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KCS Kucoin Shares - Make $30,000 in Residual Income in Six Months!!

13 467 views | 6 Jan. 2018

Check out the Kucoin

Check out the Kucoin Exchange here:


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The video is a brief example of how you could be realistically be making $30,000 a year in residual income by owning the KSC coins.

Kucoin is an exchange that pays out daily dividends of their trading fees. By owning KCS tokens you will be paid daily dividends with all kinds of different altcoins. The Kucoin Shares can be purchased on the exchange.

Check out the Kucoin Exchange here:


Please use my referral code

Referral Code: E4S4jM

Thomas L.

show me the payouts vs number of shares if you really think the calculator is correct


So. Follow up... where you at? Initial investment, usd value of what you've been paid on so far? Coming up on a year, you 3/4 of the way in 20-30kin residuals?

zSEVENz WolfPack

Thanks for the info. I didnt know about kucoin paying like that. ?

Eds Thoughts

How many did you buy to get those numbers?

Wisdom Benjamin


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Just bought 15k worth at .35

Raymond Nederhoff

The daily dividends, since they are divided up among scores of different coins, create the nightmare of "how am I going to report this income?" When you get a little portion of any coin, it becomes an asset with a definite value acquired on a certain day at a certain value. But the very next day, you get just a little more of that coin at a different value each day. I believe the IRS wants to know the value of your assets when you acquire them and when you sell them. But how are you going to report an ever changing value with a perpetual sequential day by day acquisition at different values every day? People think it's a nightmare just doing NORMAL reporting of i.e. buy 1 ETH for $1,000, then sell it later for $1,200. This reporting of normal trading is easy if you're just watching and keeping great daily records, but this "daily dividend" stuff....yah, you may make money, but it will be impossible to accurately report it. I would avoid it like a plague, unless you want to be in constant IRS audits, or will feel comfy in a jail cell. No, you cannot just "summarize" the grand totals and report that amount. That will SURELY get you audited. DO NOT TAKE THIS DIVIDEND. I'd gladly take any other trade that produces a printable verify-able easy-to-follow record. How are you going to track all your daily dividends on a hundred coins? You don't think the IRS wants to know about this, or that you can hide from them?
Good luck, you're gonna need it! How are you going to report that nickel's worth of IOTA today and the 6 cents worth tomorrow?

Cedric J

Thanks for the very informative video. Currently this seem like the perfect storm, KuShares is currently trading at $3.24: $10,000/3.25 = 3, 076 (KuShares). (Rub hands together) Now, if market goes back to where it was in this video you would have $15.00 a day. With a 60 fold increase that would be $900/Day, $328,500/Year!!!!! And just think that is a VERY, VERY LOW ESTIMATE. Because if you are buying $900 worth of tokens a day and one of those tokens sky rocket......WHEW!!!! Can you say, laying out on the beach without a worry in the world!!!


How do you buy KCS? Is now a good time to buy?


Just subbed , thx for the info! Keep it coming.

Five Cent

Thanks for making this good video. I have a article on my website https://bitcoinaustralia.net

Tozan Coin

Can one still get dividends if their Kucoin shares is held in Myetherwallet rather than on their exchange?

Emilio Basa

Do you have to keep kucoin on the exchange to get the dividend? Isn’t it bad to keep balances on the exchange?

David Casey

By my calculations, at $20 USD / KuCoin share you can earn about 4% interest a year in a token basket, assuming volume is constant and that basket of tokens maintains constant value. So initial investment is A=I, token basket is B, and volume is V. 0.4(I)*B(rate of increase), V(rate of increase). Assuming even conservative numbers of an increase of the token basket by 2x and an increase in the volume of 4x, that's still 30% annual interest on the KuCoin share, apart from any appreciation of the value of the share itself.


They said they may change the numbers in the future tho

Pat Pat

Today June 2020 by Google $0.891268

Christian Miramontes

How many did you buy?


"under valued" at 12.36$ lol now its at 3$ hahaha

Ahmed Sohovunarhamsultan

Selfkey (KEY) is a best


Still undervalued?

Наташа Шабатын



Undervalued now at .35

Dmitrij Grebeniuk

Yes that shit is legit, I just sold btc, eth and gas that i got for holdig kucoins for 3 month and bought 15 000 of telcoins :) and Im just holding to all the other small coins Im getting there. Not to mention kucoins made x15 or somethimg


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Thomas L.

I don't think the calculator is not providing right numbers. if you have Kucoin shares and check the payout its not even close to actual payouts. I have verified it over one week plus. Have you checked yourself? Your calculation is very wrong

Kcs price

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Assistant Professor In Commerce Kerala PSC|Transfer Pricing|Module Wise Analysis|KCS classes

1 315 views | 1 Nov. 2020

Online Coaching Providing

Online Coaching Providing For Assistant Professor In Commerce and Assistant Professor In Business Administration.

Admission Started....


Institute Of Commerce and Management Studies Udaya Buildings 2nd Floor Ambakkadan Junction,St.Thomas College Road Thrissur.

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#modulewiseanalysis #dailyrevision

This video explained about Assistant Professor In Commerce Kerala PSC Module Wise Analysis, Transfer Pricing.

adila angel

What is dimensions of investment

Vimya Satheesh K P


Juby Dayan

Good class. Thank-you sir

Archana Sudheer

Transfer pricingil intermediate goods thanne transfer cheyanam en nirbandham undo sir?
Loan,services, intangibles ok cheyyan pattille?