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ReddID Will Bring $RDD ReddCoin to $.01

502 views | 26 Sep. 2018

Hodl strong and live

Hodl strong and live long!

kelvin beels

No 1c is nowhere near the money, try 4.5c

kelvin beels

1c , no no no that won't do . I'm thinking more like 4.5c then your getting closer.


Nice video 5 star

Rdd btc

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Reddcoin (RDD/BTC) + BTC/ETH/LTC Technical Analysis!

230 views | 17 Jun. 2018

Link To Chart:

Link To Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/RDDBTC/mFW26JK6-Reddcoin-RDD-STAKE-ON/

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marian dorin

TA on redcoin...

Rdd btc

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Dream from God: Reddcoin (RDD) suddenly spiking to over $3! Be ready!

8 422 views | 16 May. 2018

Dear brethren here are

Dear brethren here are recent dreams I have received regarding the cryptocurrency Reddcoin (RDD) including the one yesterday 15/5/2018 that I believe RDD will spike over $3 and over $5 in a shorter time frame. This is my impression/interpretation of timing and I could be wrong.

These dreams are in addition to the many dreams my brothers and sisters in Christ have been shown about a huge RDD price run listed on Z3News. Google search Z3news and Reddcoin and you will find them.

Here are two recent articles with my posts on Z3News:



None of my discussion on cryptocurrencies or these matters constitutes financial advice of ANY kind. Please seek the Lord Jesus regarding your approach and that is entirely up to you.

May God bless you, Christopher. Dated 16th May 2018.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.survivetheearthchanges.com

Emma Brown

Did you dreamed about Doge? Thx!

daniel rickerbaker

christopher, your explanation in the paragraph, is not as clear as the z3 recent posts by you. though similar. Frankly, i doubt the 2k bitcoin prediction. I'm hoping your litcoin rally after the bitcoin crash comes true, as I think it could. I'm believing the correction is starting this day, and even yesterday, really. the market cap is going down. and litecoin's actions are a train wobbling on the tracks, preparing to disrail. I do expect the august crash, on the 2 month cycle of bitcoin.


C’mon buddy, I don’t know any other christian that has as many “crypto-dreams” as you... not all dreams are from the Lord..


Note to self: Do not let Jesus pick my cryptos....

Pieter-Louis Potgieter

Thanks Chris. I've recently found a coin called Redcoin, RED, on Cryptopia. All the words I've received and have seen on Z3 all point to RDD, right. Definetely not RED

Kevin H

This is one funny video. Hope REDD hit 3$

Bruce Schweyer

I do not believe we should operate on the basis of commiserating. We must always be pro-active, rather than resigning ourselves to some possible outcome. After all, one could be right....dead right.

Lucson Mitton

I think the Reddcoin spike could be happening in the coming days.


At first I thought you were just nuts with all these Jesus references. But after hearing what you said it did confirm a lot of the information that I've been told by other people. So now I feel like your actually on to something, good luck to all of us!


UPDATED SEQUENCE: RDD may take some more time before it spikes. Here is my post on Z3News dated 17th May 2018 about a dream I had this morning showing a coming sequence in Cryptos:

"I had a dream last night which changes my understanding of the coming sequence I had been thinking for the price rise in Reddcoin (RDD). What I saw was a section of the coming moves in Bitcoin (BTC) and RDD, and it was surprising to me. I will give the dream, then potential factors regarding interpretation.

In my dream, I was looking at a brown wooden sign with black writing engraved in it with some things I didn’t understand, but I knew it was about RDD. I saw 4 and in my mind I said, “Oh, I should sell at 4 cents”.

Then I saw the chart of BTC on Tradingview.com and I saw it begin to drop very fast and quickly in a single candle all the way down (I don’t know the time frame of the candle). It kept on going and hit $6,000. As it hit $6,000, I saw in the same view the RDD price was going down and hit 0.23 cents as BTC hit $6,000. Then BTC suddenly rocketed from $6,000 with explosive force (RDD also began rising).

In the dream, I was looking at the chart saying, “Oh look, it’s the explosion from the drop I saw and BTC is going to $12,000 now.”

I was watching the BTC chart full of green, ups and downs, but moving quickly up. But then I became surprised as it didn’t stop at $12,000 but kept going all the way to $30,000! As I saw it approaching $30,000, I saw RDD increase in price and hit a top of about 1.7 cents at BTC 30k. Then Bitcoin dropped suddenly and fast and I saw RDD dropping again from 1.7 cents. Dream ended.

So this was surprising to me. What this seems to indicate is that RDD will not take off until this sequence is fulfilled. We still seem to have some more up and down moves of the kite before takeoff. My idea that RDD could take off at the coming drop to $6,000 seems to be mistaken.

This confirms a prophetic dream shared by Z3er Ed H who dreamed of walking up a sand dune and at the top was various gems of different colors (other coins performing well), but on the other side and down the hill were covered in red gems (Reddcoin performing well on the market decline).

What I believe this means is that RDD will take off sometime after $30,000 is reached in BTC. I didn’t see when it would take off as the dream ended, only that it hadn’t gone off YET.

My dream of the red bar of soap splitting into red gems when it hit the floor shows also RDD will take off during a decline, but I believe now it will be after a move to $30,000 in BTC. When I saw the red gems on the floor, there was another large white gem and a few other gems already there potentially showing other coins had moved first.

This might mean other coins will perform well (the other gems seen at the top of the sand dune), before Reddcoin takes off somewhere in the decline of BTC from $30,000 (based on the sell price ratio I received from the Lord seemingly around $5-$8k).

Here is my updated idea on where it might move. This is speculative as I don’t know the exact sequence.

In a separate dream recently, I saw a prophetic Technical Analysis of RDD moving to 5 cents and it felt more urgent. This could be fulfilled soon as I received again an instruction to sell at 4 cents. This could happen sometime after BTC reaches $8,000 potentially as I was shown that as a good buying point for RDD, or that move could be later. There is a BTC decline to $6,000 with a cheap entry of RDD at 0.23 cents (it moved quickly) before a fast spike upwards.

It could be that RDD moves before this sequence that I saw. If this happens and RDD goes all the way to $3 and $5 then drops back to 0.23 cents, it would be a huge fall. It’s either RDD moves before this or after this. I can’t be entirely sure, there is a lot of information so it’s difficult to understand the sequence. So far, I’m not doing anything. If RDD moved first that would be good, but I’m not sure.

I only have some parts of the puzzle and have to figure out how the rest fit in. The basics of what I understood from this dream is that RDD will not take off YET. It may take some more time. I don’t know how fast BTC can move to $30,000, it seemed very fast in the dream but this doesn’t always translate. It seems there will be some more up and downs of the kite of RDD. For those who are holding this is fine, but it might take some more time. I don’t know how this fits in with my dream seeming to indicate the end of autumn here (I don’t know if ash tree means anything particular) for the RDD move to $3.

This makes interpreting things more challenging. There seem to be some good trades shown here, but uncertainties on what coins will move and when.

If RDD moves to 4 cents, I’m planning an exit and re-entry near $6,000 BTC and I will probably hold RDD from there. I might enter into ETN when BTC reaches $6,000, and I don’t know how the LTC price run works into this. If RDD moves soon to 4 or 5 cents and you sold and re bought at 0.3 cents this would be a 13x gain of coins. This is assuming RDD moves to 4 or 5 cents soon and not later.

Plus, I have seen BTC go to $30,000 then drop to $2,000, so we could have the major decline to $2,000 after it reaches $30,000. We might go lower than $2,000 as I have seen BTC under $1,000 and LTC at $400 and BTC at $400 before moving quickly to $1,000. This could mean LTC reaches a high price during the BTC run to $30,000, and the previous exit targets I was suggesting may not be appropriate. I have seen $975, $850, and potentially over $1,000 if this was USD for LTC.

This is a lot to consider and think about. Especially since my recent RDD dream had a warning about not having sell orders in place. Caution is needed as there are more possibilities here than I can discuss properly. Please seek the Lord regarding your approach. Making trades is always risky, and if it is more comfortable for you to hold and wait, that is safer. It seems there will be some price moves before RDD takes off majorly. Watch for a RDD move towards 5 cents because I was shown this with more urgency.

What I saw this morning in this dream is part of the sequence and must be interpreted and fit into the right timeline so again please seek the Lord.

Regarding ETN, I’ve recently seen 31 cents being reached and my friend received something about selling at 35.5 cents which seems it could be ETN related. I also saw 4 cents and 51 cents (not sure what is first). I don’t know when ETN will move, but it might move in the coming move to $30,000 BTC. The move of RDD from 0.23 cents to 1.7 cents is approximately 7.4x price. The move from $6,000 BTC to $30,000 is 5x price. If ETN is under 2 cents at 6k and moves to 31 cents this is 15.5x price. The run to $30,000 BTC could be the third wave rise in ETN I saw long ago, with a cheap entry coming at the crash from $30,000 in ETN. I have been watching for this for a LONG TIME and do not want to miss it.

I don’t know if the LTC run happens during this climb to $30,000, if it does I don’t know where the top of LTC is, as it could keep going quite high. For that reason I’m unsure now regarding an exit point for LTC but I’ll still be watching $11,300 BTC for LTC takeoff.

I think the Lord is having us seek Him personally for guidance in these matters because they can be difficult to understand the right sequence. Knowledge without understanding can be troublesome to deal with correctly. Pray to the Lord for wisdom and understanding."

Transition to Greatness

Sounds like it's happening now


Thanks brother!!

Alex 90

Been holding Rdd for sometime. Patiently waiting for the Spike. Thank you Chris. Praise to the Lord, the Amighty!

Bo Cuellar

Still watling, lol

cian loughnane



@JesusisLORD: Thanks for sharing your dream with us, Christopher. Now that 12 months have passed, do you think the RDD spike you saw in your dream (to over $3) is still gonna happen?

L. Ron Hoyabembe

Jesus doesn’t want you to delete my comments. Trust me on this one, he’s my good friend. This video aged well. Anyone who went all in on reddcoin with you has become richer than god himself. Praise the lord!

Pieter-Louis Potgieter

Brother, do you believe that the 4-5c move is next in RDD?

Daniel Gordon

Its pumping today. I believe it will do what pivx did.

Alex Nevskiy

I saw bitcoin 0$ and next night God told me you lost everything, it was before big drop to 3800$ and market collapse

daniel rickerbaker

thank you Christopher, I 've really enjoyed the last 2 posts on z3 , with the tree, NICE!

Sandro Di Marco

I'm a Reddcoin holder and believer but WTF...
At the very least make some more believable predictions like RDD will jump to 10cents or something like that...


and then a emp, blackout, and youre broke

The Moto King

I sure hope so!

Bitcoin To Success

Still waiting on ETN dream

Zooropa TW

any update ?


ReddCoin (RDD)
$0.010809 AUD (-10.50%)
0.00000098 BTC (-5.13%)
Market Cap
$311,382,149 AUD
28,259 BTC
Volume (24h)
$20,731,741 AUD
1,881 BTC
Circulating Supply
28,808,713,174 RDD

Attila Banovits

What about digibyte ( DGB ) any thoughts or dreams? Heard it will explode also

Brenda Smith

I don't know anything about how 2 handle this type of currency and when i ask others they don't know either, even my banker?hmmm crazy!!!!

Iron Man

I hope your dream will come to pass. Maybe after we will forget, that we hold any RDD , then the price will spike. God bless


Regarding my interpretation of the coming sequence being drop to 8k (not sure if rebound or moving up from there), a move to 6k with RDD spike, then move up to 12.5k potential LTC run, I have a target of $4,850 BTC for several months that remains unfulfilled. I also have 30-35k BTC with a crash to 2k potentially lower as well that is unfulfilled. I don't know the exact sequence but I believe the 4k figure is likely before we move to 30k BTC. This process may take months to be fulfilled I don't know or it could be quicker. Please seek the Lord for understanding. I will provide updates in the comments section if I receive anything further RDD or ETN related.

:Paul-John: Barrett - Alexander Technique

Great info - Thanks

Craig Neeve

what your dreams show is the decline in bitcoin dominance in the future, best to move money into other projects once it hits 25 to 30K and say bye bye bitcoin

Justin Cunha

Crazy thing is, I never knew what crypto was until last year, around August & my brother inlaw talked me out of getting into it. So then again around November I heard about it again. I started researching & in December for no reason I bought ETN. Not sure why of all the coins out there. So last year in March my wife passed away. She was 46 years old. We were married for 16 and together for 20. We have two daughters. Now I truly believe 100% she turned me onto crypto from the other side. I have gotten other crypto but ETN was my main coin. I have had some crazy things happen since she's been gone. Lights flickering etc. our house is only a few years old. Just stuff I can't explain. I have felt her talk to me etc. I felt her say she is happy etc. so sorry for dragging this out. But you will get the point . So after a few months of being in crypto, I felt her say red coin. Like seriously 4 different tines over a few weeks. So finally I looked into it at coinmarketcap. I had never heard of that coin at all. When I looked I seen two Reddcoins, I knew immediately she was taking about RDD. So when I wound buy ETN at cryptopia id buy a bit of RDD. I felt guilty for not buying more. I asked her if I was bringing this all on myself I felt her say no. I asked her if Rdd coin was like a sleeper coin she immediately said yes. Buy more. Now I have never been a religious person. My wife was a Catholic & I hardly ever went to church with her. So if you want to laugh & tell me I'm imagining all this go ahead. Who knows maybe I am. But I do truly believe this coin is going to moon. I've seen sone crazy shit since she's been gone.

john Jeffreys

Why would God want you to invest in crypto currency. It’s the cashless society being formed by the NWO.
Besides, God wants us to sever the ties with the system, not strengthen them.

daniel rickerbaker

but , now that i have done the video, it is pretty clear, actually.

He will never leave me.

i don't know about the Reddcoin so someone explain it to me ,why it's so important and how will help us and is it some kind of currency? thanks in advance God bless you


why would god care about 1 particular alt coin lols. this is ridiculous

Christian Miles

Soap dropping to ground. The market manipulators do something called "washing". They sell to each other or themselves at low prices to scare people into selling. If they stop this from happening then this could happen easily.

B Dustin

Brother Christopher , thank you for sharing this video. I think you have the anointing of Joseph. May the Lord give you even more revelations!!!!

clement okeimute


John Lee

thank you for sharing.


Hey brother. What is the best way to get ahold of you privately?

Joseph Dykes

Thank you for sharing your dreams. I discovered your channel about a month ago because of my interest in Electroneum. I'm curious, do you mine coins? God bless you brother!

Attila Banovits

Look at coin market cap.com to determine the ratio it’ll tell you exactly right there in dollar amount

Joshua Henwood

Jesus wants us to talk about him lead people to him . Not money , I love you brother but these dreams are not from Jesus. Pray to be more like Jesus not for money

Tron Z28

Great update! Thanks Christopher and God bless you greatly!

Ike Chidolue

@JesusisLORD, the scriptures which comes to mind while lisetening to you is this one;

'This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.'

End Times Woke Productions

Yes God told me about a coming economic collapse You are right brother


Excellent video, Chris. Please post more videos about RDD as you get more information and keep us updated!

Dr. Ado Mazombe



I think your dreams are worthless.

Steven R.

Where do u buy Red Coin??

Karen Evans

what is bitcoin

Newton Neo

How long will it take for RDD to hit 3$? 1year? 3years?