Is poloniex down

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Poloniex EXIT! Steve Wozniak Scammed, Liberland Crypto

17 932 views | 27 Feb. 2018

Watch live:

Watch live: https://ivanontech.com/live


Prague have been a Bitcoin heaven for years now! Liberland is also run by Czechs.

Independent Alternative Medias of Australia

Did you hear that apple is going to hand over private keys to cloud computing to China with chinese oversight?? Apple have shown the chinese that they are prepared to censor the West so they can gain access to Chinese markets.

Henrik Wallin

Stat-facts: IOTA has the last 30 hours been close to 4 CTPS (Confirmed transactions per second), which is more than a doubling from some days before.

Bitcoin is at 2.4 CTPS, ETH and XRP three times of that, and if I remember correctly, Steemit does about 20 CTPS.

IOTA is still not widely used as it will be soon and is in beta-status still, so this is more "heating up the engines" than adaptation, but it seems the Tangle just got some of its problems fixed.


I hope that cough goes away Ivan I hope it’s nothing serious. Get well take care of yourself and get some more rest you are going hard in crypto and we appreciate all of your work but we would also appreciate you being healthy as well. So if you need a break take a break ;)


The Circle story is even better than you think. In the US many of the very top of government finance team are taken from Goldman Sachs and go back to Government Sachs. This is in both Democratic and Republican administrations. They have a huge influence on government policy.

Arnold Kopping

... and that is exactly why e-currencies will be centralized in the end... that way a technology will be chosen such that transaction-mistakes can be corrected with common sense.


i hopped of poloniex after they started loosing volume, massive amount of users left, so do i

Ivan on Tech

Liberland - First ever nation on the blockchain? President interviewed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgDeyhW7zjc

Green Light


DLT Austria

you are the BEST Blockchain Guy - I love you ;)

Jefferson Kind

Hey Ivan...early here, can't sleep! Anyway, I think Ethereum's days are numbered. What do you think? Can you do a video on how to register EOS erc20 token before June? I have some and need to do this. I will send you one if need be to do a video if you don't own any.


Ivan, Please get rid of the "doge dog" from your ad pic.
annoying, and we want to take this serious. ... with Peace and Love, I ask you... Great job as always.


why does Wozniak need to sell 7 bitcoin? he is a multi-millionaire? times must be tough


Hi Ivan, i just wanted to say, as a newbie in cryptocurrencies, that you are doing a great job! Always concise and informative. The best channel for this subject, in my opinion.

Stay genuine Britt-Marie, och kööör för faa-aan!!


Poloniex exist but not for long, polo is coming to an end

Mr Smith

Circle, Sweden, snow, Steve, Stockholm, smash!

Gana Oigun

Good review. Not sure if scam is the apt word, but Poloniex definitely got no principles. Bank-backed cryptoexchange. Nonsense

St. Simon

YouTube on a blockchain?




Where did Elsa go?

Ante Kotarac

Scammer didn't do reverse, original owner asked credit card issuer to do so.

jamie bury

Ivan is da man

Tomek Tomczuk

Ivan I suggest your tomorrow opening line should be - "Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to all my crypto followers from around the world. I'm broadcasting live from Stockholm Sweeden ..."

Eric dB

My 2 cents: (or Satoshi if you prefer:-).: If all social media (and/or even youtube) ban anything Bitcoin or Cryto.
SteemIt would become the platform for Bitcoin, BlockChain, Cryto currency and this would also mean that the the people that are REALLY interested would find there way there and most likely scammers and other non attractives would be fewer. So maybe this ban from FaceBook is a good this.... or what do you think?

Desmond James

poloniex lost its' loan of trust. during more then 3 years they are fooling ppl.


If they ban it, we'll start our own social platforms

Pavel Pospisil

it's not couple of guys creating a country.. unless more then 1/2 a million citizen applicants are couple of guys...

Richie in GoogleWorld

Smashed it!


Ivan, are you a Liberland citizen? any one here is?


"just a couple of guys creating a country" lol welcome to 2018

Bernard Macarius

Good morning Ivan and thanks for another fantastic video. The knowledge gained from your previous video on github and ICO proved valuable as I was researching Vestarin ICO. I looked at their github. Did I do something wrong or missed something or is the project not exactly an example of a quality project? I did not see any code and only 1 contributor? IMO, Ethereum should have done exactly what I did and not permit such a project to be funded using their platform. Gives them and the entire crypto industry a bad name. Please comment if you would. If not I understand the desire to remain neutral.


please move to Dtube


Thanks Ivan ?

Ivan on Tech

Polymath - Where is the code? Programmer explains. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6l2uwlynjo


I can smell advertising in all your vids. Too much sell language, too much click this, do that, enable notifications along with ads popping up everywhere. Now I have decided to put that aside and actually follow you for a week and wath your previous vids too but I'm sorry to say that there's nothing factually informational and most your vids are a loss of my time. You're a sweet guy, nothing against yoy but I'm out. Sorry. Good luck.

Ivett Medina

I can't imagine how much they have to fill their wallets to stop stealing money from people!!


if i was apple i would start my own crypto... AppleCoin


Nice videos!!

Photo Show

Goldman bought Poloniax just to bankrupt and close them. According to the principle, "If you can not defeat them, buy them and close them."

Michael P

Like always wonderful show and greetings from sunny Dubai. If you ever decide to visit, I take care of the VIP stay in a Top Hotel for up to 7 nights for 2 people and I would ask is 15 min of your time. Keep it coming!


that's crazy. one video ago everything was red but litecoin, now everything is green but litecoin lol

TAA Chang

So those guys who are responsible for the fall of greek economy bought polonex ..
This is good news?

No Name Provided

If youtube bans cryptocurrency, we should all move to steemit/dtube and decentralized platforms

Amadeo Brands - ON DeFi

Youtube sucks ... we should all go over to Dtube @Ivan you should prepare your self and move over to Dtube

PfC Wells

my issue with this, it means that the older banksters can just buy their way in at the higher levels like a centralized exchange. I really hope this is a sign that people the importance of having decentralized exchanges.


Like button smashed even before Chromecast gets the video to my tv! =D

Javier Mendonça

If youtube decides to ban crypto content you all move to Dtube or another platform, problem solved :)

Ivett Medina

I was still hoping for the honesty of poloniex,but no,we need to get off this platform as soon as possible


poloniex froze my account my money!


They been spending most their lives living in the scammers paradise
They been spending most their lives living in the scammers paradise
We keep spending most our lives living in the scammers paradise
We keep spending most our lives living in the scammers paradise

I'm Tyler :3

why did steve just sell it on an exchange???

Sheila McFadden

Wow! It's amazing how no one is mentioning the huge part evil Goldman Sachs played in the global financial crisis of '08 that inspired Satoshi to invent blockchain in the first place. I'm disgusted that Poloniex sold their souls so easily. Any true believer in crypto that uses a GS company for their crypto trading is seriously confused. Do NOT trust Goldman Sachs. Switch to a different exchange for trading and use your own wallet. Satoshi must be shaking their head(s) over this development.


When someone "bans" crypto they are only banning themselves... We can also support the competition...

Mab 10

Ivan, you are now required viewing for me every day! Keep it up x

Vikk Segal

poloniex stole a lot of money and now it's gone?
nooo, poloniex won't do that. He will remain and will continue to do nasty things.

Autumn Trees

Poloniex acquisition is just the beginning - Financial institutional $ is already here. Keep it up Ivan - ur the man and hope u have a great day today

Charona Plutoni

Misleading clickbait title. No Polo exit - they were just bought, so that's pretty good news.

Chris Beazley

Its not a threat to them when they control the market

Juan M. Villaverde

That "poll" result is WELL within the margin of error considering the sample size. facepalm

Edward Arrowsmith

Thanks Ivan for great content. One thing I advise: when you are talking about seasonal things you use the name of the month rather than Spring or Autumn because Spring and Autumn are different time frames in the north and south hemisphere of the planet: and in the tropical equatorial regions, where the majority of people on the planet live, there are no seasons: just wet and hot or dry and hot. I know you will get this: but a lot of people, especially in North America, seem to believe that what is true for them is true for everybody. This is incorrect view. Thanks again for great content and intelligent analysis.

Paul Bienvenu

That title!! I tought Poloniex was an exit scam for a second! I almost had a hearth attack. Not really a clickbait for me tough as I watch most of your videos anyway. Good job

Gary Wolff

If they keep banning crypto content, Steemit will take over

lma trading

You can't beat Ivan on Tech to start the day ????

Great White7

Smash the likes? Dont you want people to make up their own minds? Are you so weak that everyone must blindly agree with you? Sad.

Aleksandar Knežević

Thats one point of view, on other hand, without me spreading FUD, if G&S which is known for manipulation, decides to spend 400mil. to earn much more on other things bringing down Poloniex that would be a bummer...

Now, am not trying to spread FUD, but when it comes to that 0.?% people that control world, am sure they are prepared to anything...time will tell in any way.


Liberland seems like a fun prototype :D

Marcel de Goede

Thanks again Ivan!

Crypto Hawk

Great video sir..

Amit Agarahari

Hi... Friend please tell me... Poloniex is safe or not? Because my funds in Poloniex... So please.. Help me...


Steve should have used HodlHodl

Sheila McFadden

Where's your coffee?

Mumtaz Hussain

& We're live guys ?

mcdouble nopickle

Nice video buddy!!?

ANT Coin

I smash that like button before actually play the clip. :|


Please give your thoughts Zclassic and Bitcoin Private fork chaos. Zcash spreading bad news about Zclassic, fud etc

Freddy Laureys

I love your video's but ...don't copy Carter to much ! Keep your very good Original view !


I`m not sure, why Serbia or Croatia, would refuse to use this theritory after bloody war...It sound like a joke for us in Belgrade or Zagreb...We heard for Liberland, it looks us, like Non Govt. Organization expetiment or something similar

Robert Oschler

Hang on folks, this may be the first time ever that an actual country undergoes a hard fork (Liberland)! Give me Liberty or give me Geth! :D

Paul Campbell

I imagine you caused quite a few people with funds on poloniex to have a heart attack, really this is unprofessional of you to indulge in such blatant miss use of english knowing how people would misinterpret it, shame on you to be quite honest. You have some of the better content in the crypto space but one more clickbait title like this and I'm unsubbing. PS I smashed the dislike on this one.

Michael Kennedy

To me this is just another reason why banks are banning crypto purchases on crypto purchases.

Hector Lugo

I have my morning cup and listen to you. Great contain, how to avoid at least one scam.

Kiwihouse2005 B.

Sad day that crypto exchanges sell out to the globalists.....cryptos are being manipulated and centralised. The globalists make billions from every manipulated swing in trading with knowledge and fees from the exchanges that they own! Crypto empowers the globalists.


Banning ICO adverts on facebook is a million miles, actually a trillion miles from a blanket cryptocurrecny ban on youtube and we shouldn't even be talking about it. That's pure FUD Ivan and I'm surprised to hear you say it. Such a move by youtube would be entirely disproportionate. It would be like them banning property adverts because someone once got scammed buying timeshares!


However Facebook announced they banned ICO/Crypto ads, they still show up frequently on my feed (never mentioning the word ICO tho). Anyone experiencing the same?

Johnny Truth

My wife is from Brakne Hoby-- near Ronneby-- good stuff bud

Canindian Official

"IVAN the crypto ICON!"


poloniex loses it's position month by month. seems to be true ppl started thinking and realized how scam it is. I lost all my funds cause assholes frozen my acc for no reason


Binance exit when? LOL

Is poloniex down

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Bitcoin Bittrex Poloniex Fund Manager: Remote Management w API Keys. FEAT

6 784 views | 21 Dec. 2017


Covered: coinigy, bitcoin, altcoins, API Keys, API SECRET, remote management

Is poloniex down

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1 264 views | 16 Oct. 2020

BIDAO just got listed on

BIDAO just got listed on Poloniex exchange... Find out what this mean for the price!!

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Thanks for watching!!

*I am not a financial advisor.

*Take everything I say with a grain of salt.

*Do your own research.


Thanks for the updates crypto nate

Benny Fueler

Glad they finally made another announcement... and this isn’t a small one either... it’s pretty big! Glad they made this competition too

Meki N

You were trashing BIDao the other day I am confused now


Im HODLING strong?? we will have a FACE MELTING bullrun in 2021 & imma be cashing out of many different cryptos by October 2021 at multiple different intervals??

Glenford Hudson


John III - Beast

Looking good for the bidao community :)

Jose Martinez

Too bad they don't accept new members in my area. Smdh

Moon DAO

Everyting seams to point at the BIDAO price to keep going down from 0.014 to under 0.01 cents to 0.008 cents as the volume keeps increasing as the price keeps dropping. This will be a long run for those who wont sell now


great news Nate. Little by little we will grow and grow and achieve a serious network of platforms that are partnered with Bidao for defi services etc.....Poloniex may not be one of the best exchanges but it is an OG in the space for sure.

jack linton

Exciting stuff !!!

Social Camillo

Lot of things about Bidao:
1. Young Project and looks Healthy
2. Owner is one of the greatest programmer
3. Bidao Burn
4. Listing on giants Binance,Coinbase etc.
5. Lots of Great Crypto Youtuber talked about Bidao.

Now only 17,000 holders , once the holder increase like more than 1 million, and considering all the above point
Bidao can easily be in the price range (1$-5$).

Iknowcrypto One

Burn after the 20th.....boom

Crypto Tech

Ohh yeah this will be great for price action. Need to make some money. New trading platforms let's go!

Diego SV



Chart is young but looks healthy so far. Price will explode if it gets listed on a US exchange. Thanks for the update. Keep up the great work.

Yasar Khan

As Settlement Layer the BiDao system utilizes the Binance-chain. This means that you can also freely interact with all crypto assets that are running on Binance-chain. In future, BiDao will be also integrated with other Blockchains like Ethereum, Tezos, and EOS. This way BiDao becomes the one-stop-shop for Decentralized Finance (Defi) applications.

Crypto Nate

Drop some comments for the algorithm!!

James J

Another step in the right direction.. The Bidao team is awesome i love this project!

Brett D

All time highs right around the corner

Tinkerbell Baby

Is poloniex or Hoo.com open to US citizens??


So after all these new listings and now on 3-4 different exchanges, there hasn't been any more BID addresses as evidenced by etherscan. All of this buying/selling appears to be done by those that already own Bidao. No new money coming in from these exchanges. No FUD just facts. I hold BID but this is concerning.


I’m entering this competition!! Gonna Win for sure ??


You are the best


Bidao to the moon ?