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Rules the Waves 2 - EP5 - 1ère Guerre Mondiale !

134 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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The Mosquito

17:20 MON DIEU gros bêtise

Надя Загородна


J rule

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Ja Rule FULL Halftime Performance At Bucks Game

1 013 335 views | 24 Feb. 2019

Ja Rule FULL Halftime

Ja Rule FULL Halftime Performance At Bucks Game

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Dawid Marszałkowski



I’m sorry but he should’ve got black dancers ???

Tuber Life daily

You still got it my boy

San Miguel

Bro this performance is fire though.. no homo but yo boy ain’t looking too bad for his age.

Lauro Kenji Oshiro

well, does someone know what happened? im not from usa, so this is realy salty lmao


I was about to feel disrespect about Bucks Crowd but then I remember Ja Rule beefed with 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Eminem, lol, and I guess why Bucks fans didnt know him lol

Dan G

DJ: Tries to turn him up but actually uses pitch up.


Lee Robinson

He's still pretty good

Jimbo The Bimbo

United States waiting for Nevada 0:49


I just came here from No Life Shaq's "JA RULE MUST BE STOPPED!!!" vid. ?
I had to see the actual video he mentioned. Glad the crowd responded. ?




Was going well till the 'im a 2000s artist ' denied straight after ????☠☠☠

gerald lewis

Ok Mr DJ how did 50 cent paid you??

Zion Harper

The D.J said, ion play the track for wankstas???????????????????

Warrior J Gamer

The crowd probably didn’t grow up on ja rule

Twesige Bwemelo

what happened to them . maybe they don't know Ja Rule

Agent 9

OMG I didn't know he was waiting for the DJ the whole time! I thought the crowd was just dead!


Ja rule dominated the 2000 time line.

The crowd is just salty.



It was the DJ in the crowd that ruined the performance. The performance itself was fine.

Angel Yala

Lmao the crowd was dead and the DJ was so lazy ?? they did Ja Rule and Milwaukee dirty

Dankkk 420s

Sanchez should b fired

instead not school than in vain

this meme is legend, 2021...

Jeremy Bart

He tryna hype the game up but it’s just embarrassing

Jessica Bumpers

I heard noise lol

Mansa Musa


Decolonizing Capitalism

I was walking past the bucks arena and all i heard was READDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY then later that night i see this video??????


I feel bad for ja rule he's so humble and calm that DJ is dumb do your job

wobble lunatic


Carlo Rebebes

Bucks fans sucks. Poor jarule.

Sean S

This performance sums up his entire career. AWFUL!!!! Lmao


If i was there i be getting lit beat got me movin dont give two fucks about the crowd

Baga bones

Idk how but I feel like 50 cent had something to do with this ?

Chris J

Damn Sanchez, you had one job.


Idk why but I thought about the illuminati embarrassment challenge

Matthew Gonzalez

I was born in 1992 so ja rule is someone I enjoyed listening too. He had some pretty good songs. Watching him now is kinda cringe tho. His style of music just ain’t it anymore. Some good old time memories tho.

L bandz

Dj fault smh

Julien Bedard

Since that ! I never watched a bucks game anymore ??????????????


ja still as good as always at live , not like lame ass rappers from past decade doing playback on every track

Junior Nxumalo

Crowd? WACK

Albert Saputra

it's freakin painful to watch this video

Western Adventures

Is this real?

cee zen

Rap music should just go away and never come back. People are tired of that stuff.

Cat eating Meme

Am i the only one who felt really bad for him when he said are you ready :(

Pew Pew Blackout

50 had something to do with this

super ninja

C'mon man:(

Ali H.S. Al-Zakwani

50 cents favourite video of all time...

Brian Gonzalez

As colossus once said in Deadpool..... “ThISs iS EmbErRiSiNg”


The crowd was actually singing along, the mic barely picked it up.

Mickey Shepard

Jah rule lmao still tryna be tupac

Den Ned


Ali Burns

I’m still getting a check inserted the brain ?


The crowd is too young dont know classics

santiago garcia


Mazza Mazza

Fair play to him he took it like a champ and smashed it! Dead crowd ahaha wake the fuck up

Jap Robles

I felt awkward watching this.

Jerrica Games

This is so cringe hahahaha

Sami Atiq88

I remember watching this live like ?

Blu Cancho


Jay-arthy Joe


Jeremy Bart

I’m laughing so hard no one is cheering
For him ???

Toni Bilic

Bruh the horn ?


That shit deffo burned him inside.

2 K

This is the akwardiest moment I ever see

Oladele Ogundero

I guess 50 paid that DJ

Yori Cruise

Eminem really ended his career


“Pain is love” so many memories man! It’s murderrrrrrr

Chaotic neutral

That wasn’t bad at all

Muhammad Abror

Lame crowd

marco garza

Look at the players they all warmer up .

Ayo Fabricio

That’s fucked up???

Frankie Wong

cringy to the max..........

Tim Scott

stroke e z e

Antoni0the0g • 16 years ago .

Before 1 million


People from 90s will love and admire Ja rule. But all you 2005+ kids can listen to those trash rappers 69, lil pump, lil dicky and all of that nonsense. Just ridiculous.
But Dj was horrible.

Marquis Smith

ain't nobody fuck with ya music ja rule

Daniel Odevilas

Sound like og loc


Better than any new rapper

John Doe

why is he walking like a runway girl

R cai

2020 and ja rule still ask if they are ready

Cbl Pheonix

I think the crowds are Stan ?


That choreography is atrocious

Brandon Lam

Idk what y’all saying . What a litty performance

Tony Hahn

complete shit show. songs still slap tho

ChiTeezie TV

At least he got his paper

Aries Tolentino

Nobody likes JAil RULE

george lancaster

thought he was a ninja turtle so I clicked. sup

charlie contreras

He trash that’s all

The Stamps

I found this to be litt? this is my vibe!

LiL Essa


Jerome Willock

Ja did his thing for sure. These tracks brings back good memories .

BTW Biden won the election!


Eminem dissed you hard that people don't even respect you anymore

antony long

Ja rule still got that 2000 swag that is my dude brought jlo back and the hits

William Rojas

Damn is dead only the dancers gave him love Damn I couldn’t stop laughing wen he said are y’all ready and no one said shit he said I guess not damn I wass dying even the Dj couldn’t help him ???

Anthony Pellerin

He was just grateful for the spotlight ?

Nic Winstead Art

He was rocking The Empty Arena before covid-19 hit the year after ??

Ariana Snider

The whole beginning part the di was telling him hold up he need to load up literally, no one heard him!!!

Arch Angel

Great recording artist hes not hardcore typa nigga though not his style he better than 50

Alan Snobl

Hahahaha what a hack. Shouldn’t have f*cked with em

Shoe String

All them soft ass songs jarule got


people who wanna be there acc have to get the tickets

J rule

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Ja rule Ft. Jenifer Lopez - I'm real [lyrics]

8 893 709 views | 29 Jul. 2009

Copyright Disclaimer Under

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Mayra Reynoso

Are you endless?

Angel Rivera

You guys do realize Fat Joe also said the word in “Lean Back.” I’m pretty sure a lot of Latinos have used that word. Though I’m not condoning it and such an ugly word should never be in anyone’s vocabulary, Latinos from the Caribbean DO have history of slavery. Most Latinos have African in their blood.


Why did I listen to this in the car with my parents when I was little

Oh well, I never understood anything at the time, I was too naive ?


Only ppl not from toktok can like

Sarai Smith

jenifer really out here saying the n-word

Divion Deshae

Jlo really said niggas ?

Ariana sinclair

They don’t make beats like this no more.

Proxi Jackshield

Finally! A commentary with no idiots asking who's still listening? Stupid fucks!

Shya Cordova

Anyone here in 2020? Love this song!

J. Gonzalez

Can you spell the rule

Da silva Duda

Who's here during the quarantine ?

Marie Cyprien-Taylor

This song makes you feel good

J. J. Holmes

lmao i rly thought she was saying “are you ellie?” instead of “r-u-l-e” as a kid ?

Aaliyah Thomas

Not her saying niggas ?

Mag Ivee

I feel like she said the n word because ja rule said it, and she wanted a chance to say it too

brandon rock

Fuckin amazing ❤️❤️❤️

Tareq Abu Zuluf


Eggy Quin

wait jlo can say "nigga"?

c McNeil

Jlo famous for stealing blk girls voices


So this is the number one song on October 18 2001 which is now my theme song? this sucks


U get any fatter man the rule gonna have to get at her

Jonny Fowle

For 18 years I've been thinking she was saying "Somewhere" instead of "Cause I'm real" ?

jimmy barnachea

brought here bcoz of quarantine ?


I swear i been searching for this like for a month and I thought it was an Ashanti song... ???


Ja Rule shares opinions but he is fucking great on this one.

Keturah Dryer

Wow you can clearly hear where they kept ashantis vocals in the Adlibs, hook, and hands jlo’s voice in some parts ??

Nia Jackson


KM Kween




KingKongBrodie Johnson

ii neva tripped off the fact she said RULE ii thought she was sayin "Are uu earlyyy" ?????‍♂️

Andrew Walker

September 2020 anyone??

Lee'Mia Lone

I only hear Ashanti now ...not Jlo at all

Ruben Cerezo

She didn’t steal the song, Ashanti wrote it for her and Ashanti sang the chorus the rest was Jlo

lI Unknown Il

Question: are y’all surprised? Don’t act like you don’t know what im talking about either?


JLO CANT SING TO SAVE HER LIFE......BEEN SAYING IT SINCE I WAS KID....She a entertainer.....Don't sing well but decent enough to blend it on a record...Don't act well but have few moments of good performances......HER LOOKS AND BEING A HELL OF FASHIONISTA ALLOW HER TO THRIVE IN ARTS SHE IS NOT TALENTED AT..........Combine with a awesome work ethic and very good knack for business she is very successful and can't be denied most her accomplishments......BUT if we talking talent alone she fall flat every time......Put her in a room alone with her peers and its becomes painfully evident off talent alone she can't hang with them.....

mercedes corral

But who use to think JLO was saying “Are you ready?” Instead of “R-U-L-E?”

All Things Deondra Queen


Hoyt M

I've been looking for this for years!!

Cristal H

I used to say are you early instead of r.u.l.e

Gerry Patterson

3:14 3:15 3:17 3:18 3:19 3:20

Silk Diamond

Sum ppl don’t like African rap the same

Elmo Cake

Fun fact:

When this song first came out, she got a lot of heck for one word she used in this song. So far, this video is the only one I found where she still says it. I dunno if she got sued over it or not. But at the time, there were rumors she might.

Kenya May

Y'all hear how she said nigga? That was definitely Ashanti song she not black enough.

Chi Chi

Ashanti not jlo

WilbsLynn Bear child

My favs ???


(Starts Beats) Whats My Mother fuCkin Name?

Wayne Rikhotso

2020 who's here

Lee'Mia Lone

They super petty for doing Ashanti like that....

Joshua Warden

Y'alls completety lost it, this is j. Lo, wtf ?????

Sarah Jane

In the beginning of the song the lyrics are supposed to say "Hug me, love me, judge me, the only man THAT HOVERS ABOVE ME, holla," just so u know.

Tyler Witte

Take me back to those summer days with no worries


My favorite Ashanti song!

champ flowahbomb

Jlo is a great musicians. I love her lyrics

Silk Diamond

Light sounds of Africa

AmandaRae Bailey

I hate this fucking song


The flute ??

Marin Coloradi

Why did she said niggas

Adrian Bejar

This was the jam back in 2001


Where are you bo "Otla lemala to the limits and I love it" ???

Angela Baxley

I'm 4 real Milton Molbert @miltonsforevermillions katy texas77494

Mum Imma

i miss the old day's. music was super.

Daishia The Overreactor

Ashanti sounds good

Instagram TikTok

I come here for 50 cemt

Bryonna Gannon

Omg she really said the n wo

Heisman _

Oldie shit

truckerdude_ xxl

**click the link below**


? This song’s gay! The way you walk the way you move...?



Cher Bear

all you hear is ashanti

anne chrystelle eteme ngono

Tf Jlo really use the n world knowing she's white ?! And Ja Rule let her tf ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ (2:36)

Sky_babygirl Love

Who came here From TikTok to see if she said the n word

Shanequa Clark

This will always and forever be one of my most cherished childhood jams! ???

Legal Alien

Back in 1999 DMX ja rule and juvenile sounded the same

Elvis Yarda

And I oop - when I saw the n-word part

Juanmanuel Flores

Whos ashanty???


Don’t even care that em had beef wit him this song SLAPS

Deja Porter

2001 I was 13 ☺?

Chérie Franklin

We gon ignore when she said niggas? ?

khalil mrizik



You came for the n word: 2:36

Mayra Reynoso

Now only marcos can know me ?

Wiltu Wiltu

I used to think it's Are you early? Lol ??

Briana Perez


rhym Grande



This should be titled “Ja Rule Ft Ashanti - I’m Real


lol i never knew she said nigga in this song smh.

Aaliyah McCullum

I mean I wanna be mad at her for saying it.... but I mean she say it so cool and like idk how to explain it I mean it’s Jennifer Lopez

Gerry Patterson

2:54 2:55 2:56 2:57

Chris Crandall

Hi Jennifer lowpez

Jose Riojas



jlo is canceleddd ??


Peep Jlo say nigga at 2:36

Jose Riojas

Mariah was the first to do it ?#Idontknowher

Michael Ashton

2:38 J Lo says the N-word

Demaya's world

U can’t say the n word

Kaitlyn Ragsdale

you’re probably here for 2:34

champ flowahbomb

I will always h


You remember when this dude had a career? Eminem remembers

Brianna Lanae

My stupid ass: “are you ready”

Ahlam Awad

Who still listen to this song 2020 qurantine days hit like