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Confidence in My Blackness | "Don't Hate, Educate"

50 views | 3 Apr. 2019

This video is more of a

This video is more of a rant talking about confidently claiming my blackness as an afrolatina.

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Melissa Chanel

Great topic! It’s so important as afro-latinxs that we educate others & acknowledge our privilege as well as who we truly are. ✨

Mr Fantastic

Witcho fine ass

Itiswhatitis blog

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questions answers shout out part 1

3 746 views | 5 Nov. 2020

Jayne Stuart

Hope your feeling better love and light x thanx for the mention


were the other scary men stories????

Dope Dan

Love ❤️ my brother

Nick B

Thank you for shout Samson. Meant a lot

Tip top Magoo

You’re a good story teller mate with a lot of stories great stuff mate ?

Ronnie Blue

Id love to see you and Marvin Herbert on a podcast interviewing ex criminal folk, telling old prison stories or just bouncing off each other for a few hours on a live stream. You 2 have so many stories, are great story tellers and 2 of the most likable u tubers in this genre.

Nick Healey

Sorry forgot to say was you in parkhurst in 07-09??

K Man

You defo need a movie roll Noel Clarke needs to check for ya

Jayne Stuart

Hows your book coming along my friend xx??

Cheryl Howard

Thank-you so much for the mention really wasn't expected,as always it's really good to listen to you talk.
It's also reassuring that you aren't afraid to admit your defeats in life.
Like yourself I have been through the care system back in the day when it wasn't like today,my nan god bless saved me from myself in the best way she could,but I had my own self destruct button and went against all that was meant to be right..
My dad had kids every were but didn't want to recognize any of them except me in the end.
My mother kept her distance said she didn't want any drama.
I was lucky enough not to go to prison my friends mum was a social worker and she took me under her wing,she treated me like a adult not a child,
Her and my nan made me the person I am today along with the care system I have to say! You learn to stand on your own two feet to fend for yourself. Not to trust anyone.
I know have 5 grown up daughters and 1 adopted son he was my friends child she left him at the age of 3 I couldn't bear for him to go into the system so I took him on,and never looked back.
I also have 18 grandchildren 10 of them are boys,they all know right from wrong I fear for there safely as they get older,but there mums were given the tools to defend themselves and now they are passing that down the there children, I brought them up to never be bullies,never hit anyone who didn't hit them first,it has always stood then in good favour including my son.
I do have more to my story but I don't want to share with the world it takes me to a dark place that many people go to I'm sure,but like them I face each day with a bright start and i try to see the good in people,my grandchildren make this easy because they are innocent and see everything fresh and for the 1st time.
Keep up the good work Samson you really really have inspired me,
Be lucky god bless you ❤❤

Tim Walton

Uncle yammy, you forgot my shout out bruv. I'm an addict an a alcoholic an all the years down the block when you were useing I wonderd how you coped doing ya rattle .? Have you got any advice ? I'm watching all your YouTube posts an lovein hearing your story's . Your an insperation an I wish you all the best for the future, shout out or no shout out I wish you all the best for the future . Keep it up mate ..

Gang Gang

Thanks for the shout made my little day ? you are going from strength to strength glad I was here at the beginning and looking forward to seeing all the good things to come ?♥️♥️

Nick Healey

Yammy keep it up mate, your doing a great job, I did 12 on a ipp sentence so some of your stories bring bk memories of those lost years

Tony Hill

Haha nicky sheils from Birmingham is my mrs she loves you mate


Thanks for another great video Yammy! I think you’re an amazing person with an absolutely fascinating and poignant story to tell (you’re also a great story teller!). You are perfectly equipped to really make a difference to some of the younger generation especially hard to reach youngsters that normally wouldn’t really respond to mainstream service providers, social workers etc..
It’s rare and special people like you that can actually save kids lives!!
Keep up the great work buddy! I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of you and you’ll now start to experience the success in life you deserve.
Look forward to seeing your journey to the top of a tough old world my friend!!



C3ktl C3ktl

Don’t think these guys would have lasted long with the likes of Paul Sykes. Never no stories about the likes of Brian cockerill or lee Duffy

Francis B

One love yammy from Birmingham

Gloria Aquino

Great to see your happy, lively face Yammy! ?
When are you coming to visit us in Cell Number California? Love ???you very much Yammy! God bless you and protect you! ???

Robin Taylor

That's good that you admit to a loss in a fight or when you were in the wrong not meny people would tell the truth about things like that but you do and I like that about you big respect for that?% yammy B ♥️????

Carl Samuels

U sir r one great guy yes u have a past havnt most of us I love listen to u god bless u

Tim Walton

Oviusly a teenth of b in a micky would be easy , it's not the legacy wana leave tho,


You every been in nick with any ov the clarks from Essex bud. Liking your storys?

A w

Well done on the vids mate.
Truth and information is vital and I wish you well on your journey now.

Leo DJ209

Yes Yammy!

G Dot

Thank you for all of your knowledge yammy keep up the good work!

Toby Johanson

Sammy you need to audition to be a speaker for audible you got the soothing voice for it could maybe nick a pound note for it to

swimdeep 1

Here we go.x

Betting Pete

Yammy did you ever know a fella called 'Budgie' (Peter Burgess) from Isle of White?


Thank you for shout out Yammy ?

Robin Taylor

Did you ever meet pat tate one of the Essex Boys ♥️???

Daniel Evans

You’re an inspiration yammy. Just from watching all your videos I think it’s the way you can break down your emotions which the young generation really struggle with. I’m lucky enough to have flirted with that life and have just started doing this myself. If you could help the younger generation do this with your life experiences that would be amazing and I’m sure would save a lot of wasted lives in the prison and crime system

WIlliam Davis

Diamond ?????

happy 69

alright brother how are you today ?

Sassy The Sasquatch

thanks for the shout out <3

William Freer

Good to see you back Yammy! A few videos to get through, which I'm looking forward to! Hope you and the family keeping well! ❤️??

DT Man and Van

I note you say you struggling with the tech mate, not surprising since you was behind the door when it was growing up. If you need anything explaining or recommending, from a mic to a server to someone to set a studio up proper,hit me back mate. to be fair though i don't think you need any help, you nailing the podcast and bringing in the listeners. but if, i'm here.


Yes Yammy hope you are doing well today.


hope you can bring some of these old heads in in time to share their stories of survival and change, much valuable content for the Youth of today.

Tim Walton

I was just wondering , all the years an things you seen , what is the quickest way to commit suicide ? Anyway keep up the positiveity an take care and God bless. ??

Warren Scolly

Legend you mate. Keep doing what your doing. Love your vids :)

Spanish Silver

Afternoon yam. Lots of love from Spain ??

Peter Roger

yes yammy all good brother from peter liverpool


ahhhh love it smoking a fat ting listening to yammy b stories!!

Dale Swanston

I think you should maybe consider to be a counselor or mentor that helps young offenders, to not make the same mistakes you have made. I've been there and done it and are on that exact path now. I think you'd be very effective at it. It's just a suggestion Yammy.

Dani Tee

Big up yammy. Nice one for mentioning my question. Big up mate.


Thanks Again Yammy ? ??

-00- -00-

Look at all the positive comments mate, no bigging anything up just telling the truth. Even when you say you haven't really lost a toe 2 toe you say you were lucky, very humble. You are on the right path now. Everything happens for a reason.

Andrew Williams

You look like you’ve done it all. Top video

Sy Bennett

Good craic sammy on to part 2 ??

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my name is taju

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