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Can I Use That Picture in My Design? How to Legally Use Copyrighted Images Online

83 613 views | 23 May. 2019

Worried about using a

Worried about using a copyrighted image online? Instead, try images that are readily included within a design software, like Visme. With hundreds of thousands of images and graphics to choose from, you won't have to worry about copyright. Try Visme free now: https://www.visme.co/pricing/


One of the most sought after legal questions in design: Can I use that image?

Just because you find a good image doesn't mean it's free. This video tackles the dilemma on finding out when you can use images legally in your designs be it a presentation, infographic, social graphic or any other visual format.

We cover everything from:

- Can I use that picture?

- Types of image licenses

- What the Creative Commons license means

- What public domain is

- Types of image uses

- What fair use means

- Penalties you could face for using copyrighted images online

Learn more about how you legally use copyrighted images online by visiting our blog:



How to check if the image is copyrighted? Do u have any link, so that we can check the authenticity of it? And thanks for the valuable information.
God bless you ?


But, WHEN YOU ARE USING an image with attribute, how do you add it in Photoshop?

Green Hunter

How about those screen shot photos sir?


Can I use an image from the internet, like pinterest, or instagram, or just google images in a youtube video for teaching purposes? Or will I be penalized?


wow... really can't post anything huh?


So if I fall in the fair use doctrine, Can I profit from a copyrighted image from like the New York TImes?

Jonathon Cooper

can i use an image of google image if i use something like photoshop to put an effect on it to make it look like a water colour painting etc?

Allan Di Donato

I'm doing videos for my channel teaching about mythology, and I'll be discussing hero myths. I will be including analysis of Lord of the Rings and Batman etc. I assume I cannot include images from the films or comics, but does it violate copyright to show the cover of a book? With or without me holding a copy?

- Noura

i wanna take pics from google to use them in print on demand .

Stefan Stevanovic

So if i donwlond picture from internet and put it on instagram so i could report news from sports and thats an image of some player that isn't illegal?

Johnny G

It all sounds good, but what buttons do I press on Google???

amari wilkerson

I found an image on Pinterest that I'd like to use for the cover of my e-book I am writing through amazon/kindle.
The image is a from a website where people upload any design/image to put it on merchandise to sell (redouble.com). The creator is tagged on the account and I image searched the image but nothing came up for any copyrights attached to it, I think. Could I still use this image if they do not respond to my email asking permission?


well is visualisation consider as "teaching"? Im profit from it btw so...


Lots of high income big time artists on Instagram steal from photographers all the time. How will this ever end?

John Tsang

I am currently writing a book with images
and most of the images I found are for non commercial use.  I worked out
that I cannot sell the book so if I get copyright permission, how does it work
in the following scenarios.  Do any of the scenarios fall within the
concept of non commercial use?




Can I offer the book with images by
offering it for free on a website?

Can I offer the book with images as a
free ebook on Amazon as a kindle book?

Can I offer the book with images as a
gift to friends and family via social media or as a hard copy book


Will I infringe copyright at all? 
Do I still need to credit the original owners of the images

julia cosgrove

Ok need an answer to this...ive seen images of marilyn monroe with bubblegum...ive seen images of cookie monster on the bridge of famous artwork scream and other characters. Pingu is another...so if its in a collage? What constitutes making it a collage and how are all these different people using images for profit? How do I research who owns an image? Can I change an image?

World Info.

superb explanation


Nice vid,when he stated i felt like i was in a coding channel "Hello world"


Can we use them as long as we are not making any money

Bruno Santos

How i proceed wen i need a pic of a artist or a game etc for a design project? (Ex: site )

• Nameless

hello brother I just have a question, I used a photo on a site which is pixiv net and I uploaded it on my youtube and then all I did was copy and paste the url of the photo into my video, can't that be copyrighted?

Simora Davis

I need some help, I’m thinking about starting a graphic tee shirt business but I don’t want to get sued for the images I use...

Gold Norm Tv

I hope it's okay if I use the image that has the label of where I got the image from on it..For example gettingimage and Shutterstock.

They have their name written on the the image

Miguel Espejel Mujica

can we use any images, for personal, not-public share use?

Kas S

Thank you for this

Fizzy Nightcore

I got a licence from a app that gave me one to use the photos on that app. Will I get copyrighted??

ketty ketty

the music is so annoying i can't finish the vedio

Irrelevent videos

so boring..

Tyler Chee

Can I draw a copyrighted image to use as an example of methods to draw on a tutorial I would upload on my art channel without getting permission from original photographers?

Kwaku Brobbey

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! I want to start a YouTube channel about football; all I want to know is, am I allowed to use images from shutterstock (with editorial license) in my videos (which I plan to monetise). If the answers is no, then what images am I allowed to use and where can I get them from? I find it so confusing because I see sooooo many YouTubers with football images, videos and highlights which obviously isn't theirs and I'm here doing hours of research on copyright!!


I used a Taylor Swift on my design and published it then it got deleted by the website. Any help guys! ?

Nurse Maria

Does this mean that if I am doing educative YouTube videos I can use photos from google.


I am using creative commons GIF images slideshow as background of my Silent Live Streaming,is this allowable in youtube Live Streaming guidelines?

Soothing relaxation music24 7

I am from India

Nurse Maria

I have shoot some educative videos for my YouTube channel. I am wondering since they are educative videos can I use photos from the google.

Kate Ashley Gonzales

i have a background i got from google i think its copyright but if i draw some stuff on it like example : trees, flowers, butterfly..will i still get copyright??

Annan Chowdhury

Hey I want to know If i can use any celebrity photo from insta or facebook to create a design or quote.
I want it for instagram post.

Grunge punk

Hi! How about pictures from textbooks? Thanks!

Florence San Pascual

Can I use some image from other website for my blog website? Did i just need to put some credits to the website where i copied the image?

San Tutuldok

Hug to hug pls


Can we use them as long as we are not making any money out of it. And can we use for apps like YouTube?

Cyber Hub

What if im telling a special story. I need photos of those real people

Your Designer YUGI

Meme photos?

Ricardo jr Catamora

Don't t worry my friend this pictures are mine. I don't really care you pay me or not what I want that this pictures would be handed to surigao son for decoding. That's what I only want. Can you assure me with that my friend? If so, then I will upload.

Beauty of Nature

What about screenshots???? They are also copyrighted or not ????

Avinash P

What about gifs on gfycat? Are those gfycat gifs not copyrighted visme?

Quality Bread

What if it’s for non commercial use. Just for educational purposes?

The Gentleman

Bro please answer my question... Can I use any Copyrighted google images then I'll editing.. adding quotes..etc
.on own my work.....
Then I will put on by blog...
It will be copyrighted or not..?

Health & Beauty !

What about picture of cartoons from google ? Can we use that without any problem ?

Nathan L.

Can we use any picture by screenshooting for the purpose of putting it on my Profile Picture?


i rather use shuttlestock and get tons of watermarks in my videos rather than using copyrighted images or forgetting about using a good images that needs permission.

Twilight One

What if you find an image but use it as a model for the pose the figure in said image is in but the character is completely yours. The pose is similar but not the character is that ok?


What about pictures form tv shows and video games can I use any of these photos for a profile picture


If I type on Google "Aesthetic Backrounds" or "Anime backrounds" and choose a pictures/backround from there
Then I take a screenshot from it and it's done.
I mean.. They don't have any signatures :[
Is it ok?

Mr. Cactus Music

Really like the way you present this topic.

No Limits - No Regrets

interesting, thanks. i see very successful youtuber using really quick images off the web, and he's made a living of it, so not sure how he gets away with it? would love to add quick images like that, but w/o knowing how he's doing it. grrr....

James Eaton

I have a zoom podcast and I display screen shot news headlines and celebrity images on a slideshow as we go through our topics. I blackout the company, logos, writers, and photographers. Is this fair use?

Cosmin-Teodor Vatra

If a get photos from Pinterest and post them on my IG page, giving credits in the description... is it legal? :)

Kaitlyn A

I don't see anything wrong with doing things like, drawing fictional characters or drawing something that looks just like a copyright image as long as your not doing it for profit..What do u all think?


what if the creator lied that his images are noncopyrighted but it is copyrighted?

Joe Clarkson

Jennifer Gilbert

Desmond Richard

Bro i just wanna know whether i am allowed to use the image in my blog that i saw on someothers twitter post

Bashir Ali

<a href='https://www.freepik.com/vectors/design'>Design vector created by user2104819 - www.freepik.com</a>

Roman Lavrikov

Hey, thanks a lot for the video! I have a finance channel. What if I take a screenshot from let's say yahoo finance and include it in my video? Is this going to be copyrighted?

Jay Mel

What if i get the image from facebook or instagram?

Jaded Dinosaur0

Okay well I have a question and it'd be great if someone answers me back, so what if u want to use a meme image like SpongeBob or something in my YouTube video. Will it be copyrighted or not? and how can I figure out if it's copyrighted


I'd like to use in-game screenshots(without permission) for my videos and it's all about promoting the game where i took the screenshots from, is that under fair use or no?


Why can we use film and tv clips and it falls under fair use, but we can’t use licensed stock footage in the same way?

Bashir Ali

hey can i use freepik free images for youtube vedios without giving attribution

Twinflam Scorpioneye

If no name is on a picture you have a right to take it not mark copy right on a picture it has to be mark by something on the picture

shaurya gupta

Hello man can we use copyright product images from manufatures website to my site for selling the product?

Lexi nicole

can i use the outline of a state or body of water without infringing on copyrights or trademarks? please let me know!!


I want to creat a graphic tee shirt with a picture of ryuk from the manga and sell it. Can someone tell me if that ok?


Ok please awnser my question, my profile picture background is not mine but I put the S in it al by myself, is it legal to do that and use it freely or not?

Nanda balan

Can I use the creative common license images?what is credit in creative common license.please explain.


Me i wanna know for example if I can use animals image and cartoon them on t shirt is it allowed or not

Ruben Trevino

Mimic the characters. I seen shops using characters from cartoons movies on shit idk how they do that without gettin sued.


Can you take screencaps from a netflix show and create a picture edit of your own, print then sell it?

lil 13 papi

What if for the picture I give credit to the owner

Chiyuki Suzuki

i dont want toei animation be mad by using their characters goku is popular ad goku black too. whay can ido i wont used it

The world's Gallery

Please who here can explain how I can get copyright for a photo


I dont think anyone really cares if it's legal or not lul. I'm gunna use it regardless

Maggy Frog


just to be on the clear, royalty-free getty images don't need attribution in youtube videos, right?

Rose L

It so complicated. I think I will spend more time in researching the image copyright than creating a graphic design ?.


could i use a still image of a music video that's reimagined into completely different art style and sell it on a clothing?

MARIO Filters

Can I use Unsplash images for my Lightroom photo editing channel

Alannah Xuereb

Could I be penalized for taking elements from several sources to use in a singular graphic design, in the style of a photomontage, and editing/modifying/warping them to the extent where they are almost completely unrecognizable? Also, how can one check for photo rights as they are not always stated? Thanks!


so im useing both pictures from the internet and merged them so its my idea but not my pictures can i get sued for this ?

Delius Myth

Could you clarify the point at "Will you profit personally or commercially from publishing the image?" Does "profit" here mean purely financially? In other words, if the YouTube channel is not monetized, does this count as fair use? Thank you.

Anu Radha

Hi Visme...You are doing a Great Job.?I started a book review blog, I think of using a photo of book cover for blog.What do you suggest??

Avinash P

Are Giphy gifs copyrighted?


Great. I just need to wait for all the copyright owners to die.


What about copying a photo and making it into a realistic art?


What about discussing a photo and the story being the image? does that count as transformative since you are adding commentary? thanks


I used copyright images still no strike, but it will strike in future pls clarify


I want to post composition/edit projects I made with photoshop at Instagram. Not commercial use, just for my friends to see. Is Google search images a good idea? If not, should I head over to pixabay and get free images? What do you recommend? Need answer!

Trey Harper

Question. I found an image of a side profile headshot of Kobe Bryant. I took the image into photoshop and made a silhouette of it. I then placed original typography and other designs on the silhouette. Would that be considered a violation of copyright?

Orkeidia Velez

How about using a picture of a celebrity from a magazine???


If I use only black as a background picture will I get a copyright claim??

Amod Natu

Can I use images or the content from Wikipedia on my Youtube channel, that may get monetized in future?

Shutterstock hack

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KEYWORD HACK: Quick way to add keywords to your stock photos & save time using Lightroom

12 928 views | 17 Jan. 2019

How can you save time

How can you save time when keywording your photos for Shutterstock, iStock Photo, Colourbox, Alamy or any other stock photography platform? In this tutorial, I use Lightroom Classic CC to add keywords to a photo. After exporting this photo, the keywords will be attached to it in the metadata. When that photo is then uploaded to Shutterstock - or any other stock photography platform - the keywords will show up in that photo's information. This saves you time and makes it easier for you to submit that photo to many different platforms without having to enter the keyword information over and over again. Because let's be real: doing that is really time consuming and exhausting. #shutterstock #stockphotography #keywords

Check out my other related videos:

Commercial vs. Editorial Photos on Shutterstock: https://youtu.be/WyWvDNDB3pg

8 reasons you're not making money on Shutterstock: https://youtu.be/xmzM13hGKes

My 10 best-selling photos on Shutterstock: https://youtu.be/3PJzv5vdRwo

Secrets to making money on Shutterstock: https://youtu.be/igia6CC_fLk

SHUTTERSTOCK VIDEO: increase $$$ by uploading footage! https://youtu.be/f8-2WVO3gio

SIGN UP as a Shutterstock contributor (if you haven't already): https://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=172178900

My gear:

My camera – Canon 5D Mark IV: https://amzn.to/2LTFOwT

Canon 16-35mm lens (awesome wide angle): https://amzn.to/2Jsstx4

Canon 70-200 zoom lens (great for events): https://amzn.to/2Jms9A5

Canon 85mm 1.2 (my FAVORITE portrait lens): https://amzn.to/2kEuV5I

Canon 85mm 1.8 (a cheaper alternative): https://amzn.to/2LQMAnk

Canon 50mm 1.4 (second favorite portrait lens): https://amzn.to/2sAuKvN

DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone: https://amzn.to/2spNwqq

My favorite drone backpack: https://amzn.to/2snNE9M

ND filters for my drone: https://amzn.to/2LPmS2x

GoPro Hero6: https://amzn.to/2LemFEF

Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicolesglass/

Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NicoleGlassPhotography/

nagesh sakate

i am indian I like your name nicole glass and your blue eyes

Dennis Pombo

saved my life! thanks a lot



Hani Santosa

Strange. Why it doesn't work in my case? I add keywords to the jpeg files that I would like to submit to SS. After I upload them to SS, I don't see the keywords. I don't see the keywords also in other stock websites.

The Shopping Channel

good hack thanks :)

Evan Sayles

Lightroom automatically alphabetizes the keywords, which isn't ideal for some platforms like Adobe Stock. Is there a way around that?

Wendy Newing

That is so useful. Many thanks.


Awesome, thank you so much

Renato P Castilho

Hi Nicole, this is an off topic question: what do you think about BlackBox.global?

Jerry Bergquist

Thanks for the tip!


Hey Nicole, how do you keyword your videos for shutterstock? I use bridge but somehow it doesn't recognize the keywords.

David Calvert

Very interesting. I don't have Lightroom, But I have Adobe Bridge. Will the Keyword section in the IPTC core section of Metadata do the same thing?



Eleanor Abramson

It seems that there is no way to add keywords that might have been forgotten once you have uploaded to Shutterstock. I can add their kw but not any of my own that I might have forgotten. Am I missing something?

Gem Gems World

Hi...i subbed..csn you return the favor and sub me back..much appreciated ???

Trip Hacks DC

Love that snowman photo! I'm going to buy it the next time I do a big spend on Shutterstock.

Elly Elzinga

Thank you so much, this is so helpful! I'm about to start with Stock Photography, and this will make my life so much easier LOL Do you know if the keywords also will show up on Instagram? Love the snowman pic, very creative and original! :)

Md Aftab Uddin

Nice video

Funk Chunk

Just remember Lightroom alphabetizes keywords which some stock agencies don't want.

Jhonathan Saputra


Brett Hondow

Great advice thanks, but you lost me at Lightroom. I won't pay a monthly subscription for anything other than coffee!
I submit to about 8 sites and just copy/paste my keywords and description from Shutterstock to my other sites.
Downside is iStockPhoto. They only accept certain keywords and I'm forever changing them in iStockPhoto before submitting. It's weird they don't accept any brand names either, not even with editorial content.

Maros Matousek

Hi Nicole, thank you for this video. Would you say that the same applies to videos - eg. keywording in FCPX? What is the process for key-wording video footage, If I do not want to spend double the time submitting to shutterstok then pon5 etc. Thank you for the answer.

Xavier Montegue

Hey Nicole great video and thinking to speed up the keyword workflow by using LR. I found that your solution is good to process keywords on one image at a time. But it wouldn't copy to the batch. The solution I found using LR is to add a boiler-plate list of my most common keywords that go onto every image to the keyword box on the Metadata Preset editor. I can set my meta-preset to include the keywords and can in a flash apply it to every image on the strip by control-a to select all; then select the correct metadata preset. It will apply the key words to all of your images. So far I have tested this to be successful with the Getty/Deepmeta upload/process, and all of the keywords populate inside the app. Any questions about keywords and Deepmeta, contact my boy Franky directly via email. He emailed a solution back to me in about 5 mins (which was 2:26 am my time:).


This was such a fantastic straightforward and warmly presented video. Thank you so much, yer a legend!

Warren walks NYC

Great explanation. Many thanks!


Exactly what I needed to know! Thank you so much ❤️

Svetlozar Hristov

What about vectors?

Ninh Tran


Dusky spina

Does this also work in the app?

Miraja Design

O.M.G. I knew it was there but I didn't realize the implications. Double thumbs up for the tip Nicole. :)

Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Thank you very much!

Marian Pierre-Louis

Nicole, when we are exporting from Lightroom what Metadata setting should we choose (all metadata or all except camera and camera raw info)? And do you ever use output sharpening? Thanks so much. I've learned so much from your videos. Trying to get ready for my first upload.

We Love Buzz

Thank you so much.

Elie L

Is this good with vector designs too?

Christina Gabaldon

Awesome, Thank you!

Renato P Castilho

Great tip Nicole, I've never thought of that. After seeing your video I looked for other options and I found that on Windows, we can right click the .jpg file, click Properties, click the "Details" tab, and lastly, click the text field for Tags, type the keyword and that's it!

yulianus iwan

Short instructions and very simply helpful ..thank's a lot

Dan Neukirch

One thing that bugs me is when I do the same process as you and then when I go to SS I find out a couple might have been spelt wrong in LR, plus SS will suggest a few more which I'll accept, and now the updated keywords do not apply to the exported image anymore. I would have to copy the changes I made to the keywords in SS and put them back into LR and then export again, to finally upload to other stock sites... Any suggestion here? Me not finding a workflow I really like has held me back from properly getting into stock photography. I might try the Xpiks suggestions from others in the comments. Thanks!


Man, you're just cranking em out!

MAM educations

Thank you Soo much for replying me

Utkarsh Sharma

I like your nature

Deborah DuBard

Thanks for the video. I don't have a laptop or a computer. I have a digital camera and a smartphone. Is there a way to do it if you don't have a laptop? Thanks.

Huntress Media

Awesome! I didn't know this...thanks for sharing.


The original problem is when you have to keyword not one but thousands of images in small amount of time.


Mykeyworder.com lets you copy and paste the keywords into shutterstock. It automatically chooses keywords for you based on your photo description. I just found out about the site through a Skillshare class. Thought I would share the information.


This works well if you do not submit to Adobe Stock. They require keywords to be in order of importance, for better search results, and Lightroom puts them all in alphabetical order, so unfortunately I can't use Lightroom for it.

Brian K Kinney

I utilize Lightroom for adding keywords to images but it seems only Adobe Stock picks them up. I have to add them to each image uploaded to Shutterstock. Drives me crazy and I hate the chore of adding keywords!


Lightroom order the keywords alphabetical. In your experience, do you think that affects sales? I really like the syncronizing keywords from within LR; but if then I have to reorganize them...

Lars Bülow

pro tip, just use stock submitter. only right tool for stock photography upload


You’ve saved me so much time, thank you

Clap Trap

Xpiks lets you keyword multiple photos at once. Then suggests other keywords from similar images from top platforms.



Ed Goodacre

Great videos, keep it up! Can I ask if you exclusively upload to Shutterstock or do you upload to multiple agencies. If just Shutterstock why? Thanks

Arun Rai

Thanks for the cool tips

Ben Stevens

...and before exiting lightroom, save the keywords to a spreadsheet for that image/group, so that if you have to add them to other platforms via cut & paste (and the auto-population doesn't work), you have an easy way to extract them quickly. You can also do the same with titles & descriptions. It's a work in progress, but has helped me so far.

Allen Gray

Thank you for the great informational video. I'm seriously considering taking the leap into stock photography.

Saurav Bahuguna

Or you could just use Xpiks... An open source software for keywording and uploading to multiple platforms all in one go... It also has a keyword suggestion tool... Similar to that on SS... Way better...

Shutterstock hack

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My Best Selling Stock Footages on Shutterstock - Top Selling Videos - Passive Income

261 views | 24 Dec. 2020

In this video, I'm

In this video, I'm sharing my top selling videos on 3 different platforms including Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Pond5. In the next video, I will share my top selling images on these platforms.

Make sure to give thumbs up. :)


$132 in 2 Days by selling just 2 Videos on Shutterstock & Pond5: https://youtu.be/JRu9JHL4tDQ

my best-selling images: https://youtu.be/MgWfAgGbYXA

Shutterstock Vs Pond5: https://youtu.be/KhBC3ontHIA


Sign Up on Shutterstock: https://shutr.bz/3azZuTQ

Shutterstock Vs Pond5: https://youtu.be/KhBC3ontHIA


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►Twitter: https://bit.ly/2PZUAEn

►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/usamafied


Show Your Support To Motivate me: https://www.patreon.com/usamafied


►Girl's Best Photo Editing & Manipulation in Photoshop - Latest: https://youtu.be/z2L2qMKo0VM

►UNIQUE Cinematic Eye Photo Manipulation in Photoshop: https://youtu.be/b9T_BSYsq9Q

►AMAZING Galaxy Eye Photo Manipulation Effect: https://youtu.be/OQW3KhV6in0

►How To Make Your Lips Color Professionally IRRESISTIBLE in Photoshop: https://youtu.be/att_89ox_oU


المزرعة الصغيرة

Thank you for your motivation, i want ask you what application used you to create these videos