Neo supply

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What is neo coin? !! Neo Founder !! Neo Technology !! Supply!! Partnership

33 views | 23 Jun. 2018

Hello friends ..


Hello friends ..

In this video I have tried to explained a little about neo coin..its a great project according to me..

I have talked about -

Neo founder

Neo Coin distribution

Neo Supply

Neo Company

Neo partnerships

I think it can grow like hell but before investing do your own research...

*Disclaimer* - I am not a financial advisor nor I am giving financial advice. I am just sharing my opinion, always do your own research before investing. You should understand the risk of investing.

Hope you do well

Thank you


Neo supply

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Cheap Alternatives To Just Don Shorts || Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

20 158 views | 15 Jul. 2019

Wearing Just Don NBA

Wearing Just Don NBA shorts has become a men's summer fashion trend over the past few summers. Just Don is a men's luxury sportswear brand for men by Chicago designer Don C. These high-end NBA shorts range from $350-$500. So in this video, I wanted to give people some advice and tips about finding cheap alternatives to Just Don shorts if they can't buy them at this price point. In this video, I showed different substitutes for Just Don Shorts by brands such as Nike, Mitchell and Ness, and Adidas. Places to buy these Just Don alternatives include Amazon, Pacsun, eBay, Nike, Champs, and the NBA online store.

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To_Cool _Cade

Appreciate the vid homie. I been back and forth bout a pair of SuperSonics shorts and raptors off eBay. Ima gone head and see what they talking bout now I see ppl actually have been buying them from there


yeahh I need those Celtics shorts?

Matt manning

Don C is wack af. You think throwing the team name on crotch is creative? Gtfo
Or selling completely blank NBA jerseys for $400 ?
You hypebeasts kill me.


love that graduation shirt

Luc Swanson

Where did u get the Timberwolves shorts

Shane Campbell

Yo bro. We look like the same build... what size do u order?

ConfidenZe Music

How does sizing work???

Jaylin Walker

Fake ass shorts



Air Pegasus

Dope Vid ? Where’d You Cop The Minny Shorts From ?

Mike Breezy

Not trying to expose you bro, but those are all fake shorts.

Mansa Bassir

Great video. Add links next time :)

Tamhar Preet

Yo melo was never the MVP!

Tane Raftery

Where you get that graduation shirt bro?

G Fish

Where you get that beat from in the video?

Vintage Donny 1990

I Just Ordered The Chicago Bulls Plain Black With No Pinstripes & Red And Orlando Magic In Blue (Shaq & Penny Era) But I Need To Get Some More Of Em 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ Summer Is Where I’m At

Matthew Price

Dhgate bro

Neo supply

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Keynesian economics | Aggregate demand and aggregate supply | Macroeconomics | Khan Academy

944 873 views | 19 Mar. 2012

Contrasting Keynesian and

Contrasting Keynesian and Classical Thinking

Watch the next lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/macroeconomics/aggregate-supply-demand-topic/keynesian-thinking/v/risks-of-keynesian-thinking?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=macroeconomics

Missed the previous lesson? https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/macroeconomics/aggregate-supply-demand-topic/monetary-fiscal-policy/v/tax-lever-of-fiscal-policy?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=macroeconomics

Macroeconomics on Khan Academy: Topics covered in a traditional college level introductory macroeconomics course

About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content.

For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything

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Subscribe to Khan Academy: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=khanacademy


This is how the argentine economy got destroyed in the last 70 years

Zeke a

I don’t get khan academy. For whatever reason I just can’t learn in this format compared to others.

Chinhwenit Tamisoniac

well from the last model you just have given i suppose that was under the long-run circumstances, thus the price will shift greatly without obvious output increase, but what makes confused is that why people, in the long run, ignore the negative future, choose to cut their output instead of reduce the price to gain as much cash as possible, considering with lower productive capacity, the cost should fall as well? It will be great if i can hear an answer here.


Is Ari Shaffir the narriater ?

Genius by Design PRESS

Price is determine by production !!! MOST will NOT buy DOZEN of DOZEN eggs just because they can !!!

Samantha bloodsaw

CIRUMMATES IS DEMAND THANK YOU I ASK That wussp with that question every year child development told me finally
communtiy based is value

Yoga tonga

Keynesian works well in America because of its big domestic market.

Brendan Whipple

I love how the majority of examples of problems in the economy were government intervention lol

Chewie 13

May 2020 and now the Keynesian economic seems more real

Friedrich Nietzsche

The neckbeard internet Austrian fanboys in the comments are hilarious.

That's right liberteenagers: you're all economic experts because you've read a few articles at the Mises Institute. Give yourselves a pat on the head.

Patrick Minossora

what do you mean by prices are sticky

Richard Duncan

It's pronounced "Maynerd" tho

Cesar Sosa

The immediate problem I see with the A, B, C, and D analogy is that if C can afford not to buy 2 units from B, maybe C didn't really need them that much, which means that resources to produce that unit good were wasted. So a recession could be seen as a way for the economy to correct itself from bad production and misuse of resources. The reason this happens is mostly due to the facilitation of cheap money with artificially low interest rates.

Edward Dodson

During the fall of 2018, Mason Gaffney, emeritus professor of economics at the University of California, was asked by the editors of The Chronicle of Higher Education to offer his perspectives on the current financial crisis, and how economic theory should be taught so that people would have a much better understanding of why it occurred. I think it is worthwhile to repeat the full text of his response:

“Yes, the current financial crisis highlights how scholars need to recast the economic theory that they teach. The key concept that is missing today is LAND VALUE. Classical economics divided factors of production into three: land, labor, and capital. Beginning around 1920, scholars conflated land with capital. This left them totally unprepared to cope with or explain the crash of 1929. At this time “macroeconomics”, as we now call it, rose to the fore. For a time it eclipsed “micro-economics”, which had degenerated into the explanation of the allocation of resources among competing ends. Gradually, micro-economics came back to be integrated with macro, but in the process land value almost disappeared.

“Scholars have “disappeared” land values in two main ways. One is to conflate them with values of manmade capital, overlooking or trivializing all differences. One obvious fault in this is that interest rates and land rents vary inversely.

“The other way is simply to trivialize land values as a quantity. This is based on no respectable quantitative research whatever, and a systematic ignoring of research showing land values to be a major element of wealth.

When it comes to the dynamics that lead to crises like that of 2008, land values move in cycles of high amplitude, much higher than the values of reproducible capital. When values are high and rising they lead to great excesses of urban sprawl. These excesses fructify vast new areas around growing cities, resulting in an overhang of “ripening” land that far exceeds possible demands, resulting in a crash.

“As to teaching money and banking, few or no texts recognize that expanding banks, by taking land under and around speculative developments, in effect “monetize” those speculative land values. When the wave of land values ebbs, and debtors default, banks have to contract, as they are now. Yet economic theorists, and those statesmen whom they have trained, attend mainly to the froth on the waves, ignoring the basic wave of land value that drives the cycle.

“Another and related fault in theory is to ignore the turnover of capital. In a boom of land values, capital goes into investments that pay out slowly. The basis of allocating loans is not marginal productivity, but collateral security, as perceived by bankers who do not distinguish land from capital. The loan turnover of banks slows down, because a bank, no matter how positive its balance sheet, cannot lend much faster than its debtors repay their loans. The result is to slow down new loans and seize up the system, as we see today.

“Tax theory is now based on the fallacy that a progressive tax must also be one that suppresses and distorts incentives. This reflects economists ignoring the high concentration of the ownership of land, and the positive incentive effects of taxing land in lieu of work, enterprise, building, and income-creating investing.”

Amadu Bailo Camara

No comments.

Dwaipayan Smith

Very helpful. Thanks

Nouha Kh

Economics is so complicated

Hefe Taylor

Maynard James Keynan

Maclain Hunter

There is no "sometimes" about the free market finding the best equilibrium. There's only a timeframe and most of the time people are too impatient (want instant gratification) to let it run its course in the best fashion possible and end up picking the scab prolonging how long it takes to heal! The problem with increasing aggregate demand especially through government spending of any kind is that you aren't going to get the proper productivity out of it you're going to boost productivity in areas of the economy that are inefficient or less useful that if you let the market determine which industries/products are in demand!


Person C: I think the economy is gonna crash!

Person C: *crashes the economy*

Person C: surprised pikachu face


all makes sense, thanks!

Duly Noted

By all means, Let’s give HALF of our taxes to war! Destroy other economies, take their oil and tell the American people were fighting for our freedom, while our people are losing jobs, their houses and the children starve, our schools and educators suffer and veterans are sleeping out in the streets! All while, the rich get richer and big oil propagates with millions of OUR tax dollars “subsidies “ to fight against clean cheap energy!! FU

Anti Communism

I'm blue in economics and my ignorance of what the graph actually means hindered my capacity of understanding the video, I think i need more research.

Edward Dodson

The great blindspot in the analysis of market economies by Keynes is the central importance of land markets and the fact that the supply of land is inelastic. In the real world, the price mechanism does not clear the market for land. Quite naturally, owners of land will withhold land from use or sale in anticipation of ever-rising land prices. The only way to remove the potential for owners to profit from hoarding land or "investing" in land for purely speculative gain is to impose an annual tax on land equal to its potential rental value. Only then would land markets respond as does labor and capital goods.

eye origins

so why do the classical believe that the aggregate supply is vertical?


Sal is the man

Robert Caldwell

The problem people are taught about supply and demand is in 2D space.....but it's a 3D and sometimes a 4D construction. As supply increases, price falls, but as demand increases, price rise....so you have 2 axis of supply and demand, with a third axis of price. However, there is also the account of the vector of future position based on velocity of the production.....meaning, every point in the grid points to another position in the grid to determine the flow of the price over time. For example, if the demand for televisions are 100, and you supply is 90, then you have effectively reduced the future demand down to 10 because you've provided the supply....then you add in the delta of replacements, population growth and other factors to build that back up. The goal of a company is not to match supply and demand, but to maximize the return profit of the cyclical velocity in the fourth dimension.....otherwise, you go bankrupt like Blockbuster (supply with zero demand). As for the consumer, they will have demands for various things at various levels regardless....and they may come as patterns (ice cream has higher demand in summer, for example), but ultimately you use that to determine the velocity vectors. Pricing itself isn't an exact value, as each market has different values to determine, it's more of a multiplication factor against the national mode of purchasability.

GDP doesn't come into play until AFTER the production has been consumed....which means it isn't even a qualifier for the graph to determine anything. GDP is just a measure of the nation to meet demand, that's all. As for the depression about people "not wanting to work, but demand was high and prices couldn't rise"....this was because the national mode was reduced, and multiplying a high number against a low number still results in a low. For example, let's say that a normal factory supplying 100 cans against a market demanding 100 cans cyclically, the mode of the nation is at $10, and the multiplying factor at that level is 0.1.....so the can's price is $1. Now imagine the factory no longer able to supply cans, and hungry people's demand now goes to 200, the multiplying factor skyrockets to 5, so you would think that the price of the can is $50....but no.....the national mode, because people were out of work and had no money, was at $0.10.....which put the price at $0.50 for the can. The mode of the economy was extremely low during the depression, which made prices fall even though they were in high demand, because people still couldn't afford it (because having $10 in disposable funds easily buys 10 cans at $1 each.....but having only $0.10 can't even buy you 1 can at $0.50).

Chris Flynn

A very concise explanation. Thanks for doing it man . Came with different conclusions than you but i guess thats whats its all about! Thanks for putting it out

Autumn's Latest

I wonder if this guy plans his presentations...

yoe91 Rugby

How he constantly repeats expressions and words in the very short run, in the very ...short...run... make him sound like he's trying hard to sound professory and knowledgeable, and it's quite annoying on the very long run. On the very... long...... run.

Scottish Liberty Podcast

2 minutes in, I need the explanation of why in the classical view LRAS is not dependent on prices!!! Can someone refer to me to the relevant video or explain

Elections With Mason

I'm in 9th grade and I don't understand the charts but I get what you're saying about how Keynes thinks we need to stimulate demand as well.

Kerim Kara

My Lectures to Simplify Economics.
What is Keynesian Economics?

spirit gold member

If you actually believe breaking windows raises living standards you need a lobotomy.


As it turns out, this is really Samuelsson or Hicksian economics

Kiya Tube

keynes concept of AD &AS is not clear for me....if u can, please help me

Nalaman Onixservices

Self fulfilling prophecy lol

Badass Sangheili

Que the Austrians who think that reading a few Ayn Rand blogs makes them smarter than actual economists.

Beverly Beepath

Taught me more than the text

Las Perras

Isn’t that what is happening right now? We are printing money.


Sal please explain why the independent variable (price level, P) is depicted on the y axis, whereas the dependent variable (GDP) is depicted on the x axis. Thanks.

Nigel P

He just knows.....

Seth Apex

Keynes was wrong, in the long run we may be dead but our children must shoulder the burden of the debt we produce.


glitch 3:50


I just realized(from online classes) that,colleges who we pay a lot of money , has worse quality than khan academy, who does it for free even 8 years ego.

Zander Roos

use pink when drawing the AD and AS curves for keynesian


I want to thank you so so so much! You’ve really helped me during all of this COVID-19 mambo jumbo, and I learned about 6 weeks worth of lectures in just a few of your videos, I will honestly keep coming back because I have learned so much in depth about Econ. Thank you!!!!

Mahir Rahman

I love the Keynesian model of economy as a social democrat I find it to be practical to define it as part of our ideology. Austrian is center right economics.

RonPaul Revered

Now do a video on the Austrian critique of classical and Keynesian aggregate analysis.

Matthew Lopez

Lol currently our economy is a perfect example of Keynes theory- we all just got $1200 but the price of a big mac(funny but the actual universe unit of measure for PPP) hasnt skyrocketed. Eventually, it probably will.


And look at where we are now! 1930’s 2020

Sagar Kumar

keynesian theory of employment ex ante saving and ex post saving always equal? True or false

Gabbar Singh

The rightward shift of AD is not aptly explained which stimulates confusion.

Kris Bluefield

I always pronounced it key knee zian, so I was a little off haha


is the sticky prices assumption so necessary ? I think it's more a neokeynesian that a postkeynesian assumption...

Economics with Sajid




Emma Hollard

for the last diagram you drew, the y-axis is actually Price LEVEL, you will get points off for this on the IB Exam

Sanjida Rahman

Yeah we all have exam tomorrow! All the best guys

Juan Rios

Let's throw atomic bombs, so we'll create new employees

Khalifa MBA

Keen asian economics ?


strange. you pronounce "keyn-sian" why not "key-ne-sian"?

Workshop With Tory

Where is “Hayek’s economics”?

Hugo Atencio

Someone doesn't like goverment intervention

Meena Yadav

i hate this theory right i now i have exam tomorrow ?


My economics class sucks. Thanks for this great lesson ?

Duly Noted

Supply Side Economics, “Reagonomics,” “Voodoo Economics”, has failed the American people. It’s time for Bernie Sanders!
Our modern day FDR!



Instant Noodles

I was struggling with the subject, since the book is difficult to understand. Luckily this video seems understandable.

Raidersfan1 2017

But! With "Classical economics" as with Trickle down economics. All the wealth goes to the top 1% and is unacceptable! Keynesian economics worked just fine for the majority. What's wrong with keeping prices down and wages up by taxing higher on higher profits, what wrong with putting more money in everyones pockets to keep everyone happy and avoiding economic problems?

Nicolas Pineda Salazar

Thanks for calling certain school "dogmatic"! Great!

Captain America XXX

Good video. Thank you.


"you need a stimulus"
what a joke 5555


He pretty much said, "In the long run my ideas don't work", he was right, look at Argentina, they love Keynes.


I will never be able to stress enough how well made I think this video was

Daniel Mills

This was a very informative and understandable video, thank you!

Rachel Shelley

Excellent video. I have a weaker grasp on economics than I'd like to admit. I've been doing some self-teaching, and your videos have been an excellent way to bolster that. Thank you for putting this out there!!


the great depression was cause because of Keynesian economics. Free market corrections are never that long and never that severe, pity haven't had free market since before the civil war

Hemant Soni

which software do you use for writing?

Pinkybum P

There are some aspects about this which are good but I can barely watch this video.
1. Stop pretending you know everything about Keynes and his theory.
2. You don't have to apologize about Keynesian theory.
3. You have a prejudice against government spending the dangers of which are very well known but you keep making that point like it's something new.
4. Sticky prices are better understood in terms of wages. If some aspect of prices are sticky (mostly wages but there are others) then price levels overall are sticky it's not just the price of a good (which intuitively can change a lot.)

Carson Smith

I'm just a 13 year old trying to learn economic schools of thought.

Lawful U

Then stagflation came then his ideas didn’t work then he died THE END

Adam Hamlin

Ludwig Von Mises is vastly superior to Keynes.

Christian Farrar

Why don't I seem to have the capability to understand economics?

Muhammad Anas Siddiqui

Sir Please try to put Urdu subtitle also because my english is not good to understand your lecture...
Big request ??❤❤❤


Hey, nice video. Something threw me off a little, though. At 3:10 you say that an increase in the total amount of money would move the AD-function to the right, but it should be that it moves the AD-function to the top, since the real GDP would not increase as it is cleared of any changes to the price-index. I hope I didn't mix something up there. :3

y'all gotta move

thank you sal for making khan academy

legen belcher

Classical: long run, all water will reach its natural level
Keynes: but short term there are waves!
Short term thinking in both life and economics is dangerous and counterproductive

G Conomics

A great supplementary watch for my students.

Red Dog

I got lost at the point where Real GDP growth was on the x axis and price was on the y axis, it seems like a complete abstraction.

Brayan Delgado

Do one for the Austrian House of Economics

timothy Wise

this is a very confusing video. Describing various examples are very poor. I was extremely confused almost from the beginning.

Puja Yadav

Govt interaction not in classical


Comment section full of 14 year olds who like austrian economics because they can summarize it in a tweet. So much for nuance.


Your combined model is exactly what I've been thinking since a year ago, only I couldn't put it into such a neat graph

Justin Jameson

We're still dealing with the brutalities of the tyrannies and of the criminalities of the past two centuries from napoleon and the wild west to mussolini hitler probably lenin stalin and tse-tung/zedong and the organised crime/black-market capitalism of the 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s and of the 2000s so only by liberating/emancipating/vindicating people/person's from the labor-force criminal-force military-force/external police-force and the police-force/internal military-force and maoism is the last unique variation/version upon marxist/marxian philosophy you had marxist/marxian socialism with marxist/marxian communism in mind you had marxist/marxian-leninist socialism with marxist/marxian communism in mind then you had marxist/marxian-leninist-stalinist socialism with marxist/marxian communism in mind and then you had marxist/marxian-leninist-stalinist-maoist socialism with marxist/marxian communism in mind so instead of regarding marxoid/keynesian social democratic liberal/libertarian capitalism as a spent force/exhausted movement we should revamp marxoid/keynesian social democratic liberal/libertarian capitalism and attract-and-appeal to the broader worker's union movement besides that includes keynesian economic liberal/libertarian capitalism



My username is so obnoxiously long and there is absolutely nothing you can do about the matter

Thank you Keynes for creating at least 90% of America's economic problems

Edward Dodson

There is a fundamental flaw in the explanation of business cycles put forward by Keynes. He accepted the neo-classical discard of the classical treatment of nature (i.e., land) as a distinct factor of production. The apparent reason is that Keynes could not think of land beyond the treatment provided by Ricardo relating to agricultural land. Locations in cities are valued by the square foot, not by the acre where land is more distant to centers of population. Moreover, he failed to see that a high annual tax imposed on the rent of land would provide important incentives for owners of land to bring the land held to its highest, best use or sell to someone who would. Raising revenue from the taxation of land rent would have an important stabilizing impact on the production of goods and services. Taxes on wages, capital goods and commerce have the opposite effect; they impose significant deadweight losses on economic output.