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Net Worth Update and How to Do | Walkthrough

4 224 views | 15 May. 2020

I've been tracking my net

I've been tracking my net worth since the new year of 2015 and my life has changed a lot since then. Take the first step today to improve your finances by calculating your net worth today! ? 'Kala nyo pang-politiko or pang-artista lang ang net worth? Kahit sino pwede gumawa ng net worth at lahat ng tao may kwento behind their numbers.

I hope you do your own today to get to know yourself better, open your eyes to how you can improve your behavior towards money, and find your way towards reaching your goals! ❤️




P.S. If you have more complicated questions about doing your net worth, comment down below or send me an email. ;) I'd also love to see your own money or spending breakdown. Let's connect and leave a link to where I can find you!

#networth #personalfinanceph #money


Shout out to my blogger peeps!

Sebastian of https://investingissexy.com/

Sir Menard of https://www.millionairebefore50.com/

George of https://forever20somethinglawyer.wordpress.com/


Repository of my net worth over the years:

Jan 2015 - https://ithecorporateslave.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/year-start-milestone-my-current-net-worth/

Jan 2017 - https://ithecorporateslave.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/010117-net-worth-update-php743886-27/

Oct 2017 - https://ithecorporateslave.wordpress.com/2017/09/30/100117-net-worth-update-php1123121-84/

Jan 2019 - https://ithecorporateslave.wordpress.com/2019/03/08/010119-net-worth-update-php1471619-98/


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Erika Bautista

Please I wanna know more about startup investment. ?

Josh Mendiola

Hi Ms. Maven! I'm planning to invest this year! (2021 goalzzz lol) Anyway, do you use COL financial for all your investments?

Menard Solve

Not a fan of 2020 (puro kamalasan... huhuhu), but I do love your glasses.


Been waiting for an update on your blog. So glad you started a yt channel!!

Bettina Perlas

This video was so helpful fr. Kastastart ko palang with my financial journey and this video was such a perfect start <33 THANK YOU!


...you should watch "The Dave Ramsey Show" if you're into money matters... try it coz it helped me a lot... ;-)

George 20somethinglawyer

Love the glasses Maven. They're so cute! I note though nalimutan ata loan balance on the residential condo or rental condo? Loan balance appears to be just from one unit. Or maybe I missed something hehe

Minion Koto

Hahahahaa cute

Invest with Euclid

Challenge Accepted :)
As a Stock Trader, Guilty, I only focus on developing my stock market skills.
As I acquire properties and insurance, also savings. I forgot to track my net worth.
I'm glad I did check out your channel.
Thanks, Maven

Mel M

Thank you for creating a video to inspire people, esp young professionals to visit their net worth. Do you also keep track of your expenses? I find it enlightening to know why my networth would go up or down.

Elca Manogura

challenge accepted! Thanks for sharing :)

Nadine Co

Been keeping track of my net worth since 2018, inspired by your blog! Thank you for being so transparent with your finances! Maybe you could also share what other investments are you looking into, if there are any? :)

Financially Blonde PH

Love and enjoy this video! Thanks for being transparent! Agreed- we should all be open on discussing money matters including net worth with our circle, for motivational and good influencing purposes! Subscribed! I also do personal Finance topics! Happy to connect!

Nikka Allyana

Thank you so much!

Rayza B.

Ano po job niyo? And how old are you po?

Tin Dacumos

Challenge accepted! Love this channel!!!

Number Twenty Two

Hello! I’m so glad to stumble upon this! I was just wondering, can SSS contributions be included in the assets? Salamat and more power!

Jean Sohon

So inspiring and informative... Before I just listed all the cash that I have and some properties (kunti lang po to) sa notebook ko at parang mali mali pa yung ginagawa ko, watching this video nakita ko kung paano yung tamang paraan ng pag.gawa ng Net Worth spreadsheet. Maraming salamat! And yes, challenge accepted!

InvestingOFW Canada

I was doing this and writing it on my journal with passcode but I just read a blog during this pandemic and I was inspired to write on blog. I was hesitated to share on my facebook timeline because I might get criticize by my own friends and family at masaklap uutang ng malupet. I think doing this will keep u track on your own journey. I am so proud of you.

The Jiang's Life

Hahaha I like that opening statement, "Girls just wanna have FUNDS!" Spot on. ?

Ruby Artamaya

Congrats for achievement.?

Golden May

Hi po! Is it really ok to consider the VUL as part of assets? Some people on reddit say insurance is not an investment. I enjoyed this video btw :)


Carousell!!! :)

emm miabellisima

Bet yang "girls just wanna have funds" ?

Mhelmar Oblipias

Challenge accepted!!! Nakaka happy yun vlogs mo. Masustansya at nakaka inspire :) more of this Mam

marose anatalio

Challenge accepted


Great video!

Zoom Scooby TV

thank you for being transparent. keep on sharing like this vid...so inspiring...

Glianca Pascual

I came across your channel after watching Thea's vlog and I'm so glad I did! ?? It has always been my hobby to monitor my budget, savings and expenses even when I was still in college but I never thought of computing my net worth. After watching this, I think I'll start tracking ny net worth as well. ?? I love how transparent you are with sharing your finances to us. You're such an inspiration!! ❤️ ❤️ More power to you and your channel!! God bless! ??

Karen Cervantes

Yay! Challenge Accepted! :)

Momo Pearl

Nagcompute din ako ng networth nasa 1M na ako. So i can say na im a millionaire ?. Yaaaaaay ?

Erika Bautista

Sana mag vlog din po about your mutual fund. ?

Tito Jm


Nicole Alba

Your glasses are WILD! HAHAHA thanks for being so transparent with your accounts in this video. Taking the time to track your net worth really puts things into perspective. Enjoyed this video ?


Yun nga yung hindi ko alam ipresent, the value of the property while nakaloan pa. Thanks for discussing it Maven. :) Sa car ba depreciated value? ?

Nonoy Allen

Hello po, how about sa lupa po, currently binabayaran pa. Selling value din po ang ilalagay sa asset? Paano po kaya o saan makakakuha ng estimate for selling value? TIA ?

Summer Lovin

Anong coop po yun can you kindly share and can you talk more about COL paano siya imanage for starters thankyou


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Mr. POS By Moneynet - Spot

105 172 views | 12 Sep. 2016

Moneynet, Istituto di

Moneynet, Istituto di Pagamento, offre alle piccole e medie imprese la possibilità di effettuare incassi e pagamenti attraverso Pos e piattaforma web, in modo semplice e con un unico intermediario.

Inoltre, le soluzioni di pagamento elettronico proposte da Moneynet, danno la possibilità all'esercente di attivare più conti correnti in un unico POS, senza alcun vincolo di sorta.

Tutto ciò garantisce agli esercenti maggior controllo sulla propria attività e un metodo di pagamento trasparente e sicuro.

Scopri di più: https://www.moneynet.it/

Fogli informativi: https://www.moneynet.it/about/trasparenza.html

Seguici sui nostri canali social: http://www.linkedin.com/company/moneynet






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Deposit GIC money in CIBC Bank - 2021 | Send money - Net Banking or Bank RTGS | Hindustani Canadian

980 views | 6 Jan. 2021

Hi friends. In this

Hi friends. In this video, I will show you how to enroll and send money for GIC in CIBC Bank in this 2021 year. How you can opt your GIC in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and the total procedure I will try to show. I tried to cover all the information. Including internet banking and bank RTGS & NEFT form. Guaranteed Investment Certificate - GIC in 2021 through CIBC. How to send GIC to canada in 2021. How to send GIC to CIBC Bank in 2021. Send money through Net Banking or Bank RTGS

If you wish to see the SBI RTGS form for reference, you can download with this link:


?Subscribe to Curious Techie: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4nM...


?Our Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hindustanicanadian


?Our Official Insta Page: https://www.instagram.com/hindustanicanadian


Guys If you found this Video Helpful give it a Like.

If you know Someone who needs to see it, please do share!

Leave a comment below with your thoughts or any queries..

Thank you for watching..!!


Hindustani Canadian | Canada me hindustani | Indian in canada | Masters in canada | PG diploma in canada | Hindustani Can | Inde Canadian | Ind Canada | Hind Canadian | Student permit for Canada | Study permit Canada | Student visa Canada | GIC | CIBC | Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce GIC | GIC 2021 | Canadian GIC | GIC in Canada | CIBC GIC Canada | GIC CIBC Canada | Canadian GIC through CIBC | GIC in 2021 through CIBC | How to send money through Net Banking & Bank RTGS | Hindustani Canadian | How to send GIC to CIBC Bank | Send GIC money - Net Banking or Bank RTGS | Deposit GIC money in CIBC Bank - 2021 | How to Deposit GIC money in CIBC bank

Sitcom Addicts

Bro where do I mention isbo 2021 and gic (number ) if I'm doing rtgs sbi ??

Manish Sood

Can u please which form and inforamtion we have to mail to CIBC after submission of gic as you have not provide that information in the video

Pooja Kamepalli

Did we need to contact bank if we did transaction on netbanking NEFT ?

Faizan Syed

Thank for giving us the valuable information bro
All the best ??

Ss Bhargav

Bhai mera bank bol rha h k isbo 2021 aayega lekin instruction sheet me 2020 likha h, or maine 2020 likh h krwaya to rejection aa gya, help me


It's 25 not 50 I think

Random SKY

Is there any taxes like gst or tcs involved during payment or you precisely paid 10000 cad only.

Aniket Shinde

bro lekin 595000 kyu charge liya like now the CAD never cross 59

Aditi Kundu

Very helpful ?

vijin k

One doubt , in HDFC Bank remark box have maximum 10 character capacity. if I type isbo2021 and GIC number it will exceed more than 10 character. So what I have to do ? Could you please help .