Sbi holdings stock

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SBI दौड़ेगा | SBI Stock Analysis | SBI Share Analysis | SBI Share News Today in Hindi | SBIN

40 338 views | 3 Dec. 2020

In this video, I have

In this video, I have analysed the Techncial chart of SBI. Please watch the complete video to understand the SBI stock analysis.

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SBI दौड़ेगा

SBI Stock Analysis

SBI Share Analysis

SBI Share News Today in Hindi


Disclaimer: this is an education video and not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please do your own due diligence or consult your advisor before taking any action based on this video.


What about SBI Fraud ??

Saurabh Kumar

Sir your analysis are awesome .. SBI start running :)

deewana cricket

sir i want fresh buy in sbi share.Is it right time to buy or not? and at what price which is good to buy

Nirmal Paul

GOD bless you always...

Nirmal Paul

AAP Kamal hoon

sewa maheshwari

AAP se advice ke liye judta cahte hain. Kya karen.

Bibhu datta

Sir , requesting you please make a video on fibonnaci classic DM woodie and camarilla traditional pivot point with price action.which one is best for day trading.please ,please sir make a video ????????

Jagdish Oza

The grap used is unusual ,you are showing a view of projected target of 340 which it will achieve in 1 year time zone as you are using monthly candle . So people who are assuming that the 40+ % of return will be within 1 month is not true

Akash Tutorials

Sir i want to take some more equitas holding shares at what level level i have to purchase .. any suggestions.?

Naveen Kumar Periembiti

what ever you show seems promising and we need to see with your eyes. Nice analysis.

Surendra Shukla

What about Tata power

Nitesh N

When to sell all these stock?
Gillette and other suggested stocks


I have invested at the level of 180. Vivek bhai its a humble request to you that whenever you sell any stock on which you have made video.. inform us. So that we may also take our due diligence...

Marathi Video

Sir sbi udne laga ???

Parveen Sharma

Thanku Vivek bhai

Pumpy Shrivastava

Ek no..... boss

Chetan Dass

Guru pattern ke list Khan milegi

Deepak Patel

Vivekbhai Please create Trend line Learning from Basic to Advance Level under one video

namit mehra

Awesome!! More strength to you

Mohit Kumar

Vivek bhai ye ek bank h,apne isme casa ar NPA check kyun ni kiya?

Lok Nath Roy

Very good.

Mehul Verma

Hamara stock expert Kaisa ho
Vivek Bhai jaisa ho.
Bhai paise saare hdfcamc, page industries mein aur psu bank mein laga diye hai
Psu bank se Nikal kar SBI mein laga doo ya rehne du


Kab daudega

Pankaj Darmwal

Great knowledge sir... thanks for your motivation

Krishna Teja

Hi Vivek, Book value is varying from platform to platform. Such as on Money control, screener and ICICI. Do we need to calculate ourself?
Any thoughts here pls. Thanks.


Hi Bibek,
I am watching your videos from last 2 months and learning valuable lessons from it.
Just a request!
It will be really great If you can share some lights on few multibagger stocks.

Sandeep Bagalkar

Vivek Bhai, SBI has risen as per your projection in a month... What next from here? We request you to please present a followup video..

Mohan Srinivasa

Reverse direction me daudega

Aditi Ani Rajput

Sir plz sugges two stocks for one year ...jo gud return de plz reply

sateesh kumar

No. I won’t buy this shit company stock. I will instead buy SBI CARDS

Sarika Kunder

Vivek Ji... Sarika here...u are so real time with your videos...it is really amazing...


1800cr SBI scam news how tat ll affect the stock price

Anushri Nikhade

मन की बात,,

Vikram Shekhawat

Iqvitash dod gaya ab sbi dorega ser kya tonic mila h iska

Rajeev Khani

You buy in cash market? Or cash secured put?

Always Learning

Thanks I profit through this video

venkat prakaash

Thanks ?

Ashish Negi

Very good video ?

suhail khan

@ Trading With Vivek - Thanks for all your informative videos, it has really helped me a lot to understand trading Need suggestion on Abbot India Ltd., Its trading below 50 and 200 DMA. Is it a good buy at this level?

Naren Sunny

Please make on Canara Bank

Arvind Basutkar

sir, is this good for positional investment or is it for intraday trading only. Awaiting your resonse

Chhatrapal Sahu

Sir itc ke share maine 94 me buy kiya hai .or swing trading krna chahta hu .toh mujhe kitne me ise sell kr dena chahiye ?

Laxmidhar Parida

Bhai if possible make a vdo on rajeshexpo

Sumit Marwah

thanks Vivek for sharing such a knowledgeable videos,
would you also have any video/s which can help us in read the Charts and overall concepts than it can be more impactful to see how to use different reading methodologies.


Thxxxxxx so much sir


Great analysis Vivek ji. Is sbi a good stock for long term ? Can we enter into it at current level for 5/10 years ?

sandeep gharge

Superb Vivek ji


Love blessings for Guruji

Ashwin L

Sir....due to options I lost money which I had taken as loan but now learning from your channel to get disciplined...God bless you ? ❤

Mishi 88

Vivek Bhai PSU banks service dene ke liye bne hain profit nhi. SBI itna accha hota to iska stock abi 2-3k pr trade kr rha hota. Mai aapki bht respect krta hu but ab aap baki logu ki trha majboori me kuch bhi videos bna rhe ho. Which is not good.

Let make 100 lacs

Thanks Vivek, its good to see all friends are in profit in raising market patience will be tested in rainy season , and we hope we will stay together like today


Thx u

Abdul Matheen

Thank u Vivek...ur videos r very beneficial...keep it up!!
Is investing on Pfizer presently a good idea....ur analysis will be valuable

Ankit Yadav

Sir should we worry for sbi fraud news coming .........Should I sell??

Randhir Singh

Thx Sir for valuable guidance

Pragyadyuti Saha

Lovely analysis sir

prashant kubade

Vivek Ji.
IOLCP numbers are too good to believe but why the stock price is (PE) low. If you can do some research and let all of us know.

rahul mukherjee

Very nice explanation... Thanks a lot

anuj gupta

Bahut shaandar analysis sirji..

Bantu with Basya

Can I buy shriram finance at 1000

vikas agarwal

Vivek Bhai, please try to make Video on Sun Pharma. Thank you.

Mubaris Hussain

I missed your video. I was on lunch break

Bantu with Basya

I have bajaj hold and investment share at 3250 should I hold or place stop loss

Emmanuel James

Sbi scam 1800 crore news come up....

Mohit Kumar

Will it be impacted bcz of Sbi canara 8000 crore fraud?


Sir stock market ka basics video aap se seekh ne ko kaha se milega?. Kya woh paid he ya fir free of cost

Dinesh yadav


Chakraborty souvik

Pole & flag pattern ❤️.
Lovely vivek sir. Thank you.

Haim KT

Hi Vivek Sir. I am studying in class 10 and learning lots from you
Should I sell equitas i bought it at 70.10 but the price is falling.
Should I cut my loss and exit or wait.
Please make a video Vivek Sir.

Sandeep Bagalkar

its journey beyond 300 levels is unpredictable...


Thank u for ur nice analysis.pls explain what is financing profit.

Santhosh Hegde

Based on your other technical chart explanation, I realised today morning, that SBI has potential to grow faster. I invested good amount today already, then v happy to see your analysis on SBI❤️

Sandeep Bagalkar

its journey beyond 300 levels is unpredictable...

Bishwajit Deka

Please suggest stocks for swing weekly basis

sateesh kumar

Abhi lunch time hai. Baad mein aana.

sushil sikchi

What about EquitasBank

Abhi akki

Day by Day I'm learning & earning ,
Thank you so much Vivek sir god bless you sir

Zafar Nakhuda

Hope SBI touch 320

arnab kundu

Could you please throw some light on UCO BANK share as well?

Indrajit Gorai

Thank you sir for the knowledge ??

Dream Hoouse

vai itr file kaise kare ek vedio bana do. please

Sumit ku Das

Vivek Sir I sent u an email please have a look I need ur help...

Gaurav Sharma

Bought Equitas holding at 70 now 8% down......what should I do sir?

Sunil Sharma

Thanks Vivek Ji ?

Himanshu Yadav

They haven't declared NPA till now, i think it depends on loan moratorium, SC haven't given permission to banks to declare their NPAs, will wait for this then invest.

sunil Chaubey

Great Analysis

anuj gautam

Hi vivek ji
You r doing very well for all
Welcome to mathura & vrindavan

Ameya Moghe

Thank you...the way you explain the chart pattern is amazing...Great learnings!!

100. XII 'C' Mihir terang

Hdfc mei laga lo usse acha


Awesome ....Thanks



Jai Hind

Intraday kar sakte hai kya sir??

Sandeep Bagalkar

targets met... Great

subhendu biswas

Thanks a lot sirji for your valuable information!!!

REDWING pharma

Thanks Vivek

sarbjit singh

Thanks sir ji ?

Nirmal Paul

What an explanation sir ji

Amarendra Bhowmick

Very much like.


Sir please make video on tata motors

Sbi holdings stock

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SBI - "3 Point" Stock Analysis | State Bank of India

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SBI - 3 Point Stock

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#InvestYadnya #YIA

Anand Kothari

I really like your channel, content wise it is the best! But I have few suggestions for you
1. Video ratio 18:9 (all people view on mobiles)
2. Better lighting
3. Better audio
You can once get setup done by some tech people so your videos will be high quality too! Keep up the good work!!

Bharat Mehra

Sir kisi share valuation kaise krte hai.

Shreyash Patel

Sbi jaisi bank share me agar invest nahi kar sakte to to fir ho chuka.. dusri koi psu bank ke saamne dekhna bhi nahi chahiye..?

Mayur MM

Wt about OBC Bank

cool head

Sir please analysis on polycab

shailendra bhadoriya

Hi Sir I want to know one thing about the SBI home loan

Which one is good MCLR or RLLR loan in SBI??

Thanks in advance

sumellan shans

The same is available in English? If not could you please create same video series in English

Saurebh 99

Coffee can investing approach your Views

Gaurav Jat

Hello, I subscribed your memberships on youtube so just want to know where I can see old videos on this website?

Sbi holdings stock

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24 001 views | 9 Apr. 2019

भारत की 15 बेह्तरीन

भारत की 15 बेह्तरीन Holding Companies list.

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7. Bajaj Finserv (https://youtu.be/A5rM21_te2M)

8 L&T Tech (https://youtu.be/uT2tL5CiLcE)

9. Reliance Nippon (https://youtu.be/27zFTIMEdeA)

10. HUL (https://youtu.be/LVs106H9lSQ)

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#holdingstocks #investmentmantra

Shiv Pandey

Retel investor ke liya investment stock (10&20) years ke liye portfolio size 1&3 lakes ke liye stock recommend hai to share kre plz

SK Shah

You could have included Kirloskar Ind, Rane Group, EID Parry and many more

Rama Krishna D.H.

Kindly suggest which is the best way to invest directly to individual stocks or holding stocks


Very nicely explained
Please let us know the best combination of different shares for a retail investor to start with.

Jay Jain

good bhai

Makvana Bharat

Superb... Awesome...

Rukhsana Ali Husain Shaikh

Sir can you suggest the best high dividend paying PSU shares for safe investments. Thanks.

Mahesh A

Sir u have stated that bbtc has shares of Britannia worth over Rs 35000 crore and market cap of bbtc is 9000 crore. Why people buy Britannia? Why don't they buy bbtc? Why bbtc trades at a discount? Should I sell all the shares of Britannia which I have and invest that money in bbtc?

Mahesh A

Very useful information

Arun Kumar Sahu

Good video

Manish Kshemkalyani

Very nice video

Sai Praveen

Excelent brother...


Bhai bahut acha video banaya h.... Aisa information aur khi nhi milta!!!


This video of top 15 holding companies, I like very much, and I decide that in future I invest in holding comanies only. THANKS ONCE AGAIN

souvya jajodia

Excellent analysis Sir.

Mahesh A

Sir in reply to J Soni u have stated that underlying security will give much higher returns than holding company. If a holding company is trading at 50% discount and if discount remains same then return of holding company should be similar to that of underlying securities

Kishan Lal

Very good video Bhai jankari good di he

Barindranath Trivedi

Bajaj holdings has not been mentioned

Delite Comforts

nice info video . .keep it up

kushal kalantri

Very good bro, very good information

Ajit Chandrakundu


Manish kukadiya

Superb ❤️ touching information Sir ❤️?.

Aju Joseph

GNFC kaisa hai?

Anubhav Neha

Bhai volume badhaiye

Pranab Kanti Som

Smc global brokerage beware of it


Visit my channel u love to see pet lovers

Samai Tudu

Very good knowledge for investing

Relaxing Music By SPYNY

Good work, Sir

moiz chinikamwala

By watching this all value went down if your bakwas suggestion was followed so do opposite of what you say

Mahesh A

Sir great video. Some holding companies trade at 60 or 70% discount. Why these trade at discount?

Sakharam Bankar

Bajaj holdings bhi holdings hi? List me nahi hi. Thanks so much.

Megharaj Dsouza

Can you prepare one video on holding companies whose CMP is less than 200 . Because all stocks CMP is over INR 1000

Jagdishbhai Soni

Bajaj holding,,,sundram Clayton,kalyani investment,,nalavasons,,aisi dusari aapko malum ho vo holding co Ka video banal? Kyo ki me aisi company ko 10 sal ya jyada rakhana chahata hu,,,,abhi Jo bataya us me 6 company mere pas he

Pradip Mondal

Sir abhi nifty pe ratio 28 ke karib hai to lumpsum investment thik rahega pls advice me. Market or girne ka wait kare kya.

Samir Bhirud

Florence ka market cap n holding value mismatched



Kartik Gain

Mota bhai aapka jabab nahi ..?
Nice sir