateful and extremely arrogant to only accept the comfortable, blissful trips and then refusing to listen when your mind and the universe are trying to teach you something that might hurt emotionally or force you to reevaluate some false perspective that has enabled an attractive and comfortable but false view of who you truly are and how you should interact with the world around you.

It really pisses me off when people talk about stopping "bad" trips. As if anyone will ever be close enough to "complete" or all knowing enough to being too good for the humility and insight a bad trip offers.


The intro made me think of the Waking up podcast x)

Kevin Navarro

We need real scientific research for DMT experiences. Like hard research

Ian Tubbs

this is awesome. more podcasts :)

Quaalude Charlie

Lord , I miss them <3 QC

Burak Caner

from 50:00 and on.. memory vipe and reincarnation arguments are pretty interesting.

Ben Francois

I like both channels

Victor Jacobsen

At 22:10 when Seth said that he has been asked the question: "Should i take lsd at 10 pm when my parents are asleep". This instantly reminded me about my nonexisting critical thinking skills at the age of 19. Long story short, i was in my room while my mother was sleeping in the living room which was right beside my own room (Literally 5 meters from me with a wall between us). I decided to take 5 grams of some pretty potent mushrooms. Let's just say it didnt go as expected.. 30 minutes in i was like "I can't make it through the night, i gotta wake her up and tell her this or i might commit suicide. I remember bits of the night laying on the couch, hearing her cry out "What if youre never gonna be yourself again. Worst night of my life and since I've had the utter most respect for any kind of drug, EVER. A little while after I discovered TDC and have been very fond of the thoroughly researched information that this channel provides. Thank you so much Seth!!
Btw awesome podcast! A request of mine is to one day bring Dr Carl Hart to the show, though I don't know how realistic that is.


Love these podcasts, keep up the good work Seth

Jadon Matthias

Can you make a graph of the mental potency of lsd based on dose?