Nxt cryptocurrency

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The future is Nxt (cryptocurrency platform)

1 987 views | 17 Apr. 2014

http://nxt.org - You

http://nxt.org - You decide

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Great video

Nxt cryptocurrency

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NXT Cryptocurrency Explained - By Alexander Chepurnoy & Bas Wisselink at Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam

4 386 views | 8 Jan. 2015

Alexander Chepurnoy and

Alexander Chepurnoy and Bas Wisselink talk about the Nxt crypto platform. Alexander Chepurnoy is one of Nxt's core developers and Bas Wisselink is Nxt Community Manager and Business Contact.

Alexander's papers on PoS and the Nothing at Stake attack can be found here:



More info about Nxt can be found at



Christian Fernandes

A very interesting presentation! Thank you for sharing :)

Declarații politice

Totally premined coin. SCAAAAAM !

Bitcoin Trading

NXT is one of the first 'next generation' crypto currencies I learned about. Good to catch up on the latest updates.  I've been watching the Asset Exchange to learn more about it, and researching which are the best exchanges to trade NXT. #nxt    #cryptocurrency  

Boss Besar


Joe Giusti

In my nxt client there is no "not forging" button next to the connected symbol. Why is this? how can I forge for nxt? Thanks.