Investment banking memes

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Shit Investment Bankers Say

6 692 views | 29 Feb. 2020

check out my latest video:

check out my latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFlHh3kLTec

instagram: @bryan_jun

- this channel and its supporters keep me going

- when I made the video I was right at 350 subs; now almost at 500!

- thx

- thanks

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Joe Wen

I die a little bit inside every time I see “plz advise”

Jonny Favela

hey man I love these so much. showing my parents ur videos to explain what i do ?

Duy Pham

Killing it. Mad vibes. Love that each video shows more of your character, and personality tying into the nature of what you do professionally- don’t lose that! I think most of us came here to consider IB and probably watched the same video first, but it’s not hard to stick around! Legend.


This channel is gonna be huuuuuge. Keep it up!

Colby Gillies

As a contingent worker at Goldman, this is so accurate??

Daniel Uechi

Really nice videos man, keep up!

Mario Gotze

Love your content especially since I’m trying to break into IB. Subscribed.

Chieu La

me sitting in the library laughing my ass off

Matthew Lee

youre gonna be youtube famous

Oscar Angel Garcia

Looking forward to more videos. I have a quick question, is there any day in the life video in your upcoming agenda? Would like to see one, of course only if it’s a viable option for you.

colin loyet

Hi Bryan - I really enjoy your videos! My name is Colin Loyet and I know that you are probably quite busy, but could we possibly connect on LinkedIn, if you were to have one, or I send you an email? Thank you and I hope we can talk soon!

Saikumar Chigicherla

The content is informative Bryan, All the best

Jim Durrell

I gotta learn these as I start recruiting for next summer's analyst programs


Really enjoying the content man, keep it up


I watched this over the weekend and ruined my day thinking of then starting to work

Darius Tam

Hey Bryan, I am a sophomore at Cornell trying to break into IB and your content has both cracked me up and been insightful. Keep up the good work bud :)

Andrew Taylor

hahahaha best vid yet

Pranit Mathur

Ryan, is it worth getting into the big IBANKS in your opinion ?

Leo Lamonerie

Awesome video, this is great stuff ?




Can you make a video discussing what software would be helpful to know.

Although I'm assuming Excel is an obvious one, could you discuss specific aspects of it that are used the most.

Abhinav Dommaraju

This channel gonna blow up ??

Ho Young Won

It'll be helpful to leverage this video to get to 1K subs. No rush tho.

Sylvester Mashile

apartment tour!!!

Paige Chen

Literally deadass no jokes..!!

Akeeb Mohammed

Bryan your channel is gonna be BIG, I can honestly see it! Just remember your day one subscriber gang when you do get famous?

Joshua Osei

That "pls fix" at 4am for a client meeting the same day hits hard

Udhayvir Singh


Brantford Park

How much of the model do you get to tweak

Harry Park

Please perm your hair to improve videos


let's put forth something better for client, can analyst class work with associates to rework the LBO model? thx.

Roman Mushchinskiy

You are hilarious!! Cheers from Russia!

Investment banking memes

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A day in the life of an analyst

387 219 views | 3 Nov. 2010

A wee bit of

A wee bit of exaggeration...but fun to make nonetheless.

Check out the blog at:


MissN Lahi

Lol this had me in tears

Giovanni Siciliano

Guys I am curious to know which field is more like that? Investment banking, management consulting, or relationship analyst director in a multinational? Please do not say it depends by the manager? (who made the video is a genius)

Claire L

This is potentially the most accurate video I've ever seen, I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I realized how perfectly I relate to this :)

Fashionably Me

my old boss basically ??

John Smith

cool story bro.

Akim Smith

So I'm currently gunning to become an IB analyst. Is it worth it and if not are there other careers in finance that are just as lucrative?

Peter Davies

God this is so true


this is exactly spot on. especially the "have it on my desk by morning so i can look at it next week"


both of you are deceiving yourselves. MC is just as shit.


Guys, I'm thinking of becoming a Management Consultant. Can someone tell me what the pros and cons are?

Patricia Lim

Hahahaha these are great (and true)

Urban Rider

and "erase your name and replace it with mine" haha


"what you mean powerpoint?' "yes use that power"


@emptycell true...from a management consultant...money ain't everything...(and YES I could have been a banker with my engineering/maths degree)

Bostic Reiva

Don't worry about doing today.

I need it first thing tomorrow morning


Oh Man, I Love This!!

Hasan Gopalani

God this is so true it freaks me out


Update the prices today even though no one will read the report until next week. That sounds familiar.



Atikah Aziz


Bo Manry

Awesome video!

Reed Stiles

"Your hard work is something I want to emulate." Lost it.

Vinay Rajur

Looks like fun!


Passive aggressive, total bs, if you live this way under this type of incompetence you're losing out on life.


Work Hard Play Hard thats tag line of NVIDIA...........!!!

London Town

Omg this guy is so like my manager



adel panahi

very true

The Honest Broker

This was actually funny, which is virtually unheard of for these kinds of videos.

Brad Coutin

Sadly, this reminds me of a manager & team lead I used to have.  Glad I can laugh now.........

Nans Florent

"I always say work hard and play hard...that is why i am going home right now."

Tikum Njiwah

Thats why Management consulting is the best business career. Not only are they versatile by working on different strategy/finance turnaround/operations cases thereby learning all there is to know about business but they also have better pay/work hour ratio


"So expect to hunker down irregardless of the circumstance." HAHAHA Gotta love the grammar fail to put the cherry on top


So many buzz terms LOL


So sad how true to life this is...

Gloriya Pietro

wear these "&*%* ish glasses.

Erskine Love

Really not that much of an exaggeration, unfortunately...


Wow...I live this daily. "Don't try and boil the ocean" PRICELESS!!!


hello my team has done a business analysis please show some support and help us to find out where we can improve on! youtube.com/watch?v=XBB-WlLLW44



Brad Wright

Brilliant :0

What 3ver



God I hated management consulting! LOW HANGING FRUIT AAAARRRRGHHHH!!!!


haha funny


Thank you....absolutely dead on balls accurate.
No "cause and effect" whatsoever.
Typical predominant malfeasance with the added bonus of:
"Animal Husbandry in the Workplace".


Was the analyst drinking kool-aid

Matteo Giani

At first this made me chuckle. Then I realised it hits WAY too close to home and I was like :'( .


lol :(

Milciades Andrion

It reflects the normal behavior of some top managers.


As opposed to plans going backwards?

London Town

OMG this is so like my job lol


Spot on. I sarcastically think “this is so efficient” at least once a day


"Have it on my desk my tomorrow morning." As is so typical, the boss made no mention of what the project involved.

Miquel Arnau

Do not have to spend all night working, just make sure I will have it on my desk first thing tomorrow morning, this way I can have a first look next week. LMAO

Vignesh Subbiah



Sounds like the marine corps, bunch of kiss asses that drink the kool aid, and doing shit that doesn't make sense

Herp Derpingson

Now this doesnt make me even slightly more optimistic. O_O


Hi Analyst.

Harrison Stewart

Very long hours, it is common for I-Bankers to work 100 hour weeks, maybe even more, but it varies. For the first couple of years you are expected to do most of the dirty work. The pay is very good, it depends where you are employed but most I-Bankers bring in six-figures easily. Areas in Finance that can be more lucrative are Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Trading but as always it's all to do with your performance, how much money you are bringing in to the firm.

Lidiya Nikolayev

Love it!

Charchit Joshi

Its scary... :-S

Matthew Okon

When i look up "Inquisitions" Google lists the Spanish Inquisition among others.

Narudh Areesorn

It's sad that it's true

Matthew Okon

Robotic sarcasm is as sacastic as it gets.

Aleph Null

As an incoming analyst, I spent the whole time watching this worried that I lacked the attention span to pick up on what the project actually is.

Mid West

4:06 lmfao he look at the camera like did he really just say that.


"You mean powerpoint?"....."Yes, use that power."



Victor Sada


Brian Quinn

you're my hero. 

Investment banking memes

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FINANCE IS COOL | Haley Sacks | TEDxGeorgetown

5 947 views | 10 Jan. 2020

Through her talk, Mrs. Dow

Through her talk, Mrs. Dow Jones hopes to demystify the world of Wall Street and empower women to forge a path in this male-dominated industry. Haley Sacks, also known as Mrs. Dow Jones, turned investing banking and excel spreadsheets jonesinto an Internet sensation using memes. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Buzzolan Leo

wtf 22.6 millions subs and 100 views and 1 comment? how is that possible?

Drew Conway

I just could not take this seriously.

Patricia Batubara

Profit is theft


Finance is cool.

Lara Smith

?life is to short to dim your light, thank goodness I found a way to let my light shine and be my own boss

TMD Series

Nice speaking...