Orchid cryptocurrency

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Orchid Crypto Analysis - The Stage Is Set

1 188 views | 18 Sep. 2020

Orchid Crypto Technical

Orchid Crypto Technical Analysis

I hope you guys enjoyed the technical analysis for Orchid Crypto! Leave your thoughts in the comments section, that helps us all learn cryptocurrency trading. Orchid Crypto is going to dominate decentralized data security!

Leave your thoughts in the comments section, that helps us all learn cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrency technical analysis is a journey and we can only grow as investors through discord.

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0:00 - Intro

0:21 - Analysis



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This content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own research before making any investment. I am not a registered broker/financial planner; proceed in using information presented here to enter any investment positions at your own risk. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile.


I’m glad I subscribed today. Needed to get my mind right.
Picked up 108000 Orchid at .34 with a mind that we’d probably see some more downside, but damn...?
I believe in Orchid so I’m not going to jump out, but wait it out. Loved your fractal info; certainly lifted my day. Orchid and other Defi and tech could do so well in the next bull run too.
I did think that if ETH went on a run, the likes of Orchid would run too..

Divanshu Patel

I bought it at the worst time possible.. @0.94 and then it started going down.. I'm hoping for it to come back up and cross $1

Natalie Sugar

Great video. Easier to understand! I’m in OXT for the long haul

Mohammad Al-Barqawi

Liked and subscribed ... I believe !!!!

Adam Kemp

Dude I found your channel the other day and I gotta say, I love your energy and vibe. Your TA seems super loosey goosey but I actually think you have a fair handle on these markets.

michael del zitti

went up to $0.50 early on the 21st sept. Might close the day up 35%.

Carlton Flowers

This was a good video bro. Good point on the fib retracement. I bought in AFTER the pump, where I thought it had settled in at 0.43. Well, I was wrong. But it's all good, because I will just bust a DCA move if it dips down into that gray fib area.

Ozhan akcakaya

I am losing 20K and I am not going to sell

I consider it buried not loss

Tube seller

More About Orchid OXT Wow It is on Fire


nice analysis...just get rid of that awful background "music"

Cody Messner

Been in since .10 lol... we going to $2.20


If y'all got questions on the OXT marketcap...I don't work or get paid by OXT; hit them up on Twitter bout it.


https://www.binance.com/en/support/articles/4a022e33b9d44eb78cd9d80c70591bb2 Binance has Listed OXT today :-)

Erdinc Cesur

? You have wrong Informations‼️ The official circulation of OXT is 367,584,352 as of Sep 16th, 2020.

Today: Market Cap 105 Mio. $

Orchid cryptocurrency

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Orchid OXT Cryptocurrency review; one of the best Altcoins to watch in 2021

304 views | 18 Jan. 2021

OXT is one of my favorite

OXT is one of my favorite blockchain projects. Watch this review of Oechis and let me know what you think of this cryptocurrency down in the comments. I love to hear from you guys!


thanks for the video. I agree with you.

Orchid cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2021? | OXT ORCHID | ALTCOINS 2020 | Coinbase Earn

1 022 views | 18 Aug. 2020

Walkthrough of the crypto

Walkthrough of the crypto trading through Coinbase website, not Coinbase Pro :)

This video is meant not only for crypto enthusiasts/investors but to the many folk, like myself in the beginning of crypto and crypto trading and HODL - ing , not really knowing how to do everything.

This is more of a how I use spot trading on coinbase with reference to our altcoin showcased, Orchid. Living through the cryptocurreny bubble of 2017, day trading theory graph analysis, cryptocurrency investing strategy and trading techniques, OXT, the crypto name for orchid, was a speculative bet yet for good reason in my perspective. (I am not a financial advisor, all of this is for entertainment only :) )

What is Coinbase Earn of coinbase earn? I speak on it as well as give some insight into what the benefits are - I got quite a few altcoins for free, including Tezos (XTZ), orkid, Compound (COMP), OMG Network, EOS, Stellar Lumens (XLM), and last but not least, Bitcoin (BTC)

Subscriber COUNT: 305 - thank you all for subscribing! :)

00:00 You know how it is ;)

00:21 Coinbase Portfolio

1:09 Coinbase Earn

2:16 OXT trades

3:15 How to make 5 times your money?

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Metal Bum

Digging orchid. I think this was necessary pull back. I see $2 soon. Makes sense to long term hold some

Adesina Oluwasanmi

Great video.
$AWC is a great token to add to your portfolio cos you can stake it at up to 23% APR on atomicwallet.io to earn some cool passive income

Am The Man

I have 8200 oxt

Peter Samuel

I can’t believe this happened to me because i just decide to give it try, I was reading about cryptocurrency because i am really interested in investing in cryptocurrency because from the books i’ve read…The digital currency is the future, I saw the bitcoins price and it is way too steep for me financially so i had to read some books about trading because that’s the only way to acquire bitcoins since it’s high. I tried to trade on my own but didn’t go through then i began to look for a trader online. I got to a forum on youtube and i get to see everyone giving testimonies of how the Mr William lee helped them trade bitcoins in less than 3 days. I read some reviews on youtube and i decided to continue doing my research, I got to a forum on disqus and other websites as well and i couldn’t get enough of the Mr William testimonies. I am just seeing his emails everywhere and how he help families and more. I decided to give it a try and had to go for his lowest package at first because i am nervous. Then Mr William lee help me trade 1.3223 btc in less than 4 days and i am ready to invest the whole 1.3223 btc with him again so i can get 6 BTC. I just have to drop this here because i saw his info online and i am on my way to be financially free for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be selfish…. You all should contact Mr William below via and he will get back to you in no time. You will thank me later for this great info whatsapp +14086012169

Paul Castellano

Use coinbase pro

sergen mehmed

Cryptocurrence  is still making a lot of people " very RICH". Investors in Bitcoin  are getting rich daily. All you need is a secured and certified strategy that bypass market risk  and keep your invested capital safe by opting out with no withdrawer crunch. Personally I have made over 600%.  In the beginning of this year, I increased my intial deposit to 1.2Btc and it has grown to 10btc.
I've never seen profit opportunities like this before in any market even when other traders complain of loses. Incase you are interested in investing or perhaps you are trading and has been losing, feel free to contact me via 
[email protected] I will be sure to guide and assist you.

Troy X

I have the same frame behind you :-) btw is it still a good coin to jump in now? Too late? Pump is finished?

Sang Do

We should know that $OXT volume is double XRP at the low price now. While XRP Marketcap is over 350 times $OXT. XPR is listed on 400 exchanges vs 29 of $OXT. They have the same important role in the world & affect to billions people. Unbelievable!

Sabrina Liew

Love this new layout & feature of your video! I'm definitely more of a visual learner so it helps to see this & learning how to invest feels much more tangible ☺️ Thank you and keep up the great work!!??️

Apexx Therapper

Orchids going up again right guys go invest

Enterprise Blockchain

According to Orchid's site the OXT Release Schedule* 313,629,352 OXT released as of 8/17/20! Therefore, OXT's Circulating Supply on CoinMarkletCap is wrong by 300 Million Coins

Dose Tube

How high do you think oxt will go in the next bull run ?

Paul Castellano

OXT is about to go parabolic like OMG and link
I see OXT at $15 soon

Kevin S

My man Lalit!! I didnt know you started your own channel! Awesome video man! Subscribed!!!?

Ross Holland

Wait there’s gonna be a boom soon???

Bambang Sumantri

What do you think of $KSM will it reach $20 that is currently listed on #MXC_Exchange? Because I have a feeling it might reach soon I am planning to buy $KSM today and hold it!! ??

Gena Sona

This is GOLD

Eugene Niel

VI is the top altcoin pick for 2020. Around $15m market cap with a solid use case and real adoption.

The vid app is taking over from Tik Tok and will take off soon once the heavy marketing kicks in. Scoop some up before it takes off and breaks into the CMC top 100.